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模块一 Unit1 School life 【考点透视】 I 重点短语 1. know know of: 知道有,听说过…… know about: 知道……的情况,了解,知道 prepare …:准备…… prepare for …:为……作准备 prepare sb. for / to do ….:使某人为……做好准备 in the end: 最后,= at last, fi

nally to the end: ……到最后 by the end of…: 到……底为止 at the end of: 1) 在……结束的时候

2. prepare

3. end


4. use

used to do sth: (过去)常常/ 习惯做某事 be used to (doing) sth.: 习惯于做某事 be used to do sth: 被用来做…… [U] for / in fun:闹着玩儿地; make fun of sb.:取笑、拿某人开玩笑 adj. 有趣的、愉快的; adj. funny n. 轻松、自在:do sth. with ease: 轻松地、不费力地做…… be at ease with sb. :与某人一起感到自在 vt. 解除……: ease sth. 使某人减轻……: ease sb. of sth. n.[U] 经验, [C](具体的)体验,经历 vt. 经历 experienced:有经验的

5. fun

6. ease

7. experience

8. teach:教(书) 、教授,后接双宾语:teach sb. sth. = teach sth to sb. 类似结构 buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb.; give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb.; show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb.; tell sb. sth. = tell sth. to sb. made sb. sth. = make sth. for sb. …. 9. make sure + (that) …… + of sth. sure 的短语: be sure of / about: 对……肯定、 有把握; be sure to do: 务必、 一定要做……; for sure:必定、一定,= surely 用于句首,作“虽然”解,引导让步状语从句,不与 but / however 连用, 但可与 yet / still / and yet 连用, = although 用于句末,作“但是”解,起转折作用

10. though

n. (一)滴、点,降落、下跌:a drop of water, drops of rain vt. 掉/降下、戒掉(坏习惯) 、跳过(学科、音) drop by:顺便到(某处)以下; drop 的词组 drop in at:顺便拜访(某地) ,后接地名; drop in on:顺便拜访(某人) ,后接人; drop out (of):脱落、掉脱、退出…… n. (可数)少量的、小块的,常用 a bit of…或 bits of…。 12. bit adv. (时间、程度)稍微,后接形容词或副词。 a bit of a/an:颇有几分、有点儿 bit 的词组 bit by bit:逐渐的、徐徐的 do one’s bit:尽某人之力/本分 13. forget forget to do: 忘记做某事(这件事没做) forget doing sth.: 忘记做过的事。 类似结构 remember to do sth.记得要做某事; remember doing sth.:记得做过某事 stop to do sth.:停下来去干某事; stop doing sth.:停止做某事(停下不做了) mean to do sth.:打算做某事; mean doing sth.:意味着做某事 go on to do:接着做(另一件事) ; go on doing:继续做 try to do sth:尽力做…… ; try doing sth:尝试着做…… compare A to B: 把 A 比作 B(用于比喻) 14. compare compare A with B: 把 A 和 B 相比(用于比较) Compared to / with …, …..:与……相比,…… inform sb. of sth.:通知某人某事 15. inform be well informed:消息灵通; keep sb. informed:随时向某人通报情况 inform oneself of sth. require sb. to do sth. 16. require vt. require sth. of / from sb. Sth. require / want / need doing / to be done. require that…(should) do sth. introduce sb.( to sb.) introduce sth. into / to a place 17. introduce introduce sb. to sth. make an introduction n.:introduction make a self introduction an introduction to sth. a letter of introduction develop / form the habit of develop an interest (of) 18. develop vt. a developed country a developing country develop a roll of film n. development II 重点句型 1. Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable … 11. drop

2. It was difficult to remember all the faces and names. 3. The more…, the more… 4. Upon finishing his studies, he started traveling in China. 第一单元 一个令人愉快、令人兴奋的经历 an enjoyable and exciting experience 对上课时间感到很满意子 be very happy with the school hours 和某人在一起感觉很自在 be at ease with sb. 和某人讨论某事 discuss sth. with sb. 做某事的最好的办法 the best way to do sth. 赢得他人尊重 earn respect from others 听起来像我在中国的学 sound like my school in China 为某事感谢某人 thank sb. for sth. 注意某事 pay attention to sth. 要求某人做某事 require sb to do sth. 在学期末 at the end of term 达到目标 achieve one’s goals 参加集会 attend assembly 获得高分 achieve high grades 在过去的一年里 in the past year 在午饭时间 at lunchtime 免费给某人发 E-mail E-mail sb. for free 放弃一些学科 drop some subjects 在学校的操场上玩 play on the school field 在树下休息 relax under a tree 想起某人 think of sb 体验这种不同的生活方式 experience this different way of life 通常大小,正常规模 the average size 把某物捐献给某人 donate sth. To sb. 查字典 refer to the dictionary 从大学毕业 graduate from college 住在某人隔壁 live next door to sb 有了做某事的兴趣 develop an interest in doing sth. 发现某人很难取悦 find sb hard to please 在这种情况下 in this case 不止一个答案 more than one answer 跟校长一起开会 have a meeting with the headmaster 做决定 make decisions 把……同……作比较 compare … with … 轮流 take turns to do sth 把某事通知某人 inform sb. of sth. 吸引读者注意 catch the eye of the reader 向某人朗读某物 read sth. out loud to sb. listen to sb. talking about sth.听某人谈某物 提出自己的看法 come up with your own ideas



Growing pains

【考点透视】 I 重点短语 match sb. in / for… 1. match match A with B match / go with / suit n. a present for you adj. the people present at the meeting the present situation vt. present sb. with sth. = present sth. to sb. at present = at the present time suppose sb. (to be) + n. / adj. 以为某人是…… suppose + that 从句 be supposed to be / do:理应、应当…… be not supposed to be / do: (婉转的禁止)不可以、不允许……

