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1.必修四 Module1 The City of the Future 未来城市 What will the city of the future look like? 未来的城市会是什么样子呢? No one knows for sure, and making predictions is a risky business. 没有人确切的了解, 预测 也是一件很危险的事情。

But one thing is certain---they are going to get bigger before they get smaller. 但是有一件事情是可以肯定的---他们将会先变大, 然后再 变小。 In the future, care for the environment will become very important as earth's natural resources run out. 在未来,爱护环境将会很重要,因为地球的资源将濒临 枯竭。We will use lots of recycled materials, such as plastic, aluminum, steel, glass, wood and paper, and we will waste fewer natural resources. 我们将会使用大量的可 回收材料,例如,塑料、铝、钢铁、玻璃、木头和纸。我们浪费自然资源的程度 将会有所减弱。We will also have to rely more on alternative energy, such as solar and wind power. 我们也将不得不更多地依赖其他能源。 例如, 太阳能和风能。 All this seems certain, but there are plenty of things about city life in the future which are not certain. 所有的这些似乎是肯定的, 但是还有许多关于城市生活的事情仍是未 知的。 To find out what young people think about the future of urban life, a teacher at a university in Texas in the United States asked his students to think how they would run a city of 50,000 people in the year 2025. 为了获知年轻人对未来城市生活的想 法,美国得克萨斯州的一位大学老师让他的学生思考如何管理一个在 2025 年拥 有 5 万人口的城市, Here are some of the ideas they had:下面是他们的一些构想: Garbage ships To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun, preventing landfill and environmental problems. 垃圾船:为了摆脱垃圾问题的困扰,城市将会用巨型宇宙飞船装载废弃 材料,朝太阳射,这样做防止了垃圾填埋和环境间题。 Batman Nets:Police will arrest criminals by firing nets instead of guns. 勤务兵网: 警察逮捕罪犯时,将会向罪犯射出网状物而不是用枪。 Forget smoking:No smoking will be allowed 'within a future city's limits. Smoking will be possible only outside cities, and outdoors. 戒烟:在未来城市范围内将禁止吸 烟。只有在郊区和户外才允许吸烟。

Forget the malls:In the future all shopping will be done online, and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders. 告别商厦:将来所有的购物将会在网上进行, 商品目录将会有语音指令来排序。 Telephones for life:Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change 'no matter where they live. 电话人生:每个人一出生就会给予一个电 话号码,将来无论他们居住在哪儿,这个电话号码都不会更改。 Recreation:All forms of recreation, such as cinemas, bowling, softball, concerts and others, will be provided free of charge by the city. 娱乐:所有的娱乐形式,例如,电 影院、保龄球、垒球、音乐会和其他等等都将由该市政府免费提供。 Cars:All cars will be powered by electricity, solar energy or wind, and it will be possible to change the color of cars at the flick of a switch. 汽车:所有的汽车部将由 电能、 太阳能或风能提供动力, 并且只要轻轻按一下开关就能够改变汽车的颜色。 Tele-surgery:Distance surgery will become common as doctors carry out operations from thousands of miles away, with each city having its own tele-surgery outpatient clinic. 远程手术:随着每个城市拥有自己的远程手术门诊部,医生将能在数千里 以外实施手术,远程手术将会变得十分普通。 Holidays at home:Senior citizens and people with disabilities will be able to go anywhere in the world using high-tech cameras attached to their head. 居家度假:年 长的市民和残疾人通过使用绑在头上的高新技术相机可以周游世界。 Space travel:Travelling in space by ordinary citizens will be common. Each city will have its own spaceport.太空邀游:普通市民邀游太空将会变得很平常,每个城市都 将有自己的太空港。

2.必修四 Module 2 Getting Around in Beijing 行在北京 Taxis 出租车 Taxis are on the streets 24 hours a day. 北京大街上的出租车是 24 小时服务的。 Simply raise your hand. and a taxi appears in no time. 只要你招招手, 立刻就会有出 租车。They are usually red, and they display the price per kilometer on the window.

