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广东省 2014 届高三英语二轮专题精品卷:完形填空和语法填空 (1) II. 语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空 The western world has always been divided into two types of people—the cool and the uncool. It is a 11 that starts in school. The cool kids are good at sports. They are popular with the 12 their style. They can do their opposite sex. They are good-looking and people want to The 13

homework but they don’t make a big effort. That would not be cool. kids are in the other corner of the playground. They are very bright, but they 14 skills, not popular with the opposite sex and they are 15 at don’t have great

sports. When they are not programming computers or doing calculus (微积分) , they are watching shows like the “X Files”. They are known as the geeks. But the geeks are taking over. Make friends with them now or they will put virus in your computer and 16 your maths homework to ruin. Geeks might not be popular at school, yet 17 good degrees, though they might not be too they do pass their examinations. They popular at university. The most important 18 of the 21st century, computers and IT, has been at least partly 19 others to follow their examples. Being a 20 of 21 22 , the effect of the geeks on . Geek culture is becoming 23 is more important than created by geeks. Geek heroes like Bill Gates

geek is a way of earning good money. And the creation of the Internet gave them a their own to work and play in, making them a global force. popular culture has started a new trend. It is now cool to be an important part of general popular culture, in which what you what you look like. But there are also geek may be your
1.A. time 2. A. show 3.A. uncool 4.A. personal 5. A. tasteless 6. A. introduce 7.A. score 8.A. discovery 9.A. excite 10.A. world 11.A. However 12.A. imaginative

24 25

. Geeks were often bullied (欺侮) or laughed at in school. Now a

. Perhaps it is time for punishment. B. division C. group C. copy C. clever C. experimental C. hopeless C. prefer C. take C. progress C. demand C. chance C. Still C. attractive

D. part D. represent D. strange D. social D. helpless D. add D. save D. improvement D. promise D. heaven D. Besides D. cool

B. act B. unimportant B. attractive B. careless B. bring B. lack B. industry B. discourage B. challenge B. Therefore B. uncool

13. A. remember 14. A. dangers 15.A. secretary

B. understand B. questions B. trainee

C. receive C. possibilities C. friend

D. know D. wonders D. boss

第二节 语法填空 “American Dreams in China,” a comedy based ___1__the story of real-life company New Oriental Education Group, is now the weekly champion of China’s box office (票房) __ 2___(beat) Hollywood blockbusters(大片) “Iron Man 3” and “The Croods(疯狂原始人).” The movie,___ 3___ cost $9 million to produce, has taken in(收入) over $34 million in ticket sales__ 4___it was released on May 17,according to media research. The main character in this movie is believed to resemble Yu Minhong,__ 5__ chief executive and co-founder of New Oriental. ___6___ Mr. Yu said on his Sina Weibo that he has no____ 7__ (invest) in the movie and he was against the idea in the first place. Heated discussion on the definition of real successes__ 8__(arouse) after more and more
audience came into the cinema for this movie. ___9___some among the Chinese audience are cheering for the entrepreneurial spirit the movie conveys,others say skeptically that ___10___equates(等同)success with wealth and fame.

(2) 第二节 语法填空 My most embarrassing moment occurred last month. I was invited to attend an interview for a job as a hotel receptionist. I arrived on time and was shown into the manager’s office by an 16 (assist). I was 17 nervous that I didn’t catch the manager’s name. 18 interview

began. “Do you have any previous experience in hotels?” asked the manager. “No sir,” I said. The manager frowned. “Are you good at using computers?” “Yes, Sir. I am familiar popular kinds of software.” The manager frowned again. The interview continued. Every answer I gave 21 20 19 most

didn’t look a friendly person.

