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高三年级 命题人:高三英语命题组 第一部分 单项填空(共 15 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. ______ beauties of _______ nature inspired many poets. A. The; the “___________ . ” A. Nobody of us has C. None of us has A. air A. de

veloped A. the better A. of A. what; that A. looked for A. carry out A. to design C. to have been designing 31. -- “How do you like the book?” --“It’s quite different from __________ I read last month.” A. that A. taken place A. although B. as B. which B. taken the place C. even if C. the one C. in place of D. the one what D. replaced 32. Mr. Green, who is a member of Labor Party, has _____ Mr Brown as President. 33.The company has a free long-distance telephone number ______ customers may call with any questions they have about its products. D. so that C. were discussing D. had discussed 34. Many people____the topic on the Internet for some times, but there is still no clear agreement. A. will have discussed B. have been discussing 35. — Why are you driving so slowly? — ___. I can’t see anything. There’s sand everywhere. A. I have no idea C. It’s extremely serious B. It couldn’t be worse D. I think you’re absolutely right B. atmosphere B. exploited B. a better B. to B. Nobody of us have D. None of us did C. environment C. improved C. the best C. on D. a best D. about D. surrounding D. expanded B. A; a C. The; / D. /; the 22. “ Have you all studied the passage‘Using the Mind against Disease’?”

23. As it is getting close to the Spring Festival, the _____________ in the street becomes more and more delightful. 24. The natural resources, such as mine, forest, and hydropower in that area have been ______. 25. How beautifully she sang! I have never heard _______ song. 26. In the Great Depression, the American government couldn ’t find good solutions ________ the unemployment problem. 27. Was it ______ she said or something that she did ______ you were angry at so much? B. that; which C. that; what D. what; which B. looked up B. carrying out C. looked through D. looked into C. carried out D. to carry out 28. She _____ her notes before the examination and tried to recite some important points. 29. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ______the next year. 30. Tom is said _______ a new machine for our company, but I don’t know when he will finish it. B. to be designing D. to have designed

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Today we had an American family, the Robinsons, for Sunday dinner. Mr. Robinson is my mother's co-worker.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson and their two young__36__ came at about 6: 00 p. m. Mrs. Robinson gave Mum a bunch of fresh flowers,__37__ color, freshness and their good will. Mum did the __38__ and it was left to ourselves to get to know each other. The two girls Judy and Annie and Xiao Hong had __39__ fun with our little cat. Mrs. Robinson is much __40__ than her husband. There was a moment of embarrassment when Granny asked about her __41__. Mum was about to apologize__42__ Mrs. Robinson laughed and said it was quite all right and that she had been here __43__ enough to know it's the Chinese custom. She __44__ told us that she was 32, though her husband was 52. And of course they entirely __45__ the dinner. Like a perfect Chinese hostess, Mum and especially Granny, __46__ stuffing(填)them with food and urging them to eat and to drink, apologizing all the time that it's a homely meal.__47__, Mrs. Robinson said to Mum, “In the West any hostess would be proud of such a feast instead of apologizing for it, and we don't urge the guests to eat or drink. __48_ so many good things before me, I certainly don't need any urging. The __49__ is how to prevent myself overeating.” We all __ 50__ laughter at that.

36. A. sons 37. A. bringing 38. A. decoration 39. A. powerful 40. A. older 41. A. marriage 42. A. while 43. A. luckily 44. A. honestly 45. A. prepared 46. A. continued 47. A. However 48. A. For 49. A. danger 50. A. broke out 51. A. came 52. A. day 53. A. they 54. A. touched

B. babies B. taking B. direction B. hopeful B. younger B. age B. when B. happily B. gradually B. tasted B. stopped B. Besides B. With B. pain B. gave off B. hurried B. time B. it B. frightened

C. daughters C. fetching C. introduction C. speechless C. thinner C. belief C. but C. long C. excitedly C. enjoyed C. suggested C. Therefore C. Over C. question C. burst into C. got C. meal C. which C. disappointed

D. friends D. adding D. reception D. endless D. taller D. salary D. and D. short D. loudly D. swallowed D. kept D. Instead D. As D. problem D. set out D. rose D. gift D. that D. encouraged D. break

