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一 申请信 申请信重点句式 1 我特地写信给贵校,希望能获得进行英语系研究生深造的机会 I am writing in the hope that I may obtain an opportunity to further my study in English toward Master degree in your university. 2 请把相关申请表格寄给我,我将十

分感谢 Please send catalog and application forms to me .I shall be greatly a ppreciated. 6 如果贵方能给我寄来提供给外国留学生的关于研究生学习设施和奖学金适宜 的详细目录,本人十分感激 I would be most grateful if you would send me details of graduate stu dy facilities or scholarships in civil engineering which University o f Lancaster may be offering to students from overseas 8 我写信给贵方希望能获得历史系奖学金来支持我的学习和研究 I am writing to you in the hope of obtaining the scholarship in histo ry to support my study and some research work. 10 贵校历史悠久,止血研究,享有世界声望,如果有幸能够成为贵校的学生, 我将感到无比的荣幸 I will certainly feel honored if I admitted to your university, whic h, renowned for its long history and a fine tradition of scholarship, enjoys a worldwide fame. 11 我很乐意为您提供我个人学习和工作经的有关资料 I shall be glad to furnish you with any further information concernin g my education and work experience.


Dear Sir I have applied to enter your esteemed university to follow a course o f study. However, although I find the academic curriculum suitable, I feel that the opportunities for leisure activities are also an impor tant part of student life. Therefore, I would be grateful if you coul d give me some information about this aspect of the campus. In my spare time, I indulge in a wide range of sports; I am also inte rested in music, especially playing the guitar. Specifically, I wish to know if there are any sports clubs, including soccer and tennis te ams run by students. Furthermore, I would be keen to join a student b and or orchestra, if there is one. Please write and let me know what university clubs I am eligible to j oin. By the way, what is the procedure for joining campus clubs, what qualifications do I need, and what are the fees for taking part in t heir activities? I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, LiMing 二 慰问信 慰问信重点句式 2 我们俩希望/祈祷你能很快地完全康复 We are both looking forward to /hoping and praying for your speedy an d full recovery. 3 你的诸位好友真心希望你早日康复 Your many friends are hoping for your quick return to health early re covery /rapid recovery 4 真心希望能减轻你的痛苦 I hope you are getting dome relief from the pain. 6 我们非常遗憾的熟悉

We are very sorry to learn of ? 7 我刚刚得知上个星期你的病了 I just heard that you’ve been on the sickness last week 8 当我听说。。。。。我非常关心 I was deeply concerned when I learned that?? 10 我希望你能很快地康复 I wish you a complete speedy recovery. 11 倾向你的家人转达我们最深切的同情 Please extend our deep sympathy to your family. 12 我只想让你知道我们是多么担忧 I just wanted to let you know how concerned we are 13 如果需要我的帮助,请告知 If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. 慰问信背诵范文 Dear Jason, The news of your accident just reached me this morning. I’m gre atly shocked to learn that you were knocked down by a car yesterday. How are you feeling today? The only good thing about it is that your mother told me that yo u are progressing nicely, I hope that you are doing well after the op eration, and that you’ ll be out of the hospital in about a week. I’m coming to se you on Sunday and trust that your condition will remark ably improve by then . A little package from Rose and me will reach you a day or two. W e hope the small thing will interest you. With every good wishes for your swift recovery! Yours sincerely, Wang Liping

Dear Williams, I am shocked to hear that you have a severe influenza and now ar e in hospital. I get this news from your mother and I know you must b e absent for half a month from the classes. Do be careful while you a re ill. Don’t worry about your lesson and I am willing to help you learn it when you return. We are best friends so I will never allow you to fall behind. You can watch television or listen to radio programs to help pass the time and forget your pains while you recuperate. I do hope that I can see you soon and bring you dome funny cartoons. If there is anything you need me to do, just let me know. We all miss you and shall be happy when you are back.

