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Unit 5 Using language选修7

选修 7 Unit5 Using languange 教学案 制作人:夏榕 Teaching aims: 1.语言知识目标: a.重点词汇 b.功能句式 2.语言能力目标:Through reading,enable the students to acquire detailed information about Peru. 3 情感态度目标:Help the student

s learn how to express likes and dislikes, probability and improbability with the target language. 教学重点:Introduce briefly and properly the country—Peru. 教学难点: Talk about tours in and around Cuzco with functional items given. Teaching steps: Step 1 Lead-in Ask the students something about their travelling abroad. (What places would you like to visit?Why?Where can you get information about places of interest?) Step 2 Reading 1.Ask the students to read the entry from a textbook about Peru. Find the information they want to know about Peru. Capital Position ___________ On the Pacific coast of _____________ A narrow _______ belt ___________running parallel to the coast; High, flat ________ in the southeast _________ by Spain from Independent in ______ the 16th century; wildlife

History Resource

A wide variety of plants and ________

2.Glance quickly through the brochure and then try to find out the answers to the following questions. 1). On which Tours can you visit the famous Inca ruins of the city of Machu Picchu? A. Tour 1 and Tour 2 B. Tour 2 and Tour 3 C. Tour 1 and Tour 3 D. Tour 3 and Tour 4 2). If you want to get an opportunity to learn about the Uros Indian’s life, you can choose _________ . A. Tour 1 B. Tour 2 C. Tour 3 D. Tour 4 3). You can ________ on Tour 4. A. explore the jungle B. enjoy some excellent food C. buy some great souvenirs D. stay with a local family for a fully-day 3.Read the passage carefully and fill in the below information.


How long is What can be seen or done? the trip? 4 days

Tour 1

Tour 2


Tour 3


Tour 4


Transportation (How to get there?) jungle, diverse_______, see the by ________ ruins of____________and _____________ fantastic Lake________, by ________ floating_______,the Uros Indians’houses made of _________,learn about the local people’s life learn about the________ and visit by ________ the__________,admire______________ ,enjoy excellent_________,bargin for the____________,visit the ruins of _________ and the _______ of the Inca king. explore the ________ by ________

Step 3.Language points 1. Why does the travel agent advise her not to travel alone? advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事,不定式作补语。 类 似 的 动 词 还 有 : allow, encourage, forbid, order, permit, persuade, remind, request, require. ▲advise 与 suggest 两者的区别是:advise sb (not) to do...,而 suggest 后 面必须加 somebody (或者 somebody's) doing...,当然两者都可以接宾语从句, 注意宾语从句的动词形式必须是(should) (not) do...。 如下面三个句子: I advise my father _______________. I suggest my father( father’s) ________________. I advise/suggest (that) ________________________________. 2. The Andes Mountains running parallel to the coast. 安第斯山脉(与沿海地带)平行一直到海岸。 run v. 伸展,延伸 run for it 逃跑 run across 偶然遇见 run out 用完 run after 追赶 run at 向某人冲去 run into sb. 撞着某人 run off 排出 run over 溢出 run away 逃走 Our money____. We'd better buy something cheap. A. has run out B. is running out C. has run out of D. is running out of 3. Peru has abundant plants from desert grasses to vast areas of jungle.

秘鲁有着多种多样的植物,从沙漠中的草到大片的丛林。 1)abundant adj. be abundant in 富于......,......很丰富 2)abundance n. 丰富 in abundance 大量,充裕 an abundance of 很多的...... 4. Cuzco is a lively city with many hotels and inns, where both Indian and Spanish culture and art can be seen. 库斯科有很多旅店和酒吧, 是一座有活力的城市,在那儿你可以看到印第安 人和西班牙人的文化和艺术。 1) lively: 活泼的,生动的,有生气的 作定语和表语 a lively mind 头脑灵活的 2) alive:活着的,活的 作定语放于名词后,表语形容词=living His dog is alive. the greatest man alive keep sth. alive 3) living 活着的, 逼真的+n. the living writer the livings 4) live: 现场直播的, 活着的 a live whale. The football match will be broadcast live. Step 4.Practice I. Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks. alive, living, live, life, lively 1. Pandas usually ____ in the south and southeast of China. 2. There aren't many pandas __________ in the world today. 4. Are there any ______ things on one of the stars? 5. He had a strange way of making his lessons _____ and interesting. 6. The old couple ____ a happy life. 7. It was a ____ TV broadcast, not a cassette recording. 8. Look! The fish is still _____. It’s a ______ fish. Put it into water and keep it _____. II. 用适当的介词填空。 1. Macao, located ____ the coast of the South China Sea, is a place I would like to visit most. 2. The railway line to be built next year will run parallel ________ the highway. 3. This green is unusual ____ the high plains area where the climate is very dry. 4. Russia is the largest country in the world, which is abundant __________ natural resources. 5. I have decided to give my son some money for his independence ______ the family. 6. I spent a relaxing morning on the ship while watching the sunrise _____ the sea. 7. Have you decided how to go to Beijing, ____ train or plane?

8. Sometimes we stood on the beach and watched the boats traveling ____ the lake.


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