(receive) by a frown from the manager,

even though I told him about my communication skills, my knowledge of French and so on. 22 (obvious), I was doing very badly. At last, the interview came to a close. “One final 23 eyesight?” “Excellent, sir,” I replied. “Very 24 (shake) hands. When the

question,” said the manager. “How good is

well,” said the manager, “thank you for coming.” I stood up manager stood up as well, I realized 25

I had been doing wrong. The gentleman I had


been calling “sir” during the whole interview was wearing a skirt! The manager was a woman! I didn’t get the job. (3) 第一节 完形填空 A boy lost his arms in an accident and had to depend on his brother for almost everything. His younger brother became his his 2 1 , never leaving him alone for years. Except for writing with 3 and went back to wait. But being so , he was completely unable to do anything in his life. 4 , leaving him in the toilet for two hours. As the two

One night, his brother accompanied him into the tired, his younger brother fell brothers grew wanted to 7 know what to do.

5 , they had different opinions about many things and often 6 . His brother from him to live his own life. Knowing this, he was heart-broken and didn't 8 , who suffered from mental

A similar misfortune happened to a girl. One night her illness, 9

. So her father went out looking for her mother, leaving her alone at home. She tried

to 10 a meal for her parents, but only to overturn the stove, resulting in a 11 , which took her hands away. Though her elder sister, who was studying in another city, showed her 12 she made up her mind to be completely 13 One day, the boy and the girl were both They both were asked to 15 1. A. volunteer 2. A. feet 3. A. kitchen 4. A. asleep 5. A. older 6. A. fought 7. A. learn 8. A. father 9. A. died 10. A. buy 11. A. fire 12. A. anxiety 13. A. relaxed 14. A. made 15. A. write 第二节 语法填空

to help her,

. And she made it. 14 to appear on a television interview program.

something on a piece of paper with their toes. The boy wrote: C. servant C. toes C. toilet C. awake C. stronger C. quarreled C. hear C. brother C. cried C. eat C. fall C. contribution C. energetic C. ordered C. imagine D. shadow D. arms D. study D. silent D. healthier D. discussed D. separate D. sister D. failed D. prepare D. meal D. respect D. independent D. tricked D. read

My brother's arms are my arms; while the girl wrote: Broken wings, flying hearts. B. bodyguard B. hands B. bedroom B. ill B. taller B. talked B. keep B. mother B. disappeared B. change B. joke B. willingness B. disabled B. invited B. draw

A couple had been married for over 60 years. They shared everything, talked about everything and kept no secrets 17 16 each other except that the woman had a box in a drawer

she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.[Z§ x He’d never thought about it ever since. One day 18 woman got very sick and the doctor, 19

said she wouldn’t recover. To sort out their affairs, the husband took down the box and (bring) it to his wife’s bedside. She agreed it was time that he should know 21 20

was in the box.

(open) it, he found two small table mats and a sum of money totaling $ 25,000. He

asked her about the contents. “When we were to be married,” she said, “my grandma told me the secret of happy 23 22 (marry) was never to argue, and I should just keep quiet and make a mat

I got angry with you.” The man was so 24 (move) that he had to fight back tears. She had only been angry with

him twice in all those years of living and loving! “Honey,” he said, “that explains the mats, but what about the money? Where did it come from?” “Oh,” she said, “that’s the money I made from selling (5) 第一节 完形填空 One effective way of destroying happiness is to look at something and focus on even the smallest fault. It’s like looking at the tiled (铺瓦的) ceiling and concentrating on the space where one tile is 1 . 2 25 .”

Once I heard a bald man said, “Whenever I enter a room, all I see is hair.” Once you’ve what your missing tile is, explore whether acquiring it will one of the three things: get it, replace it with a different the tiles in your life that are not missing. We all know people who have had a relatively The first 7 6 3

make you happy. Then do 5

4 , or forget about it and

life, yet are essentially unhappy,

while people who have suffered a great deal generally remain happy. is gratitude. All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be 8 , but it’s truer to say that happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complaining leads to people becoming unhappy. The second secret is awareness. We should of something else. The most obvious more happiness we are 11 10 9 that happiness is a byproduct (副产品)

are those pursuits ( 追求) that give our lives

purpose---anything from studying insects to playing baseball. The more passions we have, the to experience. 12 has some Finally, the belief that something permanent goes beyond us and that our

