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Uni5 A Modern Hero --Nelson Mandelo Warming up & Reading 复习

quality 1. 质量;品质;性质 mean 2. 吝啬的;自私的;卑鄙的 active 3. 积极的;活跃的 warm-hearted 4. 热心肠的 generous 5. 慷慨的;大方的 6. 随和的;温和宽容的 easy-going 7. 自我;自身 self selfish 8. 自私的 selfless 9. 无私的;忘我的 selflessly 10. 无私地;忘我地

11. 献身;专心于 12. 忠实的;深爱的 13. 建立;设立 14. 共和国;共和政体 15. 法则;原则;原理 16. 和平的;平静的;安宁的 17. 人类 18. 律师 19. 指导;领导 20. 法律的;依照法律的

devote devoted found republic principle peaceful mankind lawyer guidance legal

21. 费(会费,学费等),酬金 22. 怀有希望的;有希望的 23. 青年;青年时期 24. 舞台;阶段;时期 25. 投票;选举;表决 26. 进攻;攻击;抨击 27. 暴力;暴行 28. 相等的;平等的 29. 乐意的;自愿的 30. 不公正的;不公平的

fee hopeful youth stage vote attack violence equal

willing unfair

I. 根据下列各句句意以及所给单词的首字母 或汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式。 1. Much of the land was of poor q______. quality 2. She’s over 80, but is still very a______. active 3. The People’s R______ of China was Republic founded in 1949. 4. Honesty is the basic p_______ of mankind. principles 5. It was ______ (吝啬的) of him not to mean invite her.

6. She’s always very ________ (大方的) to generous the kids. 7. If the earth’s temperature rises, it will be a disaster for all ________ (人类). mankind 8.A s selfish person always thinks about himself. 9. She described her husband as “a good man and a(n) devoted husband.” d_______ 10. The baby looks sopeaceful (平静的) ________ when he’s sleeping.

11.Whatever happens,we will not use v______, iolence
We should settle things in a peaceful way. 12.Women are fighting for e______ pay with qual the men because they do the same job. 13.The majority of people v_______ for Ben oted

because they wanted him to be their leader. 14.There have been several attacks (袭击) on foreigners recently.

15. I was looking forward to working under guidance her expert _________ (指导). 16. James felt more h______ about his future hopeful
after his chat with his teacher. unfair 17. It seemed so ______ (不公平的) but perhaps he was right. 18. I told them I was perfectly willing w______ to help.

out of work 1. 失业 as a matter of fact 2. 事实上 blow up 3. 使充气;爆炸 in trouble 4. 在危险,受罚,痛苦等处境中 5. 求助于;致力于 turn to 6. 担心 worry about= be worried about 7. 献身于;致力于;专心于 devote oneself to be devoted to 8. 忠诚于;热爱;专心于 9. 等于;胜任 be equal to put sb. into prison 10. 把…关进监狱 11. 违法 break the law achieve one’s dream 12. 实现梦想

III. 句型转换。每空一词,使上下两句的 意思一致。 1. He lost his job six months ago. has been out __ ___ He ___ ____ ___ of job for six months. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ____ __ ___ for help turn to me if you need it.

3. In fact, I’ve never been there before. ___a_matter of fact I’ve never been As ______ __ ___, there before. 4. When I was young, I wanted to be a model. __ ___ youth I wanted to be a model. In my _____,

5. He always offers his help when I have some trouble. in He always offers his help when I am __ trouble ______. 6. Can you fill this balloon with air? Can you blow up this balloon? ___ ___

7. I worried about whether I would become out of work. worried about I was ________ ______whether I would become out of work. 8. We should be optimistic about our future. We should ___ ________ _____ our future. be hopeful about

5....only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.??直到那时,我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力。 句式提取:only+状语倒装 此处是“only+状语”置于句首引起的倒装句。副词only 置于句首,强调方式状语、条件状语、时间状语、地点状 语时,主句要用部分倒装。如果“only+状语从句”置于 句首,且与主句之间无逗号隔开,该状语从句不倒装,只 有主句进行倒装。但only修饰主语时不倒装。


本句中的only then置于句首,引起句子部分倒装 。
该句的正常语序是:...we decided to answer violence with violence only then。? 在英语句子中,为了表强调,把“only+状语(副词、 介词短语、从句)”置于句首,主句要用部分倒装形

式,即把原句中的 助动词 情态动词 或 be动词 提到主 、


Only with all your time and energy can you
do this job well.? 只有用上你全部的时间和精力,你才能把这项工 作做好。? Only when he is seriously ill will he stay in bed.? 他只有病得非常严重时才会卧床休息。

1.We have to treat him only in this way.
Only in this way have we to treat him.

2.The school can inject the children with vaccines only if it is permitted by their parents. Only if it is permitted by their parents.
can the school inject the children with vaccines

即学即用? Only in this way D A.you can hope to make improvement in B.you did hope?

the operating system.? C.did you hope D.can you hope


D an interpreter as


important it was to practise spoken English. A.when I worked;I realized?

