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第七单元练习 1 英译汉 1.call a travel agency__________ 2. book the hotel__________ 3 . make a shopping list______________ 4. get to know the city__________ 5. book flights ___________________ 6.climb a mountain_________ 7. lie on the beach_____________ 8 stay in a tent___________________ 9. visit museum_____________ 10 stay in ahotel________________ 11. take photos__________________ 12. go window shopping__________ 13 enjoy a show________________ 14. comfortable shoes_______________ 15. talk about ______________ 16. bathing suit________________ 17 .enjoy the singing of birds and the beautiful views____________________ 18. millions of______________ 19. all over the word_____________ 20 .breath thefresh air_______________ 21. have a great time_____________ 22.the top of_____________ 23. Plane ticket_______________ 2. 汉译英 1.一起旅游怎么样? 2. 我们去哪里? 3. 参观大城市怎么样? 4.让我们去乡村。 5.那是个好主意! 6.我们需要带什么呢? 7.我们呆在哪儿呢? 8.让我们呆在帐篷。 9 。有下星期二飞往悉尼的航班吗? 10.有往返票吗? 11.打扰一下。这个座位有人吗? 12.你能帮我照看一下我的包吗? 13.我从哪里兑换货币呢? 14.抱歉。但是你不可以在这里拍照。 15 我们为你准备了一个两日游计划。

16.既然你来了悉尼,那这个活动就是必须的。 17.如果你想了解更多信息,请登陆我们的网址 三.单选题 ( )1.The boy plays _____ football well and he can play _______ piano, too. A. the, the B. a, a C./,/ D./,the ( )2.The weather in Beijing is much colder than______in Nanjing in winter. A. it B. that C. this D. / ( )3.He gained his______ by printing ______of famous writers. A. wealth, work B. wealths, works C. wealths, work D. wealth, works ( )4.Kate has bought herself_______ skirt. A. a cotton blue expensive B. an expensive blue cotton C. a blue expensive cotton D. a cotton expensive blue ( )5._____ the end of this term, we’ll have learnt 5000 words. A. By B. At C. In D. On ( )6.About ____ of the workers employed in that factory are young people. A. third-fifths B. three fifths C. three fives D. three-fifth ( )7.The rain caused the river ______-. A. rise B. to rise C. raise D. to raise ( )8.-----Have you read a book called Waiting For Anya? ------Who ____it? A. writes B. has written C. wrote D. had written ( )9.I can’t understand _______ at a person in trouble. A. for you to laugh B. your laughing C you laughed D. why laughing ( )10.Many things_____impossible in the past are common today. A. considered B. to consider C. considering D. being considered ( )11.The number of people invited_____fifty, but a number of them ______absent for different reasons. A. were, was B. was, was C. was, were D. were, was ( )12.I don’t think ____ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work. A. that B. it was C. its D. it ( )13.The problem _____ we can collect so much money is difficult to solve. A. that B. which C. / D. how ( )14.He got himself into dangerous situation______ he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why ( )15.It was _____ he said _____ disappointed me.