larger meaning can help us to feel happier. We need a spiritual faith, or a philosophy of life. Whatever your philosophy is, it should happiness itself, this 1. A. different 2. A. imagined 3. A. really 4. A. ceiling 5. A. go on 6. A. easy 7. A. factor 8. A. upset 9. A. realize 10. A. answers 11. A. curious 12. A. value 13. A. include 14. A. worst 15. A. absolutely 第二节 语法填空 After graduation from college, I started to sell. Soon I discovered that the worried expression I 16 (wear)since childhood meant sure failure. I knew it wasn't going to be easy to 17 (hard).It called for a change that expression on my face left by so many years of complete change in my view on life. Here is the method I tried. Each morning during a fifteenminute bath, I determined to cultivate a big, happy smile. I found out, however, that it couldn't be a of putting dollars in my pocket. It had to be 18 (force) smile developed just for the purpose 19 honesttogoodness smile from down 15 13 this truth: if you choose to find the 14 in every situation, you will be blessed, and if you choose to find the awful, you will be cursed. As for depends on your decision to make. B. short B. predicted B. naturally B. brick B. focus on B. difficult B. secret B. quarrel B. decide B. results B. satisfied B. existence B. tell B. positive B. totally C. missing C. assumed C. hopefully C. tile C. put on C. ordinary C. rule C. depress C. prove C. sources C. tentative C. survival C. absorb C. disgusting C. largely D. broken D. determined D. completely D. house D. rely on D. peaceful D. key D. complain D. suppose D. goals D. likely D. destination D. mean D. negative D. exactly

deep inside, an outward expression of happiness from within! Let's see 20 starting off with a good fifteenminute training of the smile muscles 21 entering an office I would think of many things I had to be 22 (get) the same helped me during the day. smile 23

thankful for, work up a big smile and then enter. Seldom did it fail them on the street to give them a cheerful smile.

return from the person I met. I also found that it pleased people when I passed 24

Give every living soul you meet the best smile you have ever smiled in your life, living. When I began doing this, I found 25 (7)

see how much better you feel and look. It's one of the best ways I know to stop worrying, and start more welcome everywhere.

第一节 完形填空 When I walk through the streets of San Francisco’s business districts, white people stare at me as if I were a circus clown. Their staring eyes don’t see that I get ____1____ A’s in school, or that I am a captain of the football team, or that I belong to ___2____youth organizations. All they see is that I am 6-foot-4, young ,black, and male-----a potential ____3____to them. White men look at me as if I am up to no good, or as if they are ____4____to me. White women just look at me with____5____, say, sometimes they cross the street when they see my friends and me coming, or walk in the street and only get back on the sidewalk after we ____6____. Many people come to San Francisco to get away from the stereotypes(成见) of the cities they were born and ____7_____ in. The majority of the blacks and Latinos who live in this city don’t have that luxury. How can you feel at home when people are_____8_____telling you to get back to Africa or Mexico ----or just back to “where you belong”? My way of dealing with this kind of thing has _____9_____over the years. In the past, when my friends and I would walk the streets and a hundred pairs of white eyes would look at me as if we were the lowest form of dirt, it would make us angry enough to hurt or ____10____them. Now I’m more likely to use ____11____ to defend myself against those eyes. To women who clutch their purse in terror, I’ll say, “Man, I ain’t gonna do anything to you, I got money in my pocket!” My cousin has even started wearing a T-shirt ____12_____ in big letters, “NO, WHITE LADY, I DON'T’ WANT YOUR PURSE.” The most painful thing is when we get those___13____ stares from black people, especially elderly ones. I want o say to them, “We’re black too. Why would we do something to you?” Usually I react more ____14____to all of this than a lot of my friends do. Some of them, so brainwashed, just think it’s part of life and that there is nothing you can do. But for me, that’s not good enough. I just can’t stand it when every day a hundred pair of eyes tell you you’re not_____15_____.
1. A. almost 2. A. social

B. mostly B. local

C. merely C. positive

D. particularly D. new

3.A. danger 4. A. better 5. A. fear 6. A. run 7. A. known 8. A. honestly 9. A. changed 10. A. kill 11. A. actions 12. A. writing 13. A. fearful 14. A. strongly 15. A. sincere

