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一、因果关系 1.Because; 2.because of this==being that 因为;
I believe with every fiber of my being that we – as Americans – can still come together behind a common purpose. 我相信,存在的每一根纤维,仍



In Bombay [Mumbai], I was just was one of the girls, nothing special, but sometimes now I enjoy being that outside voice, I sometime relish it. 在孟买, 我不过是女孩子之一, 没有什么特别的, 但是有时我喜欢成为那个局外的声音, 我有时喜欢, 有时讨厌。


But I simply tell them: If the Being that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside can't protect me from your interpretation or conception of Vodou, then I'm praying to the wrong God -- don't you think? 但是我只是告诉他们:如果那个让我从内心觉得温暖的存在不能保护我不受你们对伏都教的判读和观念的影响, 那么我就是在向一个错的上帝祷告——你认为呢?


The water was very warm, being that it was in direct sunlight, but it was glorious. 因为被太阳直接照射着,水非常暖和,但这样的水还很令人愉快的。

3.another important factor/reason of; 4.Since; as; 5.for;
The teacher came down on her for talking in class. 老师因为她在上课时说话而严厉申斥她。

6.in that;
? ?
In that case, here, you go first. 既然这样,喏,你先用吧。 The lies of novelists differ from others, however, in that no one criticizes the novelist as immoral for telling lies. 但是,小说家的谎言与其它人不一样,因为没有人会批评小说家,称他们说谎不道德。

7.owing to; due to; for the reason that==in view of; 鉴于,出于这样的原因 8.the reason seems to be obvious; there are about; for the reason==as a result of this; therefore; 9.…and so…; 10.consequently; as a result; 11.thus==hence;
All that growth takes lots of steel and cement and hence pours carbon into the air—but in time it should drive down emissions. 所有这些发展都需要大量的钢铁和水泥,并因此会向空气中排放碳——但是国家将能够及时地降低排放量。


Diagrams are crucial, since without them, it is difficult to develop an understanding of the model and, hence, the system it represents. 图是决定性的,因为没有它们,理解模型是很困难的,因此理解模型代表的系统也是很困难的

12.so; so that; in conquence; 13.accordingly;
? ?
Accordingly, we may not bother to help them by hurting them. 因此,我们可能不操心通过伤害来帮助他们。 If you have specific issues that you wish to deal with, then increase this accordingly, perhaps every day for a few weeks. 如果你要处理某些具体问题,那就相应的增加自我催眠,可能在几周的时间里每一天都进行

14.as a consequence of; 15.inevitably; 不可避免的;必然的;
Inevitably/Accordingly, the resources will be exhausted and man will have to face whatever is awaiting him. 不可避免的是/因此,资源将被耗尽,人类将不得不面对等候着他的一切。

16.under this conditions; 17.thereupon.
? ?
I knew it couldn’t get past him, thereupon I started to run . 我知道瞒不住了,于是撒腿跑起来。 The girl thereupon fell into such deep reflection that conversation languished. 随即这个少女便陷入了沉思,于是谈话冷下去了。

Their analysis shows this proposition to be partly true, but not the whole truth, Katz said. 他们的分析报告显示这个项目在一定程度上是真的,但是不完全真的,卡兹说到

二、Time maker First,second,thirdly,next,then,at the outset=beginning;following this;at this time;now;at this ;point;after;afterwards;subsequently;lastly;finally;consequently;at once;meanwhile;immediately;at length;in the mean time;at the same time;in the end;soon;not long after;at once;at lat;some time ago;at persent;all of sudden;from this time on;from time to time;since then;when;whenever;next point;a few minutes later;formerly=previously;as;once;since;occasionally;in a monment=instantly;shortly;at this time;simultaneously;eventually;last but not least;to begin with;to start/end with;seeing…;first of all; 三、 For example;for instance;in this case;as you know;as the explains;like;such as; a case in point is…;considering;in particular;including…;for one thing…for another ;put it simply=stated toughly 大致说+观点、 状况;given=considering ;as an illustration;I will say…;a good example of;would be …;to detail this,I would like to 为了更细地支持这个观点;it is interesting to note that;in this situation;take the case of ;take…as example;as/for/to/regards;according to;in the case of 根据,至于关于



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