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1. narrow adj. 狭窄的,狭小的[反wide; broad] v. [I/T](使)变窄;缩小

【练习】 完成句子/单项选择

What can we do ___________________________ between teenagers and their parents?
②最后,只剩下3人可供选择,看谁更适合干这项工 作。 In the end the choice was _____________________ three people who might be suitable for the job.

③真是死里逃生,我们很幸运。 That's __________________________; we were lucky. ④Parents and children should communicate more to ________ the gap between them so that they can understand each other better.(2012· 天津) A. open B. narrow

C. widen

D. leave


①to narrow the generation gap (down)
②narrowed down to

③a narrow escape
④B narrow the gap缩小差距。句意:父母和孩子 应该多沟通来减少他们之间的分歧以便于他们能更 好地相互理解。

2. no matter 无论,不管 【练习】完成句子/单项选择

I don't care about __________________ she does to me.

_____________________ expensive the cellphone is, I'll buy it because I need one badly. =___________________ expensive the cellphone is, I'll buy it because I need one badly.

③不管谁犯了法,都会受到惩罚的。 ___________________ breaks the law will be punished. =______________ breaks the law, he will be punished. =____________________________ breaks the law, he will be punished. ④Sarah hopes to become a friend of ________ shares her interests.

A. anyone
C. whoever

B. whomever
D. no matter who


②No matter how; However

③Whoever; Whoever; No matter who
④C 句意:莎拉希望成为与她有相同兴趣的人的 朋友。whoever在句中有两个作用,一是引导宾语从 句,作介词of的宾语从句,二是在从句中作主语, 谓语是shares。anyone不能引导从句;whomever用作 宾语;no matter who只能引导让步状语从句。

3. neither adj. (两者)都不 pron. 两者都不(作主语时, 谓语用单数) adv. 也不[同 nor] conj. 也不 【练习】完成句子/单项选择

If you don't go, __________________________. = If you don't go, I won't go, ____________________. ②——我的收音机不响。 — My radio doesn't work.


③你和他都不该受责备。 Neither you nor he ______________________ to blame. ④— John, when shall we meet again, Thursday or Friday? — ________. I'll be off to London then.(2012· 重庆) A. Either C. Both B. Neither D. None

⑤The headmaster will not permit the change in the course, nor ________ it a thought.(2012· 重庆)

A. does he even give
B. he even gives

C. will he even give
D. he will even given


①①neither will I; either ②Neither does mine


④B 问者:“约翰,我们什么时候再次见面?是 周四还是周五?”。从回答者的话里可以看出,那 时他已经离开去伦敦了,所以不管是周四还是周五, 都不可能见面。

⑤C 句意:校长不会同意转科的,他甚至也根本 不会考虑这个问题。“nor/neither+不完全倒装” 用在否定句后,表示前面否定的内容也适用于另一 人或物。

4. not only…but (also) 不仅……而且…… 【练习】完成句子/单项选择

①我不仅听见了车的声音,而且还看见了那辆车撞 坏了。
I ________ heard the car, ________ I saw it crash. =Not only ________ the car, but also ________ it crash.

Not only the students but also the teacher ________ against the plan.

③Not only ________, but also ________. A. the lost car was found; the thief was caught B. the lost car was found; was the thief caught C. was the lost car found; the thief was caught

D. was the lost car found; was the thief caught


①not only; but also; did I hear; I saw

③C not only…but also…连接两个句子,且not only 位于句首,not only所在的句子要部分倒装,but also 后的句子不倒装。句意:不仅找到了丢失的汽车, 而且抓到了窃贼。

1. observe v.[T] ①观察,监视[同watch carefully] ② 看到,注意到[同see; notice] ③遵守,奉行(法律、习 俗、规章等)[同obey; follow] ④[T]纪念,庆祝(节日、 生日等)[同celebrate] 【练习】 完成句子

To find out the answer, we ______________ at all ages. ②有人看到一个陌生人正进入他家。 A stranger was observed _________________ his house.

③有人注意到一个陌生人进了他家。 A stranger was observed________ his house. ④一个过路人看到那个小女孩被几个陌生人带走了。 A passer- observed the little girl _____________ by by several strangers.

This law must ___________________________.


You'd better keep ________ ________ their quarrel.

To keep your strength ________, eat well and get enough sleep.
⑧人们应远离放射性废物。 People should keep ________ ________ the radioactive waste.

