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定义: 在复合句中充当主语成分的句子叫做主语从句.
一.常规主语从句,即句子在复合句中充当一个主语 主语从句的时态:不受主句的时态影响和限制。 ①That he finished writing the composition in such a short time surprised us all. ②Whether we will go for an outing tomorrow remains unknown. ③Who will be our monitor hasn't been decided yet. ④Whom we must study for is a question of great importance. ⑤What caused the accident remains unknown. ⑥Whatever you did is right. ⑦What we need is time. ⑧What we need are good doctors. 小结: ①引导主语从句连词有 that,whether,who,what,whatever 等 ②连词位于句首不能省略 ③主语从句大多数情况下视为单三,但也有例外,如例⑧ 二.为了防止句子头重脚轻,通常把形式主语 it 放在主语位置,真正主语搁置于句末 ①It is certain that he will win the match. ②It is true that he has made a very important discovery in chemistry. ③It is very likely that they will hold a meeting. ④It is strange that he should do that. ⑤It is important that we all should attend the meeting. ⑥It is strange that the man should have stuck to his silly ideas. ⑦It is a pity that we won't go to the south to spend our summer vacation. ⑧It is still a mystery what caused the accident. ⑨It is said that he has gone to shanghai. ⑩It is known to all that the gun powder was first invented by the Chinese. (11)It is suggested that the work should be done with great care. (12)It seems that he has seen the film.(=He seems to have seen the film) (13)It happened that the two cheats were there. (=The two cheats happened to be there) 小结: (1)以 that 引出的主语从句,常以形式主语 it 引导. It is +形容词/名词/某些动词 ed + that 从句. (2) 在有些 that 从句中要用虚拟语气 (should+do/should+have done)例句 4,5,6,11.

主语从句与宾语从句两者的用法和在句中的作用是不同的,下面从它们的各自用 法来介绍。 一.主语从句 定义:在句子中担当主语的是一个从句,这个从句就叫做主语从句。

主语从句是在复合句中充当主语的从句,通常放在主句谓语动词之前或由形式主 语 it 代替,而本身放在句子末尾。 1. It 作形式主语和 it 引导强调句的比较 It 作形式主语代替主语从句,主要是为了平衡句子结构,主语从句的连接 词没有 变化。而 it 引导的强调句则是对句子某一部分进行强调,无论强调的是什么成分,都 可用连词 that。被强调部分指人是也可用 who/whom。例如: It is a pity that you didn’t go to see the film. 2. 用 it 作形式主语的结构 (1) It is +名词+从句 It is a fact that … 事实是… It is an honor that …非常荣幸 It is common knowledge that …是常识 (2) it is +形容词+从句 It is natural that… 很自然… It is strange that… 奇怪的是… (3) it +不及物动词+从句 It seems that… 似乎… It happened that… 碰巧… (4) it is+过去分词+从句 It is reported that… 据报道… It has been proved that… 已证实… 3. 主语从句不可位于句首的五种情况 (1) if 引导的主语从句不可居于复合句句首。 (2) It is said , (reported) …结构中的主语从句不可提前。 It is said that President Jingo will visit our school next week. (3) It happens…, It occurs… 结构中的主语从句不可提前。 It occurred to him that he failed in the examination. (4) It doesn’t matter how/whether …结构中的主语从句不可提前。 It doesn’t matter whether he is wrong or not. (5) 含主语从句的复合句是疑问句时,主语从句不可提前。 Is it likely that it will rain in the evening? 4. What 与 that 在引导主语从句时的区别 What 引导主语从句时在从句中充当句子成分,如主语.宾语.表语,而 that 则不然。 What you said yesterday is right. 二:宾语从句用以区分主语从句的几个特征: 1、引导词:what\which\whose\when\whether\if\where 2 语序:宾语从句必须是用陈述语句。 I think that you must work harder. 宾语从句的引导词、连接词的区别、否定转移等现象。 (1)表达时间的几个句型:一般用 when 或者是 what time: What time will the train leave? 由于时刻都是固定的,也可以用一般现在时代替一般将来时: What time does the train leave? (2)时间的表达方式:8:19(nineteen past eight),7:57(three to eight),在时间的中间也 可以加上分的单词(minutes)

(3)had better +动词原型。意思是提要求,建议。但是上下级不能用这种方式,因为 语气太重: You had better give up smoking . (4)sb leave sth +地点 I left my book in my classroom yesterday. (5)may I have your name(address\age)?一般询问对方的年龄、名字等,不要习惯以前 的问法,这样很不礼貌,而是要采访上面的问法。以前的习惯是:how old are you? \what's your name? (6)修饰名词的代词次序:限-描-大-形---年---颜----籍----物--------类+名词: this is a bridge. This is a beautiful bridge 补充:从句的语序永远是陈述句。

1. ___ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It 2.A computer can only do ____ you have instructed it to do. A.how B.after C.what D.when 3. He asked ____ for a violin. A. did I pay how much B. I paid how much C. how much did I pay D. how much I paid 4. What the doctors really doubt is ____ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. when B. how C. whether D. why 5.It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever 6. ______leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. A. Anyone B. The person C. Whoever D. Who 7. Sarah hopes to become a friend of ______shares her interests. A. anyone B. whomever C. whoever D. no matter who 8. ---- I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. ---- Is that ______ you had a few days off ? A. why B. what C. when D. where 9. I still remember ______ this used to be a quiet village. ( NMET1993) A. when B. how C. where D. what 10.I read about it in some book or other,does it matter ____ it was?(2001 春季招生) A.where B.what C.how D.which 11. Information has been put forward ____ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B. that C when D. as (2001 年上海) 12. —I think it is going to be a big problem. —Yes, it could be. —I wonder ______ we can do about it. (北京 2002 春季) A、if B、how C、what D、that 13. ________that they found an unusual plant in the forest. A. It is said B. They are said C. It said D. It says

14. _____ caused the accident is still a complete mystery. A. What B. That C. How D. Where 15. It worried Mary a lot _____ she would pass the college entrance examination. A. whether B. if C. that D. how


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