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一.。单词拼写:每个 3 分,共 30 分 1.The sign reads “In case of fire, break the glass and push the red b________.” 2.We should throw the rubbish into the d________ near the roadside. 3.How can we build a house without building m________? 4.She's Italian by birth but is now an Australian c________. 5.Please tell us your ________(邮政编码) so that we can post you the book. 6.The cruel and ________(贪婪的) woman was punished by the two boys. 7.What is the ________(动机) behind the sudden change? 8.The poison took an ________(立刻的) effect. 9.The snake ________(吞下) a frog. 10.The Japanese ________(回收利用) more than half of their waste paper. 二.单项填空 每个 2 分,共 30 分

1._____I saw him, I knew he was the man the police were looking for. A. As long as B. By the time C. Even if D. The instant

2.The reason why the price of house is so high is that building ________ are expensive. A. goods B. Materials C. cost D. Purpose

3.All the neighbors admire this family, ____the parents are treating their child like a friend. A. why B. Where C. which D. that

4.______ in a friendly way, their fierce quarrel finally came to an end. A. Settled B. Settling C. Being settled D. Having settled 5.We should try our best to ________ the household rubbish instead of throwing it away. A. recycle B. Recall C. rebuild D. retell

6.Though he got what he had wanted, he looked at the shop window with ________ eyes. A. exciting B. casual C. absent?minded D. greedy

7.________ about the limited time, Mr. Smith had ________ a list of the sites he wanted to see in Beijing. A. Worried; written B. Worrying; written C. Worried; made D. Worrying; made

8.Living abroad for some years made him have a(n) ________ over others in applying for the job.

A. advantage B. benefit C. interest D. disadvantage 9.He is ________ to be one of the greatest actors and directors. A. hoped B. promised C. considered D. regarded 10.Our company has a ________ in New York. A. represent B. representative C. settlement D. agreement 11.They're so stupid that they ________ bananas with peels. A. took B. enjoyed C. tasted D. swallowed

12.One of the ________ has come off my coat. A. mutton B. cotton C. buttons D. cabin

13.I was born in South Africa, but now I'm a ________ of the States. A. citizen B. statue C. chart D. mask

14.A good ________ can finish typing the long article in a short while. A. typewriter B.typist C. type D. keyboard

15.I caught a ________ of the car before it disappeared around the park. A. glance B. glimpse C. glare D. stare

三.完形填空 每个 2 分,共 40 分 What kind of homes will we live in the future? __1__ can be sure, but scientists are working __2__ new ideas now. Some scientists are _3_about building whole cities under huge glass domes (圆 顶). _4_, advanced heating and cooling systems will be _5_ to control the weather in the domes. _6_,there will never be any _7_or snow, and the temperature will always be _8__. Perhaps everyone will live in vertical (垂直的) cities — high rises _9_are so large that they can 10_all the necessities of life. Since vertical cities will use_11_land than flat cities, and provide homes_12_more people, they will be practical for small countries that have__13__population. __14_idea that will be helpful to small countries is the__15__ city. Monaco has already built homes, stores, and offices _16_the water of the Mediterranean Sea. There are some people who think that we will go back to __17__in caves. _18__ the caves of the future will be very different from the caves of the Stone Age. Farms and parks will be on the land _19__the cave city. When people want to go to the country or to a park, a short ride in a __20__ will take them there. 1.A. Somebody 2.A. off B. Anybody B. out C. Nobody C. in D. Everybody D. by


3.A. thinking

B. considering

C. imagining D. suggesting B. As a result D. At the same time

4.A. On the other hand C. Of course 5.A. possible 6.A. Similarly 7.A. cloud 8.A. cool 9.A. that 10.A. construct 11.A. wider 12.A. on 13.A. a small 14.A. One 15.A. floating 16.A. in 17.A. live 18.A. Also 19.A. in 20.A. lift 四.阅读理解 B. suitable B. Therefore B. rain B. warm B. they C. pleasant

D. necessary

C. According to D. Moreover D. ice D. satisfied

C. wind

C. comfortable C. where

D. who C. remain D. contain

B. continue B. more B. to

C. less C. with

D. fewer D. for D. many

B. a large B. Second B. flowing B. above B. be living B. But B. under

C. a few

C. Next

D. Another

C. shipping D. blowing C. over C. living D. on D. having lived

C. Then

D. Again D. over D. Bus

C. beside C. plane

B. underground 每个 3 分,共 24 分

Olaf Stapledon wrote a book called Last and First Men, in which he looked millions of years ahead. He told of different men and of strange civilizations, broken up by long “dark ages” in between. In his view, what is called the present time is no more than a moment in human history and we are just the First Men. In 2,000 million years from now there will be the Eighteenth or Last Men. However, most of our ideas about the future are really very short?sighted. Perhaps we can see some possibilities for the next fifty years. But the next hundred? The next thousand? The next million? That's much more difficult.