Yours truly


三 道歉信 道歉信重点句式 1 我必须为。。。。。。向你道歉 I must apologize to you for?? 2 我感到很抱歉,因为。。。。。。 I am terribly/awfully sorry that?.. 3 我做。。。。,实在太欠考虑了 It is thoughtless /inconsiderate of me to do 4 恐怕我给您添了许多麻烦 I am afraid what I have done has caused many inconveniences to you. 6 我很遗憾的告诉您我不能。。。。。。。 I regret to inform you that I am unable to do?.. 8 请在再次为。。。。接受我真诚的道歉 Please accept my sincere and humble apology to you for?. 9 我衷心希望您能够接受我的道歉 I sincerely hope that you will kindly accept my apologies. 12 队与贵公司不得不忍受这次延误,我们十分遗憾 I am sorry that it was your company that had to be the one to suffer the delay

13 真心希望这不会给你造成太多不便。 I hope that this does not cause to your too much inconvenience. 道歉信背诵范文 Dear Zheng, I am very sorry that I was out when you came to see me yesterday afternoon. The fact is that an engagement with some friends and, ign orant of your visit, accompanied them to the cinema. Not until nine o’clock in the evening did I come back .You must have been disappoin ted by my absence. I hope you will not leave the city this week, I will take you to s ome places that may interest you. Please wait for me in your hotel at the appointed time. Yours lovely, LiPinpin Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 26 January. We are very sorry to he ar about the difficulties you are having with your new P60 printing p ress. When our engineers installed the machine last month, they satisf ied themselves that it was functioning perfectly. They did, however, have some reservation about the ability of your operatives to carry o ut routine preventive maintenance. We believe it is essential that one of our engineer come to your factory for a period of two weeks for the purpose of: I . putting the press into perfect working order, II. training at least two of your operatives in routine preventive ma intenance We hope you will agree to our proposal. There will be no charge the p ress is still under guarantee. We apologize for any inconvenience you have had. Sincerely yours Li Ming

四 求职信 求职信重点句式

1 我特地写信给贵方,对于您们近来广告上登出的招聘兼职,我很感兴趣 I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised posit ion for a part-time assistant. 2 这个职位将为我的学习和进步提供良机,他对我十分重要 This position would provide an avenue for learning and advancement, w hich is important to me. 3 我对于这个职位可能提供的学习和创造性挑战十分感兴趣 I find the possibilities for learning and productive challenge in thi s position extremely attractive. 4 对于贵方广告招聘网络工程师一职,本人十分有兴趣,特地呈上申请 I am very interested in your advertisement for a Network Engineer, I would like to apply for this position. 5 我看到贵公司于 6 月 26 日在。。。。。上所登的招聘秘书的广告,如果您能 考虑本人对此工作的申请,我将不胜感激。 I have read your advertisement in ?..of June 26 for a secretary, and should be grateful if you consider me favorably as a candidate for t he position. 6 本人非常想应聘贵公司的一个职位 I am keen to apply for a job vacancy with your company. 7 我很乐意为您提供更多有关我的学历和工作经历的情况 I shall be pleased to furnish you with any further information concer ning my education and work experience. 9 我精通。。。。。 I have a fair mastery of ?../have a good command of ?? 10 我随时可以接受面试,请打。。。。。号码与我联系 I am available for an interview any moment. Please contact me a ?../ I can be reached at?? 11 如果您有任何职位空缺,请在您方便时给我一次面试的机会。感谢您的时间 和考虑 If you have any position available, please grant me a job interview a t your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. 12 我希望您能够考虑我的申请,并给与我面试的机会。 I hope you would take my application into account favorably and entit le me to an interview. 13 随信附上我的简历。 I have enclosed my resume with this letter. 求职信背诵范文 Dear Sir or Madam, Do you have any work in your Accounting Department for a part-ti me employee? Miss Wang, of the University Placement Office, gas sugge sted that I write to you, since I would like to work for your company after I finish my courses at the University. I’ve heard so much abo