【解析】 ①observed the students

②going into/entering
③to go into/enter ④taken away ⑤ be strictly observed

【练习】 单项选择 ⑥They ________ the train until it disappeared in the distance. A. saw C. noticed B. watched D. observed


⑥B 句意:他们注视着火车直到它消失在远方。 saw 意 思 是 “ 看 见 ” ; noticed“ 注 意 到 ” ; observed“ 观 察 , 注 意 到 ” , 都 强 调 结 果 , 只 有 watched “观察”强调动作的延续。

2. occur v. ①[I](意外地)发生[同happen] ②[I](突然) 被想起,被想到 【练习】完成句子/英译汉 ①我希望他没出什么事。

I hope no accident has _________________________.
②我突然发觉他在撒谎。 ___________________________ that he was lying. ③An idea occurred to my mind. _____________________________________________

【解析】 ①occurred to him

②It occurred to me

【练习】单项选择 ④When I got to the school gate, it ________ me that I had left my schoolbag at home. A. happened C. took place B. occurred to D. came about


④B 句意:当我到校门口的时候,我突然想起我 把书包落在了家里。It occurs to sb. that…意为 “某 人突然想起……”,符合语境和句子结构。

3. operate v. ①[I](机器)运转,工作[同function; work] ②[I]起作用,有效[同work] ③[I]动手术 ④[T]操作, 使用(机器)[同run] ⑤[T]经营,管理[同manage] 【练习】 英译汉/完成句子

①The lift is not operating properly.
_____________________________________________ ②The medicine operated quickly. _____________________________________________

③Can you operate the computer? _____________________________________________ ④受伤的司机应该立即动手术。 The injured driver should __________________ at once. ⑤外科医生正在给他做手术。

The surgeon ________ an operation ________ him.

【答案】 ①这台电梯运转不正常。

③你会使用电脑吗? ④be operated on ⑤is performing/is doing/is carrying out; on

4. oppose v. [T]反对[同object to] 【练习】 完成句子

I don't ___________________________ at all. ②我们强烈反对改变这个计划。 We violently oppose ___________________________. ③母亲一直反对儿子的婚事。

The mother ____________________ his son's marriage.
④我父母非常反对我出国。 My parents was much opposed to _________________.

【答案】 ①oppose the idea

②changing the plan
③has been opposing to ④my going abroad

5. other than ①除了[同except或 but,表示不包括在 内,常用于否定句,后接动词原形、名词、代词、 介词短语等] ②除……以外,还……[同besides,表 示包括在内] 【练习】 完成句子/英译汉/单项选择

There is _______________ we could do ________ wait. ②You can't get there other than by boat. _____________________________________________

③Are you studying any science subjects other than chemistry?
_____________________________________________ ④I have no other friend than her.


⑤It was none other than my mother.

_____________________________________________ ⑥The form cannot be signed by anyone _______ yourself.(2011· 全国Ⅰ)
A. rather than C. more than B. other than D. better than

【解析】 ①nothing; other than

③除了化学以外,你还修别的理科课程吗? ④除了她之外我没有别的朋友。 ⑤这(不是别人)正是我的母亲。 ⑥B 句意:这个表格除了你自己以外任何人都不 能签名。rather than 而不是; more than 多于,超出; better than 好于。

6. otherwise conj. 否则,不然[同or; or else] adv. ①否 则,不然 ②用别的方法,在其他方面 【练习】完成句子/英译汉 ①快点,否则你要迟到了。

_____________________________ you'll be late. ②The rent is a bit high, but otherwise the house is satisfactory.

【答案】 ①Hurry up, otherwise


7. owe v. ① [T/I]欠(钱、债等) ② [T]归功于 ③[T]感激,感恩 【练习】完成句子/单项选择 ①史密斯先生还欠我们1,000美元。

Mr. Smith still ____________________________.
②他的成功是靠勤奋工作。 He ___________________________. ③我感谢你的帮助。 I owe you ___________________________ your help.

The plane is late ____________________________. ⑤________ you I owe a thousand apologies ________ having doubted your ability.

A. For; to
C. For; for

B. To; for
D. To; to

【解析】 ①owes $1,000 to us/owes us $1,000

②owes his success to hard work
③for ④owing to fog ⑤B 第一空: owe sth. to sb. (= owe sb. sth.) 欠某 人钱、债等,本题把to sb.放到了句首;第二空: apology和介词for连用,表示道歉的原因。句意:因 为我怀疑了你的能力,我向你道一千个歉。


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