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牛津高中英语Module4 Unit1 Welcome to the unit

Module4 Unit1 Welcome to the unit &Reading
适用学科 适用区域 知识点
英语 江苏译林牛津版教材 1. 单元重点词汇 2. 单元重点句式

适用年级 课时时长(分钟)

高一 60 分钟


1. 掌握重点词汇的用法 2. 掌握重点句式的用法


1. 重点词汇的用法及其运用 2. 重点句式的用法及其运用


1. 重点词汇的用法及其运用 2. 重点句式的用法及其运用

一、 课堂导入


知识点 1:重点词汇 1. 【考查点】appeal to 迎合,对......有吸引力

2. 【考查点】be used to (doing)sth. 习惯于 used to do/be 曾经,一度 be used to do 被用来做

3. 【考查点】persuade sb. to do 劝服某人做某事 persuade vt. 劝说 persuasive adj. 有说服力的 persuasion n. 说服

4.【考查点】commercial adj. 商业的,商业化的 commerce n. 商业,商务,贸易

5.【考查点】welfare n. 社会福利

6.【考查点】protect sb. from


prevent sb. from doing 阻止某人做

7.【考查点】play tricks on sb. 欺骗,捉弄 trick sb. into doing sth. 诱使某人做

8.【考查点】 mean to do sth. 打算,意图 aim to do sth. 目标是

9.【考查点】encourage sb. to do 鼓励某人做 encourage sb. not to do 鼓励某人不要做

10.【考查点】when it comes to 当谈到/涉及到......时

知识点 2:重点句式 【考查点】A commercial advertisement is one which someone has paid for to advertise a product or service. 商业广告就是商家为宣传某种产品或服务而花钱做的广告。 该句是给商业广告下定义, 使用了定语从句。 which someone has paid for to advertise a product or service 来对 one 作进一步补充说明。

【例题 1】If she doesn’t want to go, nothing you can say will A. persuade B. promise C.invite her. D.support

【答案】A 【解析】句意:如果她不想去,那么你说什么也不会说服她留下来的。

【例题 2】How could you trick your parents have one? A.to buy B.into buying

you the expensive smartphone when you have already

C.to buying

D.in buy

【答案】B 【解析】trick sb. into doing sth. 诱使某人做

【例题 3】 The company A.aims to B.aims at

take a bigger share in the domestic market by developing the latest product. C.is aimed to D.is aimed at

【答案】A 【解析】aim to do sth./ aim at doing sth 目的在于,旨在

【例题 4】So far the doctors haven’t found a A.treat B.heal C.cure D.way

for his strange disease.

【答案】C 【解析】cure n. 药物,疗法,对策

【基础】 1.I’ve persuaded Mrs Lee 我说服李太太该是时候退休了。 it’s time she .

【答案】that; retired 【解析】persuade sb. that 从句;it’s time(that)sb. did sth.是时候做某事了

2.It is impolite to

others behind them. (评价,评论)

【答案】make comments on 【解析】make comments on 评价,评论

3. He

the disabled boy. (捉弄,恶作剧)

【答案】played a trick on 【解析】play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人

4.The government 政府正在呼吁每个人节约用水。

everyone to save water.

【答案】is appealing to 【解析】appeal to 呼吁,恳求

5.They used many

in the debate.


【答案】persuasive arguments 【解析】persuasive arguments 有说服力的论据

【巩固】 6. PSAs are often health, safety,or any other problem. 公益广告通常是免费运营的,旨在教育公众的健康、安全或其他问题。 , and educate people about

【答案】run for free; are meant to 【解析】run for free 免费运营; be meant to 旨在

7. All of these ads are meant to they give.

the public,and you can often learn a lot by


【答案】benefit; following the advice 【解析】be meant to do,benefit 造福;by 后接 doing,following the advice 听从建议

8.翻译句子:我已习惯了这的繁忙生活。 .

【答案】I have been used to the busy life here. 【解析】 “已”提示完成时态,be used to(doing)习惯于

【拔高】 同义句转换 9.She persuaded her husband not to get involved in gambling. She persuaded her husband get ting involved in gambling.

【答案】out of 【解析】persuade sb. not to do = persuade sb. out of doing

10.They failed to persuade the customers into buying their products. They failed to .

【答案】persuade the customers to buy their products 【解析】persuade sb. into doing =persuade sb. to do

11.China has been pushing the reform of public hospitality A.in charge of B.for the purpose of C.in honor of

all its citizens. D.for the benefit of

【答案】D 【解析】A.掌管 B.为了 C.为了纪念,向......表达敬意 D.为了......利益考虑

12.Because of his excellent work, he was soon

to be sales manager. (提升)

【答案】promoted 【解析】promote 提升;被动时态

本节课主要讲解了重点单词、短语及句式的基本用法及拓展。并通过不同的练习形式(单词填空、 单项选择、同义句转换)巩固学生对本节课所讲词汇的运用。


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