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2012 北京各区一模二模作文范文 2012 海淀一模范文 Last Friday, my class took part in a meaningful and challenging course---Outward Bound. Early in the morning, we got to an Outward Bound centre on our school bus

. Upon arrival, we were divided into several groups and our coach introduced the course to us. shortly afterwards, we got involved in various activities. one of them was jumping across a broken bridge. I was afraid at first, but with the encouragement of the coach, I finally made it. what impressed me most was climbing over a wall to “escape”. we helped one another and all of us managed to “survive”. before we left the centre, we had a photo taken to record the unforgettable experience, which gave us a good chance to build up courage and improve our sense of teamwork. 精品范文: I always believe that it is through an outside activities rather than text books that we get a better comprehension about something inside such as friendship, courage and cooperation. Last Friday, we were organized to take part in an Outward Bound. with great enthusiasm, we arrived at the Outward Bound institution early in the morning by school bus. The instructor divided us into groups and gave us some instructions so that we could experience a more exciting day. No sooner had we stepped into the gate than we started to try for the first program, in which everyone was requested to jump through a break in the high place. with the help of the instructor, each of us did well, even a classmate who was afraid of high places created a miracle for himself. Having experienced the thrilling activity, it was the “escaping wall” activity that taught me how great power the cooperation had. It could be impossible for one of us to get over the wall, but with the efforts from everyone, hard as it might be, we eventually got through the huge obstacle. when finishing all the activities, it was already evening. in front of the gate, we sat together with awards for courage and cooperation in our hands and then we took the meaningful scene into a photo that would be treasured by all of us forever. There is an saying that divided, there is little we can do; united, there is little we cannot do; the experience of the Outward Bound gives us an explanation that cannot be better for these words. Needless to say, the memorable activity will flash in our minds for the friendship, courage and cooperation it contains.

西城一模情景作文 For two years, my family has been supporting Xiao Ming, a boy from a poor family. Last weekend, my father and I went to visit him again. Early in the morning, we set off, and soon we were on a country road. I paid little attention to the scenery on the way, for my mind was already there with Xiao Ming. After a two-hour drive, we arrived at Xiao Ming’s home. At that moment, Xiao Ming was working in the garden, while his grandfather was sitting in the sun. we were excited to see each other. Immediately, they invited us to test in their house. Once inside, we gave him some books and a schoolbag. Grateful and moved, Xiao Ming showed us his excellent school work, which impressed us greatly. We talked so happily that we didn’t realize it was time to leave. Xiao Ming and his grandfather saw us off at the village entrance and we waved goodbye to them, promising to come back again. I really feel happy about what we did that day. By helping others, we ourselves actually gain a lot.

好文 For two years, my family has been supporting Xiao Ming, a boy from a poor family. Last week, my father and I paid visit to Xiao Ming in order to know more about him and his daily life. After a two-hour drive along the mountain roads, we finally arrived at Xiao Ming’s house, which is located in a poor village. On pulling up our car, we caught sight of Xiao Ming instantly. However, he was busy planting vegetables

and didn’t notice us, until his grandmother sitting beside notified him of our arrival. We greeted each other and then followed him into the house where he lived. Although it was a simple place, I could tell from his tidy desk and all his certificates on the wall that Xiao Ming must be a hard working student as well as a filial grandson. Knowing that he was under financial burden and might not be able to afford much, we gave him a new schoolbag and some books. He said his gratitude towards us was beyond words, and showed us an exam paper which he got full mark on the told us he wouldn’t let us down. Seeing the determination in his eyes, I was deeply touched by his positive attitude. After a pleasant conversation, it was time for us to leave, Xiao Ming and his grandmother waved goodbye to us and invited us to visit them again in the future. I knew I would, because I wanted to learn more from him. He doesn’t have a lot of money but he is rich at heart. “ 东城一模情景作文: Last winter, we carried out an activity themed “Helping the Children in the Hope Primary School in Tibet”. In the class meeting, we watched CCTV news and learned about what the life of the children there was like and all of us were shocked. So we decided to do our bit. We put up some posters on the school notice board and gave out the handouts to the schoolmates. the next day, many students took part in the donation on the playground. Some donated their pocket money and some brought their new clothes and quilts. After that, we went to the post office to mail the donations to Tibet. we are more than glad to have such kind of activities, for we not only set up the bridge of friendship with the children in Tibet but also show our love to the children there.

海淀二模情景作文: Dear Sir/Madam, I am Li Hua from Class One, Senior Two. I’m writing in reply to the notice for host families. I think I have several reasons to accommodate one foreign friend. Frist, I believe my English is good enough to communicate with foreigners. Also, my good communication skills enable me to keep a good relationship with others. As for accommodation, my family live in a 4-room apartment and there is always a spare room for the guest. in addition, my home is very convenient in transportation. its location makes it easy to take either subways or bused to most places. I have also got support from my parents, who said yes without hesitation when informed of my wish. I would appreciate it if my application is taken into account. yours sincerely lihua 西城二模: Last Sunday, I came back to Beijing after a short-term study in Canada. Early in the morning, I arrived at the airport. After claiming my luggage, I hurried to the exit where my parents were anxiously waiting for me. How nice it was to see them again! As soon as I arrived home, I started unpacking my suitcase. I was taking out my stuff when a book caught my eye. It was borrowed from the school library when I studied in Coldwater School. Indeed, I was careless. What could I do? Thinking for a while, I finally came up with a solution. Immediately, I got online and searched for the school address. Having successfully found it, I wrote a letter to apologize, sincerely expressing my great regret. After lunch, I went to the nearby post office. With the letter enclosed, I mailed the book back to Coldwater School by EMS, hoping it would reach the school library as quickly as possible. When everything was done, I breathed a sigh of relief.




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