B. treasure B. close B. interest B. walk B. developed B. constantly B. formed B. rob B. deeds B. printing B. doubtful B. actively B. mature

C. gift C. perfect C. honor C. pass C. raised C. hopefully

D. neighbor D. superior D. despair D. move D. located D. freely

C. strengthened D. increased C. damage C. signs C. telling C. pitiful D. steal D. words D. saying D. impressive D. casually D. gentle

C. disappointedly C. welcome



Long ago, in a far-away place, an old tribal chief found himself terminally ill. So he called three most promising young villagers to his bedside and said, “As I ____16____(leave) you soon, I hope you can do one more thing for me. Young men, you three are all ____17____(usual) strong and resourceful, so I’d like you to strive to climb that high mountain we have always been worshipping _____18_____ a sacred place. Try to reach the top and then turn back to tell me about your findings. Three days later, the first young man returned smartly dressed and said ____19____(smile), “Lord, I’ve been to the mountaintop____20____I saw flowers of all sorts, spring water and singing birds. That’s a real nice place.” The old tribal chief replied with a smile, “Son, I’ve been there before. it's not the mountaintop ____21____the foot of the mountain. You can leave now.” A week later, the second young man also returned. “Lord, I’ve been to the mountaintop ___22___ a forest of tall pine trees and vultures circling in the air. That’s a really nice place.” “What a pity!” said the chief. “Son, you’ve been halfway up the mountain rather than to the summit. Now you can leave .” A month later, the third young man showed up in rags, his hair off-colored but his eyes clear

and bright. “Lord, I succeeded in reaching the summit. There was nothing there but the highland wind and the blue sky ___23___(hang) over the land.” “So you saw nothing at all? Not even ___24___butterfly?” “No, Lord, nothing. All you can see is yourself. You just feel how insignificant you are in this infinite universe ___25__ standing at the top!” “Son, you’ve reached the real mountaintop. Congratulations! You will be undoubtedly made our new tribal chief!”

参考答案 (1)完形填空 1----5 6----10 11---15
【解析】 试题分析:本文描述了西方社会的两种人,一种是很酷的,一种是不怎么酷的,后者是描述的重


点。不酷的孩子在校园的另外一个角落里。他们很聪明,但是他们没有很棒的社交能力,他 们在运动上没有希望的。 但是他们有可能成为怪人奇才。 现在怪人文化正在成为一般流行文 化的重要的一部分。
【小题 1】 考查名词及语境的理解。 A. time 时间; B. division 分类, 除法, 部门; C. group 组;

D. part 分离。根据 They are good-looking 可知这里叙述的是分类。学校里的分类就开始了, 故选 B。
【小题 2】考查动词及语境的理解。 A. show 显示; B. act 行动; C. copy 复制,抄袭; D.

represent 代表。因为 They are good-looking,他们是好看的,人们想要模仿他的风格,故选 C。
【小题 3】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. uncool 不酷的,不冷静的; B. unimportant 不重要

的; C. clever 聪明的; D. strange 奇怪的。根据上文 The cool kids are good at sports. 酷的都 爱好体育,所以这里指不酷的。不酷的孩子们在操场的另一角落,故选 A。
【小 题 4 】 考 查 形容 词 及 语境 的 理解 。 A. personal 个人的; B. attractive 吸引人的;

C. experimental 实验的; D. social 社会的。根据常识可知他们没有社会技能。他们很聪明但


是他们没有社会技能,故选 D。
【小题 5】 考查形容词及语境的理解。 A. tasteless 无味的; B. careless 粗心的; C. hopeless 无

希望的; D. helpless 无助的。他们很聪明但是他们没有社会技能,不受异性的欢迎,并且 对于体育是绝望的,故选 C。
【小题 6】 考查动词及语境的理解。 A. introduce 介绍; B. bring 带来; C. prefer 喜欢;D. add

增加。这里是 bring…to ruin 带来损害。是固定短语。和他们做朋友不然他们会把病毒放进 你的电脑里毁坏你的家庭作业。故选 B。
【小题 7】考查动词及语境的理解。A. score 获得; B. lack 缺乏; C. take 拿走; D. save 挽

