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2010-2011 学年辅仁高级中学高二上学期期中考试英语 二、单项选择: (20 分, 每小题 1 分) 21. What ________ pity that you couldn’t be there to receive __________ prize! A. a; a B. the; a C. a; the D. the; the 22. Thank you for

____________ my mistakes. A. carrying out B. taking out C. pointing out D. figuring out 23. The lack of rain could ___________ disasters for farmers. A. spell B. result in C. lead to D. both A,B and C 24. It was a difficult time, but eventually things ____________ fine. A. turned up B. turned off C. turned to D. turned out 25. The human race is ____________ Earth’s resources. A. running out B. using up C. giving out D. using up of 26. The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only _________________ , but students became more interested in the lessons as well. A. saved was teachers’ energy B. was teachers’ energy saved C. teachers’ energy was saved D. was saved teachers’ energy 27. Everybody was touched ______________ words after they heard her moving story. A. beyond B. without C. of D. in 28. Is it in the factory ______ you visited last week _______ this kind of car is made? A. that; that B. which; where C. where; which D. which; which 29. He is ________, ___________, _________ and _________. ___________, he is a nice guy. A. outgoing, hard-working, intelligent, friendly, In a word B. outgoing, academic, warm-hearted, moody, In a word C. easy-going, talkative, stubborn, reliable, In other word D. quiet, generous, cheerful, mean, In other words 30. Not being a narrow-minded person, she always _______ somebody for his mistake rather than ________ him for that. A. forgives; blame B. points out; correct C. helps; harm D. blames; forgive 31. I am getting tired of your beating around the bush. Let’s ____________ business straight away. In other words, what are you trying to ____________ to me? A. get back; get through B. get over; get away C. get off; get through D. get down to; get across 32. He admitted ____________ his best friend, Jack , __________ to make up for that. A. betraying, determining B. betraying, determined C. to betray, determining D. to betray, determined 33. Which of the following sentences is wrong? A. I was so upset that I felt like crying. B. I can’t stand seeing our team lose. Football is very important to me, but so our friendship is. C. I cannot help wondering if he wants Peter to be his best friend instead of me. D. Cheating such an old man was a mean thing to do. 34. We still have ______________ to become a country __________ modern technical equipment and computers ____________ environmental research. A. a long way to go; stocked with; concerning B. a long way to go; stocking with; concerned C. a long way to go; stocked with; concerned D. a long road to go; stocked with; concerning 35. To his ___________, the journalist raised some ___________ questions about his private affairs; as a result, he was too ____________ to answer them. A. embarrassment; embarrassed; embarrassed B. embarrassing; embarrassed; embarrassing

