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Units 1-2 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.set down 记下;写下 2.in the first place 首先;第一;原先 3.burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物 4.centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点 5.concentrate on 专心致志于 6.Tour de France 环法自行车赛 7.keep track of 记录;掌握??的线索;保持对??的联系 8.stand out 突出;出色 9.be diagnosed with... 被确诊患有??(疾病) 10.in a row 连续,一连串 11.lead sb.to do sth. 致使某人做某事 12.apply for 提出申请(或要求等) 13.make for 走向;向??前进;有利于,有助于;倾向于 14.get a better understanding of... 更充分地理解?? 15.head down to... 向??进发,动身 16.hang ten (冲浪运动中)作十趾吊 17.in the name of 以??的名义;代表 18.push on(with sth.)毅然继续(做某事) 19.run out of 耗尽;用光 20.apart from... 除??外(尚有) 21.set sail(to/from/for...) 起航 22.compete for 为??而竞争 23.in search of 寻找 24.give birth to 生;产生 25.as long as (表示条件)只要?? 26.at the height of 在??顶点;在(事业等)的高峰 27.for once and always 一劳永逸地 28.be made up of 由??构成;组成 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Tian’anmen Square is the largest square in the world with an area of about 40 hectares.(with 引导的短语作定语) 2.Impressive as the record is,it fades next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against disease.(as 引导让步状语从句时要倒装) 3.July 13,2001 saw a very bright night in Beijing that will never fade in history. (see 在该句中的意思是“目睹;经历”) 4.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.(一鸟在手胜过双鸟在林。) 5.It was not until 1874,when a young American explorer followed the Nile from Lake Victoria through to Lake Albert,that this part of the river’s course was finally

explored.(强调句型) 6.It was believed that the northern coast of this continent lay somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.(It is/was believed that...人们相信??) Units 3-4 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.as a consequence(of )作为(??的)结果 2.the Commonwealth of Australia 澳大利亚联邦 3.go walkabout 到灌木丛中闲逛 4.break out(指激烈事件)突然发生 5.feed...on 给(人或动物)食物;喂养;饲养 6.round up 使集合在一起 7.stand for 代表,代替;象征,意味着 8.have a strong/great influence on...对??有重大影响 9.benefit from...从??受益 10.differ from...和??不同 11.be fond of 喜欢 12.have fun with 开玩笑 13.set foot on 踏上 14.give birth to 生;产生 15.in area 在面积上 16.keep out(使)在外 17.all the year round 终年 18.have access to 接近(或进入)的方法(或权利、机会等) 19.on a large scale 大规模地;大范围地 20.pass away 去世;逝世 21.belong to 属于 22.base...on...把??基于?? 23.at first sight 乍一看(之下) 24.be born into 出身于 25.have an appetite for 爱好?? 26.look out for 照料,照看?? 27.put together 把??放在一起;把??加在一起 28.work out 做出;设计出;制订出;算出 29.make contributions to 对??作出贡献 30.adapt to 适应 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Many Aborigines and islanders were moved and had their land taken away from them. (have sth. done 结构) 2.Only in this way could the people in Australia build a society of diverse cultures. (倒装句) 3.Some books are to be tasted;others swallowed;and some to be chewed and digested. 4.Shanghai is not longer what it used to be. 5.It was Joseph Banks who made Kew a centre of scientific and economic research.

(强调句,强调句子的 主语,主语为表示人的名词) Units 5-6 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.take into consideration 考虑到,顾及 2.in charge(of) 处于控制或支配地位;负责 3.hand in hand 手拉手;密切关联的 4.get across 传播;为人理解 5.appeal to 有吸引力;呼吁;上诉 6.keep an eye out for sb./sth. 留心或注意某人或某物 7.make sense 有意义;有道理;讲得通 8.apply... to... 运用;应用 9.lose heart 泄气;灰心 10.take it easy 别紧张;放松点 11.keep up 维持;保持;使某事物处于高水平 12.common sense 常识;情理 13.leave behind 忘带;留下 14.lose one’s way 迷路 15.come to an end 结束;中止 16.live through sth. 经历某事物而幸存 17.tie up 系;拴;捆 18.at stake 在危险中 19.go for 为??去努力获取 20.lose weight 减肥 21.be to blame 该受责备;应负责 22.be upset about... (对??感到)不安的;不快的;心烦意乱的 23.associate... with... 使发生联系;使联合 24.protect... from... 保护??免于?? 25.be promoted with (用??手段来)宣传,推销 26.create/form a positive image of 塑造/形成一个正面的形象 27.point out 指出 28.think twice 重新考虑 29.believe in 相信;信仰 30.set off for... 出发,动身到?? 31.be accustomed to 习惯于?? 32.on all fours 匍匐,趴着 33.come to a decision 决定下来 34.come to an agreement 达成一致;达成协议 35.come to a conclusion 告终;下结论 36.take up 拿起;着手处理;开始(从事于) Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Not all ads are used to promote a product or to increase a company’s profits. (部分否定) 2.Good advertisements make it possible for companies to introduce new products and

