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高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修3Module 1

高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修三 Module 1
知识详解 1 face v. 面向;面对;面临;应付 n. 脸;相貌;表情;表面;正面 (回归课本 P1)France is Europe’s third largest country and faces the United Kingdom across the English Channel. 法国是欧洲的

第三大国,隔英吉利海峡与英国相望。 归纳总结 例句探源 ① The building faces the big river. 这座建筑面向大河。 ② He couldn’t face driving all the way to Los Angeles. 他可受不了一直开车到洛杉矶。 ③ Faced with robbers,she kept calm. 面对强盗,她保持着镇静。 ④ If Tom doesn’t keep his promise,he’ll lose face. 如果汤姆不信守诺言,他就会丢面子。 即境活用 1.________with so much trouble,we failed to complete the task on time. A.Faced B.Face C.Facing D.To face 解析:选 A。be faced with sth.意为“面临着”,作状语时,要用 faced with sth.。facing 作状语时, 表示面对着或面向,不与介词 with 连用。to face 作目的状语时,表示做某事的目的。 2 . ________the global financial crisis , the Chinese government has taken many measures________people’s life to deal with it. A.Facing with;related B.Faced;relating to C.Faced with;relating D.Facing;related to 解析: 选 D。 句意是: 中国政府面临全球性金融危机, 已采取了许多与民生有关的措施来应对。 表示“面对”时,用 faced with 和 facing 皆可;第二个空只能用 related to 表示“与……有关的”。 2 situated adj. 坐落(某处)的;位于(某处)的;(人)处于……境遇/地位的 (回归课本 P2)Paris is the capital and largest city of France,situated on the River Seine. 巴黎是法国的首都,也是法国最大的城市,坐落在塞纳河畔。 归纳总结 (1)be badly/well situated 境况困难/良好, (2)be situated on/in/at....位于……的;坐落在……的;处于……地位/境遇/状态的, situate vt.使……坐落/建于某处, situation n.立场;局势;地理位置;形势, in a...situation 在……形势下;处于……状况中 例句探源 ① Microsoft is well situated to exploit this new market. 微软具备良好的条件开拓这个新市场。 ② His parents died in an accident and left him an orphan. He was badly situated at the moment. 他的父母死于一场意外事故,他成了孤儿,目前处境艰难。 ③ That is a small town situated just(to the)south of Cleveland. 那是一个地处克利夫兰以南的小城。


④ The company wants to situate its headquarters in the north. 那个公司想把总部设在北方。 ⑤ (朗文 P1919)What would you do if you were in my situation? 假如你处于我的情况,你会怎么办? 易混辨析 situate,locate,lie,stand (1)situate 动词形式比较少用,一般用过去分词作形容词。此时相当于 be located,表示“位于某 处”。同时也可用于描述人或事物,意为“处于……境况的”,be located 无此义。 (2)locate 表示“确定某物位置”,可以用被动形式或主动形式。 (3)lie 指有一定面积的某物“延伸在(到)……”;另外,也可以意为“躺”。 (4)stand 指有一定高度的建筑等“矗立,站立”在某处。 四个词后面的介词用 in 表示在某范围内;to 表示在某范围外;on 表示相邻或在上面;off 表示 离开一段距离在不远的地方。 ① The big city is situated on the coast of Huanghai Sea. ② The small village,located/situated at the foot of the mountain,has become a holiday resort. ③ Hainan Province,lies/is_located/is_situated in the south of China. ④ There stands a tall tower on the top of the mountain. 即境活用 3.Having six children and no income,the widow was badly________. A.situating B.located C.situated D.locating 解析:选 C。句意有“有六个孩子,又没有收入,这个寡妇处境困难。” 3 opposite adj. 相对的,对面的;对立的,相反的;对等的,对应的 n.相反的事物,对立的人(或物);反面 prep. 在……对面(回归课本 P4) 归纳总结 例句探源 ① Black and white are opposites. 黑和白正好相反。 ② The library is on the opposite side of the road from the school.图书馆在学校马路对面。 ③ (郎文 P1376)Martha’s not shy at all-just the opposite in fact. 玛莎一点都不腼腆,事实上正好相反。 ④ (朗文 P1376)The people sitting opposite us looked very familiar.坐在我们对面的人看上去很面 熟。 易混辨析 opposite,contrary (1)opposite 指“位置、方向、地位、性质、意义等对立的、相反的”。 (2)contrary 指“两物朝相反的方向发展”,含有“互相冲突,不一致”的意思。on the contrary“相 反”。① “True” and “false” have opposite meanings. ② Your plan is contrary to mine. 即境活用 4.There is a fine little cafe________this house.Cross the street and you’ll be there. A.on the contrary of B.opposite to C.in front of D.opposite from


