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【学练考】2015-2016学年高二人教版英语必修5练习册:Unit 2 Period One Warming Up & Reading

Unit 2

The United Kingdom

Period One Warming Up & Reading Ⅰ.用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.This is a big organization ________(consist) of more than one hundred members. 2.—The boss

will punish us if we fail to meet the deadline. —Don't worry. We've already ________(accomplish) over 80% of the task. 3.People living nearby don't have to go a long way for shopping—a new supermarket has just been built there for their ________(convenient). 4.I hope we will not ________(divide) because of this disagreement. 5.If you want to be happy, you should have a ________(balance) state of mind. 6.The city with a long history is now an important tourist ________(attract). 7.To their________(credit),they adjust the plan in time. 8.If ________(unit), they are sure to accomplish the task ahead of time. 9.He cleaned the whole room ________(rough) and then went out. 10.—I'm sorry I didn't quite understand you. —Don't worry. I'll give some examples ________(clarify) what I mean. Ⅱ.在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词) 1.The girl couldn't keep back her tears at the thought of having to be separated ________her parents again. 2.The washing machine we had fixed last month broke________again, which of course made me rather upset. 3. The man over there must be very rich. I often see him wearing a watch ________hands are made of gold. 4.—Paul deserves the title “Model Citizen”. —Definitely. It's ________his credit to give back so much money that he found. 5.One of the important details was left ________on the list. Ⅲ.短语填空 consist of;divide into;leave out;break down;to one's credit;break away from;refer to; join?to?;for convenience;much to one's delight 1.I keep my reference books near my desk ______________. 2.What can we do to help them ________________the difficult position? 3.He lost his way. To make matters worse,his car________________. 4.You've ________________a zero in this phone number.How careless you are! 5.The country ________________ nearly 200 islands. 6.Jack was careful not to ________________the woman by name in his speech. 7.You have to________ the smaller piece of wood ________ the main part. 8.The teacher ________ the class ________ small groups for a discussion. 9. ________________,the little boy has learned three languages. 10.________________,everything goes well. Ⅳ.根据汉语意思完成句子 1.____________________ my mother should have agreed with me. 真奇怪我妈妈竟然答应了我。 2.____________________ he should fail to grasp the chance when it arose. 机会出现时,他竟然没有抓住,真是遗憾。 3.Brenda ____________________ at the bottom of the stairs and called 911. 布伦达发现丈夫躺在楼梯下面,于是她拨打了 911。

4.Any medicine ____________________can cause trouble. 未经医嘱服用的任何药物都可能带来危害。 5.He as well as I ____________________it. 不光是我,他对这件事也有责任。

Ⅴ.阅读理解 In the future your automobile will run on water instead of gas! You will be able to buy a supercomputer that fits in your pocket! You might even drive a flying car! Not all past predictions have been proven wrong. A few of them have been surprisingly accurate. Some great thinkers predicted the arrival of the credit card, the fax machine and even the Internet years before they happened. But for each prediction that has come true, some others have missed by a mile. Many of these predictions didn't consider how people would want to use the technology, or whether people really needed it in their lives or not. Let's look at some predictions from the nottoodistant past. Robot helpers Where's the robot in my kitchen? Nowhere, of course. And he's probably not coming anytime soon. Robots do exist today, but mostly in factories and other working environments.Back in the 1950s, however, people said that by now personal robots would be in most people's homes.So why hasn't it happened? Maybe because robots are still too expensive and clumsy. And probably the idea of robots cooking our dinners and washing our clothes is just too strange. At home we seem to be doing fine without them. Telephones of tomorrow In 1964 an American company introduced the video telephone. They said by the year 2000 most people would have a video phone in their homes. But of course the idea hasn't caught on yet. Why? The technology worked fine, but it overlooked something obvious: people desire for privacy. Would you want to have a video phone conversation with someone after you just stepped out of the shower? Probably not—it could be uncomfortable! Just because technology doesn't always mean people will want to use it. And finally, how about that crazy prediction of the flying car? It's not so crazy any more! But a flying car remains one of the most wonderful technology ideas to catch our imagination. Keep watching the news or perhaps the sky outside your window to see what the future will bring. 1.The passage mainly deals with________. A. predictions that can catch our imagination B. predictions that haven't come true C. new technology that can benefit our life D. predictions that have come true 2.According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Technology doesn't always mean people will want to use it. B. Predictions don't need to consider people's practical use of the technology. C. Not all the hightech things people thought we'd be using by now are widely used. D. Hightech things are not always convenient to people's life. 3.Robot helpers haven't been used in most people's homes because________. A. using the kind of robots at home is simply a waste of time and money B. the kind of robots hasn't been developed yet C. people find it difficult to control the kind of robots D. the kind of robots won't bring people practical use 4.How does the writer find the flying car? A. It is too difficult to imagine. B. It is too crazy an idea to realize. C. It is likely to appear in the future. D. It has been the focus of the news. Ⅵ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

