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高一英语 Unit3 Language focus课件 重大版必修2

重庆大学版 高一 (2) Unit 3

1. A water bearer had two large pots, hung on either end of a pole which he carried across his neck. hang 把...挂起;垂下(hung---hung---hanging) 1) He hung his coat on the hook. 他把衣服挂在钩子上。

2) His pictures were hung in the Museum of Modern Arts. 他的画在现代艺术馆展出。

The player hung her head in shame. 这个球员羞愧地低下了头。

hang 吊死,绞死 (hanged—hanged--hanging)

The men was hanged for murder. 那些男子因谋杀罪被处绞刑。

hang相关短语: hang back踌躇不前,退缩 hang down下垂,低下头 hang on to紧紧握住,坚持下去 hang on upon坚持下去,不挂断电话 hang about=hang around徘徊 hang it doubt疑惑不决 hang up挂,吊,拖延,终止,挂断电话

【典型例题】 I was so angry that I ____ on him. A. hung down B. hung up C. hanged on D. hang back 【点拨】句意:我太生气啦,以至于我 挂掉了他的电话。hang down下垂,低 下头;hang on紧紧握住,坚持下去, (打电话不挂断); hang back踌躇不 前,退缩;hang up挂,吊,拖延,终 止,挂断电话

2. One pot had a crack in it while the other was perfect. while用法: 引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然; 尽 管”,相当于though;表示前后对比, 意为“但是, 然而”;引导时间状语从句, 从句谓语用延续性动词,表示“在…… 期间”常用短语:once in a while有时; 偶尔worth one’s while值得;有价值all the while始终, 一直

1) 当...的时候, 和...同时
I’ll take care of your children while you are away. 你不在时我会照顾你的孩子的。

2) 而, 然而

I like tea while she likes coffee.
我喜欢喝茶, 而她喜欢喝咖啡。

3) 虽然, 尽管 While I like the color of the hat, I do not like its shape. 虽然我喜欢这顶帽子的颜色, 但我不喜 欢它的形状。

【高考链接】 ______ I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. (江苏2004) A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless

3. The perfect pot was always full of water at the end of a long walk from the stream to the house.

at the end of后边可以跟时间和地点名词,表 示“在......末”

at the end of this month

at the end of the road 在路的尽头

by the end of 是“到......末”的意思, 后边跟不同的时间会有不同的含义 和用法。

A 跟将来的时间就用一般将来时, 如:
By the end of next month, I will finish

reading this book.

By the end of this week, I have written

two books.
到这个星期末,我已经写了两本书了。 C跟过去的时间,用过去完成时,如: By the end of last month, I had planted thousands of trees.


in the end在最后, 表示时间, 强调结果, 相当于at last。

In the end we won the race. 最后,我们赢得了比赛。

4. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of itself.
1) 完美的; 理想的

Her acting is really perfect. 她的演技真到了炉火纯青的境界。

2) 精通的; 娴熟的

Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

3) 对...最适当的[(+for)]

The weather is perfect for a garden party. 这是举行露天招待会的理想天气。

vt. 使完美; 做完

She went to France to perfect her French. 她为提高法语水平曾去法国。

imperfect adj. 不完善的,不完美的

imperfect products 有瑕疵的产品

5. The poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection.
shame n. 羞愧,耻辱,遗憾

She felt great shame at having failed the exam. 她考试不及格, 感到极其羞愧。

ashamed 羞愧的, 感到难为情的[(+of)] [+to-v] [+that] (表)

She was deeply ashamed of her behavior at the party. 她对她的在晚会上的行为深感惭愧。

feel ashamed of

Don’t they feel ashamed of themselves? 他们没有羞耻之心吗?

shameful adj. 可耻的, 丢脸的

a shameful conduct 可耻的行为

6. I want to apologize to you. apologize to sb. for sth. 因某事向某人道歉

He apologized to his wife for doing something wrong.

apology n. 道歉

make an apology 道歉

7. ….this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house.

leak v. 漏(水);(消息) 泄漏 (out) (allow sth. to) get out (through a hole in sth.) leak out information 走漏风声 A gas leak 煤气泄漏 A small leak will sink a great ship. [谚]小洞沉大船; 小患不治成大灾。

The car is leaking oil. 这汽车在漏油。

Your secret appears to have leaked out. 看来你的秘密已经泄漏出去了。

8. Because of my flaw, you don’t get the full value of your effort.

because of 因为

单词或短语 doing what短句

They stayed at home because of the rain.