解析:选 B。从后一句话的意思分析,咖啡馆在街对面,故选用 B 项。 5.The school________the hospital. A.opposite B.opposite to C.is opposite to D.is the opposite 解析:选 C。句意“学校在医院对面”。 4 sign v. 签署;签名;示意,打手势 n. 符号;标记;手势;征兆 (回归课本 P7)France and Germany aren’t going to sign the agreement. 法国和德国将不会签订协议。 归纳总结 例句探源 ① You forgot to sign the check.你忘了在支票上签字。 ② He signed to me to be quiet. 他向我打手势,让我安静。 ③ For safety reasons,please sign in when you arrive at the building,and sign out when you leave. 基于安全考虑,请在抵达大楼时签到,离去时签退。 ④ A red sky at sunset is a sign of good weather. 日落时的晚霞是好天气的征兆。 易混辨析 symbol,sign,signal,mark 均含“标志,象征,符号”之意。 (1)symbol 指作象征或表达某种深邃意蕴的特殊事物。 (2)sign 普通用词,指人们公认的事物的记号,也可指某种情况的征兆。 (3)signal 指为某一目的而有意发出的信号。 (4)mark 普通用词,含义广泛。既可指为便于辨认而有意做的标记,又可指自然形成的标记或 有别于其他事物的特征。 ① All I get is a busy signal whenever I dial his number. ② The sign by the road says“No Parking”. ③ You’d better make a mark where you have a question. ④ A dove is the symbol of peace. 即境活用 6.I was driving around the corner when a policeman ______to me to stop. A.showed B.expressed C.signed D.warned 解析:选 C。sign to sb. to do sth.招手示意某人做某事。语境为“警察打手势让我停车。” 5 in terms of 据……;依照……;就……而言 (回归课本 P9)In terms of size and population,how big is the European Union compared with China? 在面积与人口方面,欧盟与中国相比有多大? 归纳总结 例句探源 ① In terms of customer satisfaction,the policy cannot be criticized.说到顾客的满意情况,这个政 策无可挑剔。 ② In their terms,cutting government spending is the most important thing.


根据他们的观点,削减政府开支是最重要的事情。 ③ What they have done is good for the environment in the long term. 从长远来看,他们所做的事情对环境是有利的。 即境活用 7.(高考江苏卷)This special school accepts all disabled students,________educational level and background. A.according to B.regardless of C.in addition to D.in terms of 解析:选 B。考查介词短语。句意:这所特殊的学校招收所有的残疾学生,不管他们的教育水 平或背景。regardless of“不管,不顾”,符合题意。 8.________achievement,last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO had earned a low,though not failing,grade. A.In terms of B.In case of B.As a result of D.In face of 解析:选 A。句意是:就成就而言,上周的 WTO 部长级会议虽然没有失败,但是收效甚微。 在题中,in terms of 意为“就……而言”;in case of 万一;as a result of 作为……的结果;in face of 面对。 6 on the other hand 另一方面;反过来说 (回归课本 P9)In France,on the other hand,the head of state is a president. 而另一方面,在法国,政府的首脑是总统。 归纳总结 on the one hand...,on the other hand...一方面……,另一方面……, at hand 接近的,不远的, by hand 用手工, In hand 在处理之中, hand in hand 手牵手,携手, Hands up!举起手来! 例句探源 ① He is an able man,but on the other hand he demands too much of people. 他是一个能干的人,但是另一方面,他对人要求太多了。 ② On the one hand,some host families are losing their unique selling point... On the other hand, students’ expectations have risen. 一方面,有些寄宿家庭正逐渐失去他们唯一的卖点……另一方面,学生的期望也增加了。 即境活用 9.I would like a job which pays more, but________,I enjoy the work I’m doing at the moment. A.in other words B.on the other hand C.for one thing D.as a matter of fact 解析:选 B。on the other hand 常被用来比较两个不同的事情或观点,常与 on the one hand 连 用;for one thing 常与 and for another 连用表示“一来……二来……”,常用来列举理由;in other words 表示“换句话说”;as a matter of fact 表示“事实上”。根据句意“我想得到一份薪水更高的 工作,但从另一方面来说,我非常喜欢我现在的工作。”可知应选 B。 10.Father and mother wanted to go for a ride, but________, the children wanted to stay at home and


