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状语从句(句子成分完整) 1 原因状语从句 because, since, as, for 区别: because 语气最强 回答 why because 不与 so 连 用 since =now that 表示显而易见的原因 “既然…因 为…” as “因为…既然…语气最弱 for 是并列连词,表示推断的原因,for 前常要加 逗号

注:seeing that / now that/ considering that in that/given that 这几个词汇与 since 引导的 原因状语从句意思相近, 都表示“既然…考虑 到” 2 地点状语从句 Where wherever Where there is a will ,there is a way. We must camp where we can find water. 3 时间状语从句 when (v 延或 v 短) while(v 延)

as 表示动作同时发生“一边…一边…随着..” since (自从) before ;until ;the first time ; every/each time ;the last time by the time (到..时为止) 时间状语从句考点: ★It is / has been +一段时间+since(一般过去时) 自从…已经多长时间了 ★be doing sth when 正在..突然… ★be about to do sth when 即将做某事突然

★while 除了“当..时”之外,还有两种用法: 1)表示对比 “然而” 2)表示让步“虽然尽管” ★before 除了“在..之前“之外,还可表:还没来得 及..就… He hung up before I could say a word ★it +时间+before 句型 : (肯)要过多就才… (否)没过多久就…. ★一…就…: as soon as the moment / minute / instant immediately instantly directly

Hardly…when No sooner …than No sooner + had + 主语+过分+than (一般过去 时) Hardly + had +主语+过分+ when (一般过去时) ★By the time +句子(一般过去) ,主句(过完) By the time +句子(一般现在) ,主句(将来完成 时 will have done) 4 条件状语从句 if 如果 ;supposing ;provided 假如 as long as ; so long as;on condition that ;only

if 只要 in case 以防以免 假使 ; unless 除非, once 一 旦… 在时间和条件状语从句中, 要用一般现在时表将来时, 现在完成时表将来完成时 You should not play outside unless you have finished your homework If weather permits, I will go swimming tomorrow 5 目的状语从句 目的状语从句的谓语常含有 may, might, can,

could, should, would 等情态 动词 引导词有:so that(以便) , in order that(为了; 以便) , Lest(免得;唯恐) , for fear that(生怕; 以免) 。 注:凡是由 lest(以免;免得),in case(以防) 和 for fear that(生怕,唯恐)引导的目的状语从句 中,


用“should+动词原形 其谓语部分 should 可以省略。 例如: 1.Keep quiet in case you(should)interrupt him 2.She is now studying, for fear that she(should)fail in English. 3.You must wake him early, lest he(should)be late forschool. 6 结果状语从句 So/such…that..句型 如此..以至于句型 so +adj /adv+that

① 当出现不可数名词或名词复数时,与 such….that 连用 It is such bad weather that I am in a bad mood ② 当出现可数名词单数时,so 与形容词不分,such 与 a/an 不分 such a clever boy so clever a boy ③ 当名词前有 many much few little 修饰时,用 so….that 感叹句的用法与此句型类似, what 相当于 such how 相当于 so 即若感叹句中出现不可数名词或名词复数时,

感叹句要用 what 来引导 若感叹句中出现可数名词单数时: what a clever boy he is! How clever a boy he is! so that 可引导目的状语从句, 也可以引导结果状语 从句。 He worried so that he couldn’t sleep.他急得睡不 着。 (so that 引导结果状语从句) I came to the class early so that I could catch the bus

(so that 引导目的状语从句) 7 比较状语从句 倍数基本句型 倍数+形容词,副词比较级+than 倍数+as +形容词,副词原级+as 倍数+the size of (height width depth weight length) the more ..the more… 越…越… The more you work hard ,the more progress you will make As…as… 和 … 一样 … not as/so…as.. 和 … 不一

样 A is to B what C is to D A 对于 B 就像是 C 对于 D 8 让步状语从句 引导词:though, although, as, even/ if though, no matter-wh, whether…or not(无论是否) 以 as, though 引导的让步状语从句多用倒装语 序, 即把在从句中作表语的名词、形容词, 或修饰谓语动词的副词放在 as/though 之前。

当作表语的单数可数名词位于句首时, 名词前的不定冠词要省略 Try as he might,he still can’t open the door Hard as he worked, he couldn’t make ends meet Child as he is, he knows a lot However 引导的让步状语从句: However +adj/ adv+主语+谓语 Wh-ever 引导让步状语从句既可以用 wh-ever 或 no matter wh但若是引导主语从句或宾语从句, 只能用 wh-ever 不能用 no matter wh13

No matter what he said I would not believe him Whatever you said has a great effect on your child. 注意:despite = in spite of 虽然尽管,后不可以接 句子 though, although 都可以放在句首, 但放在句末只能用 though Though although 不与 but 连用, 但可以和 yet,still 连用 9 方式状语从句: 由连词:as(按照), as if, as though(仿佛好像)引导




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