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若是图表的话,这样写是高分之极的作文 下面的句子都是很牛逼的句子,希望你随机应变到作文中去!

批判危害行的框架 1、 (1)Generally speaking, the illustration above is far from complicated and the most unforgettable feature that arises in m

y eyes is that _____是什么____________,which seems to be common around us but quite disastrous. (2)Unbelievably, this silly but compelling picture draws attention to the fact that _____________________________________(主题句。 ) (3)There is no denying that recent few years has witnessed a deteriorating phenomenon of ( A ) which has induced heightened concerns and should call for immediate solutions. (4)Undoubtedly, the problem of A as the focus of public concern mainly results from its harmful influence on our individual, familial and social development. 2、(1)As for the issue of A , it is common to hear on TV and radio that so many countries list it as their primary apprehensions in maintaining the national survival and harmonious development. (2)To begin with, A in our schools and public places can no longer be ignored. Over these years, the people’s living standards have greatly improved, but the development of our civilization seems to fall far behind. No matter where you live and work, B and C are easily spotted. (3)In addition, nothing is as destructive to our physical and mental health and even our moral values as A . (4)What’s more, A in our life should be regarded as social malignant tumor and the grim status contradicts with our efforts to build up a harmonious society. (5)No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the cases mentioned below. (6)According to a survey made by China Daily, 70% of young people who have ever experienced the situation of A will severely accuse the phenomenon and call for immediate solutions.

3、(1)No easy method can be at hand to solve the problem of A . But the common recognition of the importance of eliminating A might be the first step on the right way. (2)On the one hand, it is urgent for us to strengthen the enforcement of laws and regulations and social supervisions to save somebody out of the evil hands of A . (3)On the other hand, a publicizing educational campaign should be carried out to enhance

people’s awareness about the harmfulness of A .

1、 (1)Generally speaking, the illustration above is far from complicated and the most unforgettable feature that arises in my eyes is that _____________________________,which contributes tremendously to our individual and national harmony. (2)There is no denying that such an image draws attention to the fact that people tend to be puzzled by various challenges and competition and are more likely to be deterred by present difficulties. (3)If one is to _______________________, one could make wise, long-term decisions, as well as have a clearer sense of how to solve any given problem.

2、(1)As is symbolically revealed in the set of drawings, the fact profoundly indicates that __________ is momentous and fundamental to our individual, familial and social survival and prosperity. (2)To begin with, with its unbelievable magic power, A can not only accelerate individuals’ development such as overcoming our own defects and improving the efficiency of our life but also can help us earn other people’s appreciation and respects. (3)What’s more, through continuously promoting the social productivity, gradually enriching human material and spiritual wealth, A eventually brings economic prosperity and social harmony. (4)No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example mentioned below. (5)A person_____________反面论证___________will make a mess just because no one can be proficient in all the things. (6)Only by _________________________can you put your capacities into full play and can you be the winner in the society. 3、(1)From what have been discussed above, it admits of no doubt that in doing things whether great or small there are more or less difficulties, it is much better for one to involve yourself into a __________________. (2)When we are benefiting from A , we shall also do our utmost to maintain its vitality to ensure ourselves a brighter future. (3)On the one hand, we should be sensible to be receptive to other people’s opinions and benefits. (4)On the other hand, it is demanding for us to be always helpful and honest to other people.



主题句是能高度概括文章段落中心内容或主题思想的句子,通常位 于段首或段尾。图表作文的主题句最好放在段首,使其既能提纲挚领又能起到衔接的作用, 使文章思路...


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