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高中英语 unit3 science versus nature-word power课件 牛津译林版必修5

Unit3 Science versus nature

Word power

Prefixes and suffixes
Organs of the body

appear, novel, regular, respect We are going to have some questions. Pl

ease use these words to help you, but you need to add some letters to the words first. 1)You cannot find your new pen. What happened to your pen? It disappeared 2) Many people respect Mr. Li and think he is a good man. He helps people out and is a good citizen and friend. So can you find a word to describe Mr. Li? Respectable 3) Miss Wang has published several books. She loves her job writing novels. So what is Miss Wang’s occupation(职业)? She is a novelist 4) You cannot find the order of the numbers in a group of members. So can you find a word to describe the order of the numbers? irregular

Prefixes and suffixes

in depend ence

Prefix: a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning. Suffix: a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to make a different word.

prefix(前缀) root (词根) suffix(后缀)


Attention !
Usually a prefix will change the meaning of word, while a suffix will change the part of speech of a word.

Sometimes you can guess what a word means by looking at its prefix or suffix. Look at the examples and work out the meanings. Prefix Meaning Example anti- anti-cloning, anticancer against, opposed to dis-


disappear, disagree unfair, unwilling incorrect, incomparable illegal, illogical immoral, immodest irresponsible, irregular

not, apposed of


not, without early, before


preview, preserve

in favour of, supporting


recreate, repeat, renew

again Meaning

Some other commonly used prefixes Example Prefix dedecompose, declassify
malnontelemissubmaltreatment, malnutrition non-smoker, non-alcoholic, non-profit

apart, from
badly, ill not

inter- international, interaction, interrupt

between across
wrong under too much

telescope, telegram, telecommunication far off

trans- transport, translate, transnational
misunderstand, mislead, misdeed subtitle, subway, submarine

over- overeat, overwork, overact


triangle, tricycle, tricolor

three self

auto- autobiography, autoalarm, automobile

Suffix -able -ful -ist -less

comfortable, noticeable cheerful, thoughtful scientist, novelist hopeless, aimless

worthy of, able to be

full of, characterized by
someone who does something without

-ment agreement, treatment
dryness, madness

indicate a state or condition indicate a quality, state or character

Some other commonly used suffixes
of or concerning action or -ion invitation, competition, protection condition of… hardship, scholarship, -ship relationship state of being, skill


cultural, national, original

-dom freedom, kingdom,

condition or state of…


childish, selfish

of the nature of…

-proof waterproof, fireproof, soundproof protect against widen, sharpen, shorten make or become

-ward eastward, homeward, backward in the direction of -like womanlike, childlike
similar to

Do you think we should protect nature? Complete what an environmentalist is saying below. Use the words from the box.
disrespect, hopeless, illegal, uncertain, understandable

I think cutting down trees should be made(1)_______ illegal and tighter laws should be introduced. So many people are disrespect for nature; they don’t seem to showing their(2)________ care that they are destroying the environment. Sometimes hopeless battle against people I think we are fighting a(3)________ who just won’t listen. I know scientists have worked hard uncertain to achieve scientific breakthrough but it’s(4)___________ understandable whether they’ll succeed totally.Although it’s(5)__________ that they want to advance technology, I think some things are best left the way they are.

Organs of the body
lungs heart liver stomach kidneys

liver heart



stomac h

Key to Exercise B
(1) Brain (3) liver (2) heart (4) lungs

(5) stomach

(6) kidneys

1.Complete Part C on page 47 in pairs or groups.
2.Read the article in Part A on page 113 and do Par B on the same page.

Word power

1.Work out the meaning 1) 计算出,制定出,结果为 我们准备制订一个新计划. We are going to work out a new plan. work out 谁能解答出这道物理题? Who can work out this physical problem? 2) : exercise 锻炼,运动

work on 从事某项工作,继续工作
work at 学习,研究,致力于; 在...下功夫

他正在撰写一本新词典. He is working on a new dictionary. 我正在努力学习. I’m working at my study.