2. present

3. suppose

动词 go 常可用作系动词,后接形容词或过去分词。 4. go unpunished 类似结构:go mad / bad / white / angry / wrong… go rotten / unfinished / disabled sb as / like sb:像……一样对待某人 vt. 同义结构:look on sb. as…; regard sb. as… have sb. as…; take sb. for… treat sth.(for sth) :治疗某人(疾病) treat sb. to sth:款待、宴请(某人) n. 享受、乐事,做东、请客 n. treatment fill in the form n. in the form of / in …..form take the form of form A into B = form B out of A vt. form a class = make up a class form the habit of doing sth. n. formation

5. treat

6. form

7. be rude to:对……粗鲁 类似结构:be good to:对……好; be friendly to:对……友好 be cruel to:对……残忍; be kind to:对……好心、善良 vt. 要价、收费:charge sb. money. 8. charge 费用、价钱 free of charge

n. 负责、管理

be in charge of … be in the charge of … = be in a person’s charge take charge of

9. punish

punish sb. for sth. 类似结构:thank sb. for (doing) sth; praise sb. for (doing) sth.; reward sb. for (doing) sth.;scold sb. for (doing) sth…. punishment:n. suffer punishment

forbade / forbad, forbidden, forbidding) 10. forbid forbid (doing) sth. :禁止(干)某事 forbid sb. to do sth.= forbid one’s doing sth. 类似动词:allow, permit, advise … 11. explain explain sth. to sb. = explain to sb. sth / that … explanation:n. give / offer / provide explanation of / for … 相似用法:introduce …. to sb. = introduce to sb. …. leave sb. / sth. doing / done leave sb./sth. as sb./sth. be 或 leave sb./sth.+ adj. leave / forget give sb. a …. lesson:给某人上……课 have a …. lesson:上 / 听……课 teach sb a (good)lesson: (好好)教训某人一顿

12. leave

13. lesson

14. after all

结果、终究(表示结果与预想不同,通常置于句末) 毕竟、究竟(仅仅为了导出原因,常置于句首) all 的词组:in all:总共、总计; above all:最重要的、尤其 first of all:首先; for / with all:尽管、虽然 mix A with B mix up:使……充分地混合,把……弄乱 mixed:混杂的、混合的 e.g. mixed marriage, mixed feelings… n. mixture remind sb. of sth. remind sb. to do sth. remind sb. that …… reminder

15. mix

16. remind

II 重点句型 1. We thought you could act like an adult 2. …you shouldn’t have run out of the room and … 3. Eric runs in after it, followed by a dog, walking very slowly.

4. Mom and Dad arrived back from vacation a day earlier than expected. 5. What’s up? 第二单元 为…所共有 common to 调高声音, 出现 turn up 浪费 a waste of 不再 no more 空余时间 spare time 强迫(某人)做 force….to… 迫不及待地要 can’t wait to.. 本应该,被期望 be supposed to 处置, 忍受 需要 do with 乱成一团 be a mess/ in a mess 委托 …..负责 leave sb in charge 行为举止象 … act like 不受惩罚 go unpunished 熄灭 go out 双臂交叉抱在胸前 have one’s arm crossed 值得去做 deserve to do(常用否定形式表示“不配”) 对某人苛刻 be hard on… 既然 now that 以...的形式 in the form of… 比以前任何时候都 than ever before 对某事生气 be angry at 即使 even if 象 一样对待 treat sb like… 为 …而争吵 argue about 起因 the cause of 在许多方面不同 differ in many ways 非常不合身 fit badly

模块一 【考点透视】 I 重点短语


Looking good, feeling good

priceless:无价的、宝贵的; 1. valueless:没有价值的、毫无用处的; worthless:毫无价值、无用。 be dressed in 表状态 have … on be in

2. “穿”


put on 后接衣服; dress 接人作宾语。 wearing… 作定语使用 dressed in… in…

agree with:1)同意某人(的话、意见、观点) 2) 与……一致 3) (气候、食物等)适合人 3. agree agree on / about sth. agree to sth agree to do sth agreement:n.:come to / reach / arrive at / sign / break an agreement by agreement; in agreement; in agreement with sb. /sth. 4. seldom adv. 不常、很少 有否定含义,用在句中,构成否定句。 Seldom 置于句首时,句子要倒装。 类似词:never、little、few、hardly、not 等。 consider sth. / doing sth. sb. / sth. (to be) + adj. / n. that … consideration:n. take sth. into consideration considering:prep. n. have / bring / produce no / great / little effect on… vt.:affect: affect sb. / sth.

5. consider

6. effect

7. look

look at ….;look around…; look back….;look on / to …; look after… vi. look for….; look down upon….; look forward to….; look on….; look out; look up; look sb. in the eye / face link-v. + adj. :look old / look like a nurse 类似词:smell / sound / feel / appear …. die young / happy … die of illness / hunger /cold / old age; die from accident / a wound … sound / music / light / wind …die away sth. die out be dying for water / knowledge … be dying to study abroad / know the result …. adj.:dying n.:death

8. die vi.

adj.:dead recovered one’s lost money from … recovered the losses recovered one’s sight /hearing … recover (oneself)from sadness / illness … recovery:n. vi. turn up; turn down; turn off; turn on; turn out; turn over; turn to; n. in turn; by turns; take turns to do sth; It is one’s turn to do sth.

9. recover

10. turn

11. get + 过去分词:get hurt;get wounded; get burnt; get caught; get injured;get lost get dressed; get changed …. vt.:risk (doing) sth.:risk one’s life / fortune / the punishment / losing one’s life / getting caught in the rain n. at one’s own risk; at risk; at the risk of; run / take / face the risk of doing sth. adj. 13. fit a fit place, a fit person to do it, be fit for sth. / to do sth., It is fit for sb. to do sth. vt. / vi.:sth. fit sb. / sth. n.:a nice fit. n.. suffer a loss (of…); make up a loss; vt. lose at a loss

12. risk

14. loss

15. follow

follow sb. to / into….. follow a road / a path / a river / a street … follows the time / the schedule … I don’t quite follow you. follow one’s advice / order / the instruction of … the following year … ….as follows adj. be ashamed of doing sth. / to do sth. / that… [U]shame:feel shame at….; have no shame…..;hang one’s head for / from / in shame……;to one’s shame;for / from / out of shame

16. ashamed

II 重点句型 1. I’m taking weight-loss pills called Fat-Less. 2. How / What about…. ? 3. So do school sports.