救。take good degrees 拿到学位;怪人也许在学校不受欢迎,但是他们仍然通过考试,他们 可能在大学里仍然不受欢迎但是他们拿到学位。 故选 C。
【小题 8】 考查名词及语境的理解。 A. discovery 发现; B. industry 工业; C. progress 进步;D.

improvement 提高。根据常识可知电脑和 IT 是工业。电脑和 IT 做为 21 世纪最重要的工业, 至少一部分是由怪人创造的。故选 B。
【小题 9】考查动词及语境的理解。A. excite 激动; B. discourage 阻止,泄气; C. demand

要求;D. promise 允诺。excite sb to do 激励某人做某事。像比尔盖茨那样的怪人英雄激励人 们以他们为榜样。故选 A。
【小题 10】考查名词及语境的理解。A. world 世界; B. challenge 挑战; C. chance 机会; D.

heaven 天堂。某人的领域用 world。成为怪人是一种挣大钱的方法,并且网络的创造给了他 们一个属于他们的工作和玩的世界。故选 A。
【小题 11】考查副词及语境的理解。A. However 可是; B. Therefore 因此; C. Still 仍然; D.

Besides 并且。根据上文可知它们是递进关系。并且,怪人在流行文化的努力开始了一个新 的趋势。故选 D。
【小题 12】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. imaginative 虚构的,富有想象力的; B. uncool 不冷

静的; C. attractive 吸引人的; D. cool 冷静的。根据短文的大意可知就是现在酷的成为不 酷的。故选 B。
【小题 13】考查动词及语境的理解。 A. remember 记得; B. understand 理解; C. receive 收

到; D. know 知道,了解。根据常识可知文化应该是了解怪人文化正在成为一般流行文化 的重要的一部分,在这部分里你知道的比你看上去的更重要。故选 D。
【小题 14】 考查名词及语境的理解。 A. dangers 危险; B. questions 问题; C. possibilities 可

能性; D. wonders 奇观。根据 but 可知这是对上文的转折。但是仍然有危险者。故选 A。
【小题 15】 考查名词及语境的理解。 A. secretary 秘书; B. trainee 实习生; C. friend 朋友; D.

boss 老板。怪人在学校经常被欺负或者被嘲笑,现在那个怪人可能就是你的老板,也许是时 候该惩罚你了。 故选 D。

1)on 2)beating 3)which 4)since 5)the 6)However/Nevertheless
7)investment 8)was aroused 9)while 10)it


【解析】 试题分析: 本文叙述了中国合伙人这部电影非常火爆, 它是根据新东方教育集团的创业史而改编 的一个真实的故事,但是对这部的电影成功存在着争议。 【小题 1】考查固定短语。be based on 以……为根据。这里是非谓语动词,所以用的是 based

【小题 2】考查非谓语动词。句意:中国合伙人这部电影是根据一个实实在在的公司—新东

方教育集团为依据而制成的, 这部电影打败了好莱坞大片—钢铁侠和疯狂原始人。 这里整个 句子的主语与 beat 之间是主动关系,故用现在分词 beating。
【小题 3】考查定语从句。这里是 which 引导的非限制性定语从句,它在从句中作主语,不能省 略,先行词是 movie,故用 which。 【小题 4】考查连词。句意:自从 5 月 17 日放映以来,这部电影共收入 3400 万美元。这里

根据谓语动词 has taken in 用的是现在完成时可知这里应该用 since,因为 since 常与现在完 成时连用,故用 since。
【小题 5】考查冠词。这部电影的主要人物是认为像俞敏洪是新东方首席执行官兼联合创始

人。这里逗号后是 Yu Minhong 的同位语,用 the 表示唯一的,表特指,故用 the。
【小题 6】考查副词。但是他在他的新浪微博上说他没有投资这部电影。这里根据上文表示

转折,故用 However/Nevertheless。
【小题 7】考查名词。这里因为空格前有 no 修饰所以后面用名词 investment。 【小题 8】考查动词。根据后面的谓语动词 came 可知空格处也应该用一般过去式,又因为