2.opposed to opposed adj. 反对的,对抗的,对立的 opposed to 反对…; 与…相对立 我们坚决反对在国与国之间实行强权政治. We are firmly opposed to the practice of power politics between nations. 真理是谬误之对. Truth is opposed to falsehood. opposed to = in opposition to

3. opposite of… opposite n.对立面,对立物 What’s the opposite of tall? 1) adj. 对面的,相对的 on the opposite side of the street 2) adj. 相反的,对立的 go in the opposite direction opposite 朝相反的方向去 3) prep. 在…的对面 live opposite the post office 住在邮局对面 4) adv.在对面 He stood opposite.

4. in favor of 1) 赞同…,支持… :agree with, support be in favor of sb’s suggestion 2) 有利于… in favor of The score was 2 to 1 in favor of the guest team. 比分为二比一,客队获胜. 1) n. 好感,欢心 win sb’s favor 赢得某人的欢心 2) n. 恩惠 favor do sb. a favor= do a favor for sb. 帮某人一个忙 May I ask a favor of you? 请您帮个忙行吗? favorable adj. 赞成的,有利的 He is favorable to our plan. 他赞成我们的计划 a favorable situation 有利的形势

5. worthy of

doing sth. be worth sth.

*be worth后可跟表示价值的名词,而be worthy后不可
以 The city is worth visiting. The city is worth a visit. The city is worthy of being visited. The city is worthy to be visited. The city is worthy of a visit. The book is worth five yuan. The book is worthy of five yuan. X

of being done be worthy to be done of sth.

6. characterize characterize vt.表示…的特性,成为…的特性 be characterized as a man of principle. 被描绘成一个有原则的人 characteristic n.特性,特征 the characteristics of the present situation 目前形势的特点 7. care 1) vt. 介意 I don’t care how far I’ll have to go. 无论走多远,我都不在乎. 2) vi. 关心,担心,计较 (for/about) care care for sb’s safety 为某人的安全担心 He doesn’t care about his clothes. 他不讲究衣着 I don’t much care about going. 我不太想去.

3) vi. 喜欢,愿意 (~for/ ~ to do) Would you care for a game of table-tennis? I don’t care to go there. 我不愿到那儿去.

8. achieve achieve vt.赢得,取得,实现 We have achieved success in developing the product. 1) [c]n. 业绩,成就,成绩 Winning three gold medals is a remarkable achievement. achievement 2) [u]n. 完成,达到,成功 celebrate the achievement of one’s goals. achievable adj.能达到的

9. They want to advance technology. 1) 推进,促进 advance the movement to a new stage 把运动推到一个新阶段 advance the growth of wheat 促进小麦生长 2) :put forward 提出(建议等) advance He advanced his point of view in the meeting. 3) 提前 The date of the meeting has been advanced from Friday to Wednesday. advanced adj. 高级的,先进的

10. be made up of be made up of 由…组成 be made of 由…制成 (看得出原材料) be made from 由…制成 (看不出原材料) be made into 被制成… be made in 在…制造

make 短语 make yourself at home 请不要客气 make the best of: make full use of make up for 弥补,补偿 make fun of 取笑

11. The body can run well. 1) vi. (机器等)运转;(工作等)进行 The engine runs well. run 2) vt. 开办,经营 run a night school/ a factory 开办夜校/工厂 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) run run run run run across 偶遇 after 追求,跟踪 away with 携(某物)潜逃 into 撞到…,陷入… out of 用完

12. be similar to be similar to 与…相似 A is similar to B in man ways. similarity n. 类似点,类似物 Are there any similarities between the two? 13. newly newly-built 新建的 newly-married 新婚的 newly-born 新生的 newly-published 新出版的

14. think of…as… think of…like…


think of oneself as/like a common solider 把自己看成普通战士 相关结构: think twice 重新考虑 think much of… 认为…很不错 think little of 认为…没什么了不起 think aloud 自言自语 think over

15. major 1) 主要的,重要的,一流的 major industries a major problem a major painter 2) (数量,程度,价值)较大的 不与than连用 a major earthquake a major operation major 3) 主修的
Physic was his major subject in the university.

4) n. 主修科目,主修学生 He is an English major. 5. v. 主修 (in) He majors in physics.

16. robbery robbery n. 抢劫,盗取 robber n. 强盗,盗贼 rob vt. 抢劫,盗取
rob sb. of sth. 抢/剥夺某人某物 steal sth. from sb. 偷某人的东西


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