4. Scientists suggest that teenagers spend at least 30 minutes exercising. 5. I think you look great as you are. 牛津英语模块一第三单元短语 体态好,身体美 looking good, feeling good 收到 sb 的音信 hear form sb 对…感到羞愧 feel ashamed of 多么羞愧 what a shame 做…是一种羞耻 it’s a shame to do sth 从肝脏衰竭中恢复 recover from liver failure 与我完全相配 be an exact match for me 把…捐献 donate… to 为…感到难为情 feel embarrassed about 从…吸取教训 learn (a lesson) from 遵循 sb 的建议 follow one’s advice 在节食 go on a diet/ diets be on a diet/ diets 秘密地 in secret 保持健康 keep fit / stay healthy 造成,导致 sth cause sth 给 sb 带来/造成 sth cause sb sth =cause sth to sb 导致/促使 sb 做某事 cause (sb) to do sth 想瘦身 dying to be thin 渴望/想要 sth be dying for sth 渴望做… be dying for 过去常常/曾经 去体育馆 used to go to the gym 一个星期三次 three times a week 运动,锻炼/ 计算,解决/制定/…(结果)怎么样 work out 准备做… prepare to do 准备好去做… be (well) prepared to do 吃减肥药 take weight-loss pills 需要锻炼 need to exercise/ need exercise 在过去的两个月 in the last two months 在此刻 at the moment 后悔吃减肥药 regret taking weight-loss pills 至少 at least 损害你的健康 damage your health 像你现在的样子 as you are 偶然发现,遇见 come across 加入俱乐部 join a club 受伤 get hurt 知道选哪个体育项目 know which sport to choose 出院 (go) out of hospital 增加力气 build up strength 独立,独自 on one’s own 听起来很有趣 sound fun

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41)

42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73)

…的开放日 在开放日 最好的利用 利用 特别优惠 骂人 使…振作/高兴,欢呼,喝彩 试着节食 吸收,理解,欺骗 对…表示绝望 使某人为某事做好准备 感到放松 把…集中在…上 适量的睡眠 事实上 立即,马上 增加体重 分发 为…负责任 建立在…之上 把... 和…比较 把…比作… 与…做比较 连同… 随同… 大量 做调查 从长远角度 受…欢迎 一则感人的故事 冒险做某事 在高中 取得伟大成就 Unit1 Tales of the unexplained

the open day for at the open day make the most of=make the best of make use of special offer call sb names cheer (sb) up try dieting take in give up on sth prepare sb for sth feel relaxed concentrate.. on a good amount of sleep as a matter of fact = in fact in no time put on weight give out be responsible for… base on/upon compare… with… compare… to… compared with…(做状语) along with a large amount of make/conduct/ do a survey in the long term be popular with/ among a touching/ moving story take the risk of doing/ risk doing in Senior High make great achievements

模块二 【考点透视】 I 重点短语: 1. run into

① 撞上……; ② 偶然遇见(某人) ; ③ 跑进(房间等) ; ④ (液体)流入; ⑤ 陷入(困难等) ; ⑥ (金额)总计达…… 相关短语:run across① 偶然遇上(某人) ;② 跑过,横跨(道路等) meet with①+sb. 和某人会面(商讨问题等) ;② + sth. 遭遇到(不愉快的事) knock into① 偶然遇到(某人)② 撞在……上;③ 将……打入……

2. step up ① 走上(阶梯等) ;② 加速、加快;③ 促进、增加、改善 vi. & vt. 相关短语:step on 踩、踏 step aside 站到一边、让路、让工作给某人(for sb.)

step down 辞职、下台、从(车子等)下来 search for search … for … in search of… in one’s search for…

3. search

① 到期(应偿付、付给或举行等)My salary is due tomorrow. 4.due ② 定于(某时)到达/做(某事)Mary is due to leave at two o’clock. ③ due to (1) (作表语/定语)应属于、应给予 A great of money is due to you. (2) (作表语/定语/状语)由于、归功于 He arrived late due to the storm. 比较: due to / because of / owing to / thanks to ① 穿上 (→take off) put on your coat ② 播放 put on his favourite CD ③ 上演 put on performances ④ 增加(速度、体重、班次等)put on weight ⑤ 装出,假装 put on a look of not caring 装出一副不在乎的样子

5. put on

6. show up ① vi. 出现、露面 = turn up;② vt. 暴露、揭发;③ vi. & vt. 突出、显眼 7. white-skinned 白皮肤的 注意其构成法:adj. + n-ed。 如: warm-hearted; blue-eyed;good-tempered;middle-aged;cold-blooded 8. rule out: (可分开用)排除……、拒绝考虑……、划线去掉…… (常以 possibility 为宾语) 9. look into ① 朝……里面看 ② 调查、检查③ 浏览(书籍等) 、快速翻查 = look through 10. possibility “可能性”。 后常接 of 短语或 that 引导的从句。 ① 编造、虚构 make up a story ② 构成…… Seven members make up a group. 11. make up ③ 弥补、补足 make up (for) lost time ④ 化妆、打扮 make up one’s face ⑤ 和好、和解 Why don’t you make (it) up with her? ⑥ 配制 make up a bottle of cough medicine make out ① 勉强分辨出……② 理解……③ (事物)顺利进行(with…) carry out 实施、履行 The plan should be carried out immediately. carry on 继续、进行 Despite all the noise, he carried on reading. carry away 拿走、冲走;吸引住(某人)I was carried away by her songs. carry off 运走;获得(奖赏)She carried off the first prize. at a time 一次、每次=each time We can’t do two things at a time. at one time ① 曾经、一度 =once ② 同时



at any time 随时 注:Any time. (口语)哪里,哪里;随时效劳 (用于对别人道谢的回答) at no time 在任何时候都不 At no time have I said such a thing! at all times 老是、总是 = always at times 有时、偶尔 = sometimes in time ① 来得及② 总有一天 in no time 立即,立刻 = soon in return (for…) 作为回报 He didn’t expect anything in return for his help. in turn ① 依次地、轮流地② 反过来、转而 be ~ to; in a ~ way on average = on an average = on the average the average of … ……的平均数 above / below average 在一般水平以上/ 以下 up to (the) average 达到平均 the average age / temperature 平均年龄/ 温度


15. similar

16. average

17. make one’s way (to…) ① (辛苦地)前进、行走② (通过努力)发迹、成功 ① 继续活着 ② 以……为主食 ③ 靠……生活

18. live on

They live on fish and rice. He lives on $80 a week.