C. embarrassment; embarrassing; embarrassing D. embarrassment; embarrassing; embarrassed 36. __________ the number of cigarettes you smoke every day will be _________ to your health. A. Cut back on; benefit B. Cutting back on; beneficial C. To cut back on; benefit D. Cut back on; of benefit 37. --- I hate cities. The roads are dirty and they are always crowded. ---Do you know the world’s population has grown to _____________? A. more than six times what it was in 1800 B. six times more as what it was in 1800 C. more than six times large as it was in 1800 D. more than six times as large as in 1800 38. Which of the following sentences doesn’t share the similar meaning to the rest? A. He is desperate for a holiday to have a rest. B. He can’t wait for a holiday to have a rest. C. He is eager for a holiday to have a rest. D. He is waiting for a holiday to have a rest. 39. ---It is hard to ________________ such an unpopular policy. ---I can’t agree more. Not many people will be _____________ it. A. put up with; support B. push ahead with; in favor of C. end up with; in favor of D. come up with; support 40. ---How do you find the new book by JK Rowling? ---_____________. I guess she is out of her talent. A. With the help of my mother B. By accident C. Very boring D. In the library 五、动词的适当形式填空: 分,每小题 0.5 分) (7 73. I really appreciate ______________ (have) time to relax with you on this nice island. 74. When _________ (ask) why he did it, he simply said, “Because I love it.” 75. I can’t stand _____________ (laugh at) in public. 76. MRSA (超级细菌) is spreading from area to area in Japan, ____________ (kill) about 27 people. 77. He lost everything and ended up ____________ (commit) suicide. 78. It is said that by 2014, the subway in Wuxi ____________________ (complete). 79. Every time he _________ (pass) by the village, he can’t help thinking of the days he spent there. 80. With the guide __________ (lead) the way, Tom entered the Holiday Inn, __________ (follow) by a dog, ___________ (walk) happily. 81. _________ (absorb) in her study, she noticed nothing. 82. __________ (ask) around, I find many people willing to pay slightly higher prices for organic food. 83. What I’m here to say is that ____________ (work) side by side with many teenagers, I know what they are really dying for. 84. Can you get the clock __________ (go) again? 六,根据所给的中文完成句子: 分,每小题 0.5 分) (9 85. 每当我们想起奥运会,我们都会想到那令每个中国人完全有权为之骄傲的第 29 届奥运会开幕式。 When we _________ _________ the Olympics, we think of the exceptional opening ceremony of the 29th Olympics, of which all Chinese _________ __________ ________ to feel proud. 86. 好消息是,循环利用也许是能帮助双方的关键所在。 The ________ _________ is __________ __________ may be the _________ _______helping both sides. 87. 在宣布可以自由发言过后,主持人别无他法,只得让代表们各自发表他们的观点。 After declaring all the representatives can _______ ________ _________ for the discussion, the host has no _________ but to let all them ___________ their opinions. 88. 毫无疑问执法要到位。 There is _________ ___________ that laws should be put in place.

七、句型转换 : 分,每小题 0.5 分) (5 89. Whenever getting into trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to turn to his teacher for help. Whenever getting into trouble, he turns to his teacher for help _________ ___________. 90. Boats are not allowed to enter this area by law in order to protect this great river. Boats are _________ ____________ _________ this area to protect this great river. 91. I am sorry to hurt you, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I am sorry to hurt you, but I didn’t do it _____________. 92. We thought it would be a bad season, but its result shows it is a good one. We thought it would be a bad season, but it ________ _________ a good one. 93. He dropped the glass so that it broke into pieces. He dropped the glass, ___________ it into pieces. 94. They hurried to the airport. However, to their great surprise, they found their flight gone. They hurried to the airport _______ to find their flight gone. 八、书面表达: (25 分) 假定你叫李华,近期你的学校开展了一个名为“要经济还是要环境---我们必须做出抉择吗?”的辩论 赛,结果如下图所示,请根据下列表格中的内容写一篇 150 字左右的短文。 比例 大约 40%的学生 大约 60%的学生 观点 削减生产来保护环境 经济发展对环境保护是有利的 原因 世界的大片区域受到工业污染的破坏, 大量的动植物都在死亡, 人口越来越多 很多工厂控制污 染物的排放,投入资金修复所造成的破坏,充分利用循环材料 发表自己的观点并具体说明,至少两点。 Recently a debate entitled “The economy or the environment --- must we choose?” has been carried out in our school. The results are as follows. About 40% of the students hold the opinion that __________ 二、单项选择: 21—25 CCDDB 26—30 BAAAA 31—35 DBBAD 36—40 BADBC 五、动词填空 73. having; 74. asked; 75. being laughed at; 76. killing; 77. committing; 78. will have been completed; 79. passes; 80. leading; followed; walking 81. Absorbed 82. Asking 83. having worked 84. going 六、完成句子 85. When we think of the Olympics, we think of the exceptional opening ceremony of the 29th Olympics, of which all Chinese have every right to feel proud. 86. The good news is that recycling may be the key to helping both sides. 87. After declaring all the representatives can open the floor for the discussion, the host has no choice/alternative but to let all them voice their opinions. 88. There is no doubt that laws should be put in place.



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