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单句改错专练 1/2
1.You need not to go with me unless you are free now. 2.He promised to come and see us after the supper. 3.My mother is busy preparing for supper. 4.If you really like the T-s

hirt, why not to buy it? 5.The big family has a small house to live. 6.The price of the car is very expensive. 7.If you want to be understood, you should speak of slowly and clearly to the listeners. 8.No matter whenever you call, you will find him at his desk. 9.This is the house that he is used to live in. 10.I need one more stamp before my collection completes. 11.We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park. 12.Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 13.Do you know our team leader we call him Big Wang. 14.When speaking, you must make yourself understand. 15.What subject are you interested? 16.He built a telescope which he could study the skies. 17.One of the first books printed in English was hunting with birds. 18.The ice isn’t thick enoughfor us to skate. 19.He was the first student coming to school yesterday. 20.Some singers and dancers will have on performances in order to collect money for the Hope Project. 21.Hearing her name called, her sister face turned red. 22.I have three letters to be answer this afternoon. 23.Having been ill for a long time, so she fell behind her classmates. 24.A day I met a foreigner while walking along the street. 25.He made such much progress that he was praised by the teacher. 26.We must study hard in order to serve for the perople better in the future. 27.Do you know what do these words mean? 28.Those boy studetns are going to call on woman scientists tomorrow. 29.He replied with a loud smile, “It was Tom who gave me that book.” 30.A boy as he is, he knows a log of things. 31.I’ve herd him but I never know him. 32.From what I have seen and herad, I must say Chinese people are living happily. 33.Mathilde had been married with a clerk with little money for over ten years. 34.How much does the set of books spend you? 35.The reason is why I’m deeply touched by this story. 36.You much do everything you can help others. 37.The novel is very worth reading. 38.Oh! You have grown up so that I hardly knew you. 39.Mrs King cut her hair, bought some men’s clothes, used a man’s name and finally getting a job in Mr Pattis’s company. 40.The order cme that the medical team should serve for the front without delay. 41.—Don’t forget to turn off the light. 42.Who was first past the finished line? 43.With the medicine box under the arm, Miss Zhao hurried off to look after the man. 44.If you work hard, you will be successful on time. 45.Do you like to play the ping-pong or football? 46.Happy Teacher’s Day, Miss Zhao! Here are some flowers for you, with our best wish. 47.For centuries there was no Olympic Games. 48.The First Olympic Games in modern time took place in 1896. 49.The powder is made from fished, blood and bones. 50.Put the little plants in the shade so that the sun doesn’t burn them. ---I don’t.

单句改错专练 2/2
51.The recorder needs be repaired before it can be used. 52.The old is taken good care of in this city. 53.I don’t like white wine but I like red one. 54.Work hard, you will be successful. 55.I shouted at the driver,but he didn’t hear me. 56.I think you’d better not to tell him about it. 57.There are many man teachers in this school. 58.Yesterday I met an old friend of my father. 59.This pair of shoes is too big for me. Please show me another one. 60.It is high time you will leave for Shanghai. 61.The rest trees are left to grow even tall. 62.I have caught the bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it. 63.This is the steel plant where we visited last week. 64.It believed that at least a score of buildings were damaged or destroyed. 65.I hav the same idea as his. 66.She married to a man she didn’t love at all. 67.---Have you moved into the new house? 68.It cost me half a day to finish the work. 69.Gold is similar in colour than brass. 70.I think he is the first arriving. 71.They may go to London, but they are not certain still. 72.I don’t think he can do the work well, can’t he? 73.The farmers are very busy today and they will stop working until dark. 74.The only alive milu deer in the world were in England. 75.We were having our English lesson then a boy made a fce to make the others laugh. 76.After mixing the three together, he dipped one of his finger into the cup. ---Not yet. The rooms are painted. 77.In Englandas early as the twelve century,young people enjoyed playing football. 78.Not knowing where to go,so he wandered along the streets. 79.He went into the house,being followed by some children. 80.Yesterday I received a telegraph saying that my poor grandfather had passed away. 81.Please put everything back and tidy the lab in the end of your experiment. 82. “Listen to me carefully;do all what I’ll tell you to do,”said the teacher. 83.Those ladders are enough long to reach the top of the building. 84.It is unknown by us whether the sports meet will be held tomorrow. 85.Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about the problem. 86.The traffic is so much that I can’t get through. 87.Peter is the man you can turn for help when you are in trouble. 88.He often goes to the city which she lives. 89.There having no buses,we had to walk home. 90.Not had studied his lessons well,he failed in the exam. 91.My brother has turned an engineer for two eyars. 92.This factory produces twice number of the tractors of last year. 93.The man with uniform is a policeman. 94.I don’t know the reason which he came late. 95.I will not attend his birthday party unless being asked to. 96.He has got used to get up very early every morning. 97.There are manystudents play football on the playground. 98.Jack, for whose life had once been very hard, has started a company recently. 99.It is not diffciult to recognize his sound on the phone. 100.You are the only one of the boys who sing well.



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