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Ⅰ.完成句子 1.Her spirits________ ________(维持)in spite of all her troubles. 答案:keep up 2.Only ________ ________ ________ ________(一小部分)the audience are children. 答案:a small percentage of 3.I’ve been out of touch with the old place for________ ________ ________ ________(许 多年). 答案:a great many years 4.The young men in the rural areas have to leave for big cities to________ ________ ________(谋生). 答案:make a life 5.A volleyball court had been________ ________(标出??界线)on the grass. 答案:marked out 6.I’d like to________ ________ ________(与??合作)people who are willing to work as hard as I do. 答案:team up with 7.The actress rose to fame overnight________ ________ ________(通过??方式)her perfect performance in the film. 答案:by means of 8.He told me that it was a genuine diamond,and I was completely________ ________(欺 骗). 答案:taken in Ⅱ.易错模块 1.—Do you think we should put an ad in the paper for the lost child? —Yes,________. A.that’s all right B.by all means C.it just depends D.never mind 解析:选 B。考查交际用语。A 项表示“没关系”,相当于 D 项,用于回答别人的道 歉,不合题意;B 项表示“当然可以”,为正确选项;C 项表示“看情况而定”,与前面的 Yes 矛盾。 2 . The police looked into the case carefully and found the thief had entered the house________a ladder. A.by the means B.by all means C.by ways of D.by means of 解析:选 D。考查介词短语辨析。by means of 此处意为“凭借;以??方式”。 3.She couldn’t speak,but made her wishes known ________signs. A.by means of B.by any means C.by all means D.by no means 解析:选 A。句意:她不能说话,但通过手势让别人了解了她的愿望。by means of signs 在此意为“靠着/凭借手势”。 4.I did all that I can to study but by no means________with my progress. A.the teacher is not satisfied B.is the teacher not satisfied C.the teacher is satisfied

D.is the teacher satisfied 解析:选 D。by no means 位于句首时,句子要用倒装语序,排除 A、C;由 but 可知后 一句表示否定,排除 B。 Ⅲ.语法专练 本单元语法——主语从句、宾语从句和表语从句 1.(2012· 成都诊断)________I know about this competition is that it is held every two years. A.That B.What C.As D.How 解析:选 B。考查主语从句。主语从句中缺少宾语 ,所以用 what。 2.(2011· 绵阳三诊)It doesn’t matter to me________I miss my train,because there’s another one later. A.that B.if C.unless D.when 解析:选 B。考查主语从句。if“如果”,表条件。句意:如果我赶不上这班火车,也 没有关系,因为接下来还有一班。unless“除非”;when“当??时候”。 3.After months of voyage,Columbus arrived in________later proved a new continent. A.where B.what C.which D.that 解析:选 B。考查名词性从句。从句中可以看出介词 in 后面的从句中缺少主语,因此 选择 what。 4. After ten years’ absence she came back, only to find her old house was not________it used to be. A.which B.what C.when D.how 解析:选 B。考查表语从句的引导词。从句子结构看,该词需要引导表语从句并充当该 表语从句中 be 动词的表语,所以用 what。what 在此相当于 the house that。 5.—The two people speak different languages and can not communicate with each other well. —Oh,I see.That’s ________misunderstanding occurs. A.when B.what C.that D.why 解析:选 D。考查表语从句。结合句意: 这就是误解产生的原因。用 why 引导表语从 句。 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.As far as I am concerned,what he made in his speech is just a(n)__________,nothing serious. A.choice B.excuse C.statement D.slip 解析:选 D。考查名词辨析。句意:在我看来,他在演讲中所犯的只是一个小错误,没 什么大惊小怪的。slip 在此意为“疏忽,差错”,符合句意。 2.Even though her talent was __________ to everyone who heard her sing,life got in the way of her dreams. A.apparent B.abundant C.absurd D.academic 解析:选 A。考查形容词辨析。句意:虽然每一个听过她唱歌的人都知道她才华出众, 但生活却阻碍了她梦想的实现。apparent 在此意为“明显的,显而易见的”,符合句意。 abundant 丰富的,充裕的;absurd 荒谬的,可笑的;academic 学校的,学院的,学术的。 3.(2012· 周口检测)It has just __________ to me that there is still another possibility to ensure an immediate delivery of the goods. A.come B.occurred

