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Unit One


Important words and expressions(Ⅰ) Ⅰ.Important words and phrases: 心烦意乱的不安的________ 不理睬忽视 ________ 与?.相处进展 _________ 对?.感到厌烦_______ be concerned about_________ recover __________ Ⅱ. Learning contents add up 把?加起来合计 把这些数字加起来,写下你的答案。 ________________________________________________. Add up all the money I owe you. ________________________________________________. add vt. 1) 增加增添 The fire is going out; Will you ~ some wood? ______________________________________. 2)进而说或写;补充说道“I’ll come later”, he added. ___________________________. Add 还可以与 to 或 upto 连用: add?to?把?.加到?.上 Please add some salt to the soup.______________________. add fuel to the fire 火上浇油使事情更糟 add to?添加增添(其宾语多为困难,欢乐,麻烦等抽象名词) Fireworks added to the attraction of the festival night. ___________________________________________. 我不想增加我母亲的痛苦。 ___________________________________________. add up to.. 合计达?. 总共有?.(多指加起来的数目,不用被动。 ) His whole income adds up to $1000 a month. ____________________________________. His whole education added up to no more than one year. _____________________________________________. 复习:Add up your score and see how many points you get. 此句结构为:祈使句+and+简单句为并列结构,表顺承。 =if 条件句 and 还可以用 or , or else, otherwise. Eg:Walk along this road and you’ll find the post office. =If you walk along this road, you’ll find the post office. Hurry up, or you’ll be late. 2. 句型:not?.until ‘直到?.才?.’与瞬间动词连用, 如 arrive ,go ,come ,leave ,start. He didn’t arrive until midnight._____________________________. 直到完成所有工作,我才离开办公室。 ______________________________________________________.

提示:1) not until 放于句首,主句倒装。 Eg: Not until midnight did he finish his work.________________. 直到他摘下眼镜,我们才认出他。 Not until _______________________________recognize him. 2) not until 的强调句型 It is / was not until?..+that+主句部分(用肯定形式) Eg: It was not until he told us that we knew the truth. ________________________________________. 3.When he borrowed it last time, he will have to pay to get it repaired. get sb. / sth. doing 使某人/某物做?. .使某人/某物处于?.状态中 eg: Can you get my watch starting again?________________________. get sb to do sth.= have/make sb do sth 使某人做某事 eg: You can get him to help you. get sth.(名词/代词) done(过去分词)弄得使某事完成 (自己也可能参与,主要用于谈论自己做的事,而不是被动的动作) eg: She got a new coat made. 她做了一件新大衣。 He got his hair cut. 他理发了。 4.upset ( upset, upset) Adj: 心烦意乱的不安的不适的不舒服的 Eg; 因 为 他 把 车 票 丢 了 , 所 以 感 _________________________________________________________. My stomach is rather upset because of the cold food I’ve eaten. __________________________________________________________. 短语;be upset at/about sth 对?感到不安为?.难过 eg; They are all still very upset about losing the case. 他们依旧都为官司败诉而难过。 get / become upset 感到不安/不痛快 There is nothing to get upset about.________________________. be upset +that 从句 eg; She feels upset that we didn’t tell her the truth. _______________________________________. Vt: 使不安使心烦搅乱打翻碰倒 eg; 坏消息使我心烦。____________________________. It upsets sb. that 让某人心烦的是 It upsets sb. to do sth.做某事使某人不快 upsetting 令人心烦意乱的令人不安的(主语为物,描述事物特点) 5.ignore vt 不理睬忽视 He ~d my advice and thus failed in the exam. ____________________________________________. 司机没有看交通灯。 ____________________________________________. 拓展:adj; ignorant 无知的/没学问的/没礼貌的 be ignorant of 不知道 Eg; I’m quite ignorant of the plan.______________________________. n. ignorance 无知愚昧不学无术 His ~ is surprising.

