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高中英语选修六单词及语言点总结 单词总结 Unit 1 Art
1. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇) 1. The word “honesty” is an a____________ noun. 2. Which do you like better, his paintings or s______________? 3. There are many art g_____________ in New York. 4. They are put on an e______________ of French paintings next week. 5. An a________________ country is always ready to start a war 6. His a_______ is to be a successful writer. 7. You’ll soon be c____________ that she is right , though you think not now. 8. The prisoners a___________ to escape, but failed. 9. The keys are in the p________________ of the boss. 10. She was the f__________ of everyone’s attention at the party. 11. In the picture the tree is the s______________ of live while the snake stands for evil. 12. He has lost his b____________ in the God. 13. The expert p________ that there will be an earthquake in that area in the near future. 14. He made a r__________ drawing of a horse. (他画了一匹栩栩如生的马) 15. I’m afraid I have never been much of a ________________(学者). 16. You look r_______________ (可笑的)in those tight jeans. 17. The professor made a ______________ speech. ( 可能引起争议的) 18. Was Johnson _________ (同时代的)with Shakespeare ? 19. Would you please let me know your p_______________ address( 固定地址 ) ?

二.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 focus on of of feel like look through bunch in the flesh break away from scores full lead to a great deal in possession of consequently convince of

on the other hand

1.When she wore the dress, Jane ___________ a princess. 2.They are _____________ urgent problems at present. 3.The thief managed to _____________________the policeman. 4.Your explanation has _______ me _____ a clear understanding. 5.I was _________________ a magazine in the bedroom when she called me.

6.You can’t be ____________________ the house until all the papers have been sign. 7.I got up late and ___________ I was late for my plane for Beijing. 8.I have __________ CDs at home. Would you like to come and enjoy some. 9.The film star looks thinner ________________ than in the photograph. 10.We should value it , because it has cost us ____________. 11. He hurried home, ________ fear. 12.We could’nt _____________ him _____ his mistake. 13.On one hand I valued his friendship, but ________________________ I disliked his self-pride and selfishness. 三. 句子翻译。 1.“福斯特先生从未去过中国, 所以对中国了解得很少。” Mr. Foster has never been to China.______________, he knows very little about it. 2.他劝我应该学法律。 He ________________me that I should study law. 3.她有丰富的教学经验。 She has ___ _______ ________ _____ teaching experience. 4.足球比赛的比分是四比一。 The ________ in the football game was 4 - 1. 5.我们有相同的宗教信仰。 We share the same ______ .
Unit 2 Poems 1. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1.If you taste some seawater, you will find it s_________2.We must consider a problem in all it’s a___________. 3.She lives in a charming c_________ in the countryside. 4.Li Shizhen’s Bencaogangmu has been t_____________ into many languages. 5.Most girls like wearing a d__________ ring. 6.Her face become red with__________(生气), and she couldn’t say anything. 7.The deep ________(悲伤) she felt was obvious in the expression of her face. 8.A voice came from _______(黑暗), but she couldn’t see anyone. 9.My friends were wearing two or three sweaters for extra _________(温暖). 10.If you are easy to get lost, you’d better take a ________(指南针)with you. 11.No word can c_______ my thanks to you at the moment. 12.We have learned a new sentence p_______ in this unit. 13.The ______(背诵) habit must be formed when you are young. 14.An _______(合适) method must be found to deal with such situation. 15._______(分析)the difficult sentences helps to understand the text well. 16.The music is written in a _______ (节奏) of three beats to a bar. 17.I’m ________ (等待) their reply. 18 The songs of birds ______ (唤醒) me. 19. Don’t take it seriously, he was only ______ (开玩笑) 20.. English is a _______ (分支) of Germanic family of languages. 二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。

run away

take one’s eye off

make up of

make sense

stay up

inspire run

out of be popular with at least by chance go over take it easy 1.We should often _______ what we have learned, or we will forget it later. 2.As a matter of fact, not all the theories ________. 3.Without saying anything, that boy _______quickly. 4.It’s bad for your health if you often ______ too late. 5.The little boy didn’t _________ the toy. 6.Until now, we still haven’t know what kind of thing _________it. 7.That beautiful song _________ the teenagers. 8.Whatever the result may be, _______ we should try our best to do it. 9.Perhaps everyone can make a serious mistake_______. 10.If we continue to destroy and waste the natural resources like this, we will ______it sooner or later 11.______, it isn’t so bad as you expected. 12.His noble example ________ the rest of us to work harder.
Unit 3 A healthy life 1. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1.The accident is d_____ to your careless driving. 2.My children have become hopelessly a_________ to television. 3.She found it necessary to a__________ her child to getting up early. 4.He was a_______ of his body so he decided to go on a diet and do more exercise. 5.With exams only a week away, I am under a lot of s_____. 6.M______ health is as important as physical health. 7.Now that I am p________, I eat a good diet because I want my baby to be born healthy. 8.So I did the wrong thing! Well, nobody is _________(完美的) 9.My father has q_____ smoking. 10.The door opened _______(自动地) as we approached. 11.Some ______ (年青人)have got into the habit of taking drugs. 12.In spite of the heavy rain, she m________ to get there on time. 二.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 addicted to due to ashamed of decide on be accustomed to manage to at risk remind benefit from leave out get close to a great deal deal with 1.His father has become _________________ drugs. 2.I’m sorry for_______ the important point in your speech 3.His grandfather has _______________ life in the mountains from his childhood. 4.I benefited from my teacher’s advice 5.How do you______________ to carry such a heavy box? 6.These pictures ______ me of my school days. 7.I have ________________ buying a bike for my brother’s birthday. 8.You will be _________ , if you go on board in such bad weather. 9.His success is entirely _______ his hard work.