它们通常都是红色车身,并且在车窗上显示每公里的路价。You should check the cab has a business permit, and make sure you ask for a receipt. 你要做的,就是确认 司机有营运照,并且索要发票。 Buses and trolleybuses 公交车和电车 Public transport provides a cheap way to get around in Beijing. 公共交通为人们游 览北京提供了低价位的出行方式。There are 20,000 buses and trolleybuses in Beijing, but they can get very crowded. 北京大约有两万多辆公交车和电车,但是, 它们有时会很拥挤。It's a good idea to avoid public transport during the rush hour(6:30 am and 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm). 最明智的做法是避免在高峰 期(上午 6:00 一 8:00,下午 5:00 一 6:30)乘坐公交车和电车。 Fares are cheap, starting at 1 yuan. 这些车车票价格便宜,一元起价。Air-conditioned buses cost more. 空调车则要贵一些。 Buses numbered 1 to 100 are limited to travel within the city centre. 公交线 1 到 100 路部是仅限于市中心内的, Higher numbers have destinations in the suburbs. 车号 更高一些的线路,可以通达郊区。Tourists shouldn't miss the 103 bus which offers one of the most impressive routes, past the Forbidden City and the White Pagoda in Beihai Park. 对于游人来说,最不该错过的是 103 路电车,它途经紫禁城和北海 白塔,沿途风景令人印象深刻。If you get on a double-decker bus, make sure you sit upstairs. 如果你乘坐双层公共汽车,请务必坐在上层,You'll have a good view of the rapidly changing city. 这样你会一览这个飞速发展城市的亮丽风景。 Most buses run from about 5:00 am to midnight. However, there is also a night bus service, provided by buses with a number in the 200s. Minibuses 小公共汽车 Minibuses with seats for12 passengers offer an alternative to expensive taxis and crowded public transport in some areas. 在一些地区, 这种 12 个座位的小型公共汽 车给人们在昂贵的出租车和拥挤的公共汽车外,提供了第三种选择。They run regular services and follow the same routes as large public buses. 它们跟大公共汽 车走同样的路线,提供有规律的服务。And in a minibus you always get a seat even in rush hours. 在小公共汽车上,即使在高峰期也能找到空位。

Underground 地铁 There are four underground lines in Beijing, and several lines are under construction. 北京有四条地铁线,还有几条线也正在建设之中。Trains are fast and convenient, but rush hours can be terrible. 地铁方便快捷,但在高峰期,情况会很糟糕。A one-way trip costs 3 yuan. 地铁票价单程为三元,Station names are marked in pinyin. 站名拼音标注, The underground is open from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. 运营时 间为上午 5 点到晚上 11 点。 Pedi cabs 三轮脚踏车 Tourists like these human-pedaled "tricycle taxis", but they can be expensive. 游客们 喜欢这些人力驱动的"三轮脚踏车",但价格可能会较贵。You should talk to the driver, and make sure you know the price before you begin the journey, for example, if it is per person, single or return. 因此坐之前要先弄清楚价格,明确价钱是否按 人数计算、是单程还是往返双程的问题。 Tricycles are worth using if you want to explore the narrow alleys (hutong) of old Beijing.如果想去老北京的胡同探秘, 三轮 脚踏车绝对是值得一坐的。

3.必修四 Module 3 Body language 身势语 If you say the word "communication", most people think of words and sentences. Although these are very important, we communicate with more than just spoken and written words. Indeed, body positions are part of what we call "body language".说起" 交流",大多数人会想到单词或句子,虽然单词与句子十分重要,但我们并不只 是用口语和书面语进行交流,身体的姿态是我们所称的"身势语"的一部分。We see examples of unconscious body language very often, yet there is also "learned" body language, which varies from culture to culture. 我们经常看到无意识的身势 语,但也有“习得”的身势语。习得的身势语在不同的文化中各不相同。 We use "learned" body language when we are introduced to strangers. 当我们被介绍 给生人时,我们使用 "习得的"身势语。 Like other animals, we are on guard until we know it is safe to relax. 跟动物一样,我们会保持警觉,直至知道安全的时候