55. A. change B. improve C. damage 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 第一小节 (共 15 题,每题 2 分)

A Near the village, there is an old famous temple. Some people want to build new houses where the temple now stands, because they can find no other area to build them, while others disagree with them. They meet to decide how to solve the problem. Here are their opinions about it. The expert wants to protect the temple and believes that there are some interesting things buried in the ground. If it is destroyed or moved, people may never learn about how people lived in the past. The businessman thinks that the houses should be built. History is important, but we must think about the future. The village needs development and building new houses will offer jobs to hundreds of people. Villager A says, “We should build the new houses because we need houses to live in.” Villager B says, “We should protect the temple because it can attract many tourists to come for a visit. If the temple is destroyed or moved, we will lose a lot of business.” The village leader thinks that he has a duty to make life better for the villagers. They need jobs and new houses. He also thinks the cultural site (遗迹) is important and they should be careful with it as well. 56. The expert doesn’t want to _______ the old famous temple. A. rebuild B. protect C. pull down D. fall down 57. The businessman thinks building houses there can _______. A. help the village develop B. attract many tourists to come for a visit C. help people learn about how people lived in the past D. help people learn about the interesting things buried in the ground 58. _______ agree that they should build new houses there. A. The expert and the village leader B. The businessman and Villager A C. Villager A and Villager B D. Villager B and the businessman 59. The village leader thinks _______. A. they should destroy the temple B. they needn’t build new houses C. They should build the temple to make life better D. they should not only build new houses but also be careful with the temple B Reading to dogs is an unusual way to help children improve their literacy skills (读写能力), With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence( 自信心), according to Intermountain Therapv Animals (ITA) in Salt Lake City. The group says it is the first program in the country to use dogs to help develop literacy in children, with the introduction of Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ). The Salt Lake City Public Library is sold on the idea “Literacy specialists admit that children who read below the level of their fellow pupils are often afraid of reading aloud in a group, often have lower self-respect, and regard-reading as a headache.” said Lisa Myton, manager of the children’s department. Last November the two groups started “Dog Day Afternoon” in the children’s department of the main library. About 25 children attended each of the four Saturday-afternoon classes, reading for half an hour. Those who attended three of the four classes received a “pawgraphed” book at the last class. The program was so successful that the library plans to repeat it in April. According to Dana Thumpowsky, public relations manager. 60. What is mainly discussed in the text? A. Children’s reading difficulties. C. Service in a public library. B. Advantages of raising dogs. D. A special reading program.

61. Specialists use dogs to listen to children reading because they think ________. A. dogs are young children’s best friends B. children can play with dogs while reading C. dogs can provide encouragement for shy children D. children and dogs understand each other 62. By saying “The Salt Lake City Public Library is sold on the idea,” the writer means the library____________. A. uses dogs to attract children C. has opened a children’s department 63. A “pawgraphed” book is most probably _________. A. a book used in Saturday classes C. a prize for the children D. a gift from parents C “A very naughty six-year old child kicked my legs and clawed at my hand.” said one teacher. “I broke up a fight but was kicked ,” said another. Many people have heard stories like this. But the situation is more worrying still and it involves parents. Every child, regardless of the surroundings into which they are born, has the right to achieve their potential. And we recognize that, as a nation, it is a long way to achieve this goal. But rights come with responsibilities and what worries people is that we are in danger of ignoring the latter. Far too many children are behaving badly at school,even to the point of being violent to teachers. This is terrible enough, but it is hard to be surprised since many children are just mirroring the behavior of their parents. Too many are starting school unable to hold a knife and fork, unused to eating at a table,and unable to use the toilet properly. We are in danger of becoming a nation of families living separate lives under one roof. The bedroom, once a place to sleep, has become the living space for the young. Spending hours in front of computer screens, on social networking sites or being addicted to computer games, children and young people spend little time with their parents. Parents are unable to monitor just what their children are watching. Schools cannot right the wrongs of society and teachers cannot become substitute ( 代替)parents. Both parties need to work together. Parents must be helped and given confidence to take back control. They are responsible for setting limits to their children’s behavior and sticking to those limits when things get tough(困难). They are responsible for setting a good example to their children and for devoting that most precious of resources---time---so that children come to school ready and willing to learn. 64. In the opinion of the writer, what problem do people ignore? A. The school violence. B. The pressure of students’ learning. C. The right to achieve students’ potential. D. the responsibilities of the students. 65. The writer’s attitude to the behaviors of parents may be ________. A. dissatisfied B. unconcerned C. understanding D. tolerant 66. The underlined part in Para 4 may means__________. A. parents and children live in their separate rooms B. parents care little about children’s life at home C. children don’t live with their parents in the same room D. children spent little time with their parents at home 67. From the last paragraph, we can infer that______. A. schools can’t correct the wrongs that society does to teachers B. teachers have no responsibility for playing the role of parents C. parents should spend time with children making them ready to learn D. students are responsible for making themselves known in society B. a book written by the children B. accepts the idea put forward by ITA D. has decided to train some dogs

