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高一 Unit2 English around the world Teaching content: SEBook1A Unit2 English around the world Teaching time: One period Teaching aims and demands: 1.Congnitive aims(认知目标) Words

: equal, service, Phases: treat…as Sentence patterns: with+复合宾语结构 2.Intelligent aims(智力目标) Improve students’ abilities of listening, speaking reading and writing . Develop students’ abilities of cooperating and creativeness. 3.Emotional aims(情感目标) Stimulate students’ interest of learning English. Enable students value the chance of learning English. Teaching important points: 1.Improve ss’speaking ability by talking about English. 2.Improve ss’ writing ability. 3.Help ss master the language points. Teaching difficult points: 1.How to encourage ss to talk. 2.How to improve ss’ writing ability. 3.How to help ss master the language points and use them freely. Teaching methods: The situational teaching method(情境教学法), the feeling teaching method(情感教学法), the task-based teaching method, the inductive method(归纳法)。 Learning strategies: cooperative learning, learning while using, Teaching tools: Multi-media(a computer) Teaching procedures: Step1 Warming up (幻灯片 1-9) T: How many languages do you speak? S1: Lianhua dialect. S2: Putonghua. S3: English. T: Now we are learning English as a second language.

Where are the native speakers of English? Ss: the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand. T: In fact, English is a language spoke all around the world . Now Let’s revise Unit2 English around the world. Step2 Remembering the key words(单词必记) (幻灯片 10) Finish the following sentences 1.Can you tell me how to (发音)the word. 2.The (大多数)of the people agreed with my idea. 3. In t , the cost of the various repairs amount to one hundred yuan. 4.In the sight of God, the rich are e with the poor. 5.If you learn English well, you can c with foreigners. 6.It is important to have a good k of English. 7.My friends t with many foreigners. Step3.Ss put the following phrases into English.( 短语必熟)(幻灯片 11) Students translate the following phrases into English. 1.别客气 2.总共 3.熬夜 4.以…而告终 5.发生 6.引进 7.许多 8.与某人交流 9.做某事有困难 10 .差不多,或多或少 keys: make oneself at home, in total, stay up , end up with , come about, bring in, a great many , communicate with sb. , have difficulty in doing sth. ,more or less Step4 Classic sentences (好句必背) (幻灯片 12) 1.Ss put the following sentences into English. 1).英语是全世界通行的语言。 2).英语发展成为世界上使用最广泛的语言。 3).有那么多天天用英语沟通,熟练掌握英语会变得越来越重要。 keys: English is a language spoken all around the world. English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world. With so many people communicating in English everyday , it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English. 2.Students remember the three sentences in class. Step5 Language points(幻灯片 13-16) 1.equal 1) In the sight of God, the rich are equal with the poor. 2)I’m not equal to the position. 3)My car equals yours in speed. 4)Two and two equals four.

5)The manager treats employees as equals. equal: adj. vt. be equal with 与…平等 be equal to 胜任 equal sb./sth. in sth. 等于/比得上(不加 to )

n.[C] 同等的人/物 [派] equality [U] 平等 EX. 1)Two and two equals to four. 2)My car equals to yours in speed. 2.service n.服务/帮助;服役 搭配: one’s service 听凭某人使用(吩咐) be service sb. 对… 有帮助/好处 do sb. service 帮某人一个忙 (=do/offer a service sb.) service 在使用中;当佣人 派生: serve vi. serve in the army 在部队服役 Vt. serve people(无 for) 为人民服务 Vt.招待(顾客) ;侍候(吃饭) ;上(菜) Ex: 1).Dinner now.(用 serve 完成句子) 2). She served fruit and tea us. (=She served us (with) fruit and tea.) servant n. 仆人 3.treat…as… 把…当作 类似: consider regard…view… see… count… as have/keep… refer to… think of look on… look up to… 把…看作(榜样) 搭配: sb. sb. for a disease 1).treat my teeth(人体部位) the disease 2).treat sb. to sth. 请某人吃… 4.with 复合结构

With+n./pron.+ 宾补

doing(主动/正在进行) done (被动/已完成) to do (将来) 介词短语 adj. adv. n.

Ex: 1.With the boy (lead) the road , we had no trouble in getting to the station. 2.With all the work (do), they hurried back hom for lunch. 3. With many things (deal with),I have to stop listening to the light music. Step6 Consolidation(幻灯片 17-19) Students do the following exercises . 1.They are of height, but I think Mary the job. A. equally, is equal with B. equal,is equal to C.equal ,equals D. equally, is equalled 2. two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this weekend. A. With B. As C. Because of D. As for 3.With all these dishes , I can’t go and listen to the speech by the famous professor. A. to wash B. to be washed C. Washed D. washing 4.Nothing can planes in speed and comfort. A.equal B. equal to C. match with D. compare to 5.——Good morning, Grand Hotel. ——Hello, I’d like to book a room for the nights of the 18th and 19th. —— . A. What can I do for you B. Just a minute, please C. What’s the matter D. At your service Step7 Writing(幻灯片 20-21) 1.根据提示写一篇书面表达 1).英语是世界上使用最广泛的语言,大多数商业信件都是用英语写的。

2).学好英语可使我们更好地向外国学习先进经验。 3).随着中国加入 WTO 和北京即将举办奥运会,熟练掌握英语变得越来越重要。 4).学好英语能使我们更好地为祖国服务。 2.Teachter ask several students to read their positions. Step8 Discussion (幻灯片 22) Students discuss the following questions in groups. 1.What are you going to be when you grow up? 2.Will English be useful in your future work? 3.Do you want to learn English well? Why? Step9.Homework Students write the composition above on the class exercise books.



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