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1. 多词
(1) He is a good tennis player. I play with him every a week. (2) A thief entered into his house last night. (3) The beautiful lady married with

a poor artist last month. (4) She is about forty years old or so. (5) We should serve for the people heart and soul. (6) Mother is dressing for her baby. (7) The travelers are leaving from Beijing for Hong Kong. (8) Dear, how are you getting on with? (9) I wrote ten articles for this newspaper in last year. (10) I am sorry for that I’m late. (11) Help yourself to eat some fish, Jane. (12) I couldn’t hear you clearly. Can you repeat it again? (13) He returned back to his home town the day before yesterday. (14) She went to the hospital alone all by herself. (15) As it’s raining, so you’d better take my raincoat with you. (16) You may begin with Step By Step first to improve your listening. (17) Both of them two are fond of football and basketball. (19) Could you tell me about what is happening over there? (20) Each time he comes to visit us, he often brings us some small presents. (21) What a good weather we are having recently! (22) We should turn off the electricity before leaving in the case of fire. (23) Which do you prefer better, sandwiches or hamburgers? (24) He suggested me that I go to see the manager for myself. (25) Whom would you rather have to go there instead of you? (26) Soon they began to put the new computer in the use. (27) What a great fun it is to swim in the pool in summer! (28) What was surprised me most was that all the other people were laughing at me when I entered the meeting hall

2. 缺词
(1) Li Hua was preparing the examination while his mother was preparing dinner. (2) It was until midnight that it stopped raining. (3) The manager wasn’t present the meeting yesterday. (4) --- Will they arrive tomorrow? --- I hope.

(5) He came on foot instead of bike. (6) He had no choice but give up his mind. (7) It began to rain, they had to remain in the hall. (8) She is an honest girl is known to all around her. (9)He was punished because what he had done. (10) The blind man was seen cross the street with the help of a policeman. (11) The accident happened yesterday was very serious. (12) This is so good book that I will buy it. (14) Don’t worry. There is little time left. (15) Studying at home is pleasure to me. (16) He is taller one of the two. (17) Running along the street was a little boy dressed a white shirt. (18) Was it on that cold day they arrived that the disaster took place? (19) The population of our country is much larger than that of any countries. (20) The young man who received good education abroad is my former classmate. (21) When crossing the street, you can be too careful. (22) We will never forget the city we paid a visit last summer. (23) Don’t rely on that he will come to help us when you need him most. (24) Which one is better of the two in quality? (25) They were at a shopping mall suddenly a big fire broke out. (26) After we seated at the table, a big meal was served at once. (27) Here are several models for you to choose.

3. 错词
(1) You should follow his advices on how to learn English. (2) Every possible mean is used to stop the water pollution. (3) The price of the houses in that city is very expensive. (4) This book bought yesterday is very worth reading. (5) Don’t forget your textbook in the bedroom. (6) What worries us most is if we can arrive at the airport on time. (7) At the end of next month, we will have completed all the experiments. (8) Mr. Smith looks on the students like his own children. (9) It is freezing cold outside. Why not wearing the thick clothes when you go out? (10) We won Class Five in the basketball match yesterday. (11) The students always pay attention to that the teacher is saying. (12) Giving me a hand, or I won’t be able to put through it on time.

(13) How much does the new shirt spend you? (14) The room, its window faces south, is our classroom. (15) Between the trees stand our teaching building that was set up last year. (16) The meal smelt nice attracted the cat lying on the ground. (17) Every year there are many kinds of birds fly from the north to the south to avoid the cold winter. (18) It is very nice for you to give me a hand when I need it most. (19) The teachers are social respected because of their devotion to the country’s education. (20) Many a student know how to do that chemistry experiment. (21) He feels strong that what the teacher said to him was actually for his good. (22) The two balls fell at actually the same speed. (23) For the first time yet, our country launched the manned spacecraft. (24) He rang off the phone after I had time to speak. (25) The tiring look on his face proved that he again worked far into the night. (26) The mistakes made by the Chinese students are quite different from that made by the Japanese students. (27) There are many picture books on the shelf and you may choose it. (28) This kind of fruit does not go with my taste. (29) The family sent him his presents on his birthday. (30) He has traveled to many places, then he is familiar with this city. (31) It is no doubt that he will come back as expected. (32) There is no wonder he is always one of the top students in his class. (33) The reason why he didn’t show up was because he was engaged in his work. (34) They almost went to the park to celebrate the Art Festival. (35) Looking in another way, it will probably become easier. (36) With the population increased rapidly, the problem with pollution is becoming more serio



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