British English is the language spoken in Britain. American English, also known as United States English or US English, is a set of dialects of the English language 1.________ (use) mostly in the United States. Vocabulary is a major 2.________ (different) between American English and British English at times. Because of 3.________ widespread usage of American English, many British people are starting to use some American words to take the place of some of their British 4.________. So a lorry is becoming a truck. There are many other words 5.________ are being replaced as well. There are also times 6.________ the same words have completely different meanings in both forms of English. In British English a biscuit is similar 7.________ a cookie, but in American English it is more like a dinner roll. Sometimes British people pronounce their numbers differently. They enjoy 8.________ (add) the word “and” between the numbers. For example, American English speakers usually say 107 one hundred seven, while most British English speakers say one hundred and seven. 9.________ is interesting that many people who speak British English admire American accents. At the same time, many people who speak American English 10.________ (simple) love British accents. Period One Warming Up & Reading Ⅰ.1.consisting 2. accomplished 3. convenience 4.be divided 5. balanced 6.attraction 7. credit 8. united 9. roughly 10. to clarify Ⅱ.1. from 2. down 3. whose 4. to 5. out Ⅲ.1. for convenience 2. break away from 3.broke down 4.left out 5.consists of 6. refer to 7. join;to 8. divided;into 9. To his credit 10. Much to our delight Ⅳ. 1.It was strange that 2.It's a pity that 3.found her husband lying 4. taken without the advice of a doctor 5. is responsible for Ⅴ.【文章大意】 本文介绍了一些还未实现的科学预测。 1.B 主旨大意题。由第二段中的“But for each prediction that has come true, some others have missed by a mile.”以及下文对各个未实现的预测的描述可知选 B。 2.B 推理判断题。根据段落中描述的预测未实现的原因可知选 B。 3.D 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“Maybe because robots are still too expensive and clumsy. And probably the idea of robots cooking our dinners and washing our clothes is just too strange. At home we seem to be doing fine without them.”可知,家用机器人在很多方面还不够 实用,故选 D。 4.C 推理判断题。根据“It's not so crazy any more!But a flying car remains one of the most wonderful technology ideas to catch our imagination. Keep watching the news or perhaps the sky outside your window to see what the future will bring.”可知,作者认为随着科技的快速发 展,飞车的预测很快就会实现,故选 C。 Ⅵ.1.used 句子有谓语,the English language 和 use 之间是被动关系,故用过去分词 used。 2.difference 不定冠词用在名词前面,different 是形容词,所以用名词 difference。 3.the 这里指“因为美国英语的广泛使用”,特指美国英语的使用,故填 the。 4. ones 句意: 很多英国人开始用一些美国的单词代替英国的一些单词。 为避免重复, 用 ones 代替“words”,所以填 ones。 5.that/which 这是一个 There be 句型,many other words 是先行词,指物,后面是一 个定语从句,句子缺主语。句意:也有很多其他正在被替代的单词。故填 that/which。 6.when 这是一个 There be 句型,times 是先行词“指时间”, 后面是一个定语从 句,缺引导词,故填 when。 7.to be similar to?与??相似。故填 to。 8.adding enjoy doing sth 享受做某事。故填 adding。 9.It 有趣的是很多说英国英语的人欣赏美国口音。根据句意此处应该用 it 作形式主 语,后面的 that 从句作真正的主语,故填 It。 10. simply 与此同时, 很多说美国英语的人只是喜欢英国口音。 副词修饰动词, simple 是形容词,所以此处用副词 simply。


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