increase sales.(make 后接复合宾语) 3.Some companies prefer a well-known word,while others choose names from old stories or legends.(注意该并列连词的词义及用法) 4.It is possible that the reader or viewer will remember the advertisement but not the name of the product. 5.In the 1960s,a British car company which made very expensive cars was about to sell its latest car in Germany. 6.A young man in our group suggested that I stay behind with the children,and wait for help.(suggest 后接宾语从句,从句的谓语动词用“(should)+动词原形”结构) 7.No pains,no gains!不劳则无获! Units 7-8 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.care for 喜爱;照顾 2.leave alone 不管;随??去 3.in want of 需要 4.close up (尤指暂时)关闭;使靠近 5.care about 介意??,在乎,关心 6.safety standards 安全标准 7.working conditions 工作条件 8.social conscience 社会道德 9.a poor excuse 一个差劲的借口 10.bring in 赚入??;获利 11.be badly-off 生活穷困 12.fall asleep 入睡 13.have no eye for 不关心;不在意 14.far from 远离;一点也不 15.comment on 评论,批评,解释 16.in face of 面对??,在??面前,不顾?? 17.in favor of 支持??,赞同??;为有利于?? 18.in praise of 称赞?? 19.in hope of 抱着??的希望 20.in charge of 掌管,负责 21.in memory of 为了纪念;为追悼?? 22.in honor of 为了纪念 23.in search of 搜寻 24.in need of 需要 25.turn down 拒绝 26.as follows 如下 27.end up in 以??告终,以??为结局 28.one by one 一个接一个地;逐个地 29.date back to (时间)追溯到 30.get it wrong 误解 31.on the contrary 相反的是;反而 32.toast to 干杯;祝酒

33.make sense of 弄懂??的意思 34.in other words 换句话说;换言之 35.take risks 冒险 36.experiment with 进行试验;进行实验 37.piles of 一大堆;一大批;一大团 38.fall behind 落后于 39.come across (偶然)遇见 40.make progress 取得进步 41.adjust...to... 调整??;调解?? 42.as a consequence 因此 43.regardless of 不顾,不管,不拘 44.take place 发生 45.thanks to 多亏了,由于 46.wake up 醒来;叫醒 47.stay up 挺住;坚持不睡觉 48.broaden one’s horizons 开阔眼界 49.in the beginning 开始;起初 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.But make sure to be early in the office the day after!(make sure 后常接从句 或 of doing sth.) 2.Much good may it do you! 3.If they would rather die,they had better do it. 4.It’s not my business. 5.My hands are too cold to write. 6.Let’s observe another little scene,as you might have in your life to come. (as 引导定语 从句) 7.I beg your pardon a thousand times. 8.Learning a language is obviously more than memorizing words, phrases and structures. (more than 不仅仅) 9.If you were to spend as many hours studying English,you would make great progress. (虚拟条件句) 10.The less anxious and more relaxed the learner, the better the language acquisition proceeds.( the more ...,the more ... 越??,越??) 11.Not all of us want to be translators or interpreters.(部分否定) 12.It is time(that)the bus arrived here to pick up all the passengers.(虚拟语 气的使用) 13.It is high time for us to put an end to this silly argument. Units 9-10 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.lay off 解雇;不理会;使下岗 2.make matters worse 使情况更困难或更危险 3.get rid of 摆脱 4.make ends meet 使收支相抵;量入为出 5.be devoted to 献身??的;专心于??的

