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Ⅰ。单项填空: 1. ________ returning from abroad, he set about setting up a club for young climbers. A. Upon B. At C. In D. During B. used to, are used to producing D. used to, are used to produce C. of which D. whose 2. The River Nile ________ flood large areas, but now the waters of it ________ electricity. A. is used to, used to produce C. used to, used to produce A. which B. that

3. In the end she decided to sell the house ________ windows face south. 4. The teacher insisted that the students ________ too lazy to study hard and that their homework ________ handed in before Friday. A. are; should be A. that B. should be; are B. which C. were; be D. should be; would be D. what 5. Is this the only thing ________ she has brought to me? C. whose 6. In my opinion, work provides us much ________ just salary and income; it also helps us realize our dreams and makes us feel confident. A. rather than when we go to America. A. devote oneselves to B. pay attention to C. lead to D. look forward to 8. —Are you feeling tired after the game? —________. In fact, I feel quite relaxed. A. Not a little A. who A. common experience. A. /; the A. that A. why; that B. /; an B. which C. an ;an C. the one which C. which; that D. the ;the D. the one that D. for which; that D. How funny 12. Is this pen ________ your father gave you as a birthday present last week? 13. The reason________ he explained to us was _________ he couldn’t afford a car. B. that; why 14.______ it is to jump into a river on a hot summer day! A. What great fun B. How a fun C. What a fun

B. other than

C. better than

D. more than

7. We Chinese should ________ the differences between Chinese culture and American culture

B. Not a bit C. which C. normal

C. A bit D. whoever D. average

D. A little

9. In the park I saw an old lady ________ I thought was your grandmother. B. whom B ordinary 10. The ________ rainfall in summer in this country is 51 mm. 11. Jumping out of _______ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ________ exciting

15. The hospital ________ we talked just now is the one _______ my mother works. A. where; in that C. which; where B. about which; in which D. to which; that

Ⅱ。完形填空: 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 A rich man was camping alone on a hill. One day it began to rain and the rain made the tent wet. At last he 16 look for rest. A lady in 18 make his way home. As he passed a beautiful house he walked past him with her 19 . 17 to holding up high. Following her

were her two pretty daughters. They stopped and stared at him 20 shouted. “Go away at once. ”cried “How 23 21 . 24

“Who are you? We don’t like tramps(流浪汉)going around our home .”one of them

“But I’m not a tramp. ”said the man, “ 22 I want is food and to stay for the night.” you come here? Go away at once!” they 25 , “We don’t like your feet 26 around our house. Go, go!” The man moved on and reached a their supper. Though the light was and comfortable. “Can I have some to 30 28 and rest for the night?” he asked. 29 us.” forward a little chair for him. “We are going 31 “Of course, friend,” said the woman, our supper. Come and 32 33 The food was not sleep on their bed 27 house. On entering it he saw a couple and the furniture was poor, it made him feel warm

but they shared it with the stranger. That night they let him 34 left him a memory full of thanks.

they themselves used the stable(厩). Early the next morning, the 35 ordered a lovely house to be built for the couple in the C.should C.asked C.silk C.eyes C.surprisingly C.the one C.Which C.will C.repeated C. lovely

man said good-bye to them. Their When he reached home he woods. 16.A.had to 17.A.tried 18.A.sight 19.A.nose 20.A.curiously 21.A.the other 22.A.That 23.A.do 24.A.explained 25.A. big B.must

D.would D.stopped D.trouble D.hands D.angrily D.other D.All what D.dare D.announced D. dirty

B.managed B.cloth B.head B.suddenly B.another B.All B.can B.continued B. small

26.A.preparing for 27.A.weak 28.A.cloth 29.A.taking 30.A.prepare 31.A.join 32.A.enough 33.A.and 34.A.coldness

B.preparing B.bright B.light B.bringing B.cook B.join in B.scary B.while B.sickness