be in ignorance of 不知某事 He is in ignorance of the news.__________________. 6. Ignore the bell and go somewhere quite to calm your friend down. calm(?.)down 使平静下来使镇定下来 It’s difficult to calm down the football fans.____________________________. 镇静下来,告诉我们正在发生什么。 _________________________________________________________________. calm 1) vt 使平静使镇定 eg; The rider tried to calm the frightened horse. _______________________________________. 2) adj a;镇静的沉着的 b;(因无暴力战争或热闹活动)宁静的 c;(天气)无风的 d;水面平静的 eg; One must keep calm in time of danger._________________________. The city is calm again after yesterday’s riots(动乱)。 We are going to see a period of calm weather starting this weekend. ________________________________________________________. 辨析:calm / quiet / still /silent Calm; 用于人时指内心平静,沉着; 用于自然界,指风和日丽的天气或风平浪静的海洋。 Quite; 用于人指生性安静的宁静的;自然界指没声音,干扰喧闹或骚动。 Still ; 表暂时不动静止的无动作或运动的状态。 Silent; 寂静的沉默的无语的;没声音或不讲话 一句辨异: When facing danger, one should keep_____; when taken photos, one should keep_____; when someone else is asleep, one should keep _______; In class, one shouldn’t keep_______ about the teacher’s questions. Whatever I asked him, Kerry still keep silent._________________________. 7. 1) be concerned about /for 关心挂念担心 = concern oneself about/for/over eg: 我们都担心她的安全。______________________________________. 2) concern oneself with / in 从事? . 参与? eg; There is no need to concern yourself in this matter.____________________. He doesn’t concern himself with politics.___________________________. 3) be concerned with 与?.有关 This unit is concerned with friendship. 4) as / so far as I’m concerned 据我所知依我看来 as far as ?..be concerned 就?.而言 eg; As far as I’m concerned, the problem is over._______________________. 5) concern n. 担心忧虑对某人来说是重要或感兴趣的事 express concern about/over 对?..表示担心 show concern about/for?担心/关心某人/事 eg; 她对她儿子的病表现出极大的关心。 ________________________________________________________. have no concern for sb ./sth. 不关心某人/某事 have no concern with sb./sth.与某人/某事无关

8. loose adj 松的松开的 The dress is rather loose._______________________. 9. go through 1) 经历经受(常指痛苦的事)这个国家经历了太多的战争。 _________________________________________________________. He seemed to have forgotten all that he had gone through. _________________________________________________________. 2) 仔细检查浏览审核 I went through my students’ papers last night. 3) 用完/用光某物完成做完 I have gone through all the money you lent to me. ________________________________________________________. 4) 通过(法律法案等)穿过(立体的)批准 As soon as the bill goes through, we’ll start a company. ________________________________________________________. Go 的相关短语: Go ahead 请吧用吧前进进行发生 Go against 违背反对不利于 go against one’s nature 违背本性 Go up 上升增长攀登被建造起来 Go down (物价)下跌(太阳)落下(船)沉下去 Go off (水电)断掉(食物)变质对?不再感兴趣去世消失 Go over 复习温习仔细查看改变立场 ~ a lesson Go by 时间流逝遵照 ~ a rule Go after 追逐追赶 go in for 从事爱好 ~ swimming/ golf Go Dutch. 各付各的钱 go west 去世 10.cheat 1) vt 哄骗欺骗骗取 cheat sb into doing sth. 骗某人干某事 cheat sb (out) of sth. 骗取某人某物 cheat sb. into the belief that 哄骗某人相信 eg: The salesman cheated the old man into buying those useless things. ______________________________________________________. 这个骗子骗取小女孩的钱。_____________________________________________________. 2) vi 欺诈作弊 He always cheats in the exam.___________________________________. 3) n 骗子他是个骗子,没有人相信他。___________________________. 11. set down 1) 记下写下登记 2)放下搁下 eg: You don’t have to set down all that our teacher said. 她把足球放到地上。_________________________________ _______. 拓展:set about doing sth. 着手做某事 set off 动身出发引爆 set back 使?退后使?延迟拨回/慢 set up 竖起创设开办 set aside 把?放在一边存储 set out for?.出发着手干 某人正在街道上燃放烟花。 __________________________________________. They agreed to set aside their differences and work together for peace._________________________________________________.