才放松。 So every culture has developed a formal way to greet strangers, to show them we are not aggressive. 因此,在所有的文化中人们都有一种向陌生人打招呼 的正规的方式,以表示他们并不具有侵犯倾向。 Traditionally, Europeans and Americans shake hands. 欧美人的传统是握手,They do this with the right hand---the strongest hand for most people. 他们用右手握手---右手对多数人来说更 有力一些。 If our right hand is busy greeting someone, it cannot be holding a weapon. 假如右手用于忙着与人打招呼就不可能握武器。 So the gesture is saying, "I trust you. Look, I'm not carrying a threatening weapon." 因此, 这种手势的意思是 "我信 任你, 瞧, 我没带威胁性的武器", If you shake hands with someone, you show you trust them. 假如你和人握手,就是在表明你信任他们。 We shake hands when we make a deal. It means, "We agree and we trust each other." 我们在做交易时与人握 手,意思就是 "我们达成了协议,相互信任" Greetings in Asian countries do not involve touching the other person, but they always involve the hands. 亚洲人打招呼是不接触他人身体的,但他们要用手。 Traditionally in China, when we greet someone, we put the right hand over the left and bow slightly. 与人打招呼时,中国人的传统方式;右手放在左手上,拱手,稍 稍躬身而行礼。Muslims give a "salaam", where they touch their heart, mouth and forehead. 穆斯林行额手鞠躬礼, 用手触左胸、 嘴和额。 Hindus join their hands and bow their heads in respect. 印度,双手交合,恭敬地鞠躬。In all of these examples, the hands are busy with the greeting and cannot hold a weapon. 在上述例 子中,手部在忙于打招呼, 不可能拿武器。 Even today, when some people have very informal styles of greeting, they still use their hands as a gesture of trust. 即使是现在,人们在非正式场合打招呼时,还会 用手来表示信任对方。 American youths often greet each other with the expression, "Give me five!" 美国青年常常说,"击掌" 来打招呼。One person then holds up his hand, palm outwards and five fingers spread. 说完后这个人举起手,手掌向外,五 指展开。 The other person raises his hand and slaps the other's open hand above the head in a "high five".另一个人同样举起手, 拍打对方举过头顶的手。 Nowadays, it is quite a common greeting. 这是现代常见的打招呼方式。

Body language is fascinating for anyone to study. 身势语对于任何研究者来说都具 有吸引力。People give away much more by their gestures than by their words. 人们 通过姿势表达的意思要比通过话语表达巧更多。 Look at your friends and family and see if you are a mind reader!看看你的朋友和家人,你能洞悉他们的心思吗?

4.必修四 Module 4 The Student Who Asked Questions 问问题的学生 In a hungry world rice is a staple food and China is the world’s largest producer. 在 当前的世界, 水稻是主要食粮。 中国是世界上最大的水稻产地。 Rice is also grown in may other Asian countries, and in some European counties like Italy. 亚洲其他国 家和一些欧洲国家比如意大利等,也种植水稻。 In the rice-growing world, the Chinese scientist, Yuan Longping, is a leading key. 在水稻种植界, 中国科学家袁隆 平是一位重要人士。 Yuan Longping was born and brought up in China. 袁隆平生长在中国。As a boy he was educated in many schools and was given the nickname, "the student who asks questions".小时候,他在许多学校读过书,得了个“问问题的学生”的绰号。 From an early age he was interested in plants. 袁隆平从小就对植物感兴趣。He studied agriculture in college and as a young teacher he began experiments in crop breeding. 他在大学里研究农学。作为一个年轻的教师,他开始了作物育种的实 验。He thought that the key to feeding people was to have more rice and to produce it more quickly. 他想,养活世人的关键是更多更快地生产水稻。 He thought there was only one way to do this -----by crossing different species of rice plant, and then he could produce a new plant which could give a higher yield than either of the original plants. 他认为,唯一的办法是使不同种类的水稻杂交,这样就能产生比 原先任何一种水稻产量部要高的新品种。 First Yuan Longping experimented with different types of rice. 首先,袁隆平对不同 种类的水稻进行实验。The results of his experiments were published in China in 1966. 1966 年,他的研究成果在中国发表。Then he began his search for a special type of rice plant. 接着, 他开始寻找一种特殊的稻种。 It had to be male. It had to be

