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Part ⅠListening Comprehension(30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers .For each conversation, there are several ques

tions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C.Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 1. How many people will be present there? A. Six B. Twelve C. Sixteen 2. What is the man’s last name? A. Kollitz B. Kolitz C. Collitz Conversation 2 3. When did the alarm go off? A. 30 minutes ago. B. 25 minutes ago. C. 5 minutes ago. 4. What is the relationship between the speakers? A. Brother and sister. B. Boss and secretary. C. Mother and son. Conversation 3 5. What is wrong with the man? A. He is seriously ill. B. He gets tired easily. C. He loses too much weight. 6. What does the woman advise the man to do? A. Have some physical examinations. B. Pay much attention to what his boss says. C. Have his meals on time. Conversation 4 7. How about the man’s hair? A. It is dry and thin on top. B. It is oily and wavy on top. C. It is dry and wavy on top. 8. Who will come to the woman’s at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon? A. The man’s friend. B. The man’s wife. C. The man’s sister. 9. How much tip does the man give the woman? A. A dollar. B. Two dollars. C. Fifty cents. Conversation 5 10. Why does the woman hesitate to marry the man? A. She hasn’t graduated from college. B. She doesn’t think the man can make much money. C. She hasn’t had her own business so far. 11. How will the woman let the man know her answer?

A. Sending him an e-mail. B. Calling him. C. Going to his house. 12. What can we learn from the conversation? A. The woman doesn’t like doing housework. B. The man is over 25 years old. C. The woman is afraid the man will leave her. Conversation 6 13. When will the man fetch the suit? A. On Monday. B. On Wednesday. C. On Thursday. 14. How much does the man pay for washing his shirts? A. 10 dollars. B. 20 dollars. C. 30 dollars. 15. What can we learn from the conversation? A. The laundry closes at 7:30 pm on the weekend. B. All the buttons on the man’s shirts are loose. C. The man pays 50 dollars for all his clothes. Section B (7.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear a short passage. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. You will hear the short passage TWICE. Name Akio Horisaka Marital status Married ● Studied 16._________ in a university ● Had a job with an advertising agency as a(n) 17._____ Experiences ● 18._________ in 2002 with a friend ● Spent a month in California ● Worked for a company which sold 19.________ for English conversation ● Now work in London for a(n) 20.___________

Part II Language Knowledge(45 marks) Section A (15 marks) Directions: For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 21. He seldom stay up late at night, ________ necessary, to keep himself full of energy the next day. A. if B. unless C. until D. while 22. Trees planted along roads add a touch of nature to our surroundings, which otherwise _____ unattractive. A. would look B. will look C. look D. looked 23. Excuse me, I ______ I was blocking your way. A. didn’t realize B. don’t realize C. haven’t realized D. wasn’t realizing

24. I wonder why Ann didn’t get _______ the job. She is the right person for it. A. to be offered B. offered C. to offer D. offering 25. When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door ________ “Sorry to miss you; will call later.” A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading 26. I hurried up with my food, as I couldn’t stand _____ when I was eating people smoked around me. A. them B. something C. it D. those 27. It was obvious the moment I got in _____ something unpleasant had happened in the office. A. so B. which C. whether D. that 28. Large amounts of medicine ___ sent to the flood stricken area in the last few days. A. were B. was C. has been D. have been 29. At the sight of the sofa, Steven said with satisfaction that nothing was _____ to our living room. A. better suited B. well suited C. ill suited D. worse suited 30. He ________ to the lab than he set out to do the experiment. A. has no sooner got B. no sooner got C. will no sooner get D. had no sooner got 31. You ______ me my bike yesterday afternoon; I needed it so badly. A. must have returned B. should return C. must return D. should have returned 32. Finally I found the book in a downtown bookstore, ________ my old friend Tom chanced to be the boss. A. which B. from where C. w here D. of which 33. His first book ______ next month is based on a true story. A. published B. to be published C. to publish D. being published 34. Hearing the dog barking fiercely, away_______. A. fleeing the thief B. was fleeing the thief C. the thief was fleeing D. fled the thief 35. It was ____ he came back from Africa ___ he met the girl he would like to marry. A. when; then B. not; until C. not until; that D. only; when Section B (18 marks) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. I was driving home from a meeting this freezing evening at about 5, stuck in traffic on Colorado Blvd, and my car started to choke and then died. I barely managed to walk into a gas station, hoping that I would not be blocking traffic and would have a somewhat 36 spot to wait for the tow truck (拖车) . Before I could make the 37 , I saw a woman walking out of the "quick ie mart" building, and it looked like she 38 on some ice and fell onto a gas pump! So I got out to see if she was okay.When I got there, it looked more like she had been overcome by sobs than that she had 39 .She was a young woman who looked really worn out with 40 circles under her eyes. I asked her if she was okay and if she needed help, and she just kept saying "I don't want my