ut your company, and I believe it offers a good chance to a man inter ested in construction work and trained in business. I’m enclosing a resume that gives details of my life so far. My fath er died when I was twelve years old, and I’ve been on my own since f ourteen. I’m finishing college plenty late but I’ve had some experi ence along the way, with four years in the military. I could work every afternoon and all day Saturday. Professor He at the university can tell you about my work in accounting. He is Chairm an of the Accounting Department and my adviser. Please look over the attached resume. I can come for an interview, if you wish .My telephone number (home) is 8888-6666. Sincerely yours (Signature) Dear Sir, I have read your advertisement in “Xi’ an Evening Paper ” of Ju ne 26 for a secretary, and should be grateful if you consider my favo rably as a candidate for the position. Since 2000, my main work includes administration and customers and ot her related duties. I am in charge of writing most of our company let ters to foreign parties and customers and drafting agreement and cont ract for my boss. I am also familiar with the filing system used in many companies, whi ch will help to locate document without difficulty. I will suggest yo u to use this system to improve office efficiency. I can use electric typewriter and operate any similar machine. I am seeking your employment to upgrade my working knowledge and to h ave the opportunity meet more challenges. Looking forward to receiving your favorable reply. Thank you. I remain. Yours sincerely, LiMing 六 感谢信 感谢信重点句式 1 我特地写信感谢你来医院看望我 I am writing to you to thank for your visiting me in the hospital. 2 这封信将满载着我对你热情款待的真挚感谢之情 I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for your hospitality. 4 你能按着日程安排组织信息,我十分感激

I especially appreciated your organizing the information according to the items on the agenda. 5 我非常感谢你的。。。。 I am grateful/ obliged to you for??. 6 我为你所做的一切表示感激 I am greatly indebted to you for what you have done 7 感谢你在。。。。其间给与我无私的帮助 I am thankful/ obliged to you for your unselfish assistance during?. 8 我非常感谢你的好意,并希望有机会回报你 I deeply appreciate your courtesy and we hope to have the opportunity of rewarding you rendered me. 9 我借此机会对你所给与我的帮助表示深深的感谢 I take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation of your kind help you rendered me . 10 你为我这样做真是太好了,我感激不尽 It was kind and generous of you to do this for me, and I appreciate i t more than I can say. 12 请接受我诚挚的谢意,感谢你及时的帮助,我将难以忘怀 Please accept my most cordial thanks for your timely help, which I wi ll never forget. 13 感激之情难以言表 Words fail me when I want to express my gratitude to you 14 我在此向你表示感谢 Again, I would like to express our warm thanks to you. 感谢信背诵范文 Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing to extend my thanks for your serving as director of t he new-employee orientation committee during the past year. Under your leadership, our employee orientation program has become the most effective instrument we have for educating new people about the company ---its past ,present, and future; its people, policies, and procedures; its high standing in the industry. I’m confident tha t new people now adapt more quickly to their new environment and brin g to their jobs a good feeling about the company, which is so importa nt to morale and productivity. I have been especially pleased at the variety of your program, the pr ofessional yet interesting manner in which the speakers brought off t heir presentations, the effective use of visual devices, and your all owance for participation by the new employees themselves. Please accept my most cordial thanks for your timely help, which I wi ll never forget.

Yours sincerely, Vice President 五 邀请信重点句式 1 您能接受邀请前来参加 6 月 8 号抵达北京会议并发言,使我十分感激 I’m delighted that you have accepted our invitation to speak at the conference in Beijing on June 8th. 4 我们真诚的邀请王教授来我校做客座教授 We would like to invite Professor Wang to our university as a guest l ecturer. 5 您如果能来出席我们今晚的宴会,我们将十分高兴 We should be very pleased if you could come and have dinner with us t his evening. 6 我很高兴邀请您参加从。。。。。到。。。。在。。。举行的。。。。活动 I am pleased to invite you to participate in ?..to be held from?.to ?.in? 7 如能邀请您参加。。。。是我莫大的荣幸 It is my pleasure/a great honor for me to invite you to ?.. 8 我希望您不会拒绝我的邀请 I hope that you won’t decline my invitation 11 您能否早日告诉我是否接受我的邀请 Would you please let me know as soon as possible if you can accept my invitation? 13 我确实希望您能够接受我的邀请 I do hope you will be able to accept our invitation. 15 我期盼着您的来信,并希望能见到您 I am looking forward to your reply, and eventually, seeing you. 邀请信背诵范文 Director J.T. White Environmental Protection Bureau P.O. Box 751 Portland, Oregon 97207 U.S.A. Dear White, We are very delighted to accept your kind invitation to particip ate in the program mentioned in your letter of January 24, for I beli eve that this program will be of great value and feasibility, and sti ll needs mutual communicating. If performed well, it will surely play an exemplary role in the work on the worldwide environmental protect ion. And at the same time, we would learn much about the advanced env 邀请信

ironmental management practiced in America. Therefore, we will put it into practice in our city. Once again, thank you very much for your invitation and we are lookin g forward to the bright future through our joint efforts. Sincerely yours, Long Chuanren Zhong Guoxin