C.happened D.struck 解析:选 B。考查动词辨析。句意:我刚才突然想起还有另一个确保这批货物迅速交货 的可能的办法。It occurs to sb.that...是固定句型,意思是“某人突然想到??”。 4.China has changed from a country where the great majority were uneducated to __________ where the great majority are educated. A.it B.that C.another D.one 解析:选 D。考查代词。句意:中国已经从一个大多数人是文盲的国家变成了一个大多 数人有知识的国家。one 表示泛指,代替前面的 a country。 5.Don’t blame your elderly grandfather for working in the fields,__________ he lives happily. A.even if B.as if C.so long as D.so far as 解析:选 C。考查连词。so long as 意为“只要”,引导条件状语从句。even if 即使, 虽然, 引导让步状语从句; if 好像, as 引导方式状语从句, 也可引导表语从句; far as 就?? so 而言。 6.—Do you all feel like going out tonight? —__________.Everything depends on you. A.I’m easy B.No,I don’t C.No problem D.Forget it 解析:选 A。考查交际用语。句意:“今晚你们都想出去吗?”“我随便。一切由你决 定。 I’m easy.意为“我随便, ” 我好办, 我无所谓”, 表示接受对方提出的任何选择或建议, 符合 Everything depends on you.这一语境。 7.I will mark __________ everything you say.It is helpful to the English learners. A.up B.down C.out D.off 解析:选 B。句意:我想记下你所说的每句话,这对于英语学习者很有帮助。mark up 标出;mark down 记下;mark out=mark off 划分出。 8.(2012· 锦州质检)The agreement indicates that the two companies will __________ with each other again. A.team up B.turn up C.look up D.pick up 解析: A。 选 考查动词和短语辨析。 项表示“与??合作”, A 符合句意。 项表示“出 B 现;到达”;C 项表示“向上看;查寻”;D 项表示“捡起,接收”,均不合题意。 9. You have only written one bestselling novel.If you do not continue working hard, will you plan to ________ it for the rest of your life? A.live in B.live on C.live out D.live with 解析:选 B。本题考查动词短语 live on 的用法。live on“以??为主食,靠??为生; 继续活着;继续存在”。根据句意,“你只写了一本畅销书,你打算后半生靠这本书生活 吗?”所以选 B。 10.—Can we play chess this afternoon? —Sorry,but I have __________ things to do. A.a great deal B.a large amount C.a large quantity D.a great many 解析:选 D。a great many 许多,修饰可数名词;a great deal of 和 a large amount of 修饰 不可数名词;a large quantity of 既可修饰可数名词也可修饰不可数名词,C 项缺少 of。 11.People in this village get together every year to __________ the old tradition and enjoy themselves as their ancestors did. A.make up B.put up C.keep up D.set up

解析:选 C。keep up 意为“沿袭(风俗、传统等),维持,坚持”。句意:这个村子里的 人每年都要聚会来沿袭这古老的传统,并像他们的祖先一样尽情地欢乐。make up 组成,构 成,弥补;put up 提出,建起;set up 创立,建立。 12.A recent survey __________ that the majority of people are worried about the present high price of apartments in cities. A.indicates B.includes C.imagines D.improves 解析:选 A。本题考查动词 indicate 的用法。indicate“指出;象征;显示”。根据句意, “根据最近的一项调查表明,大部分人对目前的房价过高感到忧虑”。 13.—How can we get to the camping site nearly one hundred miles away?If only we had a car! —Why not consider __________ a car to get there and letting Jim take us back in his jeep? A.hiring B.firing C.stealing D.picking 解析: A。 选 本题考查动词 hire 的用法。 hire“雇请; 出租; 受雇”; fire“解雇, 开除”。 根据上文句意,说话人说要是我们有辆车去露营地就好了,听话人回答,为什么不考虑雇一 辆车去那呢?故选 A。 14.—How did you make so rapid progress in your English?Do you have any secrets? —No.Only __________ hard working. A.in terms of B.in honor of C.by means of D.on behalf of 解析:选 C。本题考查介词短语 by means of 的用法。by means of“用;以;依靠”。 根据上文句意,答话人是通过勤奋才在英语方面取得很快进步的,故选 C。 15.__________ the right kind of training,these teenage soccer players may one day grow into international stars. A.Giving B.Having given C.To give D.Given 解析:选 D。考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:如果给予他们正确的训练,这些十来岁的 足球运动员或许在将来的某一天会成长为国际巨星。 give 所表示的动作与主句的主语之间是 被动关系,故应该用过去分词。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Words:427 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:14′ If you do anything unique,people will attack you for it.Self?motivation (自我激励) depends on having a thick skin (厚脸皮), persisting __1__ criticism.But equally important is the ability not to let praise __2__ you,either.Because,praise and criticism are just __3__ of each other. The solution, both to prevent the __4__ of praise and the humiliation (丢脸)of criticism, to is stop __5__ what other people think of you.Take what is practical from their feedback and __6__ the rest.Since you are the __7__captain of your life,don’t allow others to __8__ the ship.If I write an article,I __9__ receive a mix of positive comments and negative comments.For criticism,I __10__ any actionable suggestions from their comments.__11__ some notes that I made have a grammatical mistake in an article,I’ll happily correct it.__12__,if someone feels the logic of my argument was __13__,I can make efforts to correct it in a future discussion of the topic. For praise, take a __14__ approach.I thank the person for their comments, see if there is I and anything practical from their suggestions.If several people __15__ a topic,I will know it is something readers are interested in and worth __16__ again.What I try not to do,__17__ both praise and criticism,is to let it get under my skin.If someone writes a(n) __18__ on my writing, I’ll remind myself that this comment is just a small pebble(鹅卵石) on my course,and not to allow it to __19__ me.Similarly,if I get a piece of praise,I’ll remind myself that this is just one __20__,and not to let it disturb me from the bigger goal. 1.A.in terms of B.instead of C.in spite of D.except for 解析:选 C。自我激励依靠厚脸皮和坚持,尽管伴随着批评。

