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21 He felt rather ____when he rushed to the airport by taxi, only____ the flight had taken off.
A. annoying; finding
B. annoyed; finding
C. annoyed; to find
D. annoying ; to find
22 What he has done is far from_____.
A. satisfied
B. satisfying
C. satisfactory
D. satisfaction
23 They blamed the failure on George. Actually, he______.
A. is not to blame
B. is to blame
C. is not to be blamed
D. should not blame
24 If he had taken my advice, he _____ in the competition.
A. would succeed
B. would have succeeded
C. should have succeeded
D. might succeed
25 When I got back home, I saw a message pinned to the door___ "Sorry to miss you; I will call later."
A. to read
B says
C written
D reading
26 The young man was brave enough to risk _____into ____prison by the enemy.
A. putting; the
B. put; /
C. putting; a
D .being put ; /
27 There's nothing to do but ________till it stops snowing .
A. to wait
B. wait
C. waiting
D. waits
28 __________is it__________ you flew to Zhuhai last week?
A. When ;that
B. How; what
C . Why; that
D. Why; which
29 Is there anyone who knows the person __________ there?
A. seating
B. seated
C. to be seating
D. seat
30 Kathy______ a lot of Spanish by playing with the native buys and girls.
A. picked up
B. took up
C. made up
D. turned up
31 ---Would you please lend me a hand?--____________
A. It doesn't matter
B. It's my pleasure
C. Go ahead, please
D. With pleasure
32 He hasn't slept at all for three days. he is tired out.
A.There is no point
B.There is no need
C.It is no wonder
D It is no way
33 It is near the place ______there is a tomb _______ we found the dead man .
A. where ;where
B. where ;that
C. that where
D. that that
34 ---What are you busy doing these days?--_________ the college entrance examinations.
A. To make preparations for
B. Preparing myself for
C. To prepare myself for
D. Myself preparing
35 No matter what you say, I shall _____ my opinion.
A. carry out
B. keep up
C. insist on
D. stick to
二、完形填空 (30%)
A lady and her husband stepped off the train in Boston. They walked without an appointment(预约)into the outer [36]____ of Harvard's president. But they were [37]____ by his secretary and kept waiting. For hours, the secretary took no notice of them, [38]____ that the couple would finally become [39]____ and go away. But they didn't. The secretary finally decided to disturb the president, though [40]____.
A few minutes later, the president walked towards the couple with a [41]____ face. The lady told him, "We had a son that [42]____ Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was [43]____ here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to [44]____ a memorial(纪念物)to him, somewhere on campus."
The president wasn't [45]____. Instead, he was shocked. "Madam," he said, "we can't put up a statue for every person who studied at Harvard and died. If we did, this [46]____ would look like a cemetery(墓地)," "Oh, no," the lady [47]____ quickly. "We don't want to put up a statue. We would like to give a [48]____ to Harvard." The president rolled his eyes and [49]____ at the couple and then exclaimed, " A building! Do you have any [50]____ how much a building costs? We have spent over $7,500,000 on the campus building at Harvard." For a moment the lady was silent. The president was [51]____, because he could get rid of them now. Then the lady turned to her husband and said quietly, "Is that all it costs to start a [52]____? Why don't we just start our own?" Her husband nodded. [53]____ their offer was turned down. Mr. and Mrs. Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their [54]____, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer [55]____ about.
36.A.lab B.library C.hall D.office
37.A.watched B.stopped C.followed D.interviewed
38.A.hoping B.finding C.realizing D.imagining
39.A.surprised B.disappointed C.worried D.troubled
40.A.hopelessly B.carefully C.unexpectedly D.unwillingly
41.A.pleasant B.funny C.cold D.sad
42.A.attended B.visited C.studied D.served
43.A.clever B.brave C.proud D.happy
44.A.set about B.set up C.take down D.take over
45.A.satisfied B.excited C.moved D.ashamed
46.A.house B.part C.garden D.place
47.A.explained B.expressed C.refused D.admitted
48.A.building B.yard C.playground D.square
49.A.laughed B.shouted C.glanced D.called
50.A.suggestion B.idea C.thought D.opinion
51.A.bored B.astonished C.interested D.pleased
52.A.department B.university C.business D.club
53.A.Once B.While C.Since D.Though
54.A.name B.character C.picture D.sign
55.A.talked B.knew C.heard D.cared
More American people take their troubles with them on holiday, according to a new survey. Although 40 percent said that the main reason for going away is to escape pressure (压力) from work, almost all said they worry more than they do at home. Only four in every 100 said that they are happy and free of care.