C.to prepare C.dark C.food C.giving C.buy C.attend C.short C.then C.kindness

D.to prepare for D.strong D.chair D.pulling D.have D.enjoy D.lot D.when D.thank

35.A.quickly B.finally C.happily D.quietly Ⅲ。阅读理解: 阅读下列短文,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Saturday,March 24th We have arrived in the hot, wet city of Bangkok. This is our first trip to Thailand(泰国). All the different smells make us want to try the food. We are going to eat something special for dinner tonight. The hotel we are staying in is cheap, and very clean. We plan to stay here for a few days, visit some places in the city, and then travel to Chiang Mai in the North. Tuesday, March 27th Bangkok is wonderful and surprising! The places are interesting. We visited the famous market which was on water, and saw a lot of fruits and vegetables. Everything is so colorful, and we have taken hundreds of photos already! Later today we will leave for Chiang Mai. We will take the train north, stay in Chiang Mai for two days, and then catch a bus to Chiang Rai. Friday,March 30th Our trip to Chiang Rai was long and boring. We visited a small village in the mountains. The village people here love the quiet life -- no computers or phones. They are the kindest people I have ever met. They always smile and say “hello”. Kathy and I can only speak a few words of Thai, so smiling is the best way to show our kindness. I feel good here and hope to be able to come back next year. 36. The diaries above show the writer’s ______ days in Thailand. A. 3 B. 7 C. 15 D. 30 37. It seems that visitors ______ in Bangkok. A. often feel hungry B. can always find cheap things C. can’t take any photos D. can enjoy themselves 38. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the south of Thailand. B. The writer left Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai by bus. C. Chiang Rai is a boring city in the mountains. D. The writer is traveling alone in Thailand.

B Wanted,Someone for a Kiss We’re looking for producers to join US on the sound of London Kiss l00 FM.You’ll work on the station’s music programmes. Music production experience in radio is necessary, along with rich knowledge of modern dance music.Please apply (申请) in writing to Producer Vacancies, Kiss 100. Father Christmas We’re looking for a very special person,preferably over 40,to fill our Father Christmas suit. Working days:Every Saturday from November 24 to December l5 and every day from December 17 to December 24 except Sundays, 10:30-16:00. Excellent pay. Please contact (联系) the Enterprise Shopping Centre,Station Parade, Eastbourne. Accountants Assistant When you join the team in our Revenue Administration Unit, you will be providing assistance within all parts of the Revenue Division, dealing with post and other general duties. If you are educated to GCSE grade C level we would like to talk to you. This position is equally suitable for a school leaver or for somebody who has office experience. Wealden District Council Software Trainer If you are aged 24-45 and have experience in teaching and training, you could be the person we are looking for. You should be good at the computer and have some experience in programme writing. You will be allowed to make your own decisions, and to design courses as well as present them. Pay upwards of £15,000 for the right person. Please apply by sending your CV (简历) to Mrs R..Oglivie, Palmlace Limited. 39. Who should you get in touch with if you hope to work in a radio station? A. Producer Vacancies, Kiss 100. B. Mrs Oglivie, palmlace Limited. C. The Enterprise Shopping Centre. D. Wealden District Council. 40. We Iearn from the ads that the Enterprise Shopping Centre needs a person who __ A. is aged between 24 and 40 B. may do some training work C. should deal with general duties D. can work for about a month 41. Which position is open to recent school graduates? A. Producer, London Kiss. B. Father Christmas. C. Accountants Assistant. D. Software Trainer. 42. What kind of person would probably apply to Palmlace Limited? A. One with GCSE grade C level.

