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牛津高中英语模块5 Unit3

We have learned more about protecting our environment. Will you still do this like the person?


Now we ‘ll talk about another topic in this unit.

From the second picture, you may

think of the world famous cloned sheep--- Dolly.

Do you know sth. about cloning?

What do you know about them?

“Cloning” is a new technology which produces an exact copy of an animal or a plant from its own cells. Dolly was the first cloned mammal created by a Scottish scientist and his group in 1996.She was exactly the same as mother, in appearance and in genes.


What do you think of the new kind of technology? Does it have advantages or disadvantages?

The new kind of technology has caused widespread discussion. It can help cure many diseases, save lots of people’s lives and even prevent some endangered animals from dying out.. However, on the other hand, if it is used to clone human beings, that is against the laws of nature.

Look at the following pictures and study them. Can you tell what is the main feature of cloning?

can you identify the differences between the cloned animals and normal ones?

Dolly is together with her mother.

The mule in the picture is the world’s first cloned mule. It was born on 4 May 2003. His name is Idaho Gem.

The kitten in the picture is called Cc. Its name is from “Copycat”. It was born in December 2002.

These female pigs are also cloned. They are born on Christmas Day 2001. They are Noel, Angel, Star, Joy and Mary.

The pair of calves were born on 5 July 1998 in Ishikawa, Japan. They were two years younger than Dolly, being second adult animal clones in the world.

The name of the cloned monkey is ANDi. It is from “ inserted DNA” spelt backwards. It is the first genetically modified monkey. The technology is different from that used for Dolly.

The cloned animals or plants are exactly the same as the original ones.

can you identify the differences between the cloned animals and normal ones?

In your opinion, can the mule in Picture 2 run as fast as his brother?

Do you think it would be a good idea to clone humans some day? Why or why not?

If possible, do you want another person to be exactly the same as you?

1. develop: verb 1) to (cause something to) grow or change into a more advanced, larger or stronger form 发育,发展

Several industries are developing in this area.

Several industries are developing in this area.

Some children develop more slowly than others.

2) to invent something or bring something into existence 详述, 规划出

We must develop a new policy/strategy to deal with the problem.

3) to build houses, factories, shops, etc. on a piece of land:开发,利用
他们正打算把这整个的地区开发为一个购物大楼. They're planning to develop the whole site into a shopping complex.

4) to make photographs from a film:显影;冲洗

I haven't had my holiday photos developed yet.

n. development adj. developed发达的/developing发展中的

2. so…that…如此…以致于…引导结果状语从句
他起得如此早以致于赶上了早班车. He got up so early that he caught the early bus.

注意和其他几个短语的区别: so that: (1)以便,引导目的状语从句; (2)以致于,引导结果状语从句
他起得非常早以便他可以赶上早班车。 He got up very early so that he could catch the early bus.


He got up very early so that he caught the early bus.

so as to…以便,表示目的;相当于in order to… 但不能置于句首;可以和so that…句型相互转化, 但从句的主语必须和主句的主语一致;其否定形 式为:so as not to… For example:

He got up very early so that he could catch the early bus. = He got up very early so as/in order to catch the early bus. Several books have been bought so as to follow his teacher. (误)

Several books have been bought so that he can follow his teacher. (正) He has bought several books so that he can follow his teacher. =He has bought several books so as to follow his teacher.

so…as to…如此…以致于,表示结果; 在so…that…句型中,从句的主语和主 句的主语一致的情况下,可以和so…as to… 相互转化。
He got up so early that he caught the early bus. =He got up so early as to catch the early bus.

1.(2005北京)I’d like to arrive 20 minutes early ____ I can have time for a cup of tea. A. as soon as B. as a result C. in case D. so that 2. (2003安徽) Sally worked late in the evening to finish her report ___ her boss could finish it first thing next mornibg. A. so that B. because C. before D. or else 3.(2002全国)John shut everybody out of the kitchen _____ he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if

3. beyond: prep. / adv. (1) further away in the distance (than something) 在(到)...较远的一边

What lies beyond the mountains?

Men can travel to the moon and beyond.

(2) be later than 晚于;超过
Don't stay there beyond midnight.

(3) outside or after (a stated limit):为…所不能及; 多于;超出
我看不懂这篇文章。 Understanding this article is beyond my capacity. 这件工作非我力所能及。 This work is beyond my grasp.

The fruit is beyond my reach.

beyond comparison 无可比拟的

beyond one’s imagination 超出某人的想象
beyond one’s power 某人力所不及 beyond one’s praise 难以赞扬

beyond one’s description 难以形容无法描述
beyond one’s reach 某人够不着

beyond one’s grasp/ capacity力所不及,难以理解

1. (2004上海) I’m sorry it’s _______ my power to make a final decision on the project.
A. over B. above C. off D. beyond 2.(2005武汉) ---What do you think of Lu Shan Mountain? ---The scenery is beautiful ___description. A. for B. with C. over D. beyond


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