D Do you want to go out of town for a bit of rest and relaxation? Before you start packing, visit these best travel sites for vacationers. In my opinion, they help people deal with common problems that pop up during a trip. Oyster.com Based on the advertised photos, the hotel you are considering appears to be clean and modern. Take a second look through the eyes of Oyster.com. Their representatives inspect resort areas and post the real images uncovering marketing lies. You see ACTUAL pictures of the rooms, attractions and beautiful beaches. Skyscanner.net Are you planning to travel on a budget? Discover the best deals for flights, hotels and car rentals at Skyscanner.net. They offer reasonable and comprehensive travel comparison. The best part is that their services are free. You don’t have to sign up, provide personal information or go through a social network. Virtualtourist.com Chat with someone other than a travel agent about a location. At Virtualtourist.com, fellow travelers and locals talk about their experiences in specific areas. This site is set up like a forum(论坛), so you can ask questions and get answers in the comfort of your own home. Find out where to eat, play and get pleasure in a place without getting food poison or robbed by criminals. Travel.state.gov Unfortunately, Americans get into trouble abroad sometimes. Prepare for possible emergencies by visiting Travel.state.gov. There, the Bureau of Consular Affairs offers advice on how to handle the bad things that happen to good people in other countries. You learn what to do in the case of child abduction(绑架), a lost passport and illness. In addition, these officials post travel warnings regarding dangerous regions and why foreigners should avoid them. Are you ready to do your homework? Prepare for your departure by checking out these best travel sites for vacationers. Learn what you need to know now before walking out of the door. 68. What is the characteristic of Oyster.com? A. It offers you a lot of travel information. B. It tells tourists where the cheap hotels are. C. The photos on the site are really reliable. D. The representatives of Oyster.com are enthusiastic. 69. What is the biggest benefit of your visiting Skyscanner.net? A. You can accept their services for free. B. You can book the most modern hotels. C. You can make many friends through the social network. D. You can find the cheapest tour description and direction. 70. We can learn from this passage that _____. A. Virtualtourist.com gives you a chance to chat with a travel agent B. you’ll get answers to your travel questions at Virtualtourist.com C. the Bureau of Consular Affairs is in charge of Travel.state.gov D. if you lose your passport you’ll get help from Virtualtourist.com 第二节 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 l0 分) How can I fight laziness? Lazy people will never amount to anything in life. However, laziness can be defeated once a few changes have been made in your mind. ___71____ . Many people lack sleep constantly, since they stay up too late and get up too early to prepare for work. These people have little motivation once they arrive home. Laziness works hand in hand with a lack of motivation and a tendency to put off things. By adjusting your sleep schedule to provide a few more hours of meaningful rest, you can fight laziness throughout the day.

Another way to fight laziness is to change your mind from passive to active. Some people treat their lives as if they were pushed from task to task . Others take a more proactive approach, viewing each task as a challenge they must overcome alone. ___72____ Some people fight laziness by removing the temptations(诱惑) that surround them. A television in the living room may provide entertainment, but watching too much TV often contributes to laziness. Create a reward system for yourself, just as parents do for a child to promote responsibility. ___73____ ___74____ Spouses(配偶) and children may all have different energy levels, but laziness can be spread if not dealt with immediately. To fight household laziness, lead by example. Be the first to collect and wash dishes after a meal. Others in the home may eventually follow your example and perform their own task. It is difficult to practice laziness when your are surrounded by motivated people. ____75___ enough exercise and a balanced diet can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle, thus enabling you to have more energy and help lift your spirits . A. Knowing how to fight laziness is important. B. One way to fight laziness is to get enough sleep. C. Laziness can also be a lasting problem at home. D. Complete a few tasks and reward yourself with what you enjoy , such as a good dinner or a film . E. Finally, taking exercise regularly can help you fight laziness. F. With strong determination, you will be able to achieve your goal. G. Laziness sets in when you no longer feel in charge of your own life.



In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. Many students are trying his best to go abroad. There are many advantages in attending schools in abroad. First, students study abroad can make friend with people of different cultures. Second, they can learn many more advanced knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries. Third, they can learn foreign language more quickly. But mostly of the students are so young to live by themselves without any living experience. However, be far away from their motherland, they may feel lonely and homesick.


七选五:BGDCE 改错: 1. his → their。 2. 去掉 abroad 前面 in。 3. study 前加 who 或改为 studying。 4. friend → friends。 5. many → much。 6. language → languages。7. mostly → most。8.so → too。9.However → Besides。10.be → being


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