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江苏省 2013 高考英语二轮(完成句子+书面表达)专题训练(2)及答案

完成句子+短文写作(41) 第一节 完成句子 根据括号内的汉语提示, 用句末括号内的英语单词完成 句子。 1. — Sleep well last night ? — Far from that ! My next door neighbour __________________ (

放音乐) pretty loud. (play) 2. Clerks’ being physically examined for free twice a year _______________________ (要保证) in any company. (ensure)

3. If you want to do the experiment again, you’d better be more careful ______________________ (你犯过错误的地方) . (where) 4. My god! My patience ______________ (耗尽) and now I’d like to pull out of the project. (give) 5. __________________ (困在) in the collapsed coal mine for more than 70 hours, the workers surv ived by e ating newspapers. (trap) 6. The shop assistants are sure to be better paid this month since the sale is almost _______________________________ (上个月的两倍) . (double)

7. Occasionally she tried to argue with her husban d, __________________ (结果) crying her eyes out. (end) 8. He __________________ (一定完成了) his work; otherwise he wouldn’t be enjoying himself by the seaside. (c omplete)

9. Not until we watched the Earth Day program on TV ________________ (我们了解) much about global warming. (learn)

10. The boy dived into the water and after __ _______________________ (好像很长时间), he cam e up again. (what; seem)


四、简洁多样性 简洁性就是做到语言简洁,不重复。多样性就是能随情景内容的变化写出句式多样的 语句。新课程标准中写作的评价标准,强调了语言表达的能力:语言结构和词汇要丰富。因 此,在确保行文准确流畅的前提下,需要文字清新简洁,语句灵活多变,使文章的语言结构更 加丰富多彩。我们可以采用以下几种方式:

1.合理利用介词或名词代替动词,能有效降低句子的复杂性,在令句子通顺自然的同时, 也能减少语法错误。试体会下面黑体部分被括号内词语替代后的效果。

(1)The flat has an area of 25 square metres and there is a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. (with) (2)I was pleased to hear from you and am writing to tell you something that has taken place in our school. (abo ut)

(3)I have a surprise to give you. (for)

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2.使用短语结构来简化从句或合并短句。常见的结构有介词短语、名词短语、非谓语 动词、独立主格 结构、同位语等结构。

(1) The young man pointed to a policeman not far away and said,"He stopped us an hour ago and told us to catch the offender". 修改意见:Poin ting to a policeman not far away, the young man explained, "He stopped us an hour ago and told us to catch the offender. " the bike and I sat on the seat behind him. 修改意见:My brother was riding the bike with me sitting on the seat behin 3.通 (2) My brother was riding

过合句,将意义相关的几个句子,用一定的连接方式连接起来,或通过紧缩,去掉一些多余的 成分可以避免冗长累赘,松散无力,使句子凝炼,层次清晰。

(1) I was walking a long Park Road towards the east. At that time, an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street.

修改意见:I was walking along Park Road towards the east when an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street. ( Fangcao Street. It is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. 修改意见:The flat is in a building on Fangcao Street, which is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. (3) I can follow my own interests. I can read books, visit museums (2) The flat is in a building on

and take computer lessons. 修改意见:I can follow my own interests. Such as reading books, visiting museums and taking computer lesson 4.尝试改变句子的开头方式,不要一味地都是主语开头,接

着是谓语、宾语,最后再加一个状 语。要灵活运用诸如倒装句、强调句、主从复合句、分 词状语等,这样能增加文章的节奏和韵律美。

(1) We met at the school gate and went there together early in the morning. 修改意见:Early in the morning we met at the school gate and went there together. (2) We had to stand there to catch the offender. 修改意见:What we had to do was stand there to catch the offender. brave Ah Fu had saved my little sister. 修改意见:It was our brave Ah Fu who had saved my little sister. 五、思想性 (3)Our

新标准对写作的要求,增加了情感因素,在准确流畅表达写作要点的同时,适当增加句 子的感情色彩,增加一些人情味,使文章读起来更亲切,完全达到与读者进行交流的目的。 如:

(1) Do you think you'll like it? If not, I can try and find another flat for you 此充满浓厚的感情色彩) (表现了作者对朋友尽职尽责的心情,回信由

(2) As far as I know, everyone is happy about the ar rangement of things. 了作者对减负后喜悦的心情)


(3) I hope you can come to China to watch the Ol ympic Games in 2008. Then I'll be very happy to be your guide.




第二节:写作 假如你是李华,是育英中学的学生。五月十二日四川地震爆发后,你和你的同学度过了 几个不眠之夜。请写一篇 120 词左右的短文,介绍你们那几天的主要活动及感受,向 21 世纪 英文报投稿。要点如下: 1. 每晚观看新闻,关注灾区救援工作的进展; 2. 捐出全部零花钱,并在周末走上街头义卖报纸; 3. 向报纸及网络投稿寄托哀思; 4. 五月十九日下午全校师生为遇难者默哀三分钟。 提示: 灾区 the striken area 遇难者 victims 默哀 observe silence

Dear editor, ___________________________________________________________________________

Yours, Li Hua

参考答案******************* ***************** 1.was playing music 2.shall be ensured 3.where you made mistakes 4.has given out 5.Having been trapped
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6.double that of last mon th 7.ending up 8.must have completed 9.did we learn

[来源:学|科|网][来源:学科网 ZXXK]

10.what seemed a long time Dear editor, I’m Li Hua, a student of Yu Ying Middle School. My schoolmates and I had a few sleepless nights since the terrible earthquake happened in Sichuan Province.
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Shocked by the great loss and concerned about the rescue work in the striken area, we watched thro ugh our tears the news report every evening. Without hesitation, we donated all the pocket money we had and then on the weekend we took to the street to sell newapapers so as to collect more. Some schoolmates even couldn’t help writing to newspapers an d the Internet to express their grief. Later, on May 19, teachers and students in our school , together with people all over the country, observed three minutes’ silenc e to mourn over the victims. At the very moment I realized a truth : Brave, strong and united, we Chinese will never give in to any disaster and we are sure to rebuild our hometown and regain our happiness! Yours, Li Hua




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