三. 句子翻译。 1.她名扬四海应归功于他的支持。 Her worldwide fame is __________his support. 2.她觉得有必要让孩子养成早起的好习惯。 She found it necessary to________ her child _________getting up early. 3.尽管戴着眼镜她还是不能看得很清楚。in spite of She can’t see very well_________ her glasses. 4.今天好热啊, 我想去游泳。 It’s so hot today. I______________ going swimming. 5.那个女孩养成了阅读时玩弄头发的习惯。 The girl has____________ the habit of playing with her hair while reading. 6.她一怀孕就戒了烟。 She __________smoking when she got pregnant.
Unit 4 Global warming I.单词拼写 1. A _______(广泛传播的)flu epidemic affected eighteen western states. 2. There has been serious _______(分歧) between the two political over the question. 3. He couldn’t stand terrible English ________(气候). 4. The population had ________(减少) from about 8,300,000 in 1845 to less than

6,600,000in 1851.
5. The _______(平均数)of 3, 6and 9 is 6. 6. A child who can remember 3000 English words at the age of 3 would be called an

unusual p_______.
7. The food was enough in q______, but not very good in quality, 8. Though he is less than one year old, he is strong enough to walk s______. 9. The tsunamis(海啸) smashing into India Ocean coastlines, which killed 125,000

people in 12 different countries was a terrible c________.
10. In c_____ of a terrible earthquake the whole city was destroyed.

II. 词组活用 build up on the other hand make a difference on the whole put up with

1. If she could _______ the condition there, we could take her. 2. They were ______ their military strength for a drive against the city. 3. Your support will certainly ______ in our cause. 4. On the one hand, you accept her presents; ______, you are rude to the whole family.

What really is your attitude to them.

5. You have made a few mistakes, but _____ you have done well.

Unit 5 The power of nature I. 单词拼写
1. The story ______(使兴奋)the little boy very much. 2. On hot days we often go _____(洗澡) in the river. 3. I can’t _____(评价) his ability without seeing his work. 4. I got into a _____(惊慌) when I found the door was locked. 5. The studied the German market to find the _____(可能性) there for investment. 6. It was a cold, wet day and the children were b_____. 7. It’s many years since Mount Vesuvius e_______. 8. He drew f______ animals with two heads and large wings. 9. I’m a______ to get home to open my presents. 10. They had to c_____ tomorrow’s football match because of the bad weather.

II. 词组活用 Make one’s way make an effort compare…with glance through take a risk

1. _______ most woman, she was indeed very fortunate. 2. I’ll __________ to arrive on time. 3. He ___________ the list and chose one immediately. 4. With these words, the speaker _________ towards the exit of the hall. 5. You are _______ in trusting him.

Keys : Uint 1
1. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1.abstrcat 2.sculptures 3.gallerys 4.exhibition 5.aggressive 6.aim 7.convinc ed 8.attempted 9.possession 10.focus 11.symbol 12.belief 13.predict 14.r ealistic 15.schoolar 16.rediculous 17.controversial 18.contemporary 19.per manent 二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 1.felt like 2,focusing on 3.break away from 4.led to 5.looking through 6.in possession of 7.consequently 8.scores of 9.in the flesh 10.a great deal 11.full of 12.convinced 13.on the other hand 三. 句子翻译。 1. Consequently 2.convinced 3.a great deal of 4.score 5.religion

Unit 2
1. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1.salty 2.aspects 3.cottage 4.translated 5,diamond 6.anger 7.sorrow 8.dar kness 9.warmth 10.compass 11.convey 12.pattern 13.recite 14. appropriate 15.Analyzing 16.rhytm 17.awaiting 18.awoke 19.teasing 20.br anch 二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空 1.go over 2.make sense 3.ran away 4.stay up 5.take his eye off 6.is made up of 7.is popular with 8.at least 9.by chance 10.run out of 11.Take it easy 12.inspired Unit 3 一单词拼写 1.due 2.addicted 3.accustom 4.ashamed 5.stress 6. Mental 7.pregrant 8.perfect 9.quit 10.automatically 11.adolescents 12.ma naged 二.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 1.addicted to 2.leaving out 3.been accustomed to 4.a great deal 5.manage to 6.remind 7.decided on 8.at risk 9.due to 三. 句子翻译。 1. due to 2.accustom to 3. in spite of 4.feel like 5.got into 6.quitted Unit 4 Global warming I.单词拼写 1.widespread 2.disagreement 3.climate 4.decrease 5.average 6.phenomenon 7.quantity 8.steadily 9.catastrophe 10.consequence II. 词组活用 1.put up with 2.building up 3.make a difference 4.on the other hand 5.on the whole Unit 5 I. 单词拼写 1.exited 2.bathing 3.evaluate 4.panic 5.potential 6.bored 7.erupted 8.fant astic 9.anxious 10.cancel II. 词组活用 1.Compared with 2.make an effort 3.glanced through 4.made his way 5.taking a risk



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