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6.20 unit 5 复习

Unit 5 期末复习作业 一. 词汇(根据首字母、句意、中文等填空) 1. Look, ShuiJunyi, the i__________, is having an i______________ with the farmer. 2 . English is an ___________ (国际) language, we should work hard at it.

3. The nurse’s job is to take care of ___________. 4. Those young men are __________ (培训) as eye doctors. 5. The boy made such a big mistake that he should be p_____________. 6. The scientists did a lot of r______________ on blindness. 7. Paper is one of the greatest ___________ in China in history. 8. She has tried all kinds of t___________ since she had a headache. 9. The poor girl is used to ___________ (失明). 10. I have made a lot of money since last year, so I can __________ to buy a car. 11. We go to school to learn new s_______ and k___________. 12. He was very clever when he was young, so his parents used to be ___________ of him. 13.They should go to school instead of s_________ their families. 14. He was g___________ to the people who helped him. 15. The children’s __________ (生命)have been saved by this young doctor. 16. Lily’s grandfather has been __________ (严重) ill over these days. 17. We can get a lot of money and stationery from __________ (捐赠). 18. Some children can’t go to school, ________ (主要) in the poor countries. 19. SARS has __________ (caused a change in sb. or sth.) many people in the world. 20. He is used to ___________ (cutting a person’s body open to take out or repair a part) on 15 patients a day. 二.单项选择 1. ________ were changed ________ the war. A. Children’ life, because C. Children’ lives, because of B. Children’s lives, because of D. Children’s lives, because

2. You shouldn’t let your children work ________ support your family instead _____ to school. A.for, go B. to, to go C. for, going D. to, of going 3. You ______ to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do. A. needn’t to come B. don’t need come C. don’t need coming D. needn’t come 4. 70% of the earth _____ covered with water. A. are B. is C. were D. being 5. —Do you spend a lot of time____ computer? —No, but I spend much time_____ doing my homework. A. on; in B. in; on C. on; on D. in; in 6. His mother told him that stamps ________ letters. A. are used to sending C. use to send B. used to send D. are used to send

7. My friend was a forgetful man before. He often _____his keys on the desk when he went

out. A. forget A. used to walk ,ride C. used to walk ,ride

B. leaves

C. forgot

D. left

8. The student ______to school because she was afraid of_____. B. was used to walking ,riding D. used walking .riding

9. Many blind men in poor countries have no money to travel to ________hospital, so if I only work in ________ hospital, I can’t help them. A. a, / B. /, a C. /, / D. a, a 10.I listened to the good news ________ radio. It said we could watch the football match ________ video. A. on, on B. on, on the C. over the , on the D. on the, on 11. They helped the poor children ________ money for them. A. to raising B. to raise C. by raise D. by raising 12.________ hard work he is doing but he is used to it now! A. What a B. What C. How a D. How 13. A friend ________ is a friend ________. A. indeed, in need B. in need, indeed C. in the need, in deed D. indeed, in the need 14.What would you like to ________ to our readers? A. say B. call C. speak D. talk 15.Many people ________ eye problems visit the ORBIS plane. A. have B. with C. has D. have 16. Many people are very grateful ________ him ________curing their eye problems. A. to, for B. for, to C. for, for D. to, to 17. UNICEF, part of the United States, ________ up in 1946, after the war in Europe. A. was set B. were set school. A. Mary, the 三.选词填空 medicine sick advertise collect improve kind 1. The wall is covered with ____________. And we should ___________ for someone to look after our children. 2. The patient receives a lot of _________ treatment and takes the _______ 3 times a day. 3. My mother used to feel _____ when she got up. But now her _______ has gone. 4. There’s been a great ____________ in his English this term. But he thinks this is not enough, and he wants to _______ other lessons. 5. She was _______ to me when I was unhappy. I said to her, “Thank you for all your ________”

C. were setted

D. is set

18.Mary works for ORBIS. I really hope to have a job like ________ when I finish ________ B. Mary’s, / C. her, / D. hers, the

educate 7.




south than him. .

6. His home is about 30 miles from here. No one in his class lives is so important that each child should go to school. part of China. care most. sleep blind . 8. You’ll lose the game if the questions are answered 9. In summer it’s usually very hot in the 10. Many children in poor areas needs hope meaning wide 11. The poor girl can’t see anything because of her 12. She never studies hard ,so I think it’s 13. Don’t make any noise while the baby is 14. I had such a 15. Are personal computers .

for her to pass the exam.

experience that I will never forget it. used in Chinese families?

四.句型转换 1. The doctor cured his eye problem two years ago.(用被动语态改写句子) 2. Doctors can operate on them to help them see again.(同义句) Doctors can ________ ________ ________ them to help them see again. 3. We trained nurses to support their work. (同义句) We ________ their work ________ ________ nurses. 4. There’s enough time, so you needn’t hurry. (同义句) There’s enough time, so you_____ _____ _____hurry. 五.完形填空 Mr. Green heard that a certain government department(政府部门)wanted a clerk(职 员), 1 he wrote and 2 the position(职位). But while he was waiting for 3 , a friend of his introduced him to the head of the department. And the head at once gave him 4 . Several months 5 , 6 Mr. Green was working in the department, he got a letter from his old address. This letter said: “Dear Sir, We are 7 to have to tell you that we cannot offer you the work in this department because we do not think that you would 8 do the job successfully. Yours Faithfully,” Mr. Green laughed, but when he looked at the letter more 9 he was 10 to see that he signed it himself! 1.A.but B.so C.or D.and 2.A.go ready for B.looked for C.took D.asked for 3.A.an answer B.his friend C.the position D.the head 4.A.the pay B.the address C.the work D.a letter

5.A.later B.ago C.before D.since 6.A.so B.then C.while D.after 7.A.happy B.sorry C.sure D.pleased 8.A.have to B.love to C.be glad to D.be able to 9.A.quietly B.politely C.carefully D.quickly 10.A.worried B.lucky C.sad D.surprised 六.阅读理解 Until a few years ago, only boys could become students at the university of Ruritania (鲁里坦 尼亚大学). Later the university decided to take girls in. But one of the teachers, Mr Goller, was not pleased at all. He had not wanted to let girl students in. Mr Goller always began his lessons with the word “Gentlemen!” What could he do now? Well, when the girl students came to his lessons for the first time, he still began with the word. For him the girls were just not there. Then one day there was only one boy in his class among a lot of girls. For a moment, Mr Goller didn't know what to do. Then he began, “Sir! ” Finally a terrible day came when there were no boys in his class He came into the room, looked at the girls and said, “Oh, nobody's here today!” he turned and went out without giving his lessons. 1.Several years ago, ______. A.there was no girl studying in the university. B.Mr Goller didn't teach in the university C.the university let girl students in D.most of the students in the university were boys. 2.Mr Goller usually said “______”when he began his lessons. A.Sir B.Good morning C.Gentlemen D.Hello 3.When the girls came to his lessons, Mr Goller was ______. A.surprised B.afraid C.glad D.unhappy 4.The writer wants us to know how Mr Goller ______. A.agreed to let the girls in B.didn't like his teaching C.always didn't know What to do with the girls D.only liked to teach boy students. 5.We can know from the passage that ______. A.the boy students didn't enjoy Mr Goller's lessons B.we will not see the girl students in Mr Goller's class. C.Mr Goller was loved by his students D.Mr Goller will not work in the university.




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