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unit 5 Honesty

Unit Five


Hot words
1. honest: adj 诚实的 honesty: n. 诚实;坦诚 We admire his honesty. 我们羡慕他的坦诚。 2. headmaster: 合成词 3. threat: n. 威胁 threaten: v. 威胁;恐吓 He threatened the old lady with a knife. 他用刀威胁这个老太太。 4. self: n. 自己;本身 selfish: 自私的; 利己的 He is a very selfish boy. 5. deep: adj.& adv. 深的 deeply: adv. 深深地 I was moved deeply. 我被深深地感动了。

Some Proverbs
1. He is wise that is honest. 诚实的人是聪明人。 2. A great talker is a great liar. 最会夸夸其谈的人也最会说谎。 3. It’s never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,犹未为晚。 4. Confession is the first step to repentance. 认错是悔悟的第一步。

5. Respect a man, he will do the more. 你尊重别人,别人会更加尊重你。

Warming up


1. What do you think about telling lies? 2. Have you ever told lies? 3. What will you do if your friend tells a lie?


1. stay away from: “离开,缺席” He often stays away from school. 他经常逃学。 2. write—wrote—written Mary wrote a letter to her mum yesterday. 昨天,玛丽给妈妈写了封信。 3. ask sb to do: 请求/要求某人做… I asked her to wait. 我要求她等待。 4. take…home: 带回家 Take the box home please.

5. wait for: 等待;等候 The teacher is waiting for you. 老师在等你。 6. be sure to: 确定;确信 He is sure to win. 他确定能赢。 7. run away from home: 离家出走 8. tell lies/tell a lie: 撒谎 Parents should ask children not to tell lies. 父母应该要求孩子不要撒谎。

9. keep silent: 保持沉默 keep: 系动词+adj. He always keeps silent at the meeting. 开会时他总是保持沉默。 10. take…out of…: 从…拿出… He took an apple out of his pocket. 他从口袋里掏出一个苹果。 11. throw…away: “把…扔掉” throw—threw--thrown Why did you throw away my book? 你为什么把我书扔掉啊? 12. fly—flew—flown: 飞 fly with wind: 随风飘飞

13. at midnight: 半夜 14. find sb doing: 发现…做… I found a girl dancing in the hall. 我看见一个女孩在大厅里跳舞。 15. tell the truth: 说实话;说实在的 16. not…any more: 不再…;再也不了… I won’t trust you any more. 我再也不相信你了。 17. take on: 承受;不安 He took on too much. 他承受太多。 18. lie—lay—lain 躺 lie—lied—lied 撒谎

19. take sth back:取回 Can you take back my bag? 你能把我的包取回吗? 20. break—broke—broken: 打断;摔断;打碎 He broke his leg yesterday. 昨天他摔断腿了。 21. fall—fell—fallen: 跌落;落下;倒下 22. come to oneself: 苏醒过来 He came to himself and found nobody was in. 他苏醒过来,发现屋里没人。

Questions For Thought
1. Who stayed away from school? Bill 2. When did Bill stay away from school? One hot day 3. What did Bill do one hot day? He went swimming. 4. Who wrote a not to Bill’s father? The headmaster 5. Whom did Bill wait for? His brother, Joe

6. who threatened Joe? Bill 7. What did Joe do then? Took out the note and threw it away. 8. When did Bill find Joe crying? At midnight 9. Why did Joe feel so sad? He has deceived the headmaster, Father and Mother. 10. Who went out to take the note back? Bill

11. What happened to Bill? The branch broke and Bill fell to the ground. 12. Where did people find Bill? Under the big tree 13. Where was the note then? In Bill’s right hand

Answers to Exercises on P44
2. Translation. 1) stayed away from class 2) throw away such good fruits 3) never/not…any more 4) What’s the matter? 5) took the key out of his pocket 6) promise not to tell it to others

Grammar: 直接引语变间接引语
直接引语: 直接引述别人的话,一般后边要加引号。 间接引语:用自己的话转述别人的话,不用引号,多 数情况下构成宾语从句。 直接引语变间接引语要注意人称和时态的变化;同时 ↓ 还要注意指示代词、时间状语、地点状语的变化 Exercise on Page 45

1. “Will you give it to Father?” asked Bill.
Bill asked whether/if he would give it to Father. 注意: 直接引语是一般疑问句时,变间接引语用whether /if 引导的宾语从句,直接引语里的一般将来时态变成过去 将来时态,人称代词You 变成了he.


2. Bill said, “If you give it to Father, I’ll have to run away from home again. ”

Bill said that if Joe gave it to Father, he would have to run away from home again.

注意:直接引语是陈述句时,变间接引语时,变成由that 引导的宾语从句。一般将来时态变成过去将来时态,人称 代词I 变成he.

3. “I’ve never done such a thing before,” said Joe. ↘ Joe said that he had never done such a thing before. 注意:直接引语里的现在完成时态变成过去完成时 态,人称代词I 变成he。

4. Bill said to Joe, “Tell the master I’m sorry.”

↘ BII told Joe to tell the master that he was sorry. 注意:直接引语是祈使句时,把祈使句里的动词变 成带to 的不定式,根据句意在to 前加order, ask, told等词,并根据句意改变人称代词。

5. She said, “I’ll finish my work tomorrow.” She said that she would finish her work the next day. 注意:直接引语陈述句变that 从句。 一般将来时态变成过去将来时态。 根据句意,人称代词I 变成she.

6. My father said, “I worked here twenty years ago.” ↘ My father said that he had worked there twenty years before. 注意:直接引语里的一般过去时态变成过去完成 时态,here 变there, ago 变before.

7. His father said to him, “Don’t leave the door open.” ↘ His father told him not to leave the door open. 注意:祈使句变成带to的不定式,否定式直接在 前加not.

8. He asked me, “Why did you do it?” ↘ He asked me why I had done it. 注意:直接引语里是特殊疑问句的时候,保留疑 问词,改成陈述语序,注意时态和人称的变化。

Workbook Page 40
3. Rewrite the sentences. 1) “I’m glad to receive your e-mail,” said he.

He said that he was glad to receive my email.

2) He said to me, “Are you going home this weekend?”

He asked me whether I was going home that weekend.

3) “How do you like the food here?” said she.

She asked how I liked the food there.

4) She said to me, “Don’t ride in the street.”

She told me not to ride in the street.

5) “Stand where you are!” the police said to the young man.

The police ordered the young man to stand where he was.

6) She said, “Are you from the south of China?”

She asked whether I was from the south of China.

7) Mom said to me, “Don’t tell a lie.”

Mom told me not to tell a lie.

8) Susan said to me, “ We visited the Red Star Farm last week.”

Susan told me that they had visited the Red Star Farm the week before.

9. Mr. Paul said to us, “Light travels faster than sound.”

Mr. Paul told us that light travels faster than sound.

10. “Go and post the letters,” the manager said to him.

The manager asked him to go and post the letters.

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