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高三英语复习:冠词 知识点总结

冠词 不定冠词的用法
1)泛指人,事或物的类别,相当于 any, A steel worker makes steel. 2)泛指某人或某物。 A boy is waiting for you. 3)表示 one 或者 every, I have a mouth, a nose and two eyes. 4)用于某些固定词组中。 a few, a little, a

lot of, a bit of, a couple of a second language a peaceful world a burning sun make a fire have a population of have a height of Do sb a favor a cold rain get a fever in a hurry catch a cold a world of silence have a good time have a wonderful journey in a low voice in such a short time make a note of make a mistake take a holiday an experience a collection of with a will find sb a bed in a word have a word with sb a waste of 5)用在 quite, rather , many , such 等词之后。 He is rather a fool. This is a rather warm room. This is rather a warm room. 6)用在 so/too+形容词之后。 It’s too difficult a book for us. 7) 抽象名词,物质名词具体化 a success a must It’s a fact that a necessary a shock a surprise a pleasure We study 8 hours a day. twice a week

at a time have an area of be in bed with a fever an hour and a half twice a week make a face without saying a word go for a walk

It’s an honour that

8) a most important book 9) 独一无二的名词前有修饰语 A full moon a burning sun a peaceful world

10) 季节, 星期, 三餐前有修饰语 a wonderful lunch 11) a second a third 12) a Mr. Li wants to meet you.

a cold winter a rainy Sunday

1)表示特定的或上文已提到过的人或物。 I am very interested in the film. 2)表示世界上独一无二的东西。 the earth, the moon, the sun, the world, 3)用在序数词。形容词最高级及对两人或物进行 比较时起特定作用的比较级前。 The second story, the largest room He is the taller of the two children in his family. 4)用在由普通名词构成的国家,党派等专有名词前以及江,河,湖,海,山川,群岛的名词前。 the United States , the Communist party of China, the Changjiang River, the Great Lake, the Rocky Mountains 5)用在形容词前表示一类人。 the poor (rich, old, young, sick, dead, new , blind ,wound) 6) 特指某人或某物。 Give me the book. Who is the girl you just said hello to? 7)在姓氏复数形式前,表示全家人,或这一 姓氏的夫妇俩。 The Turners are sitting at the breakfast table. 8)用在单数可数名词前,表示一类人或事物。 The horse is a useful animal. The brain is the center of thought. 9)演奏乐器的名称前通常用定冠词。 Do you like to play the piano or the violin? 10)指世纪或世纪的某个年代前。 In the 1870’s, when Marx was already in his fifties….. 11)在表示发明物的单数名词前加冠词。 The compass was invented in China four thousand year ago. 12)在有些关于国家和民族的形容词前加上定冠词,也可以泛指这个国家和民族的全体人员。 (这些形容词 是以-sh, -ch, -ese 结尾的) 。 the Irish, the Welsh, the English, the French, the Chinese 13) 打?? 某人的?. 部位

Pat sb by the shoulder 14) 农历的节日 The Spring Festival the Mid-Autumn Day The Lantern Festival 15) 越来越?.. The more, the better. 16) 语言后面有 language The English language the Chinese language 17)固定搭配 late into the night deep into the night listen to the radio in the forties in one’s fifties in the 1990s the Atlantic Ocean the rich on the road on the phone in the China today the beauty of nature be wounded in the leg in the dark in the night in the sun on the other side on the contrary at the moment at the end of at the foot of at the top of at the age of on the air in the end by the end of in the sky at the same time on the left join the army make the bed break the law form the habit of in the habit of

1)专有名词,不可数名词,人名,地名等名词前,一般不加冠词。 China, America, Smith, Beijing Railway Station 但是,当一个不可数名词被限定时,它前面要用定冠词。 还有 ,抽象变具体时,一般前面加不定冠词。 The milk in the bottle has gone bad. Physics is a science. It’s a pleasure to go with you. This is a surprise to me. 2) 可数名词前有物主代词,指示代词,不定代词,名词所有格等限制时,不加冠词。 This book is mine. 3)季节,月份, 星期,节日,一日三餐名称前一般不加冠词。 March, May Day, Sunday, National Day, Children’s Day Have you had supper? Spring is the best season of the year. 如果月份等被一个限定性定语修饰,就要加冠词。 He joined the Army in the spring of 1992. 4)称呼语及表示头衔职务的名词作宾语,补语,及同位语时,一般不加冠词。 Premier Zhou , Professor Liu What’s this, Mother. Lincoln was made President of the United Sates again. The president interviewed people. 5)学科名称,球类,棋类名词前不加冠词。 Do you study mathematics? 6)表示泛指的复数名词前不用冠词。 They are workers. 7)在与 by 连用的交通工具名称前不加冠词。 by car,by bus , by air , by road 但 take a bus, come in a boat,on the train/bus 8)表示语言的名词前一般不用冠词。

Chinese 中文,English 英文,French 法文,但是在 the Chinese language, the English language 等中要用定冠词。 9)在 turn(做“变成”解)后跟单数名词,名词前不加冠词。 He was a medical student before he turned writer. 10)在一个 以“普通名词(或形容词最高级)+as” 开始的让步状语从语中,前面不用定冠词。 Shortest though/as he is m he runs fastest in our class. Disable woman as she is , Clever as she is 11)在若干独立结构中不用冠词。 He entered the forest, gun in hand.(with a gun in his hand ) 12)某些固定词组前不用冠词。 husband and wife, young and old, hand in hand, sun and moon, bread and butter, in class, in university, to church, to prison, by mistake every few minutes on business on holiday take pleasure in doing go to school go to town go to college at night Beijing University in surprise in height leave school leave college in time of danger in snow have accidents in short supply later in life in case of fire in use in international trade in trouble in danger at present in fact keep in mind by chance by heart face to face day by day from morning to evening little by little arm in arm 13) word “消息” Word came that the Chinese women football team won the match.




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