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Siberian tiger

great panda

Introduction: Vocabulary and speaking

1 : Introduce some animals in danger
2 : Match the words

in the box with their meanings.

conservation endangered extinct habitat reserve species struggle survival wild wildlife
1 a type of animal or plant ( species ) ) ) 2 the place where an animal lives naturally ( habitat 3 protection ,especially of natural things ( conservation 4 in danger 5 a fighter which lasts a long time ( endangered ) ( struggle )

3 Look at the reasons why some animals are becom-

ing extinct. Which is the most important?
(1)They are killed for body parts or food . (2) People want them for pets . (3) People have moved into their natural habitat . (4) They are killed by pollution . (5) They are killed by climate change . Now work in groups .Discuss your ideas with other Students .

Reading :

Step one : Leading in
1 Give some examples of the animal species now in danger . 2 Look at the pictures and try to guess what the animals they are in the picture . 3 Look at the title and guess what the passage is about . 4 Tell them some information about the animals in the pictures .

Step two : Listening

Listening to the tape and try to finish the exercises.
Choose the best answers . 1 ( b )How did Jiesang Suonandajie die ? a He froze to death b He was killed by criminals c He had an accident in his jeep 2 ( b )Why are Tibetan antelopes in danger ? a They have lost their natural habitat b They are killed for their wool c They cannot survive at high altitude

3 ( a ) What has the Chinese government done to help the antelopes ? a It is protecting the antelope in a natural reserve .

b It has sent police to countries where “shahtoosh”
is sold .

c It has closed the border with India .

4 ( c )What’s happened to the trade in “shahtoosh”? a It has grown quickly b It has become legal c It has become harder to sell “shahtooh”.

5 ( a ) What will happen to the Tibetan antelope ?

a Its number will continue to increase .
b It may survive. c It will soon become extinct. Step Three :Reading Read the passage and try to find the words in the passage which mean: 1 high ground plateau ________

2 a piece of cloth people wear on their shoulders shawl _______ profit 3 money you make by selling something _________

4 a group of animals which live or move together herd ________ 5 to cut the skin off an animal 6 an order not to do something skin ________ ban ________ confiscated __________ tough ________ co-operation ___________

raid 7 a surprise visit (especially by police) ________ 8 take away officially 9 hard 10 working together

Read the passage again .Say what the numbers
and dates refer to .

1 50,000:The number of antelopes left by the 1990s. 2 $5,000:The price of a shawl made from “shatoosh”
3 1975:The year when the trade ban on “shatoosh”shawls was started. 4 138:The number of “shatoosh”shawls found in a London shop. 5 2%: The percentage of the antelope population

6 3,000: The number of poachers caught in ten years. The height of Qinghai- Tibetan 7 5,000 metres: Plateau. 8 1997: The year when the antelope population started to grow again. Step four:Work in pairs ,try to get the main ideas

of each paragraph . Jiesang Suonandajie gave his life to save the Para 1: Tibetan antelope. Para 2: A large number of antelopes have been killed for their wool. Para 3: The business of antelope wool is illegal but it is not easy to be stopped . Para4 : The Chinese government began to take an

active part in protecting the antelopes. Para 5: Progress has been made in protecting the antelopes. Step Five :Language points: 1 …a group of poachers who were killing the endangered Tibetan antelope.

endanger :to cause danger to
the endangered Tibetan antelope = the Tibetan antelope that is endangered .

2 Although surprised,the poachers had an advantage

- there were more of them.

although surprised =although they were surprised,

e. g :Moved to tears ,the boy stood still at the door .

Translate the sentence :他们大为震惊,不知说什么好
Greatly shocked ,they didn’t know what to say .

3 Often working at night …,leaving only the babies
leaving only the babies 现在分词做状语,表结果
e. g :In a few minutes ,the tiger ate the wolf ,leaving

bones . The old man died,leaving his grandson a big fortune.

4 The animals are skinned on the spot and …

skin a 皮、皮肤 ( n )

b 剥…的皮( v )

此外:peel ( 水果等)的皮( n )、 除去…的皮( v

e. g :Be careful ,there is a banana peel on the ground .
Look ,the monkey is peeling a banana .

bridge 桥(n )bridge the gap 填补空白的间隙(v )
e. g :There is an old stone bridge here .

Frequent communication can bridge the gap between
parents and the children .

5 But today the government seems to be winning the battle

seem to be doing / seem to have done

seem to be doing 表示不定式动作与谓语动作同时进行
seem to have done 表示不定式动作在谓语动作之前进行 e. g :They seem to be talking in the office now . He seemed to have known the bad news . Step Six :Discussion What should we do to save the animals in danger ? Step Seven:Homework Do the exercises in the workbook .


