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必修3unit1 using language 导学案

编号:高一英语必修二 unit 1 004

: 愚蠢的人总是为昨天悔恨,为明天祈祷,

Unit 1 Festivals around the world Period 4 Using language
编写:周菽芬 班级: 【学习目标】 1.To help students read the passage A SAD LOVE STORY 2. To help students to use the language by reading, listening, speaking and writing 【学法指导】 审核:高一英语组 组别: 组名: 编写时间:2015-1-16 姓名:

meet sb. at the coffee shop 在咖啡店遇到某人 after work 下班后 turn up 到场;调低(收音机等) right now 现在 keep one’s word 守信用;履行诺言 laugh at 嘲笑 look forward to doing 期待做某事 all day 整天 be alone with sb.与某人在一起 be like a fool 像个傻瓜 hold one’s breath 屏息;屏气 sit down 坐下 drown one’s sadness in coffee 用咖啡解愁 become angry 变得生气 it is obvious that…显然…… be married to sb.嫁给/娶了某人 wait for…to leave 等待……离开 wipe the table 擦桌子 turn on the TV 打开电视 a weaving girl 织女 fall in love with 与……相爱 a herd boy 牛郎 get married secretly 秘密结婚 cross the river 过河, once a year 一年一次 wave at sb. 向某人挥手 set off for home 动身回家, remind sb. of…提醒某人想起…… pass… on the corner 走过拐角处
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: 愚蠢的人总是为昨天悔恨,为明天祈祷,

hear about 听说 on one’s way home 在回家路上 have a gift for sb.给某人一个礼物 a happy Valentine’s Day 一个快乐情人节

【你的疑惑——请跟帖! ! ! 】

I. True or false
1. The girl Li Fang loved and waited for didn’t turn up, But he didn’t lose heart.( ) 2. Because her most lovely daughter got married to a human secretly, the Goddess got very angry.( ) 3. Zhinüwas made to return to Heaven without her husband. They were allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month.( ) 4. Hu Jin had been waiting for Li Fang for a long time with a gift for him.( )

II. Answer the questions:
1. Why was the TV story what Li Fang needed? Because the TV story was a ______ ________ about lost love--the same situation as Li Fang. 2. What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing? He was afraid that she was with her friends__________ _______ him. 3. How did Li Fang know the manager wanted to shut the coffee shop? The manager ______ the tables and then sat down and ________ ______the TV. 4. Why do people want the weather to be fine on Qiqiaojie? People want the weather to be fine so they can______ the one they love. 5. What is the reason why Li Fang and Hu Jin did not meet on time? They did not meet on time because Li Fang waited in the _______ ________and Hu Jin waited in the________ _________. 6. Why was Li Fang so worried at the end of the story? He was worried because he had _________ ________ the gifts for Hu Jin--the chocolates and roses so he had nothing to give her and he thought she would not forgive him.

III. Language points:
1. But she didn’t turn up. 可她还没有到来。

★ turn up: 出现;来到;调大 【扩展】
turn down turn to turn over 拒绝;调小(音量) turn against 背叛;反抗 turn on 打开 变成;转向;求助于 turn off 关掉 turn in 上交;交上 翻转;翻身;移交 turn out 结果(被证明)是

【运用】 翻译句子:
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: 愚蠢的人总是为昨天悔恨,为明天祈祷,

1) 我做不出这道数学题,也不知道向谁求教。 I can’t work out this math problem and don’t know who to_______ _______. 2) He promised to come yesterday, but he didn’t _____ yet. A. turn in B. turn up C. turn on D. turn out 2. She said she would be there at seven o’clock, and he thought she would keep her word. 她 说过会七点钟到,他认为她会守信用的。 【点拨】keep one’s word 遵守诺言 break one’s word 食言 Eg. 如果你答应要带孩子去看电影,你就一定要信守诺言。 You must keep your promise if you promised to take the children to the cinema. have a word to say 有句话要说。 have a word with 和…说一句话。 have words with 和…争论。 in a few words = in a /one word 一言以蔽之,要之,总而言之。 in other words 换言之,换句话说。 word for word 逐字地;一字不变地 ...

翻译:Once you give someone a promise, you should make it no matter what will happen. This is what is called “keep one's word”. _________________________________________________________.
3. Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. 他不想屏息等她来道歉。 【点拨】 hold one's breath (由于激动等原因)屏息 lose one's breath 喘不过气来,呼吸困难 take a deep breath 深吸一口气 hold one's breath 屏息;憋住气 out of breath 上气不接下气 ... It's possible to hold one's breath for three minutes, with practice. 经过练习,屏住呼吸三分钟是可能的。 翻译:1)她深吸了一口气,使自己平定下来。 She ______________________ to calm herself down. 2) 这位老年人因为爬楼梯而上气不接下气。 The old man ____________________ as a result of climb the stairs 【点拨】 apologize vi 道歉;谢罪 apologize to sb for (doing) sth 因为某事向某人道歉 【运用】 翻译下列句子 3) 你必须为你的过失向他道歉。 You must_____________________________ your own fault. 4. It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave. 很明 显,咖啡馆里的经理在等李方离开。 【点拨】It is obvious that 很显然,显而易见的是 翻译: 很明显,他一点儿也不知道怎样修理小汽车. ____________________ he knows little about how to repair a car. 5. As Li Fang set off for home, he thought…李方动身往家走,心里想:
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: 愚蠢的人总是为昨天悔恨,为明天祈祷,

【点拨】 set off 出发,启程;引起,激起;使爆炸;衬托 【扩展】与 set 搭配的短语 set forth 阐明,陈述;出发;动身;起程 set up 建立,设立 set back 使推迟;耽误;延误 set in 把……装进……(或镶入……中) set aside 把……放到一边;省出,留出(钱或时间);暂时不考虑 set about 攻击;抨击;开始做;着手做(doing sth) set out 陈述,阐明;动身,起程;开始;摆放 ... The children set off for school. 孩子们上学去了。 翻译:他们第二天一清早就出发了。 _________________________________________. 6. I don’t want them to remind me of her. 我不想让它们想起她来 【点拨】remind sb of sb/sth 使某人想起 翻译: 我提醒他必须在天黑前回家。 _________________________________________. 7. She would never forgive me . (P7) 她恐怕永远也不会原谅他了 【点拨】forgive sb/sth 原谅某人/某事 forgive sb sth 原谅某人某事 forgive sb for (doing) sth 原谅某人做某事 What if I forgive the past? 如果我原谅过去又会如何? Forgive me for sending you a sample. 请原谅我冒昧地寄样品给您. I will not forgive me if I do not try. 但如果我没有尝试,我是不会原谅自己的。 【运用】 翻译下列句子 1)你能原谅我让我再次尝试吗? ______________________________? 2) People need to learn to forgive and be thankful. _______________________________________.

【你的收获——请跟帖! ! ! 】

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