II 重点句型 Possibly we’ll meet again soon. 1. There is some possibility that we’ll meet again soon. It is possible that we’ll meet again soon. 2. You looking tired. What have you been doing all the morning? 第二部分:重点短语 1. be full of 2. run into 3. step up 4. search sp search for sth/sb 5. a fifteen-year-old boy a girl aged nine at the age of nine at one’s thirties 6. go straight to 7. put on his favourite CD

8. around midnight 9. the full moon 10. pull back the curtains 11. see /hear…doing see/hear … do 12. a flash of light 13. show up 14. aboard the UFO 15. make up amazing stories. 16. land on 17. set foot on 18. evidence of life 19. space shuttle tracking ship launch tower 20. solar system 21. respond to sth 22. draw conclusions 23. make suggestions 24. get into shape 25. play against 26. offer awards to sb 27. six feet tall 28. 33 centimetres in length 29. be similar to 30. be known as/for 31. dozens of 32. move with amazing speed and strength 33. become convinced 34. be linked to sth

模块二 Unit2 Wish you were here 【考点透视】 I 重点短语: 1. adventure ① [C]冒险的事/ 经历 a lot of adventures in the desert ② [U]冒险 be fond of adventure 喜欢冒险 类似的词还有 beauty;failure;success;mystery;surprise;pleasure;honour 等 make an apology 道歉 in a hurry 匆忙 make a living 谋生 come to a stop 停止 get a rise 提薪 ask sb. for a lift 求某人搭车 2. dark / darkness ① 作“黄昏、傍晚”解,用 after/ before/ at dark。darkness 无此用法。 ② dark 一般指经常性情况,darkness 习惯指一时性的情况。

I couldn’t see the road because of the darkness. ③ 表示“在黑暗中”时,in the dark = in the darkness。 ④ in the dark 还有“不知道、蒙在鼓里”意思,这时,dark 不能改成 darkness。 We are still in the dark about the cause of the fire. ① 连词,后接从句 “万一……” 3. in case I case I forget, please remind me of it. ② 副词,“以防万一” It may not rain, but you’d better take an umbrella in case. in case of + 短语 万一…… in this case 要是那样的话 in no case 在任何情况下都不 In no case should you give up. as is often the case (with…) (对于……)这是常有的事 “凡是……的”。 引导名词性从句,相当于 anything that。 4.whatever 如用 what , 则相当于 something that 或 everything that。 “无论如何”。 引导让步状语从句,相当于 no matter what 。 “究竟”(口语中)相当于 what ever。 You can take whatever books you need. You’re certainly right, whatever others may say. Whatever do you want?


supply sth. to / for sb. = supply sb. with sth. (注:supply 不能接双宾语。) a great / large supply of food offer sth. to sb. = offer sb. sth. provide sth. for sb. = provide sb. with sth. There were six people in the car, including the baby. (= the baby included) include / contain include:意为“包括”、“连……在内”、“计入”。指包括或容纳某东西成为整体的一部 分,侧重与对比整体与部分。 contain:意为“含有”、“包含”、“容纳”、“里面装有”。指某物容纳在比其更大的东西 之内,侧重所含的量与成分。 scare sb. away/ off 吓跑 scare sb. into / out of doing sth. 吓得某人做/不敢做某事 be scared of / at / to do 害怕 be sick at / about sth. 对……灰心失望 be sick for 思念 be sick of 对……厌烦 sick to one’s stomach 不舒服而想吐,反胃 make sb. sick 使某人不高兴 介词

6. including

7. scare

8. sick

as sick as a dog


9. envy

vt. ~ + sb. + sth. n. [U] “羡慕、妒忌” People were filled with ~ at his success. out of ~ n. [C] “可羡慕的人或物”, 常与 the 连用 She / Her beauty is the ~ of her friends. get a wonderful view 看到一幅极好的景色 in my view 依我看 come into view 看得见 out of view 看不见 in view of 考虑到……;在/从看得见……的地方 比较: view / scene / sight / scenery view “风景”;“景色”。通常指从某个特定(或许较高的)位置所见到的景物。 另外还有“看法”、“观点”的意思,= opinion。 scene “(指戏剧、电影等的)一场”;“场景”;“布景”。指“风景”时着重指展现于 眼前的景色的特征。另外, scene 还有“出事地点”之意。 sight 指所见到的“景象”、“情景”。作“目光”、“视力”解时是不可数名词。 scenery “风景”, 指某地的自然风景, 是不可数的集体名词, 不能与不定冠词连用。

10. view

silent reading 默读 a silent letter 不发音的字母 11. silent keep silent 保持沉默 = keep silence be silent on / about .… 对某事保持沉默 silence n. & v. in silence adv. 12. in harmony with 与……和谐一致

II 重点句型: 1. Wish you were here. 2. You have to wear special clothing, just in case your raft gets turned upside. 3. We’ll live with the local people in their villages, and eat and drink whatever they do. 模块二 Unit 2 Welcome to the unit 1. 在澳大利亚著名的沙滩上 2. 探索令人惊异的巴西雨林 3. 挑战你自己 4. 长途跋涉 5. 在戈壁沙漠 Reading 6. 很长时间 7. 忙于做…… so long be busy doing sth on Australia’s famous beaches explore the amazing Brazilian rainforest challenge yourself go trekking in the Gobi Desert

