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【名师导学系列】2013年高考英语人教版第一轮精品配套练习必修3 Unit 2 Healthy eating

Unit 2 核心词汇

Healthy eating


1. Taking regular exercise and having a healthy____________(饮食)are good for your health. 2.We aim to offer good service to all

our____________(顾客). 3.You should ____________(权衡)the advantages against the disadvantages before you give up your present job. 4. She usually____________(结合)creative imagination with intelligence to create some wonders. 5. Many thousands of patients have ____________(受益)from this new treatment and recovered quickly. 6.After the tiring trip,his____________(力气)gave out. 7. The teacher told him not to____________(叹息)over the failure of yesterday’s test. 8.His English was so____________(有限的)that he couldn’t even tell the foreign friend where he was from. 9. Children are____________(好奇)about everything, teachers and parents should so satisfy their____________(好奇心). 10.用 weak 的适当形式填空 (1)If you____________and have a cigarette,do not feel ashamed. (2)We should know our strengths and____________and think what could be done about them. 1.diet 2.customers 3.balance 4.combines 5.benefited 6.strength 7.sigh 8.limited 9.curious;curiosity 10.(1)weaken (2)weaknesses

1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________ 9.________________ 10.________________ 11.________________ 12.________________ 平衡饮食 应当;应该 减轻体重;减肥 被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚 说谎 赢回;重新获得 谋生 欠债 暗中监视;侦查 削减;删节 不久以后 增加体重

1.________ could be ________. 再没有比这些更好吃的了。 2.He could not________Yong Hui____________________!

他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们后而不受惩罚! 3.____________sit down and try a meal? 你为什么不坐下来吃顿饭呢? 4.According to my research,________your restaurant________mine ________ a balanced diet. 我的研究表明,你我两家所提供的都不是平衡膳食。 5.Their balanced diets became____________ before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. 他们的平衡膳食如此有效,不久王鹏变得苗条了,而雍慧也长肉了。

1.balance n. 天平;平衡;结余,余额 v. 平衡;权衡 (回归课本 P9)What will happen to you if you don’t eat a balanced diet? 假如你的饮食不均衡会怎么样? [归纳拓展] ① think it’s important to have a balance between study and a social life, I’m going I so to join a few clubs. 我认为保持学习和社交的平衡很重要,所以我打算参加几个社团。 ② (朗文 P128)Riding a bike helps develop a child’s sense of balance. 骑自行车有助于培养孩子的平衡感。 ③ balance,the company has had a successful year. On 总的来说,公司这一年是成功的。 [例句探源] 【高效记忆】 [即境活用] 1.完成句子 (1)众所周知,均衡的膳食使我们身体健康。 As is known to us,________ ________ ________can keep our body healthy. 答案: (2)生活中他很好地平衡了工作与玩的关系。 There is ________ ________ ________ ________ work and play in his life. 答案: 2.diet n. 日常饮食 vt.& vi. 节食,使实施饮食疗法 (回归课本 P9)Everybody has to eat,but do you eat a healthy diet? 每个人都要吃东西,但是你有健康的饮食吗? [归纳拓展] ① sugar in my coffee,please;I’m dieting. No 请不要给我的咖啡放糖,我在节食。 ② (牛津 P552)I decided to go on a diet before my holiday. 我决定在休假前节食。 ③ is important to have a balanced,healthy diet. It 拥有均衡、健康的饮食很重要。 ④ The doctor put him on a diet after operation. 手术之后,医生规定了他的饮食。

[例句探源] 2.—Would you like some more chicken? —No,thanks.I am________a diet and I’m trying to ________weight. A.on;lose B.on;put on C.in;have D.in;lose 解析: [即境活用] 3.curiosity n. 好奇心,求知欲 (回归课本 P10)Curiosity drove Wang Peng inside. 王鹏受到好奇心的驱使,走了进去。 [归纳拓展] ① (牛津 P489)The letter wasn’t addressed to me but I opened it out of curiosity. 那封信不是写给我的,然而我出于好奇把它拆开了。 ② (陕西高考)He was curious to know what was happening in the office. 他想知道办公室里正在发生什么事情。 ③ Children are curious about everything around them. 小孩对周围的所有事物感到好奇。 ④ was curious that she didn’t tell anyone. It 她没有告诉任何人,这很反常。 [例句探源] 3.(高考天津卷)People have always been________about exactly how life on earth began. A.curious B.excited C.anxious D.careful 解析: [即境活用] 4.lie vi.& n. 说谎;谎话,谎言 (回归课本 P10)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚! [归纳拓展] ① (牛津 P1165)You could see from his face that he was lying. 从他的表情上你可以看出他在撒谎。 ② didn’t finish his homework last night so he told a lie. He 他昨天晚上没有完成作业,所以他说了谎。 ③ The survivors lay on the beach,exhausted and shocked. 幸存者们躺在沙滩上,疲劳不堪又深感震惊。 ④ She told me that happiness lies in helping others to be happy. 她告诉我快乐的真谛在于帮助他人变得快乐。 [例句探源] 4.躺在那里的那个人撒谎说他把钱放在桌子上了。 The man ________ there ________ that he had ________ the money on the table. 答案: [即境活用] 5.limit n. 界限;限度 vt. 限制;限定