A. what, what B. that, that, C. what, that D. that, what ( )16.His teacher asked Tom______ when he saw his parents the next morning. A. what he told B. what he would say C. what did he say D. what he was saying ( )17.______ the beautiful dress in the shop window, she could not afford to buy it. A. She liked very much B. As she liked much C. Much as she liked D. Liked as she ( )18.------waiter! --------_____? --------I can’t eat this. It is too salty. A. Yes, sir B. What C. All right D. Pardon ( )19.Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is not an easy task because technology____ so rapidly. A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change ( )20.Had you listened to the doctor, you_____ all right now. A. are B. were C. would be D. would have been
四.阅读理解 Mr Jenkins lives in a town. He works in a museum. There are a lot of old wonderful things in it. He likes his work and often goes to work on time. One day he left his office at twelve. He went to have lunch. As soon as he went out of the gate, he met an old friend of his. They didn't see each other for about five years. Of course, they were very happy. His friend asked him for lunch. He agreed, and they went into a restaurant. There they drank a lot. Then his friend said, "You've drunk too much. Let me help you to your office. ” “No,no,”said Mr Jenkins. “My office is only several minutes' walk. I can go there myself. ” When his friend left, it was difficult for him to stand. He was afraid to be late and stopped a taxi. When he got on,the driver asked,?Where are you going, sir?" “To the Park Street. ” "Oh. Sorry, sir,"the driver said in a hurry. "This is the Park Street. ” "OK!" Mr Jenkins said and got off. He took out some money and threw it to the driver. He shouted,"But don't drive so fast next time!" 1. Where does Mr Jenkins work? A. In a restaurant. B. In a museum. C. In a hospital. D. In a school. 2. Who did Mr Jenkins meet when he went out of the gate? A. His friend. B. A strange man. C. A policeman. D. A driver. 3. How long didn't they see each other? A. For about two years. B. For about three years. C. For about four years. D. For about five years. 4. Where is Mr Jenkins' office? A. It's far from the restaurant. B. It's in the Park Street. C. It's next to the park. D. It's across from the restaurant. 5. What did Mr Jenkins do when his friend left? A. He went home. B. He went to his friend's home. C. He took a taxi. D. He drank more wine.

[二] How hard is it to earn(赚)10 yuan? The students of Class 23 at the Yunnan University Secondary School can tell you. Recently they had a special “ learning life skills"activity. The 64 students in the class were divided into 16 teams. They did all kinds of jobs including selling drinks, fruit and cleaning shoes in the street. "If a team can't earn 10 yuan each person, they fail,” said Li Xueping,the head teacher. Zhang Ruoxin's team sold expensive black tea and tea cups. The girls tried to sell the things to many people but few bought them at first Luckily Zhang had a “ secret way”—a small booklet with advice on healthy tea drinking. People were interested in the idea and they began to sell more of their things. Dong Yanyu and other girls in her team, however, worked more with their hands than by talking. They cleaned motorcycles and bicycles. The girls worked well as a team. Some fetched water, others did the cleaning and the rest tried to find their new customers. They charged(要价)five yuan for a motorcycle and four yuan for a bicycle. In all hour they had earned 51 yuan. "I can't believe it,"said Dong. ”That's almost a week's pocket money!” At the end of the day, only four teams had failed the 10-yuan requirement. Li, the teacher, said she was happy to see the students had got a taste of life. They worked hard with each other. They also came up with ideas about how to sell their things and provide good services. "These are both important and useful life lessons,” she said. 1. The students of Class 23 were asked to in their special activity. A. make some money B. clean the street C. visit a university D. work hard 2. The students in the picture are . A. selling drinks B. cleaning shoes C. selling fruit D. cleaning bicycles 3. What helped Zhang Ruoxin's team sell more of their things? A. The quality of their tea. B. The tea cups. C. The girls' politeness. D. The advice on healthy tea drinking. 4. Why did the teacher feel happy at the end of the day? A. Because each team earned a lot of money. B. Because few of the teams met her requirement. C. Because the 16 students could do different kinds of jobs. D. Because most of the students did well in the life lessons. 5. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. There are only 4 students in each team. B. The girls in Dong Yanyu,s team charged more for cleaning a motorcycle than a bicycle. C. The students of Class 23 earned about 450 yuan that day. D. The teacher thought the life lessons were important to her students.

五,书面表达。(本题 25 分) 假如你是李华,你的网友 John 想在近期外出旅行,请你根据以下提示,用 英语给他写封电子邮件,向他介绍你对旅游的看法并提醒他旅行注意事项。 【写作内容】


1、旅游是一种非常好的活动:当你累了或有空的时候,到外地走走;欣赏 美景,呼吸 新鲜空气,交朋友,放松身心,有益健康。 2、旅行前的准备:了解天气,带好衣服、相机、常用药品等。 3、旅行时注意事项:饮食和安全。 【写作要求】 1、只能用 5 个句子表达全部内容; 2、开头和结尾已给出,不计入总句数。 【评分标准】句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 Dear John, I am glad to hear that you are going to travel. Now I’d like to share my view on traveling with you._____________________________________________________________ _________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________



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