8. 上大学 9. 准备做…… 10. 如此多令人激动的地方 11. 做令人惊叹的事情 12. 骑骆驼 13. 穿越撒哈拉沙漠 14. 宿营在帐篷里 15. 在明朗的夜晚 16. 在黑暗中 17. 进行白浪漂流 18. 万一…… 19. 倾翻 20. 旅行 21. 尽可能地靠近…… 22. 吓跑…… 23. 继续前往…… 24. 确保…… 25. 睡袋 26. 以至于…… 27. 沿着尼罗河顺流而下 28. 近距离 29. 感到恶心 30. 日落之后 Word power 31. 保持温暖 32. 提醒某人…… 33. 如此多的冒险经历 34. 迷路 35. 天黑了 36. 烧开水 37. 用完;用光 38. 生火 Grammar and usage 39. 迟了一小时 40. 比往常早

go to university be busy doing sth so many exciting places do astonishing things on a camel/ by camels through the Sahara Desert camp in the tents on clear nights in the dark go white-water rafting in case get turned upside down go on a trip get as close as possible to … scare… away… move on to make sure that… sleeping bags so that… travel down the River Nile up close feel sick after sunset keep warm remind sb of sth so many adventures lose one’s way get dark boil the water run out make a fire an hour later earlier than usual

41. 某人的一生中 42. 听到这人消息失望 43. 在黎明时 Task 44. 与你的家人去度假 45. 河上航游 46. ……的首都城市 47. 孔子的诞生地 48. 轮流去…… 49. 做笔记 50. 出差旅行 Project 51. 做一份旅游活页 52. 厌烦做…… 53. 一个神奇又美丽的地方 54. 在中国的西南部 55. 沿着……向北行驶 56. 距离某地……公里 57. 消失的地平线 58. 让任何游客无法用语言形容 59. 被……包围 60. 吃青草 61. 与……和谐 62. 无穷无尽的天然宝藏 63. 最为适宜

all one’s life be disappointed at the news at down go on holiday with your family take a river cruise the capital city of… the birthplace of Confucius take turns to… take notes…. on a business trip make a travel leaflet be tired of a place of mystery and beauty in the southwest of China drive northwards along …kilometers away from… lost horizon make any viewer speechless be surrounded by feed on in harmony with… endless natural treasures at its mildest

模块二 【考点透视】 I 重点短语


Amazing people

1. change

change…for… 把……换成…… get changed 换衣服 change trains/ seats 换火车/ 换位置 change pounds into/for/ to dollars 把英镑换成美元 for a change 换换口味

small change 零钱 make a change to 对……作修改 beat:其宾语必须是人或一个集体。是游戏比赛的专门用词。 defeat:与 beat 属于一组同义词,其宾语也必须是人或一个集体。尤指在战场上打败 敌人。 win:表示在较强的竞争中取得了胜利,其宾语常是 game/ war/ prize/ fame/ battle 等。 fall off fall down fall onto fall into fall behind 落后 fall in love with 爱上…… (比较:be in love with) fall to pieces 跌成碎片;倒塌 fall ill / sick 病倒 fall asleep 入睡 fall into the habit of 养成……的习惯 die + n. / adj./ adv. e.g. die young / happy ; die a peaceful death; die strangely die of / from/ away/ out be dying for 渴望……;很想…… be dying to do sth. 渴望干某事;很想干某事 at present = at the present time = now 目前;现在 for the present= for the time being 暂时;此刻 presently= soon 不久 be present at a meeting 出席会议 the present chairman 现任的主席 (作“现任的”、“目前的”时,作前置定语) the people present 出席的/ 在场的人们 (作“出席的”、 “在场的”时, 作后置定语) present sb. with sth. = present sth. to sb. 将某物赠给某人


3. fall


5. present

6. breathe

breathe deeply / hard [heavily] / (v.) breathe the fresh air

in [out]


take a deep breath. = breathe deeply 做深呼吸比较:take breath 休息一下 hold one’s breath 屏息 (n.) out of breath adj. & adv. 喘不过气地(的) lose one’s breath v. 喘不过气来 in the same breath adv. 同时地, 异口同声地 指通过检查看看是否有异常 指通过检查看看是否有错误;与事实和要求是否相符;查明真相 通常只指较正式、较重要的考试,如期末考试、升学考试等。


examine check examination

exam 是 examination 的缩写,常用于口语,多为学生使用。 test 指“小考”、“考查”(= short examination)。 quiz 指事先没有准备,随时进行的“测验”,“问答比赛或游戏”。 pay off ①“付清……(的债务,工钱等)”,宾语也可以是人。 ② (计划等)顺利成功 ③ 付清薪水解雇(某人) pay back“偿还”,常与介词 for 或 to 连用,pay 后接表示偿还的对象(人或钱物) 。 pay for “为(某物)付……”,pay 后接表示钱物的名词,也可以不接名词。 get (one’s) pay 领薪水 (这里的 pay 是不可数名词) ask sb. for a rise 要求某人提高工资 compare … to … 把……比作…… compare … with … 把……与……进行比较 compared with / to… 和……比较 (常用于句首或句尾) compare notes 交换意见;对笔记


9. compare


a (large) number of / a good many / many +复数名词 many a +可数名词的单数 a large amount of / a great deal / much +不可数名词 a large quantity of +可数或不可数名词 比较: a number of / the number of as many as 多达…… (修饰可数名词的复数) as much as 多达…… (修饰不可数名词)

11. prove ① 行为动词,作“证明,证实”解, 可用于以下句型: + 名/代词/ 从句/ sth. + to sb./复合结构 (宾补可以是形容词、 名词和不定式短语) ② 系动词,作“证明是”解,可用于以下句型: +形容词 / 名词/ to be 引起的短语


make a contribution to 对……作出贡献 set sail for = sail for 启程前往 set foot on 踏上,登上 be qualified for (或 to do) 有资格做…… go down in history 载入史册,永垂不朽 look up to 尊敬,钦佩 live one’s dream 实现某人的梦想