play with their friends. A.on the other hand B.on another hand C.in other ways D.as a result 解析:选 A。A 表示“另一方面”;B 无这种搭配;C 表示“用其他办法”;D 表示“结果”。本句 意为“父母想开车出去,而另一方面,孩子们却想呆在家里和朋友们玩。”所以选 A。 句型梳理 1【教材原句】 Italy is in the south of Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.(P1) 意大利在欧洲的南端,位于地中海沿岸。 【句法分析】 表示“某物在哪个方向”可用 south/west/north/east 等,构成如下几种表达方式。 (1)...is in the south of 在……的南部(在内部) ...is on the south of 在……南边(接壤) ...is to the south of 在……以南(在外部,不接壤) ...is south of 在……南部(不指明在内部还是在外部) (2)把表示方位、地点的介词或副词短语放到句首,句子用倒装语序。 ① Guangdong is in the south of China. 广东在中国的南部。 ② Jiangsu is on the south of Shandong.江苏在山东南面。 ③ Mexico is(on the)south of the U.S.. 墨西哥位于美国的南面。 ④ East of our school lies a railway. 我们学校东面有一条铁路。 即境活用 11.________of the Pacific Ocean________Canada. A.The east;lies B.East;lies C.To the east;does lie D.On the east;does lie 解析:选 B。当方位词位于句首时,要使用倒装,且方位词前不使用冠词。 12.In the dark forests________,some large enough to hold several English towns. A.stand many lakes B.lie many lakes C.many lakes lie D.many lakes stand 解析:选 B。地点状语位于句首时,句子用完全倒装,stand 一般表示高大的东西,而此处说 的是 lakes,故用 lie。 2【教材原句】 Twenty percent of the country is covered by islands.(P1) 这个国家的百分之二十被岛屿所覆盖。 【句法分析】 本句的主语是百分数 Twenty percent,谓语动词是 is covered。分数或百分数作 主语时,谓语的单复数要与分数或百分数所指代的名词保持一致。在这一句话中,is covered 与 the country 一致,故用单数。 ① Twofifths of the land in that district is covered with trees and grass. 那个地区有五分之二的面积被草木覆盖。 ② More than thirty percent of the students are from Africa. 多于百分之三十的学生是非洲人。


即境活用 13.We have fifty workshops in our factory,but only one fifth________able to be used and the rest________empty. A.is;stands B.are;stand C.was;stood D.were;stood 解析:选 B。考查主谓一致和时态。带有分数、百分数的名词短语或相当于分数、百分数的 some(of...),most(of...),the rest (of...)等作主语时,根据 of 后名词的单复数来确定谓语的单复 数,若将 of 短语省略,要根据前边出现过的它们所指代的名词的单复数确定谓语的单复数, 此题中前边的名词 workshops 为复数名词,谓语应该用复数;根据第一分句的时态判断出第二 分句也应该采用一般现在时。 14.The company had about 20 notebook computers but only onethird________used regularly.Now we have 60 working all day long. A.is B.are C.was D.were 解析:选 D。此处 onethird 指的是 computers,故为复数;从和 now 对比中可知,这说的是 过去的事了。



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