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英语必修4同步练习:Unit3 section Ⅲ(人教版)




Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.It was too rainy to play outside,so she ________(娱乐)herself with a book. 答案:amused 2.His ________(解释)was far from satisfacti

on. 答案:explanation 3.She is ________(低语)to him with a mysterious expression on her face. 答案:whispering 4.There was nothing in the letter of ________(特别的)importance. 答案:particular 5.On that ________(时刻)we were sitting in a park in Madrid. 答案:occasion Ⅱ.短语填空 react to;be amused by;slide into;be particular about;burst into laughter 1.A lot of cyber citizens actively ________ our survey about Guo Meimei Event. 答案:reacted to 2.The audience ________ the humour of Zhou Libo in Mr Zhou Live Show. 答案:were amused by 3.We all ________ while watching the baby’s funny behaviour. 答案:burst into laughter 4.A thief ________ the Accountant’s Office and stole about 60,000 yuan. 答案:slid into 5.She earns only 1,000 yuan a month but ________ her clothes. 答案:is particular about Ⅲ.单项填空 1.I’m quite interested in Spanish history,the civil war in Spain ______. A.in particular C.in fact B.in common D.in general

解析: 句意: 我对西班牙的历史特别是西班牙内战感兴趣。 particular“特别, in 尤其”; common“共 in 同”;in fact“事实上”;in general“总的来说,大体上”。 答案:A 2.In America,turkey(火鸡)is serv ed as the main course on special ______.
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A.occasions C.positions

B.situations D.scenes


解析:句意:在美国,火鸡是特殊场合的一道主菜。on special occasions 意为“在特殊场合下”; situation“形势,局势”;position“位置”;scene“风景”。 答案:A 3.The road is so icy.Take care not to ______ down. A.slip C.cut B.pass D.hand

解析: 句意: 路上结了很多冰, 小心别滑倒了。 down 滑倒。 slip pass down=hand down“把??传给(告 知)(下一代)”;cut down“砍倒,削减”。 答案:A 4.They were talking ______. A.in whisper C.in hurry B.in a hurry D.in whispers

解析:in whispers=in a whisper=in a low voice“低声地”;in a hurry“匆忙地”。根据句意,只有 D 项正确。 答案:D 5.They decided to hold the party ______ instead of in the house. A.in the air C.in the open air B.up in the air D.on the air

解析: the open air“在户外; in 露天”; the air“在空中; in 在流行, 广泛的”; in the air=uncertain“不 up 确定的,未确定的”;on the air=broadcasting“正在广播的”。 答案:C 6.For the first ti me in his life Tom gained a clear idea of how ______ the world is. A.huge C.vast B.enormous D.massive

解析:vast 强调幅员“辽阔,广大”;huge 强调体积方面的“巨大”;enormous 不仅表示“块头”和 “数量”方面的“大”,而且可以表示程度方面的“极大”;massive“大而重的,大而结实的”,主要指 数量、程度等方面的“大”。 答案:C 7.Workers ______ angrily to the news that more jobs would be lost at th e factory. A.suffered C.reduced B.protected D.reacted

解析:句意:工人们对工厂将进一步裁员的消息感到气愤。react to“对??作出反应”,符合句意。 suffer“遭受”;protect“保护”;reduce“减少”。
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8.The children ______ themselves by playing hide- seek games. andA.entertained C.amused B.astonished D.treated

解析: 考查动词辨析。 entertain“使快乐”, 通常指通过艺术或智力的感染力来使某人快乐; astonish“使 惊 讶”;amuse“逗乐,逗笑,娱乐”,指使用某种方法来使别人或自己保持高兴的心情,amuse oneself

by doing...“通过做??自娱自乐”;treat“对待,招待”。hide- seek 意为“捉迷藏 ”,故选 C 项。 and答案:C 9.One common ______ of UFOs is that they are just lights of planes in the sky. A.observation C.origin B.curiosity D.explanation

解析:句意:对不明飞行物的一个普遍解释是那只是天空中的飞机发出的光。explanation“解释;说 明”,符合句意。 observation“观察”;curiosity“好奇心”;origin “起源”。 答案:D 10.Harold ______ into the classroom while his teacher was writing on the blackboard. A.looked C.changed B.slid D.ran

解析:句意:当老师在黑板上写字的时候,哈罗德溜进了教室。slide into“溜进”,符合句意。look into“研究;调查”;change....into“把??变成”;run into“碰到”。 答案:B 11.—Tom,you are always throwing books about.Look,what a ______ in your study! —Sorry,Mom.I won’t do that again. A.dirt C.disorder B.mess D.condition

解析:句意:——汤姆,你总是把书扔得到处都是。看,你把书房弄得一团糟。——对不起,妈妈, 我不再这样做了。mess“脏或乱的状态”,常与 a 连用,符合 句意。dirt“灰尘;尘土”;disorder“混乱; 无秩序”,为不可数名词;condition“条件;情况”。 答案:B 12.He hadn’t seen his mother for a long time,so when he saw his mother he ______ crying. A.burst out C.burst in B.burst into D.burst on

解析: 考查动词短语辨析 。 句意: 他很长时间没见他的母亲, 因此当他见到母亲时, 突然哭起来。 burst out doing“突然??起来”。故选 A 项。 答案:A 13.He often listens to music in his spare time to ______ himself.
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A.entertain C.educate