The most common worry is burglary ( 入室盗窃) , with four out of 10 worrying about their homes being broken into while they're abroad. More than a quarter fear they will feel crazy with some other noisy and rough holiday-makers and 22 percent worry they may be attacked or their possessions will be missing. One in five think the car may break down; and the same number worry about the chances of bad weather.
The survey also showed that the stay-at-home Americans are no more. Three out of every five want to have a holiday abroad, a great increase from the figures only three years ago. The hotel holiday is still a winner, with about one third of all Americana preferring to go on a self-catering ( 自助 ) holiday.
56. The underlined word "survey" in the first paragraph most probably means ______.
A. research
B. review
C. exhibition
D. examination
57. According to the text, about ___ of people worry more on holiday than when they are at home.
A. 25% B. 40%
C. 80% D. 95%
58. The third most common worry of American holiday-makers is that they may ______.
A. be attacked or lose their possessions
B. have problems with their cars on the road
C. have bad weather on holiday
D. get mixed with some rough fellow holiday-makers
59. Where do American holiday-makers like to stay most?
A. At a hotel.
B. In a quiet place.
C. At a friend's house.
D. Where they can cook for themselves.
When a rather dirty , poorly dressed person kneels at your feet and puts out his hands to beg for a few coins , do you hurry on , not knowing what to do , or do you feel sad and hurriedly hand over some money ? What should our attitude to beggars be ? There can be no question that the world is full of terribly sad stories . It must be terrible to have no idea where our next meal is going to come from . It seems cruel not to give some money to beggars.
Certainly , most of the world's great religions (宗教) order us to be open-hearted and share what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves .But has the world changed ?Maybe what was morally(道德方面)right in the old days ,when one knew exactly who in the village had suffered misfortune and needed help ,is no longer the best idea. Quite a few people will not give to beggars .Let us look at their arguments.
First ,some believe that many city beggars dress up on purpose to look pitiable and actually make a good living from begging .Giving to beggars only encourages this sort of evil(恶行).Secondly ,there is the worry that the money you give will be spent on beer ,wine or drugs .Thirdly ,there is the opinion that there is no real excuse for begging. One might be poor ,but that is no reason for losing one's sense of pride and self-dependence.
Related to this is the opinion that the problem should be dealt with by the government rather than ordinary people .Some people think beggars should go to the local government department and receive help.
It is hard to come to any final conclusion ;there are various cases and we must deal with them differently .A few coins can save a life in some situations ,and even if the money is wasted ,that does not take sway the moral goodness of the giver.
60.What is mainly discussed in the passage?
A.Moral deeds of people.
B.Religious activities of the church.
C.Moral goodness of the giver.
D.Arguments on giving to beggars.
61.What can we infer from the sentence "But has the world changed ?"in the second paragraph?
A.People no longer know who suffers misfortune in the village.
B.Some people will not do what was morally right in the past .
C.We don't meet with those who need help any more.
D.Now it is the government's duty to help the beggars.
62.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A.Some people dress up to pretend to be beggars .
B.Some beggars want money to help their children go to school.
C.Some beggars use the money to buy drugs.
D.Some beggars have no excuse for begging.
63.In the last paragraph ,the writer thinks that it is hard to come to any final conclusion ,because
A.the cases can be so different
B.there are so many beggars
C.there is so much money wasted
D.there are so many different arguments
Walk through the Amazon rainforest today and you will find it is steamy ,warm ,damp and thick .But if you had been around 15,000 years ago, during the last ice age ,would it have been the same ?For more than 30 years, scientists have been arguing about how rainforests like the Amazon might have reacted(反应)to the cold ,dry climates of the ice ages ,but until now ,no one has reached a satisfying answer.
Rainforests like the Amazon are important for mopping up CO2 from the atmosphere and helping to slow global warming . Currently the trees in the Amazon take in around 500 million tones of CO2 each year; equal to the total amount of CO2 giving off in the UK each year. But how will the Amazon react to future climate change? If it gets drier ,will it still survive and continue to draw down CO2 ?Scientists hope that they will be able to learn in advance how the rainforest will manage in the future by understanding how rainforests reacted to climate change in the past.