Exercises :

1 Look at the underlined clauses and answer the questions . (1) It is soft,light,and warm – the ideal coat for an animal which has to survive at high altitudes.
(2) The poachers leave only the babies, whose wool is not worth much. (3) The wool is taken to Indian , where it is made into the shawls. (4) Sometimes there were gunfights,like the one in which Jiesang Suonandajie was killed .

(5) Officials who work in the reserve are helped by volunteers who come from all over the country. a Which one refers to people ? (5)

b Which one refers to a place ? ( 3 )
c Which one refers to a situation ? ( 4 )

d Which one refers to an animal ? ( 1 )
e Which one refers to the relationship between a thing and its owner ? (2 ) 2 Complete the sentences with who , which , or whose.

1) The World Wide Fund for Nature is an organisa-tion whose ______aim is to protect wildlife.
who works without being paid. 2) A volunteer is someone _____

which live on the Tibetan plain have to survive 3) Animals ______ in a hard climate .
whose wool is worth 4) The Tibetan antelope is an animal ______ a lot of money. 5) The shawls which _____were found in London had just arrived from India .

who 6) Jiesang Suonandajie was the nature reserve official_____ gave his life for the antelope.

3 Complete the sentences with when ,where or why.

1) The reason _____ the antelopes are in danger is why clear. 2) A reserve is a place _____ animals are protected . where 3) Spring is the time _____ the antelopes move . when 4) The day ______ the killing stops will be a happy day. when 5) I want to go to a place _____ I can see a lot of where wildlife.

4 Complete the sentences with of whom , to whom ,

for which or in which.
in which the antelopes live is very 1) The region _________ cold. to whom I spoke said conditions 2) The volunteer ________ were difficult. of whom we should be proud . 3) Jiesang is a hero _________

4) There are several animals _________ for which special laws have been introduced.

Vocabulary and Listening :

1 Complete the meaning with the words in the box.
bird insect mammal reptile 1) A(n)______ insects is a small animal with six legs . Some have wings. 2) A(n) mammal _______ is an animal which drinks its mother’s milk when it is young.

3) A(n) ______ reptile has cold blood and lays eggs.
4) A(n) ______ bird has warm blood and lays eggs.

2 Add some more words to each list .
Insect Bird eagle hawk butterfly swan duck fly sparrow wasp swallow bee kingfisher moth thrush beetle gull Mammal wolf lion tiger panda deer fox mouse rat Reptile snake lizard gecko crocodile

Function :Expressing concern

1 Read the example and choose the meaning of the underlined sentence.
It’s really upsetting . ( c )

Example:There are still poachers who kill elephants.

a It is difficult to believe .
b They frighten everybody. c I am very worried. 2 Complete the sentences in your own words. Write about animals in danger.

Speaking :

1 Work in groups.Talk about an animal in danger. Follow these steps. 1) Decide which animal(s) to talk .
2) Identify the problem and express concern .

3) Think of ways to help the animal(s). If you like, use the following ideas : more laws more police more volunteers
more information more reserves

2 Discuss your ideas with your partners.

Everyday English:

Choose the correct meanings.

a 1 To keep an eye on something means ______.
a) watch it carefully b) think about it
2 A terrible din is ______. a

a) a loud noise


a bright light

3 If you go for someone you ______. b a) visit them a) I’m angry b) attack them b) I’m sorry 4 It’s a pity means_____. b

Cultural Corner

Step One : Listening

Listen to the tape and try to understand what the passage is about . Step Two :Reading
Read the passage and answer the questions.

1 What is the WWF?
2 What is the aim of the organisation ? 3 When and where was it founded? 4 Who designed the famous panda logo ? 5 What has the WWF been doing since the 1980s?

Read the text again and tell the sentences are True or False.

1 The WWF was founded in Switzerland in the year 1961. ( F ) 2 Peter Scott was both a painter and a naturalist . ( T )
3 At present the organisation has branches in 130 countries. ( F )

4 The WWF only pays attention to protecting wild animals i danger . ( F)

5 It was Dr George Shaller who set up an office of WWF in Beijing . ( F ) 6 Saving the panda is one of the projects that the WWF is carrying out in China . ( T )


Making a survey of endangered species in China.
1 Work in groups .Choose an endangered animals and find out more about it . 2 Describe the animal and its habitat . 3 Explain why the animal is in danger . 4 Present your findings to the rest of the class.


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