B.encourage D.amuse


解析:句意:在闲暇时间他经常听音乐来放松自己。A 项意为“娱乐;使欢乐(指通过艺术或智力的感 染力来使某 人快乐)”;B 项意为“鼓励”;C 项意为“教育”;D 项意为“逗乐,逗笑,娱乐(指使用 某种方法使某人保持高兴的心情)”。 答案:A 14.Many people rushed to big cities ______ wellpaid jobs,but only a few could achieve their goals. A.in case of C.in search on B.in search of D.in place of

解析:句意:许多人涌入大城市寻找报酬优厚的工作,但是只有少数人能实现他们的目标。A 项意为 “万一,以防万一”;B 项意为“寻找,寻求”;无 C 项这种搭配;D 项意为“代替”。 答案:B 15.(2012 咸阳高一检测)He treated us ______ a good dinner on New Year’s Day. A.as B.for C.of D.to

解析:考查介词。句意:在元旦他请我们好好吃了一顿。treat as“把??看作”;treat for“为??治 病”;treat to“用??款待、宴请某人”。故选 D 项。 答案:D Ⅳ.阅读理解 As far back as he could remember,Larry had longed to go to Hollywood and become a film star.The young man’s hopes for success were broken again and again,however.Hollywood just did not seem interesting.When he first came to California,Larry had decided never to give up and return home without success.Therefore, kept on trying.Someday, told himself, big opportunity would he he his come. Larry found a job parking cars for one of Hollywood’s big restaurants.His pay was basic, since the guests but were kind enough to give him more money,he managed to make a living.One day he recognized an important film director driving into the parking lot and getting out of his car.Larry had recently heard that the man was ready to make a new picture. Larry got into the car and prepared to drive it on into the lot and park it.Then he stopped, jumped out, ran and over to the director.“Excuse me, but I think it is only fair to tell you that it is now or never if you want me in sir, your next picture.A lot of big companies are after me.” Instead of pushing away the boy,the director laughed,then wrote something on a card and handed it to the young man.“Come and see me tomorrow.” Larry got a small part in the director’s next film.He_was_on_his_way! 1.Which of the following was Larry really interested in? A.Working as a waiter.
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B.Becoming a film star. C.Parking cars for film stars. D.Owning a big company.



解析: 细节理解题。 文章第一句“As far back as he could remember, Larry had longed to go to Hollywood and become a film star.”可以看出他真正感兴趣的是成为电影明星。 答案:B 2.Why did Larry find a job parking cars? A.Because he liked the job. B.Because the parking lot was near Hollywood. C.To make a living and wait for the opportunity. D.To see a lot of film stars and work for them. 解析:推理判断题。通读全文可知 Larry 一时无法实 工作谋生并等待机会。 答案:C 3.After reading the story,what can we know about the film director? A.He wanted to laugh at Larry. B.He recognized Larry at first sight. C.He was kind and gave Larry a try. D.He thought Larry would become a star. 解析:推理判断题。通过倒数第二段可以知道这位导演不仅没有将 Larry 粗鲁地推开,而且还给了他 一次尝试的机会,由此可以看出这个人很好。 答案:C 4.“He was on his way”refers to the fact that ______. A.he gave up and returned home B.he began to work towards success C.he took a journey to Hollywood D.he had difficulty in playing the small part 解析:句意理解题。on one’s way 意为“在路上;即将到来”,此处引申为“在成功的路上”。 答案:B B It was several years since Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany.And now his army was marching into some parts of Europe.He must be in the prime of his career. One day,Hitler went to an exhibition where the works of school children were on show.He seemed to have great interest in the exhibits—inventions as well as carvings,drawings.After having walked around the hall and examined every one,he said he was ready to meet
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the_young_artists.And soon a group of children came into the room to salute(敬礼)him. “Well,well.You did very good work,”nodded Hitler in satisfaction.“I promise on my honor I’d satisfy you with whatever you want.What’d you wish to be if I were your father?” “A sailor sailing on the sea,”one of the boys answered. “Good.I’ll have you join my navy(海军)and some day you will rule the oceans.” “Ask for anything?What’d you wish to be if I were your father?”he asked a second boy. “A painter as great as Rembrandt.” “Good.You are to be sent to the Fine Art School and surely you will be an even greater painter.” When Hitler caught sight of a sadlooking boy,he frowned(皱眉),and then quickly forced a smile.“There my boy, spite of my point of view towards the Jews, do you a favor, your dream will come true.What’d in I’d and you wish to be if I were your father?” The boy looked st raight at the man. “An orphan(孤儿),”he murmured. 5.The underlined part“the young artists”in Paragraph 2 refers to “______”. A.some famous artists B.the school children C.the artists who served in the army. D.the youn g teachers who taught the children 解析:词义猜测题。根据第二段第一句“One day,Hitler went to an exhibition where the works of school children were on show.”可知,画线部分指的是学校的孩子。 答案:B 6.Hitler promised to satisfy the children with whatever they wanted because ______. A.he wanted all the children to live a happy life B.he wanted to make a good impression on the children C.he liked paintings very much D.he liked all the school children 解析:推理判断题。根据第三段及文章内容可推知,希特勒之所以想满足孩子们的愿望,是因为他想 给他们留下好印象。 答案:B 7.Hitler frowned when he saw the sadlooking boy because ______. A.the boy was recognized to be a Jew B.the boy didn’t come to the front to greet him C.the boy didn’t want to ask for anything D.the boy was not happy at all

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解析:细节理解题。根据倒数第三段中的“There my boy,in spite of my point of view towards the Jews...”可知,希特勒因对犹太人有偏见,所以不喜欢这个小男孩。 答案:A 8.According to what the sadlooking boy said we can see that ______. A.the boy’s parents had died B.the boy had no brothers or sisters C.the boy hated Hitler very much D.the boy wanted himself to be an orphan

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