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包科:潘文新 2012.9

Unit 2 of Module 10 Project-The wandering Roma 班级 Learning Aims: 1. Read the text to learn more about t

he importance of different cultural groups.. 2. Learn some language points in the text Important and difficult points: Master the meanings and usages of some words and phrases, such as take to, submit to… Learning procedures: Part One-Self-exploration I. Key phrases to remember 1. be associated with 与……相联系 3. refer to…as… 5. pay taxes 7. resist doing sth 9. predict one’s future 11. way of life 把……称作 缴税 抵制做某事 预测某人的未来 生活方式 2. over the centuries 6. stay settled 8. be known for 10. show respect for 几个世纪以来 定居 因…..出名 尊重…… 姓名 学号 时间 评价

4. English-speaking countries 讲英语的国家

12. collision of cultures 文化冲突 14. take action against sb 采取行动抵制某人 16. break up one’s family 分裂某人家庭 把……分类为…… 至多 20.at best

13. gain a reputation as…得到……名声 15. ban…from doing sth 禁止…做某事 19. in large numbers 21. feel sympathy for 大量地 对……感到同情

17. be forbidden from doing sth 被禁止做某事 18.classify…as…

22.have prejudice against…对……产生偏见

II. Fast reading 1. What is this article aimed to do?

To explain the history of the Romany and some of the reasons for their movement.
2. What are the places the Romany have traveled?

India, Egypt and some European countries.
3. What are some modern nations trying to do?

Some modern nations are now trying to help the Romany preserve their history, language and culture.
III. Enjoy the following sentences and fill in each blank with a proper word. 1. No group ________ ________ ________ (紧密相连) moving and travelling more than the Roma, who ________ ________ ________ (已经漫游在) Europe and Asia for nearly 1,000 years.(Lines1-2) 2. They ________ ________ (抵制建造) permanent homes, and choose not to become citizens of countries ________ __________


__________( 他们所到的 ).




包科:潘文新 2012.9

(Lines17-18) 3. Their main characteristic is that they do not________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(长期定居), and always move on to another place. (Lines14-15) 4. During World War II, the Romany, ________ ________(以及)gays and Jews,________ ________ ________(生活在恐惧中). The Nazis a ________them ________(列为) a dangerous group, and followed a systematic policy of hunting and killing them________ ________ _________(大量).(Lines45-48) 5. It both makes us _______ ________ _________(同情)them, and also makes us think about why we ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(往往产生偏 见)other people just because they have a different culture or a different ________ _______ ________(生活方式).(Lines56-58) IV. Fill in the blanks according to the text. Title: the Wandering Roma (1)__ Aim ______ of the article Asian origins To give an (2) explanation the reasons for their movement They originally lived in India. They develop their own (3)_languages_______ but have never written down their(4)___history______. Many people often (5)_regard/consider_______ the Romany as “travelers”. A traveling culture Their main (6)_characteristic_______is that they do not stay settled for a long period of time, and always move on to another place. The Romany’s culture is rich and diverse. Throughout their long history, the Romany have faced many(7)troubles_________. The Romany were not trusted, and the way they dressed and looked Romany rights? was a reason for being (8)prejudiced________. The collision of cultures between Europeans and the Romany led to many nations taking action against them, even ( 9 ) banning_________ them from entering. Future relations Today, relations with the Romany are better than in the past. Some countries are

of the history of the Roma and










包科:潘文新 2012.9

(10)_preserve_______ their history, language and culture. In the 1970s, the UN recognized the international Romani Union. V. Reading comprehension 1. What’s the main idea of the passage? A .The history of the Roma and the reasons for their movement. B. The relationships between the Roma and other countries. C. How the Roma are organized. D. How international organizations help the Roma. 2. Which of the following is NOT true? A .The Roma speak the same language. B. The Roma had to move because they had no skills to support themselves. C. The Roma are not obedient. D. The Roma like to keep close relations. 3. What about the modern people’s attitude towards the Roma? A. They hate them. C. They are plotting to wipe them out. B. They have begun to accept them. D. They are frightened of them.

VI. Self-study f important and difficult language points. 1. [原句回放] With their frequent movements, they gained a reputation as thieves, who robbed people moved away, and were then difficult to find.句子中的 gained a reputation as 的意思 是 __获得….作为…的名声________________ 。句中 rob 的词性是 _vt______ ,意思 是 ____抢劫_______ , 它的名词是_robbery________,常用的词组 ___rob sb/spl of sth_______________________。 rob Peter to pay Paul 意思是_借新债还旧债;拆东墙补 西墙________________________


I was robbed of my cash .
2)Those cats robbed me of my sleep.(翻译) __ Those cats robbed me of my sleep. 3)The fact that he had lied before robbed his words of any credibility.(翻译) ____由於他过去说过谎话,他的话已经没有人相信了 2. [原句回放] The collision of cultures between Europeans and the Romany led to many nations taking action against them, even banning them from entering.该句是个____________句 (复合/简单句),句中 take action against…意思是__采取行动反对…______。句中 ban sb. from doing sth. 的意思是 禁止某人做某事________________________ 。 collision 意思是 __ n. 相撞;撞坏;抵触,冲突______________。 1)小轿车和公交车(迎头)相撞,严重得小轿车完全损毁了。




包科:潘文新 2012.9

_ The collision between a car and a bus was so bad that the car was totally

2)Her political activities brought her into collision with the law.(翻译) __她的政治活动触犯了法律。 3. [原句回放] The topic of the Romany will continue to be controversial, and the peace between them and many Europeans is tentative at best. 该句是个____________句(复合/并列句/)。at best 意思是_充其量,至多_________,联想:at least_至少_________ at most __至多 ________at worst___在最坏的情况下_______小试牛刀! 1)不要太责骂他; 他只不过是个孩子。

Don’t scold him too much; he is at best a child.
2)We can’t arrive before Friday at best.(翻译) 我们无论如何星期五以前也到不了。 Part Two-Self-assessment I. Translate the following into English. (答案看课后 notes 部分) 1.我忍不住要告诉他这个秘密。(resist) __________________________________________________________________________ 2.Dan 喜欢四处旅游,他很难在任何地方长时间定居。(stay settled) __________________________________________________________________________ 3. Jack 是出了名的懒鬼。(reputation) __________________________________________________________________________ 4. 司机向左转,以避免撞上迎面来的车。(collision) __________________________________________________________________________ II. Multiple choice 1. The student was just about to ______ the question when suddenly he found the answer. A. arrive at B. submit to C. work out D. give in 2. Only by taking effective measures can we ______ bird flu. A. wipe off B. clean out C. wipe out D. copy out 3. I’m sure Mary will soon get used to the new job, as her intelligence can ______ for her lack of experience. A. make B. account C. compensate D. push 4. It’s thought that the accident was due ______ to his own carelessness. A. for his part B. on his part C. in part D. in parts 5. Police gathered ______ on the spot where the terrible car explosion took place. A. in total B. in all C. in large numbers D. in case




包科:潘文新 2012.9

6. In our daily life, people often look down upon those ______ . A. in rags B. in trouble C. in power D. in fashion 7. So many good teachers ______ the lead, I’m sure we will have no ______ achieving our learning goals. A. taking; trouble B. take; difficulty C. took; troubles D. taking; difficulties



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