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英语必修2-Unit 3[课件]

(1)It may rain, but we shall go anyhow.______________ 无论如何

(2)Anyhow, you can try, even if there's not much
至少 chance of success.___________________________ (3)You are qu

ite right __________________.从某一方面 in a way

竟然有这么多的人途经香港去国外,真让人吃惊。 In no way (4)__________________ can we miss the chance that someone will be sent abroad for further education. 我们决不能错过这个被派往国外深造的机会。 a busy signal 5)All I get is __________________ whenever I dial his number.


signalled him to (6)She __________________ follow her.

7)I thought it would be easy, but a lot of problems have arisen ________________. 我本来想事情会很容易,但是出现了许多问题。。 arose from (8)He _______________ his seat.他从座位上站起来。 were watched over (9)They __________________ by three policemen.他们由 三个警察看守着。 (10)____________! There is a car coming.注意!有车来 Watch out 了。

[即学即练6](11) Hard work results in ____________ success. 努力终归成功。

results from (12) Success _____________ hard work.成功来自于努力 工作。
a result (13)He was ill. As ____________________, he didn't go to school.他生病了。因此,他没去上学。 As a result of (14)___________________________ his illness, he didn't go to school.由于生病,他没去上学。

1.as a result结果(短语副词,不能接任何词,前 后常有标点) as a result of由于……的结果(短语介词,后面 接名词或代词)

8.deal with处理;安排;对付 [即学即练8]写出下列deal with的意思。 (1)There are too many difficulties for us to deal with. 处理 ____________ (2)He has learnt to deal properly with all kinds of 应付 complicated situations._______________ 对付 (3)Deal with a man as he deals with you.___________ (4)This is a book dealing with Asian 关于;论及 problems.______________________

the total cost of [即学即练1]—What is ________________________

these books?这些书的全部费用是多少?
a total of —It cost me __________________ of 500 yuan. ___________, it cost me 500 yuan. In total totalled up to The cost ________________ 500 yuan. 这些书总共花了我500元。 [应用2] rising (1)The river is ______ after the rain.

raised (2)He ______ his hand in the hope of being asked. aroused (3)His strange behaviour _________ our suspicions. (4)New problems arise every day. ______

⑶宇航器的出现为我们探索太空提供了可能。 it The appearance of a spaceship makes __ explore possible for us to ________ outerspace.

⑷ 就个人而言,那部电影不值一看。 Personally speaking ___________________,the film is not worth seeing.


⑴ 在一位警察的帮助下,我最终找到了他的房子。 with the help of a policeman I found his house__________________________. ⑵ 在朋友们的帮助下,他终于解决了这个问题。 With the help of his friends __________________________,he finally solved the problem.

⑵ 她是一位非常和蔼的老师,我们都喜欢她。 She is ___________teacher that we all like her. so kind a

=She is such a kind teacher that we all like her. ⑶ 食物太多了,我们吃不完。

so much food There was ______________ that we couldn’t
eat it all.

⑴ 她很和蔼,我们都喜欢她。 She is ___________ we all like her. so kind that

1.原句:I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred yearsbefore I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.我发育缓慢,差不多到了两百年之 后,查尔· 巴比奇才把我制成了一台分析机。 (L3,P18)
句型:It takes some time before... 过了多久才……

⑴ 一份杂志要经过几年才会开始赚钱。 It takes several years before __________________________a magazine starts to make money.

⑵ 过了很长一段时间那场大火才渐渐熄灭。 ________________________the big fire died It took a long time before out.

⑶ 最早的电话并不受人欢迎,过了很长一

The earliest telephones were not popular

and ______________________ people it took a long time before
began to hire or buy them.

2.As time went by ,I was made smaller. 随着时间的流逝,我被做得更小。(L16, P18) 句型:As time went by,... 随着时 间的流逝,……

⑴ 随着时间的推移,我们相信一切都会更美好。 as We are sure that everything will be better______ _____________________ . time passes/goes by ⑵ 随着时间的推移,我们国家会越来越发达。 _____________________,our country will As time goes by become more and more developed.

⑶ 春去秋来,当年的小屁孩“黑龙”已经出落 成仪表堂堂的大小伙子了。
_______________________________,the littleAs time went by/with time going by noted kid Black Dragon had grown up to a distinguished looking young man.

Ⅳ.模仿造句 1.I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.

It took three months before he recovered from his illness. 2.By the 1940s I had grown as large as a room,and I wonder if I

would grow any larger.
[翻译]到2003年,那家公司已经发展成为一个跨国公司。 By 2003,that company had developed into a multinational

3.As time went by,I was made smaller. [翻译]随着时间的推移,她越来越想家了。

As time went by,she became more homesick.

4.I have also been put into robots and used to make mobile phones
as well as help with medical operations. [翻译]你不可能叫她既照顾孩子又做家务。 You cannot expect her to do the housework as well as look after the children. 5.In this way I can make up new moves using my “artificial intelligence”. [翻译]我们通常用手机保持联系。

We usually keep in touch using mobile phones.

单项填空 ( )(1) Many difficulties have ______as a result of change over a new type of fuel.

A. risen

B. arisen

C. raised

D. lifted




)(2) We should always keep in mind that accidents______ from carelessness while driving. A. arise B. arouse C. begin D. cause
A 考查动词词义辨析。arise from表示“由……引起”; arouse是及 物动词,表示“唤醒,激起”,不与介词from连用;begin from表示 “从……开始”;cause是及物动词,表示“导致,带来”,不与介词 from连用。根据语境:我们应当时刻把事故是由开车时粗心带来的挂


)(3) So sudden ______that the enemy had no time to escape. B. the attack did

A. did the attack

C. was the attack

D. the attack was

考查倒装。so that, such that 的句子结构中,若so, such 和与其所修饰的词置



)(4)He knows ______ to deal with man but when he meets women, he doesn't know ______ to do with. A. what; how B. what; what C. how; what D. how; how
C 考查 deal with与 do with的用法。作“对待,处理”解,do with 和 deal with同义, do with与what搭配,而deal with则要看其后有无宾语, 没宾语,就用what; 有宾语,一般就用how, 所以答案是C。

[即境活用1](5)______about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A.So curious the couple was B.So curious were the couple C.How curious the couple were D.The couple was such curious 解析:考查 so...that...引导结果状语从句,且 so...放于句首


(6)Most children need encouragement in time of failure

______ they can cheer up again.
A.so that C.because B.in case D.if

解析:考查 so that 引导目的状语从句。 答案:A (7) You will find this map of great ______ in helping you to get around London. A.price B.cost



解析:be of great value=be very valuable “很有价值”。 答案:C


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