Unfortunately ,getting into the Amazon rainforest and collecting information are very difficult .To study past climate ,scientists need to look at fossilized pollen ,kept in lake muds .Going back to the last ice age means drilling deep down into lake sediments (沉淀物),which requires specialized equipment and heavy machinery .There are very few roads and paths ,or places to land helicopters and aero planes .Rivers tend to be the easiest way to enter the forest ,but this still leaves vast areas between the rivers completely unsampled(未取样).So far ,only a handful of cores have been drilled that go back to the last ice age and none of them provide enough information to prove how the Amazon rainforest reacts to climate change.
64.The underlined phrase "mopping up" in the second paragraph means ______
A.cleaning up
B.taking in
C.wiping out
D.giving out
65.How will the Amazon rainforest react to future climate change?
A.It'll get drier and continue to remove CO2 .
B.It'll remain steamy ,warm ,damp and thick .
C.It'll get warmer and then colder and drier.
D.There is no exact answer up to present.
66.What's the main idea of the last paragraph?
A.It's important to drill deep down into lake sediments to collect information.
B.It's impossible to prove how climate changes in the Amazon rainforest.
C.It's hard to collect information for studies of the past climate in the Amazon rainforest.
D.It's necessary to have specialized equipment and machinery to study the past climate.
67.The best title for this passage may probably be ______.
A.Studies of the Amazon
B.Climates of the Amazon
C.Secrets of the Rainforests
D.Changes of the Rainforests
Eight Days from just £299
Departs May-October 2005
●Return flights from 8 UK airports to Naples
●Return airport to hotel transport
●Seven nights' accommodation at the 3☆ Hotel Nice
●The services of guides
●Government taxes
Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of Europe's most wonderful corners .Long a favourite with holidaymakers-indeed the ancient Romans called the area "happy land" -this simply attractive coastline of colourful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea is a perfect choice for a truly memorable holiday!
Choose between the peaceful traditional village of Sant' Agata ,set on a hillside six miles from Sorrento ,or the more lively and well -known international resort (旅游胜地)town of Sorrento ,with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples.
Breathtaking scenery and famous sights everywhere .From the legendary Isle of Capri to the haunting ruins of Pompeii ,and from the unforgettable "Amalfi Drive" to the delightful resorts of Positano ,Sorrento and Ravello ,the area is a feast for the eyes! Should you choose to join us ,we know that you will not be disappointed!
With a choice of hotels ,and optional excursions (可选择的旅游线路)including Capri ,Pompeii and the "Amalfi Drive" ,this is a truly unmissable holiday.
·Price based on two tourists sharing a twin / double room at the Hotel Nice.
Like to know more? Then telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd on: 0845-226-7766 (All calls charged at local rates).
68.All the following are included in the price of £ 299 EXCEPT __________.
A.transport between the airport and the hotel
B.telephone calls made by tourists
C.the services of guides to tourists
D.double rooms for every two tourists
69.What is the purpose of the passage?
A.To invite people to take a breath in the Bay of Naples.
B.To advise people to telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd.
C.To persuade people to tour in the area of the Mediterranean Sea.
D.To attract people to go to Sant' Agata or Sorrento for sightseeing.
70.The underlined part "the area is a feast for the eyes" in the passage means __________.
A.the area is pleasing to the eye
B.the area is really unforgettable
C.the area catches the tourists' eye
D.the area is crowded with tourists
71.After reading the ad, one will probably join in the tour because _________.
A.the sights are attractive and the tour starts in May or October
B.the price is low for those intending to stay at the 3☆ Hotel Nice
C.the price offered is reasonable and the sights are beautiful
D.good services are offered to those intending to stay in double rooms
Do you have any strong opinion on co-educational or single-sex schools?
A supporter of co-educational schools would probably say that schools should be like the societies they belong to .In Hong Kong , men and women mix socially on a day-to-day basis .In many fields men are even likely to have female bosses .It is ,therefore, desirable that boys and girls grow up together ,go to school together ,and prepare themselves for a society that does not value sexual separation.
Some would go on to argue further that growing up with members of the opposite sex is important for personal development .Regular contact (接触)can remove the strange ideas about the opposite-sex and lead to more natural relationships .Single-sex conditions are seen as leading to more extreme opinions, and possibly even as encouraging homosexuality(同性恋),though there is no proof that this is the case.