(回归课本 P14)I don’t want to upset you,but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. 我并不想让你心烦,不过我发现你菜谱上的菜太少了,所以我也就不着急了,我 也开始宣传我餐馆的食物的好处。 [归纳拓展] ① help as much as I can, there is a limit to what I can do.我会尽力帮忙, I’ll but 但我 所能够做的也是有限的。 ② believe teaching should not be limited to the classroom. I 我认为教学不应该局限在教室内。 ③ They did well within the limits of their knowledge. 由于知识所限,他们已经做得很好了。 [例句探源] ④ (牛津 P1175)The amount of money you have to spend will limit your choice. 你要消费的金额限制着你的选择。 ⑤ This technique is useful but it has its limitations. 这种技术实用但也有局限性。 5.—Is there any________to the time that I can stay here? —Yes,you must leave here before he comes back. A.number B.length C.limit D.matter 解析: [即境活用] 6.benefit v. 使……受益,得益于;得利于 n. 好处,利益,优势 (回归课本 P14)I don’t want to upset you,but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. 我并不想让你心烦,不过我发现你菜谱上的菜太少了,所以我也就不着急了,我 也开始宣传我餐馆的食物的好处。 [归纳拓展] ① (牛津 P170)We should spend the money on something that will benefit everyone. 我们应该把这笔钱花在大家都能得益的事上。 ② am sure that everyone will benefit a lot from this activity. I 我相信大家都会从这个活动中获益良多。 ③ Many people find that regular physical activity gives them an unexpected benefit. 许多人发现定期锻炼使他们受益匪浅。 ④ is said that Yoga is of great benefit to human health. It 据说瑜伽对人体健康有很大益处。 [例句探源] 6.A large sum of money has been raised for the________of the poorlyeducated children in the mountainous districts. A.profit B.favour C.advantage D.benefit 解析: [即境活用]

7.As we all know,practicing Yoga________our health;that is to say,our health can________it. A.benefits to;benefit B.benefits;benefit from C.benefits from;benefit D.benefits;are benefited from 解析: 7.strength n. [U]力量,体力 [C]长处,强项 (回归课本 P11)The strength of the diet in Wang Peng’s restaurant was that it provided plenty of energygiving food. 王鹏餐馆的饮食优点在于它能提供含有足够热量的食物。 [归纳拓展] ① (天津高考)When we think of leadership,we often think of strength and power. 一想到领导才能,我们通常会想到实力和权力。 ② (2009 年高考浙江卷)Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. 我们每个人都有自己的强项和弱项。 ③ The ability to keep calm is one of her many strengths. 能够保持冷静是她的多项长处之一。 ④ Our friendship has steadily strengthened over the years. 我们的友谊逐年加深。 [例句探源] 8. (高考浙江卷)Practising Chinese kung fu can not only________one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. A.bring up B.take up C.build up D.pull up 解析: [即境活用] 9.To make members of a team perform better,the trainer first of all has to know their________and weaknesses. A.strengths B.benefits C.techniques D.values 解析: 8.get away with 被放过,(做坏事)不受惩罚 (回归课本 P10)He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚! [例句探源] ① the serious accident,he got away with only a fine. For 那么严重的事故,他交了罚款就完事了。 ② The child ought to be punished.You shouldn’t let him get away with telling lies! 这孩子应该受到惩罚,对他撒谎这事你不应就这么算了! ③ (湖北高考)If we can get over our present difficulties,then everything should be all right. 如果我们克服了目前的困难,那么一切都应该会好起来。 ④ (重庆高考)Isn’t it time you got down to marking the papers?

你是不是该开始批改试卷了? [即境活用] 10.(高考福建卷)We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do.Let’s________it. A.keep up with B.do away with C.get down to D.look forward to 解析: 11.It’s going to rain.Xiao Feng,will you please help me________the clothes on the line? A.get off B.get back C.get in D.get on 解析:

1【教材原句】 Nothing could be better.(P10) 再没有比这些更好吃的了。 【句法分析】 (1)形容词的比较级与否定代词 nothing 连用, 表达最高级的含义。 有此用法的常用否定词有:no,not,never,hardly,nothing,nobody 等。 (2)表示最高级意义的几种特殊结构: never+比较级 nothing/no+so+原级+as... nothing/no+比较级+than... can/could+never/not+enough/too ① was not until then that I suddenly realized nobody was happier than I was. It 直到那时我才突然意识到没有人比我更幸福的了。 ② Nothing in my life shook me so deeply as the first visit to China.在我的一生中给 我震撼最大的是第一次到中国参观。 ③ You can never be too careful.你再怎么小心也不过分。 [归纳拓展] 12. (北京海淀区模拟)—Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. —Yes.No one could perform________,I think. A.well B.better C.best D.the best 解析: 13.How beautifully she sings!I have never heard________. A.the better voice B.a good voice C.the best voice D.a better voice 解析: 2【教材原句】 He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! (P10) 他可不能让雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚! 【句法分析】 (1)have sb.doing 意为“允许某人做某事”时,常用于否定句中; 意为“使某人做某事”时,多用于肯定句中。

(2)have sb.do 让某人做某事。 (3)have sth.to do 有事要做。 ① can’t have you speaking to your mother in a rude manner.You must apologize to I her immediately. 我不允许你用那种粗鲁的方式跟你的妈妈说话。你必须立刻向她道歉。 ② have a lot of things to do at present,so I can’t go out with you. I 目前我有许多事情要做,因此我不能与你一起出去。 ③ The teacher had his students read English every morning for half an hour. 这位老师让他的学生每天早上读半个小时的英语。 [即境活用] 14.The director had her assistant________some hot dogs for the meeting. A.picked up B.picks up C.pick up D.picking up 解析: 15.—Excuse me,sir,where is Room 301? —Just a minute.I’ll have Bob________you to your room. A.show B.shows C.to show D.showing 解析:



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