2.A.consume B.assume C.renew D.overlook 解析:选 A。但同样重要的是也不让表扬毁了你。 3.A.reflections B.contradictions C.interactions D.predictions 解析:选 A。因为表扬和批评正好是彼此反映的。 4.A.rates B.parts C.overload D.speed 解析:选 C。应对表扬过度和丢脸的批评的办法是不要去在乎别人说什么。 5.A.caring B.complaining C.comparing D.correcting 答案:A 6.A.identify B.describe C.remember D.ignore 解析:选 D。吸取精华,去其糟粕。 7.A.single B.only C.ordinary D.regular 解析:选 B。因为你是你自己生活的唯一主人。 8.A.process B.review C.control D.surf 解析:选 C。不要让别人控制你的人生。 9.A.generally B.deliberately C.originally D.particularly 解析:选 A。如果我写一篇文章,一般来说,肯定和否定的评论我都会收到。 10.A.run out B.turn out C.wear out D.seek out 解析:选 D。对于批评,我会从中挑出一些能付诸实施的建议。 11.A.While B.If C.Unless D.Though 解析:选 B。如果文章里我做的注释有语法错误,我会很高兴去改正它。 12.A.Or B.However C.Therefore D.But 解析:选 A。或者,如果有人感觉我在论证上欠缺说服力,我会尽力修正。 13.A.slight B.weak C.precise D.evident 答案:B 14.A.critical B.casual C.similar D.relative 解析:选 C。对于表扬,我采取类似的方法。 15.A.disliked B.criticised C.agreed D.enjoyed 解析:选 D。如果几个人都欣赏某个话题,我将知道这是读者感兴趣的并值得以后再讨 论的话题。 16.A.discussing B.inspiring C.searching D.advising 答案:A 17.A.for B.on C.with D.to 解析:选 C。对于表扬和批评, 我尽量不让自己生气。 18.A.range B.attack C.extention D.detail

解析:选 B。从本句中的 just a small pebble(鹅卵石)可知答案。如果有人抨击我的文章, 我会提醒自己这个评论只是我生活进程中的一粒小小的鹅卵石。 19.A.include B.need C.surround D.disturb 解析:选 D。不让它打扰到我。 20.A.view B.report C.signal D.question 解析:选 A。同样,如果我得到了一份表扬,我也会提醒自己那只是一种看法而已,我 也不会让它阻碍我追求更高的目标。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 Words:277 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:7′

(2012· 潍坊三月模拟)First?time dog owners may encounter many problems in getting to know and train their pets.Sometimes a puppy, even an older dog, chew their fingers or bite or will them.Even in play,this can really hurt.Unfortunately,many pet owners tolerate this in a young dog.However,when the dog gets larger,it is not fun to be bitten by it.Training a dog never to place his teeth on human skin or clothing is an important lesson.From now on,if you feel your dog’s teeth while you are playing with him,say “Ouch” in a loud voice and move away from him.He will soon learn that when he bites,you will not play with him any more. Another bad habit that many people tolerate in their pets is allowing them to bite and hold on to clothing.Don’t let your dog do this to you.When he does something you want him to do,praise him and tell him he’s a good dog.You can also give him a treat at the same time he performs the good behaviour.Eventually he will learn which kind of behaviour is acceptable and which is not.Remember that reward is more effective than punishment.If you reward your dog when he does what you want him to,he will become very well behaved.Also remember that puppies need to chew on something.So give him a sock with a knot tied in it or an old shoe.If he chews the wrong thing,take it away while saying “No” and give him something he can chew.If dogs are trained well,they will truly be your friends for a lifetime. 1.The passage focuses on the topic of ________. A.introducing good dog behaviours B.teaching people how to train dogs C.showing dog owners how to behave D.explaining why a dog chews on something 解析:选 B。主旨大意题。纵观全文可以看出,文章向我们介绍了如何训练狗:比如, 通过给予和表扬的方式鼓励它们好的行为,批评的方式改正它们一些不好的行为等,因此 B 项最能概括全文。 2.What’s the main idea of the first paragraph? A.We should train a dog never to place his teeth on human skin. B.Dog owners are faced with many problems. C.It’s not easy to get to know and train pets. D.It’s no fun to be bitten by a dog. 解析:选 A。段意总结题。第一段介绍的是在狗小的时候,人们容忍了它们咬人和物, 并感到很有趣, 那么当它们长大了以后, 就不好处理了, 作者在第一段提出了: Training a dog never to place his teeth on human skin or clothing is an important lesson.然后介绍了具体的措 施,由此可以看出 A 项最能概括全文。 3.A well?behavedpuppy is expected to chew ________ when he wants to. A.his owner’s fingers B.a new shoe C.a sock with a knot D.human clothes

解析:选 C。细节理解题。由最后一段可知答案。 4.When dogs do something good,the owner had better ________. A.praise and reward them B.say “Ouch” in a loud voice C.give them something to chew D.get away from them quickly 解析:选 A。细节理解题。由最后一段可知答案。



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