主语与 arouse 之间是被动关系,故用一般过去式的被动语态 was aroused。
【小题 9】考查连词。当中国人在欢呼电影中所表达的企业的创业精神时,其他的人却持怀

疑地态度说它同样是名利双收。这里根据句意故用连词 while。
【小题 10】考查代词。这里的代词根据上下文应该指的是这部电影,故用 it。

(2)语法填空: (共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 16. assistant 21 was received 17. so 18. The 19. with 24 to shake 20. He 25. what

22 Obviously 23. your

(3) 【文章大意】本文叙述了两个小孩由于事故,而使自己变成了残废,失去了双手,他们 凭借自己的坚强和勇气, 战胜困难, 可以用自己的脚趾写字, 后来被邀请到电视台做了嘉宾。 1.【答案】D 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. volunteer 志愿者; B. bodyguard 保镖; C. servant

佣人; D. shadow 庇护。根据 never leaving him alone for years 可知他的弟弟成了他的影 子,故选 D。

2.【答案】C 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. feet 胳膊。 根据 A boy lost his arms in an accident 及最后一段末 something on a piece of paper with their toes.可知他没有胳膊,所以写字只能用脚趾,故选 C。 3.【答案】C 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. kitchen 厨房; B. bedroom 卧室; C. toilet 厕所; D. study 书房。根据下文 leaving him in the toilet 可知他留在了厕所,故选 C。 4. 【答案】A 【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. asleep 睡着; B. ill生病的; C. awake 醒着的;D. silent 沉默地。根据 But being so tired,可知他的弟弟太累了,睡着了,故选 A。 5.【答案】A 【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. older 年长的; B. taller 更高的; C. stronger 脚; B. hands 手; C. toes 脚趾; D. arms

更强壮的;D. healthier 更健康的。根据 grew 可知当两个兄弟长大了的时候,两个人的意见 不同了,故选 A。 6. 【答案】C 【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. fought 战斗; B. talked 谈话; C. quarreled 争吵; D. discussed 讨论。 根据 they had different opinions about many things 可知他们因为有不同的意见 而争吵,故选 C。 7. 【答案】D 【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。有一天弟弟终于提出要离开他,因为弟弟要和很多正常 人一样需要过自己的生活。故选 D。 8.【答案】B 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。根据 her father went out looking for her mother 可知她的母 亲患有精神病,故选 B。 9. 【答案】B 【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. died failed 失败。 根据下文父亲出去找母亲可知她的患有精神病母亲不见了,故选 B。 10. 【答案】D 【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. buy 买; B. change 改变; C. eat 吃; D. prepare

死; B. disappeared 消失; C. cried 哭 ; D.

准备。 她试图为她的父母准备好一顿饭,故选 D。 11. 【答案】A 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. fire 火; B. joke 笑话; C. fall 秋天; D. meal 饭。

却不小心将炉子打翻,结果双手便被大火夺走了。故选 A。 12. 【答案】B 【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. anxiety 焦急; B. willingness 乐意; C.

contribution 贡献;D. respect 尊敬。虽然在外地读书的姐姐愿意照顾她,可倔强的她一定要 自己照顾自己。故选 B。 13. 【答案】D 【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. relaxed 放松的; B. disabled 残疾的; C. energetic 精力充沛的; D. independent 独立的。她下定决心要独立,故选 D。 14. 【答案】B 【 解析】 考查动词及语境的理解。 A. made 创造;B. invited 邀请;C. ordered 命令;D. tricked 诡计。 根据 appear on a television interview program.可知一天这个女孩和男孩他们被一家电视 台邀请到了演播室。故选 B。 15.【答案】A 【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. write 写; B. draw 绘画; C. imagine 想象; D. read 读。something on a piece of paper with their toes.可知让他们用脚趾写字,故选 A。 二.语法填空(每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) : 16.from 21. Opening (5) 17. that/which 22. marriage 18. the 23. if/when 19. brought 24. moved 20. what 25. them