6.play a role in 在??中起作用 7.medical treatment 医疗 8.reach a decision 决定下来;下结论 9.aim at 瞄准;针对;目的在于 10.take measures to ... 采取措施来(做)?? 11.make a living 谋生 12.depend on 依靠;取决于 13.live on 以??为主食;靠??生活 14.prevent... from ... 阻止,阻挡;制止;妨碍 15.provide ... for ... 为??提供?? 16.meet the needs of 满足??的需要 17.be burdened with ... 使负重担 18.put pressure on ... 给??施压,增添压力 19.state-owned companies 国有企业 20.lose weight 减肥 21.ready-made clothes 成衣 22.make fun of 取笑某人 23.attend to 处理;照顾;关照 24.take pride in 对??感到自豪 25.do up 打扮;梳妆 26.let down 不支持;使失望 27.at length 最后;终于;详细地 28.at a time 一次 29.go far (人)大有前途;成功 30.come into being 形成 31.as to 关于 32.be accused of 被控诉,控告;被指责,谴责 33.set free 使获得自由;释放 34.refer to 参考;涉及;谈到;指的是 35.turn to 转向,变成;求助于 36.adapt to 使适应,使适和 37.get accustomed to 变得习惯于 38.for a moment 片刻;暂时 39.live through 度过;经受住 40.break out in tears 突然大哭起来 41.cut off 切掉;割掉;剪下;切断;隔绝 42.tear at 撕,扯?? Ⅱ.重点句型 1.What kind of programmes does the WHO run? 2.If I had had insurance,the sickness wouldn’t have caused such a big problem. (虚拟语气) 3.This allowance,however,is only enough to cover the most fundamental needs such as food and clothing. 4.They cannot afford to consult a doctor or purchase medicines from a chemist when

they get sick,nor can they make sure that their children keep a healthy diet. (部分倒装) 5.It is sometimes said that a society can be judged by the way it cares for its weakest members.(据说) 6.It was not until World War Ⅱ that the importance of Fleming’s discovery was fully recognized.(强调句) 7.She stood by the window and looked out at a grey cat walking along a grey fence in a grey backyard.(表示感觉的动词后接宾语补足语的情况) 8. ...and she had only $1.87 with which to buy Jim a present.(相当于定语从句的 不定式 结构) 9.I had my hair cut off and sold it ...(have 作使役动词的用法) Units 11-12 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.stick with 继续支持;保持联系 2.through thick and thin 不顾艰难 3.pull out of 从??中退出 4.cater to 满足某种需要或要求 5.for the sake of 由于;为了??的利益 6.in reality 事实上;实际上 7.keep an eye on 照料;照管 8.take sth.into account 考虑;体谅 9.as a whole 总的说来;作为整体 10.once again 再一次 11.live up to 依照??行事;做到;不辜负(期望) 12.accept...as... 认为?? 13.on one’s own 独自,靠自己,独立 14.the majority of 大多数;大部分 15.a pie chart 饼状图 16.a bar chart 柱状图 17.match...to... 使??(和??)调和,相配 18.be suspected of 被猜疑,被怀疑 19.take measures to ...采取措施(做??) 20.be familiar with 对??熟悉 21.be made up of 构成;组成 22.count...as... 把??认为?? 23.on the other hand 另一方面 24.attach to 伴随?? 25.be aware of 察觉到,感觉到,获悉 26.be suitable for 适合做?? 27.guard...against... 守护??(免于??),保护 28.make the best use of 充分利用 29.on the surface 表面上的,外表上 30.as a matter of fact 实际上 31.be satisfied with 对??满意

32.lose face 失面子 33.by means of 以??,借着?? 34.put ... to use 使用,用,利用 35.in demand 有需要的;吃香的 36.so as to 为了,目的是 37.sit for 参加(考试) 38.concentrate on 集中;专心;专注 39.to begin with 首先;第一;起初 40.drop out (of)(从活动、竞赛等中)退出;辍学 41.result in 产生某种作用或结果 42.be skeptical of 怀疑 43.take in 把(某人)带进;领入 44.rely on 依赖;依靠 45.as far as(远)至(某处);到??程度 46.lifelong learning 终身学习 47.work out 解决;计算出;详细拟订 48.have a lot in common 有很多共同之处 49.be suited for 适合做??,对??适宜 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Not only will these qualities make you rise in the eyes of others,you will also feel better about yourself.(部分倒装) 2.While working there you discover that the management does not take proper measures to ensure hygiene and safety of the food products....(状语从句的省略) 3.What if you feel comfortable about doing a task by yourself?(如果??怎么样) 4.In sports teams each player has a clear role,and there are few occasions when members are confused or uncertain of their roles.(定语从句) 5.It is of great importance for the team and its coach to strike the right balance. (of+抽象名词) 6.As years went by,she worked in many places.(as 引导的状语从句) 7.It is well-known that at the age of 17 to 18,many young people dream of going to university....(众所周知) 8.No matter how hard you try,working towards a career for which you are not suitable is not going to get you there.(让步状语从句) 9.It is no use for everybody to try to pursue the same career.(亦可用 It is no use doing sth.) 10.In China,as in other countries,the government realizes that the future welfare of their citizens is closely linked to education.(as 表示“像”) 11. ...the number of students in some schools is so low that students of several different grades are taught in the same classroom.(主谓一致) 12.Look at the shape of the graph or chart,rather than the details,to spot this. (表示“不顾,而不是”) Units 13-14 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.take place 发生,产生;进行,举行