Those who are against coeducation often also fix their attention on the sexual side .Some parents fear that close contact with members of the opposite sex is dangerous for teenagers .They want their children to be attentive to their studies .Such parents feel uncomfortable with modern ways and the free mixing of the sexes.
A stronger argument comes from research into school results .Girls grow up earlier than boys ,tend to be more orderly and are likely to be better at languages .In a mixed class ,boys who might do well in a single-sex class become discouraged and take on the rule of troublemaker .Certainly in the UK this situation has greatly alarmed (惊动)the government for it to be encouraging co-educational schools to have some single-sex classes .In the UK the best schools are all single-sex ,strongly suggesting that co-education is not the best answer .This may ,however ,not be as simple as it looks .It may simply be that the famous old schools that attract the best students happen to be single-sex ,rather than that being single-sex makes them better schools.
72.In the third paragraph ,by saying "though there is no proof that this is the case" ,the writer means that ______
A.students in single-sex schools will certainly become homosexual
B.students in co-educational schools cannot have extreme opinions
C.students in co-educational schools are likely to be homosexual
D.single-sex school conditions may or may not have effects on the students.
73.All the following arguments can be found in the passage EXCEPT that ______.
A.co-education can produce a society-like situation
B.co-educational schools may lead to love affairs between boys and girls
C.co-education will help develop a better understanding about the opposite sex
D.co-education can make boys perform well in mixed classes
74.Alarmed by the situation ,the UK government encourages ______.
B.single-sex education
C.single-sex classes in co-educational schools
D.co-educational classes in single-sex schools
75.At the end of the passage the writer suggests that ______
A.single-sex schools are the best schools in the UK
B.being single-sex does not necessarily make a school better
C.co-educational schools are better for both sexes in personal development
D.because boys cannot compete with girls in study ,they go to single-sex schools
Time flies as an arrow. I've already in the second half 76__________
of senior grade 3 before I realize it. It is only a little more 77__________
than three months before I graduate middle school. At 78__________
the present, I'm busy reviewing my lessons in order to 79__________
take the college entrance examination. I wish to go to 80__________
Beijing University, that is one of the best universities not 81__________
only in China but also in the world. I'll try my best to turn 82__________
my dream to reality. Most of my classmates are also 83__________
studying very hard to realize our wishes. I do believe 84__________
everyone will be able to enter a very good university and college 85__________
1考虑(到)某事物;把某事物考虑在内 ___________
2浪费时间做某事 ___________
3不知所措/不知如何是好;茫然/困惑 ____________
4呼吁某人做某事 ____________
5说中要点;正中要害; 恰到好处 _________
6有意义; 有道理; 讲得通 ____________
7不打扰或不干预......;让......独自呆着 ____________
8请两天病假 ____________
9使某人欣慰的是 ____________
10承认做过某事 ____________
目前,学校存在少数学生考试作弊现象。某英文杂志社拟对此现象向中学生征文,标题是"My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations"。请根据下列提示用英语写一篇征文稿。
4.参考词汇:作弊 cheat(v.)
My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations
It is known to us all that some students cheat in examinations at school____________________
答案:21C 22C 23A 24B 25D 26D 27B 28C 29B 30A 31D 32C 33A 34B 35D 36.D 37.B 38.A 39.B 40.D 41.C 42.A 43.D 44.B 45.C 46.D 47.A 48.A 49.C 50.B 51.D 52.B 53.C 54.A 55.D 56.A 57.D 58.A 59.A 60D 61B 62B 63A 64.B 65.D 66.C 67.C 68.B 69.D 70.A 71.C 72D 73D 74C 75B
76As-like 77.realized 78.graduate[from] 79.the 80 examinations 81.that-which 82 Ⅴ 83 to-into 84 our-their 85 and-or
1 take sth into consideration/ account; take account of sth.
2 lose/waste time in doing sth
3 at a loss/ at sea
4 appeal to sb. to do sth.
5 to the point
6 make sense
7 leave/let ... alone/ be
8 ask for a two-day sick leave
9 to one's relief
10 admit doing/ having done sth.
My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations
It is known to us all that some students cheat in examinations at school.
As students, we often take examinations at school, but sometimes we have too many examinations which are too difficult for us. On the other hand, some of us are lazy and don't work hard at their lessons. So when taking examinations, they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.
In my opinion, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools, we students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in examinations. What's more, we should improve our study methods and get well prepared for examinations.



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