B. One with some office experience. C. One having good computer knowledge. D. One trained in producing music programmes. C “I usually put my mobile phone in my bag, and I often feel like it is ringing when there actually is no phone call. Now I always want to keep it in my hand, being afraid that I might miss important calls or messages,” Miss Liu tells her doctor. Miss Gu, a news worker, has to take her mobile phone with her all the time so as not to miss any calls from her office or readers. Gradually, she started to experience a great “panic” about her mobile phone. “Every night when I’m about to fall asleep, I often wake up with a start, feeling that my phone is ringing. Although I’m sure that I have turned it off, I still feel that it is ringing, clearly.” The above phenomenon is what we call “mobile-phone acouasm (幻听)”. The mobile phone has now become a “new organ” in a white collar’s daily life, and “mobile-phone acouasm” has become a common phenomenon among office workers. According to a report of China Youth Daily, “mobile-phone acouasm ” most likely results from people’s dependency on hi-tech products. It is associated with certain professions, such as salesmen, consultants and journalists. They use mobile phones almost continuously. Constantly being in the “stand-by” mode, the strong psychological tension gives them acouasm. Meanwhile, a large number of this year’s graduates are joining the family of acouasm suffers due to the hard job-hunting experience. “You know that the rings are not from your phone, but you always take it out and have a look. This is subconscious(潜意识) from your body sending you a signal, telling you that you must take a break to reduce your pressure,” Professor Sun Li from Huadong Normal University explains. There are many ways to solve the problem. The professor says that the key is to deal with pressure from work. “This is just a kind of self-protection”; the most important thing is to find out the source of your pressure. And then take part in some activities that are not related to your work. You can do anything that can relax your body and mind.” 43. According to the passage the phrase “mobile-phone acouasm” refers to . A. people’s being addicted to mobile phones B. people’s feeling the unreal phone rings C. mobile phones’ going wrong frequently D. mobile phones’ disturbing people constantly 44. How does “mobile-phone acouasm ” come about ? A. Some mobile phones are in poor quality. B. Some people develop the dependency on mobile phones. C. Some people listen to the music on mobile phones too much. D. Something is wrong with some people’s hearing.

45. What kind of people are more likely to suffer from “mobile-phone acouasm” ? A. Those who use mobile phones too often. B. Those who like mobile phones very much. C. Those who lead a busy life. D. Those who lead a free life. 46. What is the most important measure to deal with “mobile-phone acouasm ” ? A. To buy a mobile phone of good quality. B. To turn off your mobile phone. C. To get rid of pressure from work. D. To have your ears examined regularly. Ⅳ。任务型阅读: 请阅读短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填一个单词。请将答案写在答题卡上相应题号的横线上。 In the past, man did not have to think about the protection of his environment. There were not many people on earth, and natural resources seemed to be unlimited. Today, things are different. The world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources too quickly, and at the same time we are polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue like this, human life on earth will not survive. Everyone realizes today that if too many fish are taken from the sea, there will soon be none left. Yet, with modern fishing methods, more and more fish are caught. We know that if too many trees are cut down, forests will disappear and nothing will grow on the land. Yet, we continue to use bigger and more powerful machines to cut down more and more trees. We realize that if rivers are polluted with waste products from factories, we will die. However, in most countries waste products are still put into rivers or into the sea, and there are few laws to stop this. We know, too, that if the population of the world continues to rise at the present rate. In a few years, there will not be enough food. What can we do to solve these problems? If we eat more vegetables and less meat, there will be more food available for everyone. Land that is used to grow crops can feed five times more people than land where animals are kept. The world population will not rise so quickly if people use modern methods of birth control. Finally, if we educate people to think about the problems, we shall have a better and cleaner planet in the future.


Protection of the Environment a. More fish being caught b. More 57. ________ being cut down 56.________ c. More 58. ________ products being put into rivers d. 59. ________ food for more people a. The 60._________ 62. ________ world is becoming too crowded.

b. Modern methods make the situation 61. ________. We human beings will not survive on the earth. a. Eat more vegetables and less meat so that more food will be 63.________ to everyone.. b. Use modern methods of birth control so that the 64. will not grow too fast. c. Educate people so that the earth will be better and 65. ________





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