2.turn down 拒绝,不接受 3.be set in 以??为背景 4.pass on 传递 5.go wrong 不对头,出毛病;失败 6.except for 除??之外;若无 7.be in love with 爱上某人 8.learn about 听到,获悉 9.take one’s revenge on sb.for sth.因某事向某人报仇 10.break into pieces(使)成为碎片 11.keep...out of 使??置身于外 12.at the time of 在??的时候 13.turn out 结果(是),证明(是),原来(是) 14.as for 关于,至于 15.at times 有时,不时 16.get straight to the point 直奔主题 17.varieties of 各种各样的 18.to one’s surprise 让某人吃惊的是 19.as soon as 一??就?? 20.one after another 一个接一个地,连续不断地 21.come to light 显露出来,暴露 22.over and over again 23.tell...apart 一再;多次;反复 24.get hold of 抓住;拿住;握住 25.make a beeline for 径直朝??走去 26.as a matter of fact 事实上;说真的;实际上 27.keep in touch 保持联系 28.feast on 大吃大喝;享受美食 29.make a distinction between...and...区分;区别 30.make sense 有意义;有道理;讲得通 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Finally,some Indians in unusual foreign clothes come to the house offering to entertain the guests,.... (in 表示“穿着,戴着”,后面可以接表示衣物或颜色的名 词) 2.Troubled by the loss of such a valuable jewel, Rachel’s mother hires the famous detective to investigate the theft.(过去分词作状语) 3.As the story develops we discover some secrets about the people at the house that night,and the reasons why they might have stolen the diamond.(as 引导状语从句, 表示时间,意思是“当??时候”;why 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 reason;might have + 过去分词,表示对过去的可能性的推测) 4.He goes on asking questions about the party and learns about Franklin’s quarrel with Dr.Candy.(go on doing sth.继续做(同一件事情) 5.Rachel is stubborn in resisting his enquiries about the Moonstone to the degree that she makes it seem as if she does not want the mystery to be solved. 6.One mistake could have resulted in a huge loss.(虚拟语气)

7.Fortunately he was successful in diving the diamond into nine large jewels. 8.It turned out that Godfrey had also seen Franklin move the diamond that night.... 9....but when she changed her mind he had no choice but to go abroad to sell the diamond.(注意 but 的用法) 10.You should avoid being too straightforward.(avoid doing sth.) Units 15-16 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.apply for 申请;请求 2.straight away 立刻地;毫不犹豫地 3.fit in(with) 与??相适应;与??相协调 4.hold back 退缩;踌躇 5.take a while 用一些(一段)时间 6.approve of 赞同;赞许 7.have sth.in common with sb.和某人有共同之处 8.take part in 参与;参加 9.make contributions to 为??作出贡献 10.Secretary General of the United Nations 联合国秘书长 11.make a difference 有关系;有影响;有意义 12.be eager to do sth.渴望做?? 13.open up 打开,张开;开发;开辟;揭露;展现 14.at times 有时,不时 15.as a consequence 结果;后果 16.be due to 应归于 17.become involved in 使卷入,使陷入;拖累 18.make the adjustment to 适应于 19.take off 脱下;(飞机)起飞 20.put on 穿上,戴上 21.be popular with 受(某人)欢迎 22.get in touch with 和??取得联系 23.dream of 梦想;向往 24.make use of 利用 25.set up 树立;开办;设立;创立;建立 26.as well as 也,又 27.come true 实现,达到 28.be up to 胜任,适于 Ⅱ.重点句型 1.Mr Zhao is weak and cannot do much for himself without getting breathless and dizzy. (双重否定) 2.I am having a great time doing it. 3.Time to have fun and relax,and time for young people to take off their school uniform and put on their favorite casual clothes.(省略。It is time to have fun and relax.) 4.In the UK for example,a recent survey found that 6 out of 10 men and 46% of women regularly wear jeans....(分数表示法)

5.Every time he plays football he is watched by thousands of adoring Becks fans all over the world.(连词,意思是“每次”) 6.Now he is famous for his haircuts and lifestyle as well as for scoring goals.



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