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Cultural relics
2016/5/4 cultural relics 1

Unit 1

Do you know what a cultural relic is?
A cultural relic is something that can represent cultures, which has s

urvived for a long time to tell the history, and it is very rare and valuable. Cultural relics can be craftworks, buildings, books, paintings music, and so on.

Taj Mahal
tomb ? India ? 1631~1653 ? romance
2016/5/4 cultural relics 3

ivory dragon boat


The Dragon Boat Festival
2016/5/4 cultural relics 4

Mogao Caves
( 千莫 佛高 洞窟 )


cultural relics


What is amber?

Can you imagine a house made of amber ?

In Search of

the Amber Room

In Search of the Amber Room
When you see this title, what do you want to know? What is the Amber Room? ? Why was it called the Amber Room? ? What was it made for? ? What happened to it? ? Why to search for it?

Read the passage quickly and find out characters , years ,and places in the passage. ( clues 线索)(3 m.)







2.Frederick WilliamⅠ
Given as a gift

3.Peter the Great

Now let’s answer three of them
1.Why was it called the Amber Room? Because almost seven thousand tons of amber were used to make it. 2.What was it made for? It was made for the palace of Frederick I. 3.Why to search for it? Because it was one of the great wonders of the world and now it is missing.

Read the following sentences and discuss to number them.
2 Fredrick William Ⅰ gave the Amber Room to Peter the ____ Great as a gift. 3 ____The Czar gave Fredrick William Ⅰ55 best soldiers. 1 ____The Amber Room was made for Fredrick Ⅰ. 6 ____The Russians removed art objects from the Amber Room. 5 ____More details were added to the room’s design. 7 ____The Amber Room was taken apart(拆除)and moved away. 8 ____A New Amber Room was built. 4 ____Catherine Ⅱmoved the Amber Room to the palace outside St Petersburg.

Task 2: Careful reading—Detailed
1. The king of Prussia who gave the B Amber Room as a gift to Russia was___. A. Frederick I B. Frederick William I C. Peter the Great D. Catherine II

2. The king of Prussia gave the Amber

Room to Russia because_____. D
A. he wanted to marry Catherine II. B. he was kind. C. he needed better soldiers D. he wanted to make friends

3. The Amber Room was stolen by___. B A. Russian soldiers B. German soldiers C. People in Konigsberg D. People in St Petersburg 4. In 1941, the city of Konigsberg was in ___. A A. Germany B. Russia C. Sweden D. France

5. The Russians didn’t hide the Amber Room because ______. C A. they were at war B. the couldn’t find a place

C. the German soldiers arrived too soon
D. no train could take it away

Listen to the tape and follow it to read the text.

Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuan Ming

Yuan in Beijing? Give your reasons.

1. in search of 寻找 2. could never have done 3. such an amazing history 4. be used to do sth. 被用来做某事 be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事 5. decorate… with… 用 …… 装饰 …… be decorated with…被用 …… 装饰 6. took the country’s best artists about ten years to make… 做….花了全国最优秀的艺术家十 年的时间做 take sb some time to do sth 做某事花某人多长 时间 7. be designed for为…而设计 8. belong to 属于

9. in return 作为报答 10. become part of成为…的一部分 11. serve as 充当,用作 12. had the Amber Room moved 派人把琥珀屋搬走 have sth done使某事被做 / 派人做某事 13. add…to…添加…到… 14. great wonders of the world 世界上的伟大奇迹 15. This was a time when …..曾经有段时间….. 16. be at war 处于交战状态 17. less than 少于 18. There is no doubt that 毫无疑问….. 19. remain a mystery 仍然是个迷 20. in return 作为报答

用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. I won’t waste any more of your __________ (value) time. 2. It’s normal to experience __________ (culture) shock when you go abroad for the first time. 3. He is the only __________ (survive) of the accident. 4. That shop has a fine __________ (select) of cakes. 5. Our __________ (wood) sofa seems not very comfortable.

用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 6. It was __________ (amaze) that he knew nothing about the event. 7. Two leaders __________ (secret) flew to that country to solve the problem. 8. It is __________ (doubt) whether he can carry on his tasks as president for the next five years. 9. The __________ (sail) are asked to take their positions by their captain. 10. Yesterday they were invited to a __________ (form) party.

根据汉语提示或已给出的首字母,填入一个适当的单词。 1. Do you know how many d__________ there are in China’s history? 2. This book will be of great v__________ to him in his study. 3. A lot of small companies have to fight for s__________. 4. The glove were d __________ (设计) for extremely cold climates. 5. R__________ (接收) of TV programs is unsatisfactory here. 6. There is no d__________ that we will be successful. 7. We haven’t told our friends about our r__________ to London. 8. The horse was frightened by the sound of the e________.

词组填空 1.After a further discussion, both sides ____________ the date for the next meeting. 2.He __________________ have stolen the money. 3.The police ________________ all the records of the man. 4. They hope their country will be at peace; they don’t want to be _______ with any other country in the world. 5. You and I ____________ different classes. 6. He went out ____________ some food

句子翻译 择恰当的短语翻译下列句子。 7.老板不看重他。 He was not _______________________________ 8.不到十分种的时间他就完成了作业。 He finished his homework ___________________ 9.毫无疑问他会来帮你的。 _________________________________________ _ 10.我送给他一份礼物以回报他对我的帮助。 I sent him a present ________________________


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