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The Biggest Challenge I've Ever Met
In our daily life, we unavoidably come across various challenges now and then. In our daily life, we unavoidably come across various challenges now and then. The biggest challenge in my life happened when I entered senior high school. I was shocked to find what the physics teacher taught was totally beyond me and I lost my confidence completely. Thinking I just lacked the gift for physics, I stopped making efforts and my grades were poor. Fortunately, my teacher didn’t give up on me. Instead, she helped me analyze my problem and I realized needed to rise to challenges bravely. I regained my confidence, adjusted approaches and worked hard. Now I’m one of the top students in physics. From the above experience, I’ve learned that it is not our inborn gifts but our efforts that help us achieve success. When confronted with challenges, we should fight bravely instead of giving up.

Never Forget To Say “Thanks”
Thanksgiving is not only a virtue, but a soul experience. One afternoon, I went out without taking an umbrella. Suddenly it began to rain. I got all wet, cold and trembling. Fortunately, a kind woman offered me a ride. On my arrival, I said “thank you” to her. She just smiled and lef t, without saying a word. The other day, I helped a boy who got lost. Only then did I realize what is the best way to express gratitude to whoever once helped me — the relay of kindness. Don’t take others’ help for granted. Being grateful can bring us a better and more beautiful life. Why don’t we have a try? Just begin with the simple “thank you”.

There Must Be Lost
Most people often care too much about what they have lost, while ignoring what they have gained. For instance, most individuals realize the importance of health only when they get diseases, while in ordinary days they seldom cherish health. Another example would be Napoleon’s failure, which is a more serious lesson in this case, because he refused to remain content of ruling such a strong country like France but craved for the whole world. As a Chinese saying goes, people can be happy if they constantly feel content. Life would be miserable and stressful if we always focus on the stuff that we lose or that is beyond our reach. If we carefully examine what we already have —health, job, love, parents—we will surely come to realize how fortunate we actually are.

A Fall Into A Pit, A Gain In Your Wit
It’s long been accepted that “A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit”. No one can avoid failures and obstacles, but if we act positively, we can acquire precious lessons rather than feel frustrated. Last weekend, I was hanging out with my friends when a man invited us to his newly-opened gym. Without hesitation, we went in and engaged ourselves in various sports activities. Just when we were to leave, the boss appeared and charged us three hundred yuan. It was not until then that we realized there is no such thing as a free lunch. Judging from the example above, we may safely conclude that experience is the mother of wisdom. Only those never defeated by failure and those brave enough to embrace failure will make progress. After all, a fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.

Smiling Is A Universal Language
Smiling is a universal language, which can give us courage, confidence and comforts. I still remember how upset I was when it was my turn to recite a poem before class. Feeling nervous and shy, I forgot almost everything. I decided to give in, but all my classmates, especially my teacher kept smiling at me encouragingly. Their smiles warned me so much that I got over the difficulty and eventurally made it. I think smiling not only makes us happy but also helps build up our confidence, which makes a difference to our life. Furthermore, it will improve the relationship between us. It’s smiling that brings harmony to our life. Only when you smile at the world will the world smile at you. Therefore, keep smiling and show your best to the world.

A Special Birthday
For us teenagers, a birthday is often an occasion when we are treated to a good feast and presented long-expected gifts. However, it is quite a different case for my classmate Helen, whose parents have been suffering from cancer for years. It was Helen’s birthday yesterday. We several girls got to her home to celebrate it for her. After singing the birthday song together, Helen blew out the candles and made a wish that her parents would recover soon. When we handed her our gift—a box of chocolate, symbolizing a sweet life, she was on the verge of tears and said she would overcome whatever lay ahead to make it. It’s not only a special birthday for her but also something meaningful for me——a reminder to cherish my happy life and not take it for granted too easily.

The Rose's In Her Hand, The Flavor In Mine
It is said that “The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine” and as for me, helping others can really make me happy. In my second high school year, a new student from a rural area became my deskmate, whose English is so poor. To help him, I spent the lunch break when I should have rested teaching him how to pronounce the English words and explaining the difficult grammar points to him. Tired as I was, he made great progress in English finally, which surprisingly made me so proud and joyful! There is no doubt that helping others means helping ourselves in improving our abilities, achieving our values and brightening our life. And I will keep presenting others what I can offer to make his life and mine warmer and happier.

One Activity That I Feel Meaningful
We have held varieties of activities in our school life, some if which are meaningful. I still remember one class activity we organized for protecting the environment. Early in the morning, we set off for a nearby park, where many people came to exercise. The moment we arrived there, we got down to working. Some collected rubbish and cleaned up the roads while others put up some signboards wherever necessary, advising people to protect the green grass and flowers. To our delight, many other people joined us. Soon the park took on a new look. Though tired, we all felt proud. Such activities are necessary, instructive and meaningful, which helps people strengthen their awareness of protecting the environment. Only when we mind our behavior and take action together can we live in a cleaner and more beautiful world.