sterile. 这种稻种必须是雄性的,必须是不结果的(译者注:它属于生物学所称的" 雄性不育系")。 Finally, in 1970 a naturally sterile male rice plant was discovered. 最后,在 1970 年,一种天然的雄性不育稻种被发现, This was the breakthrough. 这是一个突破性的发现。 Researchers were brought in from all over China to develop the new system. 全国各地的研究者们被召集在一起开发新的水稻种。 The research was supported by the government. 研究得到了政府的赞助。 As a result of Yuan Longping's discoveries Chinese rice production rose by 47.5 percent in the 1990's. 由于袁隆平的发现, 中国的水稻产量在 20 世纪 90 年代增长 了 47.5%。 There were other advantages too. 50 thousand square kilometers of rice fields were converted to growing vegetables and other cash crops. 还有其他的益处, 5 万平方公里原来的稻田现在被用来种植蔬菜和其他经济作物。Following this, Yuan Longping's rice was exported to other countries, such as Pakistan and the Philippines. 除此以外,袁隆平研制的水稻还出口到巴基斯坦和菲律宾等国家。 In Pakistan rice is the second most important crop after wheat and will be grown in many parts of the country. 在巴基斯坦, 水稻是继小麦之后的第二种最重要的作物 并将在许多地方种植。 The new hybrid rice has been developed by the Yuan Longping High-tech Agricultural Company of China. 中国袁隆平高科技农业公司 已开发出一种新的杂交水稻。 Its yield is much greater than the yield of other types of rice grown in Pakistan. 这种杂交水稻的产量远高于种植于巴基斯的坦其他种 类的水稻。

5.必修四 Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges 三峡之旅 In August1996, Peter Hessler, a young American teacher of English, arrived in the town of Puling on the Yangtze River. 1996 年

8 月,一位年轻的美国英语教师彼得· 赫斯 勒,来到长江之滨的涪陵。 He and a colleague were to spend two years there teaching English at a teacher training college. 他和另一位同事将在那里的一所教师进修 学院任教两年。 They were the only foreigners in the town. 整个城里只有他们两 名外国人。 The first semester finished at the end of January and they had four weeks off for the Spring Festival. They could go anywhere they wished.元月底,第一学期结束了,他们 有四周的春节假期,可以随处旅游。 They decided to take a boat downstream. 他们决定 顺流而下。 We decided to buy tickets for the jiangyou boat. 我们打算买到"江油号"的船票。Our colleagues said, "You shouldn't go on those ships. 同事们说:"你们不要坐那种船。 They are very crowded. 它们太拥挤,They are mainly for goods and people trading along the river.主要是用来运货的。 乘客多是沿江做生 意的人。They don't stop at the temples and

there won't be any other foreigners." 那些船 不停靠庙宇,也不会有别的外国游人乘坐。 " That sounded fine to me. 我觉得听起来还 不错。We just had to show our passports and they let us get on the boat. 我们出示护照后 便上了船。 We left the docks on a beautiful afternoon. 在 一个美丽的午后,我们离开码头。The sun was shining brightly as we sailed downstream through a hilly region. 当我们顺流而下穿过 山区的时候, 阳光很灿烂。 Men rode bamboo rafts along the river's edge and coal boats went past. 男人们乘坐着江边的竹筏, 运煤的小船 来来往往。 As the sun set we docked at Fengdu. 太阳落山时, 我们的船在丰都靠岸。 We could see the sun setting behind the white pagoda. It was beautiful. 我们目睹太阳在白 塔后西沉,美丽极了。 We slept through the first gorge, which is called the Qutang Gorge. 穿过长江第一峡崔 塘峡时,我们正在睡梦中。 The gorge narrows to 350 feet as the river rushes through

the two-mile-high mountains. 江水在两英里 高的峰峦间奔流, 峡谷窄处只有巧 350 英尺。 "Oh, well," my friend said, "at least we have two more left." 我朋友说:"至少我们能看见 另外两个峡谷。" As Wushan we made a detour up the Daning River to see some of the smaller gorges. 船到 巫山时,我们绕道溯游大宁河,观赏了几处 小峡谷。 The next day we went through the big gorges on the Yangtze River. 第二天, 我们经 过了长江的大峡谷。It was a lovely morning as we went through the Wu Gorge. 在一个美 丽的上午轮船驶过巫峡。 We passed the Xiang River, home of Qu Yuan, the 3rd century BC poet. 我们还经过了湘江, 那是公 元前三世纪一位诗人---屈原的家乡。There was so much history along the Yangtze River. 长江有太多的历史。Every rock looked like a person or animal, every stream that joined the great river carried its legends, every hill was heavy with the past. 块块巨石形象各异,条 条支流部流淌着传说,座座小山承载着过