【文章大意】 本文叙述了幸福的秘诀。 第一个秘诀是要学会感激, 经常抱怨会带来更多的不愉快; 第二个秘诀是要认识到你投入的情感越多,你获得幸福越多;最后要有自己的人生哲理,在任何 情况下无论遇到什么,都要祝福自己。其实,幸福本身完全取决于你自己的决定。

【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. different


B. short


C. missing


D. broken 破碎的。根据 looking at the tiled (铺瓦的)

ceiling and concentrating on the space 可知看铺瓦的天花板,集中注意力看天花板上遗漏瓦片 的地方。故选 C。 2.【答案】D


【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. imagined

想象;B. predicted 预 测 ;


assumed 假定;

D. determined 判定。 根据 explore whether acquiring it 可知此处是先判定自

己没有的瓦片,自己的缺点,然后在探索是否能获得它。故选 D。 3.

【 解析】考查副词及语境的理解。A. really 实际上,真正地;

B. naturally 自然地; C.

hopefully 有希望地;D. completely 完全地,彻底地。根据 get it, replace it with a different 4 ,可知得到自己的缺少的东西,用不同的东西来代替它,这是真正使你高兴的事。故选 A。 4. 【答案】C
【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. ceiling 天花板;

B. brick 砖块;

C. tile

片;D. house 房子。根据 the tiles in your life that are not missing.可知此处是用不同的瓦片即 事物来代替自己缺少的东西,故选 C。 5. 【答案】B
【 解析】 考查动词短语及语境的理解。 A. go on

继续; B. focus on 集中于; C. put on 穿

上,上演; D. rely on 依靠,依赖。根据 or forget about it 可知此处是指要忘记自己的缺少 的东西,集中精力关注自己不缺失的东西。故选 B。 6. 【答案】A
【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. easy 容易的,舒适的; B. difficult 困难的; C.

ordinary 普通的; D. peaceful 和平的。根据 yet are essentially unhappy,然而不高兴,前后表 示转折关系,前面强调我们虽然过着相当舒适的生活。故选 A。 7. 【答案】B
【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. factor


B. secret 秘密; C. rule


D. key 钥匙,关键。根据 The second secret is awareness 可知此处是指一个秘密。故选 B。 8. 【答案】D
【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. upset 使心烦 ;B. quarrel

吵架; C. depress 压抑, 使

沮丧; D. complain 抱怨。根据 but it’s truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.抱怨导致人们不幸福,可知感到不幸福会导致人们抱怨。故选 D。 9. 【答案】A
【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. realize 实现,认识到;

B. decide 决定;


证明; D. suppose 假设,认为。根据 The second secret is awareness 可知此处是指人们要意 识到幸福只是其他东西的副产品。故选 A。 10. 【答案】C
【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. answers


B. results

C. sources 来源;

D. goals 目标。 根据 anything from studying insects to playing baseball


可知幸福可以从研究昆虫到打篮球各种事情中.获得,因此此处是书哦获得幸福的来源,故 选 C。 11. 【答案】D
【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. curious

好 奇 的 ; B. satisfied 感 到 满 意 的 ; C.

tentative 暂时的;

D. likely 很可能的。 be likely to do sth. 很有可能做某事。 根据句意:

我们拥有的激情越多,我们体验到的幸福越多。故选 D。 12. 【答案】B
【 解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. value 价值; B. existence

存在; C. survival 幸 存 ;

D. destination 目的地。根据 the belief that something permanent goes beyond us 可知作者详细 你有些永恒的东西超越我们,因此此处是我们的存在有更深远的意义。故选 B。 13. 【答案】A
【 解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. include 包括;

B. tell

告诉; C. absorb 吸收;

D. mean 意味着。根据 if you choose to find the


in every situation, you will be blessed,

这只是人生哲理的一部分,可知此处句意为:无论你的生活哲理是什么,它应该包括这个真 理。故选 A。 14. 【答案】C
【 解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. worst 最差的;B. positive 积 极 的 , 肯 定 的 ; C.

disgusting 令人厌恶的;D. negative 否定的。根据 if you choose to find the awful, you will be cursed.可知句意为如果你再每种情况下找到令人厌恶的事,你会被祝福保佑。故选 C。 15. 【答案】B
【 解析】考查副词及语境的理解。A. absolutely 绝对地;