Only They Who Fulfill Their Duties In Everyday Matters Will Fulfill Them On Great Occasions
As a teenager, I have always been told about the importance of sense of responsibility in our daily life. However, I didn’t r ealize that until one thing happened to me two weeks ago. The annual overseas holiday is my family tradition, which is supposed to be fun. We planned to go to Thailand this year. My mother decided that everyone is responsible for bringing his or her own passport, without which we are not allowed to travel abroad. Unfortunately, I found I had left my passport at home when arriving at the airport. What’s worse, it seemed that I didn’t have sufficient time to fetch it. As a result, we had to cancel our flight, reorganize our trip and suffer certain economic loss. The lesson I learned from this experience reminded me a famous saying, which read“Only they who fulfill their duties in every day matters will fulfill them on great occasions.”

Everything In The World Has Its Strong And Weak Points
As we all know, everything in the world has its strong and weak points. So do we. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I find out learning form other people’s strengths helps me overcome my weaknesses and make me grow healthily. I learned it from one of my experiences. My friend Lily is weak in PE. In my mind, she was nobody and couldn’t match me. But to my surprise, when the art grades came, I was ashamed. Her grades were much higher than mine. Then I realized she is somebody and regretted looking down upon her. I asked her to teach me art and I helped her with her PE. We both got fine grades in the final tests. From this, I realized anyone will do pretty well in some aspect. What I should do is to watch and learn. Only in this way can I make a difference.

Love Can Change A Person
Where there is love, there are miracles. So powerful is love that it can make a difference to a person. Take Helen Keller, a great American female writer for example. Being blind and deaf, Helen Keller once felt hopeless about life. Fortunately, Ann came to her life as her private teacher. She managed to help her how to read and write, which built up her confidence. With her patience and great love, Helen Keller became optimistic and made great achievements in her life. As Helen Keller acknowledged in her book, “Without Anne, there wouldn’t have been a Helen.” It was Ann’s love that contributed a lot to her change. The story between Helen Keller and Ann impresses me a lot. If everybody gives his love, the world will be filled with sunshine.

As we can see in the picture, Xiaoming is busy with his homework while his mother is fanning him to make him cool and comfortable. The picture implies the parents are indulgent with their children. For example, like the picture, they do everything for their children to create a good opportunity for their children to involve in their study, which most children are willing to accept. I don’t approve of what the parents do. Surely there comes a time when everything has to leave the parental nest, look after themselves and pay their own way in life. Therefore, the parents are required to be aware that a great love and concern means providing a good chance for their children to fly higher instead of spoiling or restricting them. Certainly it’s better to take action now.

Making An Apology
When it comes to making an apology to someone or clearing up a misunderstanding, different people prefer different ways. Some people choose texting because it makes communication easier. You can “hide behind the screen” to avoid long and embarrassing conversations. Others tend to think a voice call is more meaningful because it makes them feel closer to the other person and the conversation can go deeper. From my point of view, I consider saying sorry face to face as the best way to make an apology. Firstly, saying sorry face to face indicates a more sincere attitude than any other way and both sides can tell each other ’s emotions. Secondly, it can be more helpful to settle problems, which offers a good chance between people on talking about the differences in detail. No matter which way you prefer, one thing is for sure: you should be sincere.

Behind Every Impossible Situation, There Small Voice Saying I’m Possible
The sentence reminds me that in our life we often find ourselves involved in difficulties that seem to be impossible for us to be equal to. However, as long as we have faith in ourselves, we could find it possible to overcome them. My memory flashed back to one year ago when I was attending an English speech contest. Despite my good preparations, standing in the front, I got so nervous that suddenly my mind went blank. As I was at a loss, a voice yelled inside: “Calm down! Nothing is impossible!” which helped gain back my confidence. Finally I came second in the content. Therefore, trust yourself and you’ll find a way out of every impossible situation.

Everyone Has To Grow Up, With Which Come Some Pains
Everyone has to grow up, with which come some pains. I’m no exception. One bitter memory is still rooted in my heart. We once had a broadcast gymnastics competition in primary school. Certainly school uniform was demanded. But to me, the pain, ugly piece of cloth was unbearable. So I painted a colorful bird on it, thinking I would be so shining the next day. Unfortunately, we lost the first place due to my work of art. Being different did carry a price. For a couple of days I was overwhelmed with shame and guilt. Finally I realized that being different is good, but what really matters is where and when. Now I’m a high school student. I absolutely know in what occasion I should stay different.



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