七 投诉信 投诉信重点句式 5 我先写信向你表达对。。。。。的不满 I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with ??. 6 我现写信向你投诉有关。。。。。 I’m writing to complain about?.. 7 我希望你注意到在。 。 。 。 。 方面的一些问题。 一方面。 。 。 。 。 。 另一方面。 。 。 。 。 There are some problems with ?..but I wish to bring to attention. In the first place, ??In the second place, ??. 8 我抱怨的原因如下 The reasons why I complain are as follows. 11 为了改善局面,建议采取以下措施。其一。。。。其二。。。。。 In order to improve the situation, It’s advisable to take the follow ing measures. For one thing ??..for another, ??.. 12 我希望问题可以尽早得以解决 I do hope that the problems will be solved as some as possible 13 我希望你们能够考虑一下我的建议,以便改善局面 I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration to improve the situation. 投诉信背诵范文 Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently received a number of complaints from customers a bout your fountain pens/ball pens. The pens are clearly not giving sa tisfaction in some cases we have had to refund the purchase price. The pens complained about are part of the batch of 400 supplied to our order. No.612 May 1. This order was placed on the basis of a sam ple pen left by your agent. We have ourselves compared the performanc e of this sample with that of the pens complained about and there is

little doubt that many of them are faulty; some of them leak and othe rs fail to write without making blots. We are therefore writing to ask you to accept return of the unsold ba lance, amounting to 250 pens in all, and to replace them by pens of t he quality our earlier dealing with you have led us to expect. We trust you will consider this matter seriously and make an effort t o prevent the reoccurrence of such things. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

Dear General Manager, During the week-long May Day holiday, my friends and I went to B eijing and accommodated our-selves at your hotel from May first to Ma y fifth. I am sorry to tell you that we are not satisfied with your s ervice, which makes me write this letter after considerations. The focus of our complaint is the following. Firstly, the surround ing environment is too noisy. Even at mid-night, the noise from the n earby construction sites is constant and great. Secondly, I must say something about your food. Your menu is very expensive and the food q uality is not so satisfying. Lastly, I must remind you that you shoul d strengthen the security. Sometimes, even salesman came to knock on our doors, which made us feel annoyed and unsafe. The above-mentioned points are the unpleasant experiences during ou r stay in your hotel. I hope you will adopt some new measures to impr ove your services, which can prevent the image from damaging. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely, Li Ming

八 祝贺信 祝贺信重点句式 1 衷心祝贺您顺利毕业 Heartiest congratulations upon your graduation. 2 对你的高质量工作我们十分欣赏 We much appreciate the high quality of your work. 3 祝你生日快乐,你是最棒的! I hope your birthday is especially happy; you deserve the best.

6 我们祝愿您在新的职位取得成功,期待我们的进一步合作 We wish you success in your new post and look forward to closer coope ration with you. 8 祝你好运,祝你幸福 Wish you the best luck and every happiness. 10 在你生日之际,送上我们所有人最衷心的祝福 We all send you hearty greetings on your happy birthday. 11 我们对你生活中最幸福的事表示真诚的祝贺 We sincerely congratulate on the happiest event of your life. 14 我相信我将获益匪浅 I believe I will derive great benefits from it 祝贺信背诵范文 Dear Sir or Madam: I’m very glad to hear that you have passed the entrance examina tion and been accepted by a very famous university. I feel very proud of you and I believe you really deserve the honor since you have bee n working so hard on that. Studying in university has been the goal for most of the high scho ol students. With the rapid development of science and technology, th e society is changing fast. As a result, more and more people with hi gh education background are needed. It is no doubt a better choice to pursue further study in university because there are a lot of inform ation and useful facilities for your convenient reference as well as numerous knowledgeable professors for your consultation. So I think y ou’ve made a correct decision. While in university, you are sure to be surrounded by many smart stud ents as well, and you are provided with many opportunities to broaden the horizon. You can learn a lot from each other and be well equippe d for the future. A totally different picture scroll is unfolded before your eyes and I’ll cross my fingers to wish you a bright future. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 九 推荐信 推荐信背诵范文 Business School Ball State University Muncie, in 47306