B. totally 完全地; C. largely 主

要地; D. exactly 精确地,准确地。根据句意幸福完全取决于你的决定。故选 B。 2.语法填空 16. had been wearing 21. Before 17.hardship 18. forced 19. an 20. how 23. in 24. and 25.myself

22.to get

(7) 【文章大意】本文主要讲述了作者— 一个黑人在美国受到的不公平的对待,这种不公平主
要是精神上的歧视。他们会被当地人视为贼或危险人物,对此作者表达了其内心的一些想法。 【小题 1】 【答案】B 【 解析】句意:他们凝视的眼睛并没有看到我在学校的成绩多半是 A。A.差不多,几乎;C.仅 仅,只不过;D.特别地,独特地。根据句意可知选 B。 【小题 2】 【答案】C 【 解析】句意:我参加了很多积极的青年社团。从上下文的文意可知这里是说作者是一个很优

秀的青年。social 社会的 ;local 当地的;new 新的。 【小题 3】 【答案】A 【 解析】这里是说当地的美国人眼中看不到作者的优秀,只是一个年轻的黑人,对他们来说是 潜在的危险。 【小题 4】 【答案】D 解析句意:白人看待我就好像他们比我优秀。A.更好的;B.近的;C.完美的。根据句意选 D。 【小题 5】 【答案】A 【 解析】句意:白人女士会呆着恐惧看我。with fear 恐惧的。interest 兴趣;honor 荣誉; despair 绝望。 【小题 6】 【答案】C 【 解析】句意:有时候当她们过马路时看到我和我的朋友们走过来,她们会在我们通过之后再 过去。pass 在这里指过马路。 【小题 7】 【答案】C 【 解析】A.知道的;B.发达的;C.抚养,养育;D.坐落于。由文意可知选 C。 【小题 8】 【答案】B 【 解析】句意:当人们不断地告诉你让你回到非洲或墨西哥去你会做何感想 constantly 不断 地;honestly 诚实地;hopefully 充满希望地;freely 自由地。 【小题 9】 【答案】A【 解析】由本段大意可知,作者对待这种歧视的方式改变了。 【小题 10】 【答案】B【 解析】A.杀死;B.抢劫;C.损害,损毁;D.偷。由文意可知选 B。 【小题 11】 【答案】D 【 解析】句意:现在我更可能会用语言来保护自己不受到这种目光的歧视。由本段的大意可知, 作者对待歧视的方式改变了,以前会很冲动的用武力抵制,现在则是用语言去还击。 【小题 12】 【答案】D 【 解析】句意:我的表哥甚至开始穿上面写着:“不,白人女士,我们不想要你的钱包。”这 样的 T 恤衫。saying 在此处意为 t 恤衫上写着。 【小题 13】 【答案】A 【 解析】A.可怕的;B.可疑的;C.遗憾的 D.感人的,印象深刻的。由句意可知选 A。 【小题 14】 【答案】A【 解析】由本段意思可知,作者对待人们的歧视的反应更强烈。 【小题 15】 【答案】C 【 解析】句意:对我来说,我不能忍受每天有几百双眼睛告诉你你不受欢迎。

16 . am leaving/will leave 17. unusually 18.as 19. smilingly 20. where 21. but 22. with
【 解析】

23. hanging 24. a 25. while

16.am leaving 是现在进行时表示将来,或者用 will leave。由文意可知老首领还没有离开人 世,所以用将来时。 17.unusually,不同寻常的。 既然要选新的首领,当然要不寻常。 18.as 作为,当地的人把那座高山当做圣地来膜拜。 19.smilingly,是副词,微笑地。20.where 在此处引导了一个定语从句。 21.not…but,不是…而是,此句意为:那不是山顶而是山脚。22.with 带有 23.hang 悬挂,此处是现在分词做定语。 24.a butterfly 一只蝴蝶。句意:你什么都没看到?一只蝴蝶都没看到? 25.while 当…时候,这里是连词加现在分词的用法。




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