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Uint4 Cyberspace Warm up

In this unit you will: Read about the internet and virtul reality. Listen to a phone conversation, radio programmes and a song. Practise telephoning and m

aking suggestions.

Write an e-mail message and an internet page about your area.
Learn how to make predictions about future; learn about conditionals.

Picture B

half-human half – robot character The Terminator 中文名称:终结者

别名:未来战士,魔鬼终结者,终结者,T1 In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity, no pain,no fear, something unstoppable.

They created 'THE TERMINATOR'

Picture C Global warming causes world flooding. waterworld Picture C is of the actor Kevin Costner. It is is from the movie Waterworld. (1995). The movie is set in the future when the polar icecaps have melted. Costner plays a character searching for dry land--something no one has ever seen.

Picture A space ship

Artificial Intelligence A.I is a science fiction movie directed by Steven spielberg.

In the future humans will creat robots that are able to feel love. In the movie, a young robot boy is given to a real human family. He loved them but they deserted him. He then painfully discovered that he is a robot and sets off on a journey to find a way to become real.

Read the text – warm up and do Ex. 1

Which of the films or books mentioned on this page have you seen or read?

2004---- the day after tomorrow is a movie about global warming and how it will destroy cities and change the world in the future.Which of the predictions in them have already come true? 2001--- A.I. Is a movie about a boy who doesn’t know that he is really a robot.

1866--- from the earth to the moon is a book about people to thein moon. Which of travelling the predictions them do you think will come true in your lifetime? 1977---2004---- the movies that make up star wars are about wars in space. There are many amazing chraracters in these movies.

Listen to four experts. Which predictions are they discussing? Use the key words to help you.

1.Making artificial humans

Key words:

2. Flooding in different country

robot , artificial human, cyberspace, planet’s climate, global warming , World flooding, time travel, virtual reality, virus 3.Time travel

Which word in the box above matches this definition? n. A word that describe the4.A place where messages, information,picture,etc. are virus develops which we have no power to stop when they are sent from one computer to another.


1.Well , that’s a very interesting question. It is already possible to make artificial body part, but it won’t be _________ possible for a very long time to make artificial humans that can think or feel in the same way as we do.

2.We know that the ____________ planet’s climate is changing. The earth atmosghere is slowly getting warmer. There is a real danger that the sea level will go up and there will be ______ in different countries in the world. This is flooding already happening in some parts of the world.

_______ 3. Well , it may sound surprising. Imagine the situation of two twins--- a brother and a sister. The sister goes into space and travels______________ at the speed of light for ten years--when she comes back to Earth she is 30 years older than her twin brother!

_______ 4.Unfortunately, this is a real danger for the planet. A new ____ could develop that we have no power to stop. It is virus something we really should be worried about.


1.Robots can work in dirty and dangerous places. 2. Robots can work without sleep and food.


1. Robots can’t think or make decisions. 2. People may lose jobs if robots are used instead of humans.

cyberspace global warming come true artificial climate flood virtual reality virus

网络空间 全球变暖 实现 人造的 气候 洪水 虚拟的 真实、现实 病毒

1.climate the regular weather conditions of a particular place
a mild /warm/wet climate 温和、暖和、潮湿的气候

I can’t stand the hot and dry climate of the place.
They live in a dry climate. climate 指某一地区长期以来的气候状况,可用不 定冠词修饰。

weather 指某地短时间内的天气变化,不可用不定 冠词修饰。

Beijing has a warm climate, but its weather last week was stormy.

2. flood n. a large amounte of water covering an area that is usually dry. 洪水
The heavy rain has caused floods in many parts of the country.

The river is in flood.

The houses were flooded. vt. 淹没

3. come true 实现

His dream came true. _________________
他的梦想实现了。 come true 指愿望 ______________________________ One’s dream does not always come true. 实 现,预言成真, 一个人的梦想并不总是能成为现实。 不可用于被动语 __________________________________ The prediction seems to have come true.态。 这预测好像已经成为现实。

1.likely 有可能的 She is likely to ring me tonight.

= it’s likely that she will ring me tonight.
It is likely to rain tonight.

They are likely to win in the match.
likely 指从外表、迹象上进行判断,有可能发生,常用 句型为: It is likely that ---Sb./sth is likely to-----

2.focus ---- on ---- 把---- 集中到----- 上
Please focus your minds on the following problem. ___________________________________

Focus your camera on those trees. __________________________ 把相机的焦点集中在那些树上。

拓展:focus on = concentrate on


I can’t cncentrate on my study with all that noise going on.



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