往。 As we came out of the third gorge, the Xiling Gorge, we sailed into the construction site of the dam. 穿过长江第三峡西陵峡后,轮船驶 入大坝建设处的江面。 All the passengers came on deck. We took pictures and pointed at the site, but we weren't allowed to get off the boat. 所有的乘客都上了甲板,大家拍照片, 对着工地指指点点,但不可以下船。The Chinese flag was blowing in the wind. 五星红 旗在风中飘扬着。 On a distant mountain was a sign in 20-foot characters. "Build the Three Gorges Dam, Exploit the Yangtze River," it said. 远山上写着 20 英尺大的汉字"建造三 峡大坝,开发长江资源"。

6.必修四 Module 6 The Monster of the Lake Tianchi 天池里的怪物 The "Monster of Lake Tianchi" in the Changbai Mountains in Jilin province, northeast China, is back in the news after several recent sightings. 在最近儿次露面 后,中国东北吉林省长白山的"天池怪物"又成了新闻。 The director of a local tourist office, Meng Fanying, said the monster, which seemed to be black in color, was ten meters from the edge of the lake during the most recent sighting. 据当地的 的旅游办室主任盂凡迎介绍, 最近有人看见怪物就在离湖边十米的地方,怪物的

颜色似乎是黑色的。 "It jumped out of the water like a seal---about 200 people on Changbai's western peak saw it," he said. 他说:"大约有两百多人从长白山的西峰 看见过怪物, 它像海豹一样跃出水面。 "Although no one really got a clear look at the mysterious creature, Xuejunlin, a local photographer, claimed that its head looked like a horse. 尽管谁也没有清楚这神秘怪物的真面目, 但当地一位摄影师薛俊林声称: 怪物的头看起来像马头。" In another recent sighting, a group of soldiers claim they saw an animal moving on the surface of the water. 最近另有一次,一群战士证实:他们看见湖的水面上有东 西在游动。The soldiers, who were walking along the side of the lake, watched the creature swimming for about two minutes. 正在湖边行走的战士看见怪物游弋了大 约两分钟。 "It was greenish-black and had a round head with lo-centimeter horns", one of the soldiers said. 其中一名战士说;"怪物的颜色浅绿带黑,圆形的头上有十 厘米左右的角。" A third report came from Li Xiaohe, who was visiting the lake with his family.又一次 报导来自李小和,当时他和家人正在湖边游玩。He claims to have seen a round black creature moving quickly through the water. After three or four hundred meters it dived into the water. 他说他看见圆形黑色的东西在湖面快速游过三四百米后潜 人水中。Ten minutes later the monster appeared again and repeated the action. 十分 钟后,怪物再次出现,并重复了相同的动作。Mr. Li Xiaohe said that he and his family were able to see the monster clearly because the weather was fine and the lake was calm. 李小和先生说他和家人看清楚了怪物,因为当时天气好,湖水平静。 There have been reports of monsters in Lake Tianchi since the beginning of the last century, although no one has seen one close up. 自上世纪初以来,一直就有关于天 池怪物的报导,尽管还不曾有人近距离目睹过。 Some photos have been taken but they are not clear because it was too far away. 虽然拍有怪物的一些照片, 但由于距 离太远, 看起来模糊不清。 Many people think the monster may be a distant cousin of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. 许多人认为,天池里的怪物或许是苏格兰尼斯 湖中怪物的远亲。They also think that there might be similar creatures in other lakes around the world. 他们还认为,在世界其他地方的湖泊中可能也有类似的怪物。

Scientists, however, are skeptical. 然而,科学家们表示怀疑。They say that the low-temperature lake is unlikely to be able to support such large living creatures. 他 们说,温度低的湖中不可能存活如此大的生物。 Lake Tianchi is the highest volcanic lake in the world. It is 2,189 metres high and covers an area of about ten square kilometres.In places it is more than 370 metres deep.天池是世界上最高的火山湖,海拔 2,189 米,面积有 10 平方公里,有的 地方水深达 370 米。



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