II 重点句型 1. Upon entering the tomb, Carter’s lucky pet bird, which had led him to the place, was eaten by a snake. 2. Within seven years, 21 people who had something to do with the opening of the tomb died. 3. What’s certain, though, is that the mystery of Tutankhamen’s tomb has never been fully

explained. 模块二第三单元 把我们的世界变得更好

change our world for the better win the prize/game 赢得比赛 make useful changes to 做出有用的改变 have an effect on 对……有影响 during the lifetime 某人的一生 discover many amazing things 发现许多令人惊奇的东西 be curious about the world outside 对世界外的东西好奇 set sail for 起航去某地 search for 搜索 the preserved bodies 保存好的尸体 be known as 著名的 as well as 也,以及 empty the tomb 倒空了坟墓 right away 立即,马上 not long after the tomb had been opened 坟墓被打开不久后 upon entering the tomb 一进入坟墓就…… lead sb to sp 领导某人去某地 fall ill with a fever 因发烧而病倒 the light go out 灯熄灭了 hear of 听说 have a high fever 发烧 died of heart trouble 死于心脏病 shortly after 在……之后不久 have something to do with 与……有关系 live on 继续 a scientific explanation 一个科学的解释 disturb the virus 扰乱了病毒 breath in 吸收 result in 导致 protect from 保护……免受…… in advance 提前 base on 以……为基础 too general 太笼统 more specific 更具体 key words 重点词 go well 进展顺利 a great deal of 大量,许多 set foot on 在……上漫步 at full speed 以全速 fill with water 装满水 fail to do sth 做某事失败 make a note of 做笔记

pay attention to 对……注意 in a particular order 以一种特殊的次序 apply for 申请 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 catch the reader's attention 吸引读者的注意力 support your idea 支持你的观点 in space 在太空 talk of 谈到…… join the army 参军 be chosen as 被选为…… in control of 控制 go down 传下来 in history 历史上 manage to do the 成功做某事

模块三 Unit1 The world of our senses 【考点透视】 I 重点短语 ① [C]感官 five senses a / the sense of smell ② [C]……的感觉/ 能力 the sense of humor / direction / success ③ [U]辨别力 common sense 常识 a man of good sense 通情达理的人 1. sense ④ [U]意义、价值 There is no sense in /of doing sth. ⑤ 表示“神智”时,常用 one’s senses bring sb. to one’s senses 使某人醒过来 come to one’s senses 醒过来 out of / lose one’s senses 失去神智 ⑥ in a sense 在某种意义上 ⑦ make sense 有意义、讲得通 [U] 看;看见;视力;视野 [C]情景;景象; [pl.]名胜 at first sight 乍看一下、初看起来 at (the) sight of 一看见 in sight / out of sight catch sight of / come into sight/ lose one’s sight

2. sight


beat:其宾语必须是人或一个集体。是游戏比赛的专门用词。 defeat:与 beat 同义,其宾语也必须是人或一个集体。尤指在战场上打败敌人。 win:表示在较强的竞争中取胜,其宾语常是 game,war,prize,fame,battle 等。 beat:着重“连续地击打”,如殴打、体罚、海浪拍岸、心跳。 hit:指“打中”,着重敲打或打击对方的某一点。 strike:通常表示打一下,不一定击中,也不一定都是有意的。 tap:一般指轻轻拍打的意思。


still 表示绝对静止或安静,只能用于物理上的安静,强调“静止”,不能指心理状态。 quiet 强调外在的安静现象,指没有吵闹或骚乱的静寂状态。用于自然环境时:指没有活 动、喧闹的 寂静状态;用于人时:指生性安静,不易激动。 silent 侧重“不说话”,强调不发表意见。“不弄出声响”,但不一定没有活动。 calm 既可以表示外在的平静现象 ,也可指内在的平静状态 ,既可以修饰人,表示人“镇静 自若”;也可以修饰物,多用来指天气,海洋等“平静无风”。 add … to…把……加到……上 add to 增加 add up to 总计达…… add up 加起来

5. add


make the most of make full use of make the best of


[U]对待、处理 7. treatment [U]治疗 [C]治疗法

receive equal/ rough/ cold treatment be under medical treatment 在接受医疗 He has tried lots of treatments for his cough.

8. method 比较:method / way / means method:指系统的、符合一定理论的方法。“用这种方法”可译为“with this method”。 way:普通用于,指做事情的方法,也可泛指思想方法、生活方式等。“用这种方法” 可译为“in this way”。 means:作“方式、方法、手段”时,单复数同形。“用这种方法”可译为“by this means”。 with this method = in this way= by this means v. whisper sth. to sb. whisper sth. in one’s ear It is ~ed that-clause 传闻说…… n. in whispers = in a whisper 低声地

9. whisper

have a chance of doing sth. /to do sth. There is no chance that –clause 10. chance The chance is that- clause ; Chances are that- clause . 很可能……。 = It is likely that … by chance 偶尔,碰巧 a most likely result 最有可能的结果 a likely place for camping 正适合露营的地方 = a likely place to camp be likely to do sth. 可能会干某事 例:It is likely to rain tonight. (可用 possible 或 probable 替代) 11. likely He is likely to win. (不可用 possible 或 probable 替代) It is likely that-clause

例:It is likely that he will be late (可用 possible 或 probable 替代) = He is likely to be late. (不可用 possible 或 probable 替代) very / most/ quite likely 很可能 Be in use 在使用中 set sail for 去航去 by the time 到......时候 As early as 早在 in the future 将来 take over 接管,接任,控制 Lead to 导致 in memory of 纪念 in return for 作为。 。 。的回报 Burial chamber 墓室 lost civilization 失落的文明 carry out 实施,执行,进行 No more 不再 be off to 出发去 too...to 太...而不能 Pour out 涌出,倾泻 go to a lecture 去听演讲 more than 多于, 不仅仅 Be buried alive 被活埋 be covered with 被。 。 。覆盖 Neither ... nor 既不。 。 。也不 not only ...but also 不但。 。 。而且 On board 在船上,飞机上或火车上 in good condition 处于良好的状态 Prevent sb. from sth/ doing sth 阻止某人做某事 declare war against 向。 。 。 宣传 Dig ...for treasure 挖...找财宝 be involved in 参与,与...有关联