We said nothing about it, because of his wife’s being there. 因为他妻子在那儿,我们对此只字未提。

He knew she was crying because of what he had said. 他知道她哭是因为他说的话。

because of与because的区别: 区别一 because是连词,其后接句子;because of 是复合介词,其后接名词、代词、动 名词、what 从句等。 区别二 because所引导的从句除用作原因状语外, 还可用作表语。而复合介词 because of 所引导的介词短语通常用作状语而不用 作表语。

9. …the old cracked pot took notice of the sun warming the beautiful flowers… take notice of 注意到; 关注; 理会

Don’t take any notice of others’ comments. 不要理会别人的议论。 He took no notice of others’ comments. 他不理睬别人的议论。

10. I took advantage of it.
take advantage of = make one’s advantage of 乘机利用 have / win / get / gain the / an advantage of / over 胜过;优于 (be) to one’s advantage / disadvantage 对……有利/不利

1) 利用

She took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk. 她趁着天气好, 出去散散步。

2) 欺骗; 占...的便宜

She has always been taking advantage of me. 他老是占我的便宜。

11. For two years, I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my table.
1) 挑选, 选择

Please pick a good book for me. 请为我挑一本好书。

2) 采, 摘 (+for)

He picked her a rose. 他给她采了一朵玫瑰花。

pick up 1) 拾起

The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 男孩替老人拾起了帽子。

2) 用车接载(人);

He picked up his brother on his way to the office.

3) (无意识) 学到;获得

She picked up Japanese when she was in Japan.

4) (用很少的钱) 买到;买 (便宜货)

He picked up an old cup in a local stand. 他在一个小摊上买了一个杯子。

12. Get to know your flaws and you can be successful. 1) succeed v. 成功 (in doing sth.) He succeeded in getting the job. 他谋得了那份工作。 2) success n. 成功 They have achieved remarkable success in their work. 他们在工作方面成绩显著。

3) success n. 一个成功的人或一件成功 的事 She was a success as an actress.

4) successful adj. 成功的

He is a successful lawyer.

1 Word Power: Match the words with explanations. 1)to make sth beautiful by adding sth to it. 2)to make use of ; profit from 3)(of a liquid) to pass through (a crack) 4)weak part in one’s character 5)without fault; excellent 6)to gather (flowers, vegetables, etc) from the place where they grow 7)to express sorrow, as for a fault 8)particular aspect in which a person or thing is strong

strength pick weakness perfect apologize leak decorate take advantage of


Fill in each blank with the proper form of a word or an expression form above.


1) leaked 2) picked 3) weakness 4) decorating 5) perfect 6) take advantage of 7) strengths 8) apologized


Here are some useful expressions from the text. Find the sentences in the text in

which the expressions are used.
Answers: 1. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of itself.

2. The poor cracked pot was ashamed of
its own imperfection.

3. The water bearer felt sorry for the
cracked pot.

4. The old cracked pot took notice of the
sun warming the beautiful wild

flowers on the side of the path.
5. But at the end of the walk, the

cracked pot still felt bad.
6. I took advantage of it.


Complete the sentences with the
expressions in Task 3. Answers:

1) while 2) because of 3) be ashamed of
4) took advantage of 5) took notice of

6) in some aspect 7)At the end of
8) feel sorry for 9) are proud of 10) on/ side of


Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the given words. Answers: 1) imperfect 2) ashamed 3) strength 4) weak 5) Failure 6) successful 7) Warm 8) apology



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