12. a series of 一连串的一系列的一套 a series of books 丛书 a series of pictures 连环画 a series of tests 一系列测试 a television series 电视系列片 series: 单复数同形做主语时谓语动词看具体意义。 单复数同形的词还有:means species deer sheep fish 等 Eg; One means has been tried. All means are unpleasant. 13.系动词的分类表状态 +名词/形容词作表语不用于被动和进行 1)变化类 become go get grow fall turn run come 2)感官类 feel smell taste look sound 3)显现类 appear seem look 4)保持类 keep stay remain stand prove sit continue 14. for the purpose of 为了?的目的 In order to 为了?表目的 +动词原型可位于句首,句终。同 so as to(不能位于句首)。 So that / in order that 引导目的壮语从句从句中谓语常带 may,might,can ,could 等情态动 词。 eg; She started early in order to /so as to catch the bus. She started early so that/in order that she could catch the early bus. 15.thunder vi 打雷雷鸣 n(u)雷声 eg I’m always afraid when it thunders.__________________________. It thunders several times, but no rain fell._________________________. 16.entirely adv. 完全的全然的整个的 eg He devoted himself entirely to music._____________________________. entire adj 整个的完全的全部的 eg She spent the entire day on bed.________________________________. 17. power [U] 能力力量权力 eg; Some animals have the power to see in the dark. _________________________________________________________. 短语:beyond one’s power 超出某人能力;能力所不及 have the power to do sth.______________________. do sth. in/ within one’s power 尽力做某事 come into power 上台执政当权 be in power 当权/执政 18.句型:1) It’s (high, about) time + that sb. did/ should do sth.(虚拟) =It is time for sb. to do sth. 表示“某人该做某事了” Eg; It’s time that we went to school / shoud go to school. 2) It / This is / was the first / second time(that)+ 完成时 表示:这是某人第几次做某事 3) the first time 第一次,可用作连词,后接时间壮语从句。 4)for the first time 第一次,介词短语作状语,不接从句。 19.face to face eg; He wants to meet his favourite star ~. 结构:n+prep+n step by step 逐步地 side by side 并排地 shoulder to shoulder ___________ hand in hand___________ arm in arm _______________ heart to heart 坦诚地 back to back______________year/month by year 一年/月一年地

20.no longer/more not any longer /more When no more letters came from her, I knew she was no longer in Canada. no more---强调数量和程度 no longer---强调时间和动作的不再延续 谈到时间,强调今昔对比时,用 not?any more, no longer, 或 not any longer. No longer 放于实义动词前,助动词情态动词后;no more 放于句末(修饰动词) eg: 1)There is no more ink in my pen.________________________________. 2)My uncle no longer works here. // My uncle doesn’t work here any longer/more; // My uncle works here no more. 3)My father is no longer a basketball player.=My father isn’t a basketball player any longer/more. 课堂检测: It_____ him that nobody had bothered to tell him about it. A. nervous B. anxious C. upset D. sad 2. –So you didn’t say “hello” to him last night? --Well, I stopped and smiled when I saw him, but he ___me and walked on. A. ignored B. refused C. denied D. missed 3.They are very familiar with this kind of business, so there’s no need to be ____about the outcome. A. optimistic B. concerned C. ignorant D. added 4.The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather ____the helplessness for the crew at sea. A. added to B. added up C. made up D. turned up 5. All present were shocked by what the girl____ when she was cheated and sold to the mountain village. A. got through B. went through C. got on with D. went across 6.---Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? --- _________, but I promised Nancy to go out with her. I’d like to B.I like it C. I don’t D. I will 7. She devoted herself______ to her search and it earned her a good reputation in her field. A. strongly B. extremely C. entirely D. freely 8. Some research workers ______all those facts as though they never existed. A. ignore B. leave C. refuse D. miss 9. Please _____ all the figures to see how much they _____. A. add; add up to B. add up; add up to C. add up; add up D. add; add to 10.He left a good impression on me _______I saw him. A. for the first time B. the first time C. first time D. it’s the first time



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