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高一英语必修 1 Unit1,Unit2 综合测试题

Examination for Unit 2 English around the world

Name ___________ Class___________ No.____________ Mark__________ (满分 100 分) 一. 单项选择(共 15 题,15 分) 1. --- Mary’s got crazy and has been sent to the mental hospital. Did you tell her boss about that? --- Yes, but I _____ her husband first. A. should have told A. a; when A. so B. shouldn’t have told B. a; while B. so that C. must have told C. /; when C. why D. needn’t have told D. /; while D. that 2. There was ______ time _____ Chinese used foreign oil. 3.It was because of bad weather __________ the football match had to be put off. 4. --- Look! The telephone is broken. Someone damaged it ________ purpose. ---That may be right. But perhaps it was broken _________ accident. A. on; by A. in finding A. in; remember B. by; by B. to find B. for; to remember C. on; on C. find C. on; remembering B. far too; too much D. too many; much too C. So as to D. worked D. So that D. by; on D. found D. with; remembering 5. What great trouble we had ___________ where his house was. 6. Some students have trouble _____ grammar while others have difficulty______ new words. 7. I cannot spend ________ money on the car which is ________ expensive for me. A. too much; much too C. much too; too much 8. A. In order to A. work B. to work B. In order that C. to working

catch the first bus, he got up very early this morning.

9. They lived a hard life and were often made _______ for over ten hours a day. 10. Do you have any difficulty ________ ? A. on listening C. for listening A. As a result A. take care of B. to listening D. in listening B. After all C. By the way D. However

11.Xiao Hong worked harder last year. _______ , she still didn’t get high grades. 12. Please tell me the way you thought of _______ the garden. B. to take care of

C. taking care of A. much A. came out A. specially B. very much B. come up B. special

D. to take care C. much too C. come across C. especially D. too much D. come about D. especial

13. It’s _______ hot here. We can’t stay here for a long time. 14. How did all these _________? 15.I came here with your mother ________ to see you.

二.完形填空(共 20 题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分)

You Did More Than Carry My Books
Mark was waking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had dropped all of the books he was carrying, along with a baseball bat and several other things. Mark 16 down and helped the boy pick up these articles. _17 they were going the same way, he helped to carry some of them for him. As they walked Mark _18 his other subjects and that he had just broken 21 with his girlfriend. the boy’s name was with Bill, that he 19 computer games, baseball and history, that he was having a lot of _20 They arrived at Bill’s home first and Mark was 22 in for a Coke and to watch some television. The afternoon passed _23 with a few laughs and some shared small talk, and then Mark went home. They _24 to see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice, and then both ended up from the same high school. Just three weeks before Mark if they 26 Bill _27 talk. 28 wonder why I out my locker and laughing, him of the day years ago when they had first met. “Do you 25 , Bill asked

was carrying so many things home that day ?” asked Bill. “You see, I _29 was going home to I realized that_ 33 would have together.

because I didn’t want to leave a mess (脏乱) 30 anyone else. I had panned to run away and I 31 my things. But after we spent some time together32 I had done that, I would have34 a new friend and missed all the fun we

So you see, Mark, when you picked up my books that day you did a lot more. You 35 __my life.” 16. A. fell 17. A. Although 18. A. discovered 19. A. played 20. A. questions 21. A. up 22. A. called 23. A. peacefully 24. A. continued 25. A. graduation 26. A. would B. sat B. Since B. realized B. loved B. ideas B. out B. helped B. willingly B. agreed B. movement B. should C. lay C. After C. said C. tried C. trouble C. off C. invited C. freely C. forced C. separation C. could D. knelt D. until D. decided D. made D. doubt D. away D. allowed D. pleasantly D. offered D. vacation D. must

27. A. demanded 28. A. ever 29. A. checked 20. A. over 31. A. find 32. A. talking 33. A. before 34. A. forgotten 35. A. helped