When men and women lived by hunting 50,000 years ago, how could they even begin to picture modern life? Yet to men of 50,000 years from now, we may seem as primitive in our ideas as the Stone?Age hunters do to us. Perhaps through the spundels and ballalators, these words, which I have just made up, have to stand for things and ideas that we simply can't think of. So why bother even to try imagining life far in the future? Here are two reasons. First unless we remember how short our own lives are compared with the whole human history, we are likely to think our own interests are much more important than they really are. If we make the earth a poor place to live, because we are careless or greedy or quarrelsome, our grandchildren will not bother to think of excuses for us. Second, by trying to escape from present interests and imagine life far in the future, we may arrive at quite fresh ideas that we can use ourselves. For example, if we imagine that in the future men may give up farming, we can think of trying it now. So set your imagination free when you think about the future. 1.A particular mention made of Stapledon's book in the opening paragraph ________. A. serves as a description of human history B. serves an introduction to the discussion C. shows a disagreement of views D. shows the popularity of the book 2.The text discusses men and women 50,000 years ago and 50,000 years from now in order to show that ________. A. human history is extremely long B. life has changed a great deal C. it is useless to plan for the next 50 years D. it is difficult to tell what will happen in the future 3.Spundels and ballalators are used in the text to refer to ________. A. tools used in farming B. ideas about modern life

C. unknown things in the future D. hunting skills in the Stone Age 4.According to the writer of the text, imagining the future will ________. A. serve the interests of the present and future generations B. enable us to better understand human history C. help us to improve farming D. make life worth living B


The year is 2094. It has been announced that a comet(彗星) is heading towards the Earth. Most of it will miss our planet, but two pieces will probably hit the southern half of the Earth. On 17 July, a piece of four kilometers wide enters the Earth's atmosphere with a massive explosion. About half of the piece is destroyed, but the remaining part hits the South Atlantic at 200 times the speed of sound. The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the sea bed. Huge waves are created and spread outwards from the

hole. The wall of water, a kilometer high, rushes towards southern Africa at 800 kilometers an hour. Cities on the African coast are totally destroyed and millions of people are drowned. Before the waves reach South America, the second piece of the comet lands in Argentina. Earthquakes and volcanoes are set off in the Andes Mountains. The shock waves move north into California and all around the Pacific Ocean. The cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo are completely destroyed by earthquakes. Millions of people in the southern half of the earth are already dead, but the north won't escape for long. Because of the explosions, the sun is hidden by clouds of dust, temperatures around the world fall to almost zero. Crops are ruined. The sun won't be seen again for many years. Wars break out as countries fight for food. A year later, no more than 10 million people remain alive. Could it really happen? In fact, it has already happened more than once in the history of the Earth. The dinosaurs were on the Earth for over 160 million years. Then 65 million years ago they suddenly disappeared. Many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a piece of object in space. The dinosaurs couldn't live through the cold climate that followed and they died out. Will we meet the same end? 5.What is mainly described in the passage? A. A historic discovery. C. A research on space. B. An event of imagination. D. A scientific adventure.

6.When the first piece hits the South Atlantic, it causes ________. A. an earthquake C. an Earth explosion B. damages to cities D. huge waves

7.Why can't the northern half of the earth escape for long? A. Because the land is covered with water. B. Because the light and heat from the sun can not reach the earth.

C. Because people there can not live at the temperature of zero. D. Because wars break out among countries. 8.By giving the example of dinosaurs, the author tries to prove ________. A. animals could not live in the cold climate B. what happened 65 million years ago was an invented story C. the human beings will die out in 2094 D. the Earth could be hit by other objects in space 五.写作题 共 26 分 假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导 中心(Learning Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信: 1.本人简介; 2.求助内容; 3.约定时间; 4.你的联系方式(Email:lihua@1236.com;Phone:12345678)。 注意: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结束语已为你写好。 Dear Sir/Madam,

Look forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua




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