模块三 Unit2 Language 【考点透视】 I 重点短语 throughout(+ place / time) ~ the country / the night 1. all over + place ~ the country all through + time ~ the year ~ CCTV news 收听中央电视台新闻 ~ the passengers 接乘客 . pick up ~ English 学英语 2. ~ a wallet on the ground 捡起地上的钱包 ~ the information(偶然地)得到那个消息 pick out 选择;分辨出 contribute …to… 3. ① 把……捐给…… contribute a lot of money to the charity ② 投稿……给…… contribute some assays to a magazine contribute to ① 对……有贡献、有助于 Proper exercise contributes to good health ② 是……的原因之一 Careless driving contributed to this accident. make a contribution to 对……有贡献 obey / break the rule as a rule 一般说来、通常 make it a rule to do sth. = make a rule of doing sth. 规定有做某事的习惯 under the rule of by rule 按规定地 rule out 排除……

4. rule

① 举起 ~ your hand / a box ② 提高(音量、价格、程度等) ~ the standard of living/ one’s voice/ the bus fares 5. raise ③ 种植(农作物等) 、饲养(家禽等) 、抚养(子女)~ wheat/ sheep/ five children ④ 筹集(资金)~ money ⑤ 唤起、引起 ~ a few laughs / fears ⑥ 提出(问题等)~ a question adopt 6. adapt ① 采取、采纳 ~ a new teaching method / one’s idea ② 收养(某人) They are not my real parents, I am adopted. ①~ (oneself) to 适应…… ② adapt sth (for sth) 改编……(为……之用) 由……组成

7. 8.

be made up of = consist of = be composed of despite = in spite of 后接短语 though / although 后接从句

9. process

[U,C]过程、程序 the ~ of development / making cake in (the) process of 在进行中 n.

sb. to do sth. it that-clause wh-从句 You can’t depend on him to come on time. 10. = You can’t depend on his coming on time. = You can’t depend on it that he will come on time. It (all) depends. = That (all) depends. (口语)那得看情况(而定) 。 be dependent on 视……而定、取决于…… promise sb. sth. promise to do sth. promise that -clause make a promise 11. promise = give a promise 许下诺言 keep / break a promise 守/违约 carry out a promise 履行诺言 promise (to be) +名词或形容词 :

depend on +


12. difficulty n. 作抽象意义时[U]; 作具体意义[C]。 with difficulty ; without difficulty get / run into difficulties out of a / the difficulty ; in a difficulty 在下列句型中,difficulty 总是看作不可数名词:

have some [much , little ,no] difficulty (in) doing sth. find some [much , little ,no] difficulty (in) doing sth. There be difficulty (in) doing sth. care about 关心、在乎 (常用于否定、疑问或条件句中) ;后接从句时 about 要省略。 care for 关心、照料、喜欢、愿意(用于肯定句、疑问句中,不用被动) care to do sth.想要、愿意 (用于否定句、疑问句) ① [U] 接近……的机会 Every student has free ~ to the library. ② [U] 通道 This is the only ~ to the village. ③ [U] (向场所等)接近 ~ to the cinema is quite easy.


14. access

15. action

① 指行动的总称是不可数名词 What we need now is ~, not thought. ② 指具体的一次或一种“行为”、“行动”时是可数名词。 He has done a mad ~ recently. ~s speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩;行动胜于空谈 ③ take action 采取行动 ④ in action 在起作用;活动中 ⑤ put… in/ into action 把……付诸实施

as a whole 表示把某事或某几件事当作一整体来看。即可作状语,也可作定语。 We must examine these problems ~. 我们把这些问题作为一个整体来考察。 16. That was her final judgment on the story ~. 这就是她对整个故事的最后判断。 on the whole = considering everything; general “总的说来”、“大体上”。一般作状语。 ~, I’m in favor of the idea.大体说来,我赞成这个想法。 ① 朝……的方向 要用 in … direction, 介词用 in,不用 to。 ② “在……的帮助下”要说 with the help of…; 17. direction 但“在……指导下”要说 under the direction of ③ 作“指示”、“命令”、“吩咐”时,常用 pl. II 重点句型 1. It is certain that we would not be able to understand it if we heard it today. 2. Despite/ In spite of this fact, French still had an impact on the English language 3. As a whole, the characters have developed from drawings into standard forms. 4. It happened that my new neighbor comes from my hometown. →重点短语: Stand for 代表 Pick up 拿起,捡起 Lift up 拿起,举起 Result in 结果导致 As a whole 总体上

all over the world 全世界 differ from 不同于 back and forth 来回 a waste of time 浪费时间 mainland China 中国大陆

be made up of 由...组成 consist of 由...构成 take control of 控制 work as 担当;担任 upper class people 上层人士

Mother tongue 母语 looke into one's eyes 直视某人 a pair of words 一对词 Lose face 丢脸 in addition 另外 throw away 丢掉 Right away 立刻 in a word 总之 sort out 安排,拣选,分类 Instead of 代替,而不是 set a standard 确立标准 look forward to 期望 Take action 采取行动 what if 倘使。 。 。将会怎样 care about 关心,担心 Look up 查找,向上看 Chinese character 中国汉字 at one time 一度,曾经 Agree with 同意, 适应 turn into 使变成 solve a problem 解决问题 Body language 肢体语言 sign language 手语 up and down 上上下下 Official language 官方语言 get one's attention 吸引某人的注意 Have an impact on 对。 。 。造成冲击 stop sb. Doing sth.阻止某人做某事 Inform sb. About sth 通知某人做某事 replace....with 用。 。 。来替代 Have a word with sb.和某人说句话 take...into consideration 考虑到。 。 。 Depend on 视...而定 mix ... with... 把。 。 。与。 。 。混和 Contribute to 有助于 , 是。 。 。 。的成因之一 disagree about sth 在某事上有分歧 Simplified Chinese character 简体汉字 develop from...into 由...发展为 In the 1950s 在20世纪50年代 exchange information 交换信息 Get along with 进展, 相处 undergo huge changes 经历巨大的变化