B.when did I work;did I realize?
C.when I work;did I realize?

D.when I worked;did I realize
解析 当only出现在句首修饰时间状语从句时, 主句应使用部分倒装。

Only when I left my parents for Italy ___ how much I loved them. A. I realized B. I had realized C. had I realized D. did I realize

1. Although the working mother is very A busy , she still ___ a lot of time to children. A. devotes B. spends C. offers D. provides
offer sb. Sth. (offer sth. to sb. ) 提供某人某物; provide sth. for sb. 提供某事给某人;spend time doing sth. 花费时间做某事;又如:Don’t devote too much time to amusement. 不要把 太多的时间用在玩乐上。

2.Being a good listener is a kind of what it takes to keep friendship. A.opinion C.shortcoming


and that’s

B.principle D.quality

解析 句意为:做一名好的听众是一种素质,那也是保持友谊 所需要的东西。quality品质,素质。

3. I don’t think he is equal ___ this kind of work, so I can’t hire him. A. in doing B. doing C. to do D. to doing

be equal to doing sth.胜任……

4.The Red Army soldiers had to fight kinds of difficulties in their fight people’s freedom.?


all the



解析 fight against和……作斗争;fight for 为获取……而战斗。句意为:红军为了人民的自 由不得不和各种各样的困难作斗争。

5.Honesty and trust are the basic making friends.? A.methods






解析 考查名词辨析。句意为:诚实和信任是交 朋友的基本原则。principle原则;法则; method方法;principal校长;负责人;belief信 任;信仰。由题意可知答案为B项。

6. Don’t _____what he says . _____ yourself , and you can do it very well. A. believe in ; Believe B. believe ; Believe in C. believe in ; Believe in D. believe ; Believe believe “想信某人(所说的话)”; believe in “信任;信仰”

7. Mr. White ___ at 8:30 for the meeting , but he didn’t show up. A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving 句意:怀特先生应该8:30到会的,但他还没 露面。全句谈的是过去的事,故应该使用 should have done结构,表示本应该做某事 而未做。

Exercise 2 . on page 36
Adjective kind calm
selfish ill lonely

Noun kindnes calmness
selfishness illness loneliness

care hope

careful hopeful peaceful beautiful

carefully hopefully peacefully beautifully

beauty success

successful successfully

Exercise 3. Complete the passage with words and the phrase form the box below. My name is Robert Sobukwe . Like Nelson lawyer Mandela I was a ______ who believed that all mankind equal violence ________ is created ______. I hate ________ legal and tried to use ______ ways so that black vote people could _____ for their government . officials As I live in South Africa , the ________ of the Republic South African _________ did not agree with attacked me . They ________ me for encouraging the blacks to fight against the government and

put me in prison . Nobody was allowed to talk to me for five long years and I lost the ability to talk . Before I went to prison , I had hopeful been ________ that things would change . quality After I was released I found the _______ of life for black people had got worse . I was worried about ______________ my future , and soon I fell ill . Although I was not as successful as Nelson Mandela , many people remember active me as one of the first ______ black fighters for human rights in South Africa.

Exercise 1 on page 70.
Charles Babbage was born in 1791 in Britain . youth He was in poor health in his ______(young /youth) be educated so he had to ____________(brought/be educated) worried about at home . His mother _____________(worried for /worried about) his health and she was ________ advised taught (advised /begged) that he should not be _______ (taught/educating) too much. However , the boy showed an early interest in mathematics and accepted worked hard at it. Later he was ___________ (received /accepted ) by Cambridge University.

Babbage began to work on a small difference engine(差分机) in 1819 , which in a very short period _________(period /while) of time could work out completed mathematical tables by itself. He __________ (released / completed) it in 1822 . In 1827 he became a professor of mathematics and began his lifelong work on computing machines . He selflessly worked _____________ (generously/selflessly) . _________________(At first / As a matter of fact) , As a matter of fact he often spent his own money on his invention .

In 1834 he invented the Analytical Machine which is the prototype(原形) of a computer . This was a great achievement . He devoted _______ (devoted / gave in) a lot of his wealth and energy to his invention , but he never produced a real computer . Finally in 1871 he died peacefully _______ (peaceful/ peacefully) . However , his principles are still those on which modern computers are built . As a result , he is remembered as the “grandfather of computing”

1. 在危险、受罚、痛苦、忧虑等 的处境中 in trouble 2. 愿意做某事;乐意做某事be willing to do sth. 3. 求助于;致力于 turn to be far from 4. 离……远 5. 为某物支付多少钱 pay (money) for sth. vote for 6. 投票支持…… agree with 7. 同意某人的观点 8. 鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth.

be allowed to … 9. 被允许做某事 the ability to do 10. ……的能力 11. 不如;不及 not as/so ….as… in poor health 12. 身体差 13. 对……有兴趣 show an interest in 14. 从事;努力做 work on work out 15. 解决;算出;制定 as a result 16. 结果 17. 作为……被铭记 be remembered as


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