kids to see me 41 ", so we stood on the other side of the pump from her car.She said she was 42 to California and that things were extremely 43 for her right now. So, I asked, "And you were praying?" That made her back away from me a little, but I 44 her I was not a crazy person and said, "He heard you, an d he sent me." I took out my 45 and swiped it through the card reader on the pump so she could 46 her car completely.Then 1 hurried to the next door McDonald's and bought two big bags of food.She gave the food to the 47 in the car who attacked it like wolves, and we stood by the pump eating fries and talking a little. 36.A.warm B.safe C.empty D.large 37.A.preparations B.decision C.bills D.call 38.A.stepped B.slipped C.waited D.walked 39.A.expected B.estimated C.fallen D.imagined 40.A.bright B.dark C.colorful D.frozen 41.A.talking B.falling C.walking D.crying 42.A.flying B.hurrying C.driving D.walking 43.A.rough B.typical C.sharp D.tight 44.A.astonished B.approved C.showed D.convinced 45.A.money B.food C.card D.car 46.A.start out B.fill up C.pull up D.get over 47.A.kids B.passers-by C.husband D.boys Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. China has ordered a ban on advertisements during television drama programs. An ad will not be allowed to run in the middle of a program running 45 minutes in length, beginning on January 1st. The authorities say 48. ban is important for the growth of culture. Television stations say this will cause 49. a loss in revenue(收入). Most audience feel glad 50. finally such a policy has been carried out. 51. some still doubt whether this is an effective policy or not. Simply banning TV stations from broadcasting inserted advertisements is no use. Even if SARFT completely banned domestic TV stations from broadcasting advertisements, they could still implant advertisements into TV shows. 52.___ can China not learn some lessons from western TV channels such as NHK and BBC? They are public channels 53. any advertisements. But they charge their viewers. In China, TV viewers only need to pay cable Television fees, 54. is rather low. And TV stations make profits through broadcasting advertisements. If we can learn some lesson from western countries, 55. will be rather helpful to the final solution of the conflict between audience and TV stations. Part III Reading Comprehension (30 marks) Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A

One factor that contributes to this laidback lifestyle is the culture of close family ties in Bali.In the Balinese culture, support is always available.Balinese extended families are so tightly knit that all members usually reside in the same complex. Balinese culture is based on a form of this religion, which is called "Hindu Darma".This religion reached the island during the eleventh century.Most of the family customs and traditions as well as co mmunity lifestyles of the Balinese people are influenced by this.The religious influence even expands widely into the arts, which makes Bali distinct from the rest of Indonesia. In spite of the fact that tourists flood to the island every year, Balinese people have managed to conserve their culture. Almost every native of Bali is an artist in some form or another. Parents and villagers have passed on their skills to their children, who all seem to have inclinations (爱 好) either to music, dance, painting, and decor. Another remarkable mark of the Balinese culture is the series of ceremonies and rituals known as the Manusa Yadnya.This marks the different stages of Balinese life.Cremation (火 葬) is very popular on this island—and unlike in the West, death is a joyous and colorful event for the Balinese. 56.What do we know about Balinese according to the first two paragraphs? A.They lead a very relaxing but unwealthy life. B.They live in large families and are close to each other. C.Their family members are distributed in different places. D.Their extended families live too close together to get along well. 57.Bali is distinguished from the rest of Indonesia by _____. A.people's tight family relationship B.the family customs and traditions C.people's great affection for religion D.the influence of Hinduism on their culture 58.The underlined word "conserve" in Para.4 can be best replaced by "_____". A.preserve B.spread C.form D.expand 59.When a person dies in Bali, it is a common pra ctice to _____. A.express deep sorrow at his death B.celebrate the death like a great event C.sing and dance joyfully in his honor D.remember what he did in his lifetime 60.What is the text mainly about? A.Balinese religion. B.The lifestyle of Balinese. C.Balinese culture. D.The tourism in Bali. B Poetry Writing Classes Online