模块三 Unit3 Back to the past 【考点透视】 I 重点短语 take over 接管、占据 take off 脱掉(衣帽等) 、切除(物) 、动身、 (飞机等)起飞、请(几天)假 take… off…从(价格)中减去…… take on 雇用(某人) 、承担(工作) 、呈现、流行 take out 取出 1. take to 喜欢上(某人) 、开始(……) 、养成……的恶习 take up 拿起、占有、开始、继续、 (车辆等)搭载(乘客) take in 吸收、包括、了解、理解、欺骗、收留(某人)住宿 take back 取回(某物) 、收回(承诺等) 、归还 take after(长得)像(父母等) take… for…把……当作……、误认……为…… ① 求助于 ② 翻到(书的某页) 2. turn to ③ 变成 ④ 开始工作 ⑤ 把注意力导向…… ① [U]毁灭 the ~ of civilization ② [C]常用 pl. 废墟、遗址 the ~s of ancient Rome 3. ruin ③in ruins 成为废墟的、荒芜的 ④bring … to ruin 使……毁灭 ⑤fall in/into ruin = go to ruin 灭亡;荒芜

⑥ vt. Heavy smoking ruined his health. ruin oneself ruin/ destroy/ damage 都含有“破坏、毁灭”的意思,但有区别: destroy 指彻底毁坏不能或很难修复。 damage 指价值、用途降低或外表损坏等,不一定全部破坏,损坏了还可以修复。 ruin 现在多用于借喻中,泛指一般的“弄坏了”。 remains ① pl. 剩余、残留物;② pl. 遗体、尸首 ① link v. 保持,仍然处于(某种状态) = still to be = continue to be = stay 4. remain 后接形容词、名词.、分词、不定式或介词短语等 ② vi 剩下 ,还有 ≠ stay remaining adj.剩下的 the remaining time = the time left (注意 remaining 和 left 的位置变化) 比较:remain / stay ① 作连系动词,意为“继续保持某一状态”(continue to be)时,常可互换。 ② 表示“剩余”、“残存”时,通常只用 remain,而不用 stay。 ③ remain 暗指呆在原地或保持原来的形状或状态。只能用作不及物动词,故无被动式, 不能带宾语。主语可以是人,也可以是物。 ④ stay 指在某地作短暂停留,或逗留在一定的场所。主语通常是人。 be involved in 热衷于、专心于、参与、卷入、牵涉到 5. involve oneself with 和……混在一起、和……有牵连 involve sth. 包含、需要 winning the game involves both skill and fortune. ①= take … away 移开 ②= take off 脱掉 6. remove … from… ③=get rid of 除掉、清除 ④=dismiss… from… 撤职 ⑤=move 搬家 ① “环境、情况、条件”,常用 pl. ② [U]“状态、状况”,但可与 a 连用 in good condition ; in a terrible condition 7. condition ③ “环境、情况”,其前的介词用 under / in ④on condition that “在……条件下” in a condition to do sth. 宜于做某事 on no condition 在任何条件下都不 ①n. / pron. 8. require + ②sb. to do sth. ③doing/ to be done ④ 从句 用虚拟语气 (should) + 动词原形 in return (for…) 作为(对……的)回报 / 报答 by return (接信后)立即作复 Many happy returns (of the day)! 祝你长寿!祝你长命百岁! 9. in turn 依次地 by turns 轮流地 take turns to do sth. = take turns at doing sth.轮流做某事 It’s one’s turn to do sth.轮到某人做某事 carry out 实施、执行、进行 10. carry on 进行、继续。有时可跟动名词 carry on with 继续做(某事)

carry off 夺走(奖赏) 、带走 ① adj. 主要的、重要的、较大的 11. major ② n. 主修科目、主修学生 ③ vi. 主修 (in +科目) in memory of 12. = to the memory of 为纪念…… (只用于对已故人的怀念) in honor of = in one’s honor 为纪念…… (既可用于对已故人的纪念,也可用于对活人的敬 意) goods 货物、商品、财产。 (复数形式,无单数形式,不可与数词连用,但可与 many, these,those 等连用。作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。 ) 13. possession (pl.)财产;所有物; [U] 持有;具有 wealth [U] 财富 II 重点句型 1. Unfortunately, all the people were buried alive, so was the city. 2. A saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day. (= As the saying goes,) 3. I am very honored and grateful that you have come today. 4. Not only was Rome a city and a republic, but it was also to become the capital of one the largest empires in history. 5. There is another similarity between China and Rome. →重点短语: Watch out for ...留心。 。 。 make achievements 取得成就 glance at 扫视 Step out into ...走出去到。 。 。 hold one's nose 捏住鼻子 in sight 看得到 Stare(up) at (抬头)凝视 after midnight 午夜之后 wish for 盼望 Make a decision 做出出决定 be lost in the fog 在雾中迷路 set off 出发 Reach out 伸出(手) bang into 不小心撞到 breathe in 吸入 Pay back 报答,偿还 feel frightened 感到害怕 work out 制定 Turn to 变成 by underground 乘地铁 go hungry 挨饿 By sight 根据外表或形象 make progress 取得进步 manage to do 设法做 Lose sight of 看不见 be related to 和。 。 。 。相关 in the distance 在远处 Make the most of 充分利用 set sail for 。 。 。航行去 get close to 靠近 Take the pain 忍受疼痛 the sixth sense 第六感 make sense 有意义 Compared to 与。 。 。相比较 ring out 发出响亮的声音 can't afford 买不起 As long as possible 尽可能长地 warm sb. Up 使某人暖和起来 Express one's thanks to sb. 向某人致谢 follow one's advice 听从某人的建议 In a scientific study 在一个科学研究中 have something to do with 与。 。 。有关 Have high blood pressure 有高血压 be frozen with fear 由于害怕而呆住 Can't help doing 禁不住作某事 in everyday life 在日常生活中 Hold sb still 使某人一动不动 lose one's sense of taste 失去味觉 Over a long distance 越过很长的一段距离 be likely to do 很有可能做 Take one's usual bus home 乘某人常坐的车回家 Contact sb. Through the newspaper 通过报纸和某人联系



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