B. reminded B. usually B. took B. into B. pick B. playing B. if B. passed B. recovered

C. removed C. even C. cleared C. with C. pack C. reading C. while C. left C. improved

D. asked D. never D. put D. for D. hold D. watching D. as D. lost D. changed

三、阅读理解(共 15 题,每小题 2 分共 30 分) A People need to relax and enjoy themse1ves. One way they can have a good time is to watch a baseball game or another sports event. Even thousands of years ago, groups of people gathered to watch skilled athletes(运动员). Over 2000 years ago in Greece,certain days in the year were festival days.These were holidays when people stopped work and enjoyed themselves.They liked to watch athletes take part in races and other games of skill. The most important festival was held every four years at the town of Olympia.It was held in honor of the Greek god Zeus(Zus).For five days,athletes from all parts of the Greek world took part in the Olympic Games. At the Olympic Games, people could watch them box,run,jump and so on.There was a relay race between two teams of men in which a lighted torch (火矩) was passed from runner to runner. The Olympic Games were thought to be so important that cities which were at war with one another had to stop fighting.People were allowed to travel to the games safely.Thousands of people came to Olympia from cities in Greece and from her colonies(殖民地)in Africa,Asia and Italy.They met as friends to cheer their favorite athletes and to enjoy themselves. 36.What happened in Greece over 2000 years ago? A.People stopped work and enjoyed themselves. B.The cities there were often against one another. C.People watched baseball games. D.People didn’t go to any games at all. 37.What were those countries in Africa? A.Friends. B.Enemies. C.Colonies. D.Other cities. 38.What did people do at the games? A.They fought. B.They just talked to friends. C.They cheered for good athletes. D.They tried to find friends. 39.Greek cities then were fighting so they_____. A.were weak B.were strong C.couldn’t go to other cities freely D.could see each other 40.The best title for the story is“_____”.

A.Greece at War C.Stop Fighting B

B.Together for the Games D.Sport

Henry Ford was the first person to build cars which were cheap,strong and fast.He was able to se11 millions of models because be could produce them in large numbers at a time;that is,he made a great many cars of exactly the same kind.Ford’s father hoped that his son would be come a farmer,but the young man did not like the idea and he went to Detroit(底特律) where he worked as a mechanic(机械师).By the age of 29,in 1892,he had built his first car.However,the car made in this way,the famous “Model T” did not appear until 1908-five years after Ford bad started his great motor car factory. This car showed to be well-known that it remained unchanged for twenty year.Since Ford’s time,this way of producing cars in large numbers has be come common in industry and has reduced the price of many goods which would otherwise be very expensive. 41.Henry Ford was the man to built _____ cars. A.cheap and strong B.cheap and long C.fast and expensive D.strong and slow 42.Ford was able to sell millions of cars,because_____. A.he made many greet cars B.his cars are many C.he made lots of cars of the same kind D.both A and B 43.The young man became a mechanic,_______. A.which was his father’s will B.which was against his own will C.which was against his father’s will D.which was the will of both 44.The “Model T” was very famous_____. A.before 1908 B.between 1982 and 1908 C.before 1892 D.after 1908 45.Ford built his own car factory A.in 1903 B.in 1908 C.in 1913 D.in 1897 C The city of Venice, in Italy, is one of a kind. It is built on more than 120 islands, just off arrival.After explaining where my new house was,I told him that I had left the key under the doormat.Since I knew it would be quite late before I could get back,I suggested that be make himself at home and help himself to anything that was kept in the refrigerator(冰箱). Two hours later my friend phoned me from the house.At the moment,he said,he was listening to some of my records after having had a nice meal.He had found the pan and meat in the refrigerator. Now, he was drinking a cup of tea and hoped that I would join him soon. When I asked him if he bad any difficulty finding the house,he answered that the only problem was that he had not been able to find the key under the doormat, but luckily, the living room window by the apple tree had been left open and he had climbed in through the window. I listened to all this in great surprise.There is no apple tree outside my window,but there is one by the living room window of my next-door neighbor’s house! 46.When my friend arrived,I could not go to meet him because________. A.we were not good friends B.I was busy at work C.he had not told me that he would come D.I did not want to see him

47.A doormat is a mat______. A.used as a door B.for cleaning the bottom of shoes C. put up on a door as an ornament(装饰物) D.near a door under which people put their keys 48.I listened to my friend’s phone call in great surprise because____. A.he had not waited for me to eat together B.he had eaten too much of the food C.he mistook my neighbor’s house for mine D.he had left the house with the window open 49.At last my friend______. A.did not enter my house B.entered my house after he opened the door C.entered my house by climbing through the window D.entered my house with the help of my neighbor 50.The writer left the key under the doormat so that______. A.nobody would find it B.he might not lose it C.his family could use the same key D.his friend could easily get it


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