Consider it the caviar (鱼子酱) of literature: tiny eggs with wonderful taste. Poetry has inspired the human soul for thousands of years and there are those who still treasure its magnificence.If you hear mermaids singing or feel the wind or see the sun rising in ribbons then you are one of these happy few.Excellence in poetry is mysterious, but a quest(探索) worth pursuing.In our courses, you will learn to control sound, structure, line, word, theme etc.into well-crafted poems and you will improve your precision by experimenting with various time-honored forms.You will also learn how and where to market your work. Level I Poetry Writing 10-Week Workshop Using a balance of lecture, exercise, and comment on work from the instructor and classmates, this course gives students a firm grounding in all the basics of poetry writing. · Write two-six poems · Lectures on basics of poetry craft · Writing exercises · Present work for critique (评论) (two times) PoetryI is for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Online Classes Registration Fee: $25. Tuition: $395, Returning Students $365. Each class strictly limited to 16 students, aged 18 and up

· can still enroll in this class! You Advanced

· Lectures that expand on basics of poetry craft · Writing exercises · Present work for in-depth critique (two times) Online Classes Registration Fee; $ 25. Tuition: $395.Returning Students $365. Each class strictly limited to 14 students, aged 18 and up.

· can still enroll in this class! You 61.You learn the following on Poetry Writing Classes Online EXCEPT _____ A.where you can sell your poems B.why it's worth seeking excellence in poetry C.how to write a well-crafted poem D.how to sharpen your skills in poetry 62.If you rejoin the online poetry writing classes, you should pay _____. A.$390 B.$410 C.$395 D.$365 63.If you are a beginner, you can start the courses from _____. A.July 14 B.Aug 14 C.July 6 D.Oct 6 64.In Advanced Poetry Writing Class, you are asked to _____. A.lay steady foundations for the basis of poetry writing B.hand in your poems getting ready for publication C.make comments on the work of your classmates D.give some lectures on basics of poetry craft 65.The passage is most probably from a _____. A.newspaper advertisement B.book review C.scientific magazine D.news report C If you exhibit positive characteristics such as honesty and helpfulness, the chances are that you will be thought as a good-looking person, for a new study has found that the perception (认 知) of physical attractiveness is influenced by a person's personality. The study, which was led by Gary W.Lewandowski, has found that people who exhibit negative characteristics, such as unfairness and rudeness, appear to be less physically attractive to observers. the study, the participants viewed photographs of opposite-sex individuals and rated In them for attractiveness before and after being provided with information about their personalities.

"Thinking a person as having a desirable personality makes the person more suitable in general as a close relationship partner of any kind," said Lewandowski. The findings show that a positive personality leads to greater expectation of becoming friends, which leads to greater expectation of becoming romantic partners and, finally, to being viewed as more physically attractive.The findings remained consistent regardless of how "attractive" the individual was formerly thought to be or of the participants' current relationship

status. "This research provides a positive outcome by reminding people that personality goes a long way toward determining your attractiveness; it can even change people's impressions of how good-looking you are," said Lewandowski. 66.In the study the participants were required to _____. A.try to make friends with each other B.try to prove positive characters make people more attractive C.exhibit negative characters such as unfairness and rudeness D.rate one's attractiveness by photos before and after knowing her or his personality 67.What's the CORRECT order of how cognitive processes modify judgments of attractiveness? a.find a person with a positive personality b.view the perso n more physically attractive c.want to make friends with the person d.want to be his/ her romantic partner A.a→c→d→b B.d→c→b→a C.c→b→a→d D.a→d→c→b 68.Which of the following is WRONG according to the passage? A.The research reminds people to pay more attention to the personality. B.Personality can change people's impressions of one's appearance. C.The judgment of one's attractiveness always stays unchanged. D.Positive personality may lead to more friends. 69.The passage is written in a(n) _____ tone. A.subjective B.objective C.sceptical D.negative 70.Who are the intended readers of this passage? A.People with positive characteristics. B.Good-looking people. C.People with negative characteristics. D.General people. Part IV Writing (45 marks) Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage . Fill in t he numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Children are used to the parties that consist of junk food, loud music and the like.However, today's environmental condition is serious, so to save our environment, we need to do our bit by making small changes in our activities like planning our kid's birthday parties in an eco-friendly manner. The first idea for the "green" birthday party is selecting a "green" location. You can put some choices in front of your child like gardens, parks and farms and let him or her select one for the party. benefit of choosing a natural outdoor location is that it doesn't require much decoration, The which will save your money.Also, it'll bring your child close to nature. Secondly, go "green" while you're listing out the required materials for the party. Use reusable and recyclable materials like cloth table covers instead of plastic.For decorations, avoid