Dear Prof. Terence, Zhao Yigang was enrolled as a student in my Economics course at the Renmin University of China in 1994. His performance in the class was quite outstanding. Mr. Zhao was diligent in his studies and participated in all the c lass discussion with his own ideas. He was capable of clear and logic al analysis of complex subjects with his keen insight and made valuab le contribution. In addition, Mr. Zhao has a pleasant personality. He gets along well with his colleagues because of his warm and friendly attitude toward them. Mr. Zhao has proved that he can engage in research work as an under graduate in our university. I am sure that he will perform well in yo ur college. I recommend him to you with no reservations. Sincerely yours, Wang Ning (Doctor, Professor)

重庆普通专升本作文常用句式大全及套用范例 以下是短文写作中使用率最高、覆盖面最广的基本句式,每组句式的功能相 同或相似,考生可根据自己的情况选择其中的 1-2 个,做到能够熟练正确地仿 写或套用。 1.表示原因 1)There are three reasons for this. 2)The reasons for this are as follows. 3)The reason for this is obvious. 4)The reason for this is not far to seek. 5)The reason for this is that... 6)We have good reason to believe that... 例如: There are three reasons for the changes that have taken place in our life.Firstly,people’s living standard has been greatly improve d.Secondly,most people are well paid, and they can afford what the y need or like.Last but not least,more and more people prefer to en joy modern life. 注:如考生写第一个句子没有把握,可将其改写成两个句子。如:Great c hanges have taken place in our life. There are three reasons for thi s.这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。 2.表示好处

1)It has the following advantages. 2)It does us a lot of good. 3)It benefits us quite a lot. 4)It is beneficial to us. 5)It is of great benefit to us. 例如: Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,a nd they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us. 3.表示坏处 1)It has more disadvantages than advantages. 2)It does us much harm. 3)It is harmful to us. 例如: However,everything divides into two.Television can also be harm ful to us.It can do harm to our health and make us lazy if we spend too much time watching television. 4.表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 1)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)f or sb.to do sth. 2)We think it necessary to do sth. 3)It plays an important role in our life. 例如: Computers are now being used everywhere,whether in the governmen t,in schools or in business.Soon, computers will be found in every home,too.We have good reason to say that computers are playing an i ncreasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the C omputer Age. 5.表示措施 1)We should 2)We should 3)We should 4)We should th. 例如: The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore,we must take some effective measures to solve it. 6.表示变化 1)Some changes have taken place in the past five years.

take some effective measures. try our best to overcome(conquer)the difficulties. do our utmost in doing sth. solve the problems that we are confronted(faced)wi

2)A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s comm unications. 3)The computer has brought about many changes in education. 例如: Some changes have taken place in people’s diet in the past five years.The major reasons for these changes are not far to seek.Nowad ays,more and more people are switching from grain to meat for protei n,and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins. 7.表示事实、现状 1)We cannot ignore the fact that... 2)No one can deny the fact that... 3)There is no denying the fact that... 4)This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. 5)However,that’s not the case. 例如: We cannot ignore the fact that industrialization brings with it t he problems of pollution.To solve these problems, we can start by e ducating the public about the hazards of pollution. The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner enviro nment. 8.表示比较 1)Compared with A,B... 2)I prefer to read rather than watch TV. 3)There is a striking contrast between them. 例如: Compared with cars,bicycles have several advantages besides bein g affordable.Firstly,they do not consume natural resources of petro leum.Secondly,they do not cause the pollution problem.Last but not least,they contribute to people’s health by giving them due physica l exercise. 9.表示数量 1)It has increased(decreased)from...to... 2)The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. 3)The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 例如: With the improvement of the living standard,the proportion of pe ople’s income spent on food has decreased while that spent on educat ion has increased. 再如: From the graph listed above,itcan be seen that student use of co

mputers has increased from an average of less than two hours per week in 2008 to 20 hours in 2009.



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英文写作背句型一、~~~ the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc) ~~~ the most + 形容词 + ...


初中英语写作必背满分句型_英语_初中教育_教育专区。外教一对一 初中英语写作必...二. 重点句型 1. It’s adj for sb to do 做…对某人来说… 2. … ...
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