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Unit8 lesson2 Extreme Sports辅导与练习(北师大版必修3)

Unit 8 Adventure Lesson 2
1. would like to do would love to do wouldn’t like to do 不愿意做某事

Extreme Sports 辅导与练习


Would you like to take bungee jumpin

g with me? Yes, I would like to. to 后面的全部省略,但 to 不能省。 2. hate +v-ing I hate troubling him. 我真不想去麻烦他 3. stand 忍受,经受 stand + v-ing

stand + n.

Can you stand the pain? 你能受得住这疼痛吗? I can not stand waiting any longer. 再等下去我可受不了啦 4. prefer … to 喜欢……胜过喜欢……

He prefer tea to coffee. 5. be into 对……着迷 对……上瘾

The boy is into surfing the Internet. 6. equipment 设备 不可数

They bought some equipment for their house. 7. don’t have to = needn’t do You don’t have to put on any special clothes. = You needn’t put on any special clothes.

I.单词拼写 1. Instead of simply trying to defeat the other team or set a new record, many e_______ sports are about beauty, harmony and trills.

2. The words “g_______” and “gym” come from the Greek language, for it was in Greece that Olympic competition started. 3. There is a s_______ between the sisters. 4. It is e_______ four o'clock, not one minute more nor one minute less. 5. He r______ his life to save the boy who fell into the water. 6. As the end of the game grew nearer, the crowd's e________ increased. 7. There are v_______ ways of getting to the station. 8. The cars f______ in a steady stream along the main road. 9. A good sleeping bag is an essential part of every camper’s e________. 10. All work and no play makes Jack a d_______ boy. II.短语归纳 1.蹦极运动 2. 冰下潜水 3. 空中冲浪滑翔(运动) 4. 动力雪橇滑降 5。为了

(某一目的) 6。 出现,到场 7。决定不履行(允诺的事)8。 使理解(某事) 9。参加,从事 10.喜欢 倒置地 15。最后一刻 III 单项选择 1. ______ let her brother continue his study, she had to leave school and do 11。急流漂流 12。安装 13。完成 14。颠倒地,

manual work in the town. A. So as to B. In order to C. In order that D. So that

2. She shut he window _______ she might keep the insects out. A. in order to B. so as to C. in order that D. in order

3. He risked _______ so as to get the important information from the enemy. A. arresting B. being arrested C. to be arrested D. to arrest

4. He was not equipped ______ enough ability for the job. A. with B. in C. on D. of

5. _____ the new _____of our library arrived? A. Have…equipments C. Has…equipments B. Has… equipment D. Have…equipment

6. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school _____ most of her day.

A. takes up

B. makes up

C. saves up

D. puts up

7. You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please ______ the books when you’ve finished with them. A. put on B. put down C. put back D. put off

8. –Will you come to join us in singing the song ? As soon as I get through _____ my homework, I’ll do it. B. at C. out D. with

A. in

9. The Congress _____ a special committee to look into the matter. A. set up B. set out C. set to D. set off

10. At the meeting he didn’t _______ well, so everyone was in a puzzle about his idea. A. get out B. get across C. get off D. get away

11. If you have promised to come, you will not _____. A. back up C. back down B. back out D. back away

12. The most important thing about cotton in history is _____ part that is played in ______ Industrial Revolution. A. ×; × B. the; × C. the; the D. a; the

13.-What’s that terrible noise? -The neighbors ______ for a party. A. have prepared C. prepare B. are preparing D. will prepare

14.The discussion ____ alive when an interesting topic was brought in. A. was coming B. had come C. has come D. came

15.-So you missed the meeting. _______. I got there five minutes before it finished. B. Not exactly C. Not especially D. Not really

A. Not at all

Answers I.单词拼写 1. extreme 2. gymnastics 3. similarity 4. exactly 5. risked 6. excitement 7. various 8. flowed II.短语归纳 1. bungee jumping 2. ice diving 3. sky surfing 4. snow rafting 5. in order to 6. turn up 7. back out 8. get across 9. take up 13. get through with 10. be into 14. upside down 9. equipment 10. dull

11. white-water rafting 12. set up 15. at the last minute III 单项选择

1. B 本题考察词组 in order to ,so as to 和连词 so that, in order that 的区别。 2. C 本题考察词组 in order to ,so as to 和连词 in order that 的区别 。 3. B 本题考察动词 risk 的用法,risk 后面常跟名词或动名词作宾语, 因 arrest 与主语为被动关系,所以要使用动名词的被动式。 4. A 本题考察动词 equip 的搭配。 5. B 本题考察名词 equipment 的用法,equipment 为不可数名词。如表示“一件/ 一套设备”可用 a piece / set of equipment. 6. A 本题考察由 up 组成的动词词组。在这里 take up 的意思为“占用”。make up: 组成 save up:储存 put up:举起;搭起 7. C 本题考察由动词 put 组成的词组的用法。put on:穿,上演 put down:放下, 记下 put off 推迟,延期 put back 放回原处 8. D 本题考察词组 get through with 。 9. A 本题考察由动词 set 组成的词组。set up 在句中的意思为“成立”。 set out: 出发,开始 set to:动手做 set off 出发,动身,爆发 10. B 本题考察由动词 get 组成的词组的用法。get out:出去,离去,出版 get off: 下车,送出 get away:离开,逃脱 get across 使人了解 11. B 本题考察由动词 back 组成的词组。 back up:支持, 援助 back out:不履行 (诺 言。责任等)back down: 退下 back away: 倒回,逐渐撤回 12. C 本题考察冠词。 一般情况下,一个名词若被定语从句修饰,这个名词为特

指, Industrial Revolution 为普通名词构成的专有名词,前面须加定冠词。 13. B 本题考察时态。 根据对话的前半部分, 我们可知道邻居正在准备一个聚会。 14. D 本题考察时态,句中 come 为系动词,意思为“变得”。when 引导的时间状 语告诉我们,事情发生在过去。系动词为状态行动词,一般不用进行时态。 这个句子的意思为“当一个有趣的话题被引出时候, 讨论变得活跃起来。” 15. B 本题考察交际用语。前半句是“你错过了开会。”,而答语中“我在会议结束 前五分钟到达会场”,可以看出答话者认为对方讲话不够确切,毕竟答话者参 加了会议,只不过迟到而已。


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