plastics by using natural things like plants, candles, etc.What's more, you can avoid using paper invitations and invite people by sending e-mail invitations to them. Thirdly, plan the food according to the 'green theme.Serve delicious but healthy food to the guests.Fruits, vegetables and nuts can be the most appropriate parts in party food as they taste great, and are extremely healthy.Home-made cakes will also serve the purpose very well. Lastly, conduct "green" activities.For giving children a learning experience, take them on a trip to the nearest farm and let them see the working system there.After the learning experience, let them play together in a park.Also children can make up stories which you can write down for them.These written pages will be colored by the kids and will be their return gifts. Plan a unique but wonderful birthday party for your kid and enjoy. we all contribute to this If cause, soon we'll see our earth back in her green coat.

· Taking children to a farm or park to 80._________ · Taking down stories created by children, which will be their return gifts after being colored III.Benefits Planning a unique but wonderful birthday party helps save the earth. Section B (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. Bicycle rental companies in Beijing are going broke, because nobody wants to hire their services. Major rental operators have invested about 100 million yuan($14.7 million) in almost 20,000 bicycles but are now struggling to survive. A spokesman from the Bird of Freedom Bicycle Rental said the company has already sold most of the 400 bicycles. “This is a difficult business, especially when it is cold. The cold weather almost killed the business,” he said.

Bigger rental companies are also facing challenges. Beijing Bicycle Rental Co Ltd, which owns 8,000 bicycles, has invested more than 30 million yuan over the past year. Wang Yong, chairman of the group, said his company had not made a profit since it began in 2005. Almost all bicycle rental companies in Beijing require deposits of 300 to 400 yuan and then customers need to pay 10 yuan or more per hour. “I don’t want to pay 400 yuan to rent a bike. It’s too dear,” said Zhang Yu, a student in Communication University of China, who does not own a bike and often takes motorized rickshaws. “If renting for one day will cost 20 yuan and I rent a bike for five days, I can use the money to buy a new one." Although facing economic ruin, some enterprises are still hoping that conditions will improve. IbikeMedia, one of the biggest bi cycle rental companies in China, also invested tens of millions yuan in Beijing and has more than 10,000 bicycles. Li Weiwei, general manager of IbikeMedia Beijing, said his company has a policy of no deposit and no payment. He said the company tried to put advertisements on the bicycles and in this way, they could make profits. But they had not made a profit yet because of its small scale. However, customers must pay 20 yuan per card and also show proof of good personal credit. In early July, the Beijing municipal government announced plans to develop a 50,000-bicycle rental operation across the city. “The bigger network we have, the more citizens will rent bikes,” Li said. “This will make rental easier to citizen s and we strongly need help from the government.” 81.In which season is the bicycle rental business the most difficult in Bei jing? (no more than 2 words) 82.List the reasons why Zhang Yu is not willing to rent a bike. (no more than 7 words) 83.How can bike Media possibly make a profit according to Li Weiwei? (no more than 6 words) 84.What is the main idea of the passage ?(no more than 10 words) SECTION C(25 marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 假定你叫李华,在刚刚过去的寒假期间你和几个同学一起参加了一次为期三天的社区服务 活动。请你用英语写一篇短文在你校校报上报道这次活动。内容包括: 1.简单介绍这次活动的筹划和实施情况; 2.谈谈这次活动带给你的收获。 注意:1.词数不少于 120 个; 2.参考词汇:社区服务活动 community service activity。




73. Ideas/ Methods 74. close to nature 75. reused and recycled 76. sending e-mails 77. the “green” theme 78. Making cakes 79. Conducting “green” activities 80. learn or play

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