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高中英语外研版必修4 module 4 学案

Module 4 Great Scientists
Period 1 Vocabulary 1. n.(学) biology botany zoology genetics 2. figure n. (1) Write the figure “7” for me. _____ (2) We bought the house at a high figure. _________ (3) The figure on page 22 shows a political map of Africa. __________ (4) The central figure in the painting is the artist’s Daughter. _________ (5) I’m dieting to keep my figure. _____ (6) Are you good at figures? _____ (7) a great figure in the financial world _________ v. 认为,想 I figured that you would arrive before noon. I can’t figure out why she said so. figure out 想明白,弄清楚 3. yield n. What is the yield of this rice field? vt/vi 产 (果实、庄稼等), 产生 That tree yields plenty of fruits. vt 生 (息) , 获得 (利润) The stock yields 8% interests a year. vt/vi 给予, 让步, 投降 Our army refused to yield. yield to (1). 向…低头/投降/让步 The enemy yielded to our soldiers. (2). 把…交给, 让…占去 , 让位给 He yielded all his possessions to the state. He felt he should yield to a younger man. 4. support vt. ①支持, 支援, 赞助② 承受, 支撑③ 证实④ 资助, 供养⑤ 维持 Will you support me in my campaign for election? Is this bridge strong enough to support heavy lorries? This evidence supports my argument that she is guilty(有罪的) I was supported by my parents when I was studying. Such a barren(贫瘠的)desert can support very few creatures.



n. ①支持, 支援② 给予帮助、同情等的人③ 支持者, 拥护者 I need some financial support for this venture. Jim was a great support to us when father died. The theatre has had to close for lack of support. 5. production n. (制造,生产,总产量) produce n. (农产品); v. product n. producer n. 6. replace vt. ⑴替换,替代(常可与介词 with 或 by 连用) Can anything replace a mother’s love and care? I’m going to replace the tape recorder with/by a CD player. ⑵ 把…放回原处 He replaced the dictionary on the shelf after using it. 联想: 表示“代替”的词或词组有: replace, take the place of, in place of/ in one’s place, instead, instead of 7. convert vt. “改变, 转换, 使改变信仰等” convert into 改装成,兑换成 convert sth. from… to… 把某物由…改变为… be converted to doing…:被改做某事 I want to convert some HK dollars American dollars. 8. quantity n. a quantity of / quantities of “大量的”既可修饰可数名词又可以修饰不可数名词 类似的短语还有:a lot of / lots of, a mass of / masses of A large quantity of money been spent. A quantity of books been read. Quantities of money been spent. 9. brief 简短的,简洁的 adv. 短暂地, 简洁地, 简言之 His remarks were brief and to the point. to be brief /in brief= in short, in a word, in a nutshell 简言之 10. escape vi.⑴ (气体、液体等) 漏出、渗出、泄漏 Make a hole to let the water escape. escape from 从…逃脱 The bird escaped from the cage this morning. ⑵ 逃亡、逃脱、逃避, 作“逃避,避免” 时为及物动词, escape sth/doing sth,接动名词时常 用被动语态,即 escape being done。 The little boy asked for his grandfather’s help to escape (punish). vt. ⑶被遗忘, 未被注意

His name escaped me for the moment. 我一时想不起他的名字来了。 n. “逃亡,逃避” The Sao Paulo building was built without fire escapes. a narrow escape 11. bring up ⑴ 培养,养育 Since his parents are dead, he by his grandma. ⑵ 提出(问题) I shall bring up this question at the meeting. 12. as a result of ; as a result He was late this morning traffic jam. It rained heavily yesterday. , the tennis game was canceled. 13. be known for ; be known as ; be known to Hangzhou is known the West Lake. As is known all, China is becoming stronger and stronger. Andy Lao is well known a singer and actor. 14. earn one’s living =earn a living =make a living=make one’s living He earned his living by teaching. 15. come to power=come into power in power beyond one’s power in one’s power Period 2 Introduction and Reading Match the main ideas with each paragraph: ( ) As a young teacher, he began experiments in crop breeding. ( ) His discoveries have brought in great profit. (利益) ( ) In a hungry world, rice is a staple food. Yuan Longping is a leading figure in the rice-growing world. ( ) The yield of the new hybrid rice is much greater than that of other types of rice grown in Pakistan. ( ) He discovered a new type of rice. ( ) As a student, he liked to ask questions. Language points: 1. He thought that the key to feeding people was to have more rice and to produce it more quickly. the key to…做某事的关键. 此处 to 是介词 Do you know the key to solving the problem?

2. First Yuan Longping experimented with different types of rice. experiment n. 实验 perform/ carry out/ make/ do an experiment 进行试验 by experiment 通过试验 v. 做实验 experiment on/ upon 在…身上做实验 experiment in 某方面(如学科)的试验 experiment with 对…进行实验 3. Then he began his search for a special type of rice plant. in search of 寻找 in one’s/the search for 寻找 search for 寻找 辨析: search 与 search for search sb./ sp. 搜查某人(身体)/某地 search for =look for 寻找(后接后要找的东西). search sb./ sp for sb. / sth 为寻找…而搜查… The police are searching the woods for the lost child. He is the lost necklace. Period 3 Grammar I. Passive voice 时态 动词形式 一般现在时 一般过去时 一般将来时 过去将来时 现在进行时 过去进行时 现在完成时 过去完成时 1.短语动词的被动语态: That old man was often laughed at. The doctor has been sent for. 结论: 短语动词在被动结构中不可去掉后面的介词或副词。 2. 情态动词的被动语态: He must be prevented from going. 结论: 含有情态动词的被动语态的结构为: “情态动词+be+动词过去分词”

3. 不定式的 to 在被动语态中: She heard him sing a song just now. He was heard to sing a song just now. 结论: 主动句中的宾语如果是不带 to 的不定式, 在变成被动句时, to 不能省去。 4. 主动形式表示被动意义的词 (1)感官动词和系动词加形容词表示被动意义, look, smell, taste, feel, prove, wear, sound 如: Your idea sounds great. (2)某些动词加副词表示被动,如:wash, write, sell, read The new pen doesn’t write smoothly. (3)want, deserve, need, require, worth 后面加-ing 形式表被动 The good film is well worth seeing again. (4)在 “主语+系动词+形容词+不定式” 的结构中, 不定式主动形式表示被动意义, easy, 如: difficult, hard, fit, pleasant 等。 This question is difficult to answer. II.介词 by 用法小结 1. “在…旁边,靠近(与 beside 意义相近) ” Lucy likes sitting by the window. 2. “用,通过,借助于(表示方法手段) ” He won the game by practicing much. 3. “按照,以…(表示数量,尺寸,程度)” He is paid by the hour. 4. “在…之前,不迟于(表示时间)” It’s impossible for us to finish the work by Friday. 5. “被,由(用于被动语态,后接动作执行者) ” She was praised by the teacher. Period 4 Cultural corner and writing I. Read the passage and answer the questions: 1. What is mainly talked about in this passage? 2. When and who invented rockets? 3. What were rockets used for in ancient times? 4. What are rockets used to do today? II. Writing: 简要介绍爱因斯坦的生平。文章开头已给出。 1. Albert Einstein 是 20 世纪最才华横溢的科学家。他 1879 年生于德国,直到 3 岁才会 说话。 2. 他从小就喜爱数学,16 岁时就有了相对论理论的想法。他在瑞士学习物理学。 3. 他一生致力于物理学研究。1905 年和 1909 年分别出版了他的狭义相对论和广义相对 论,因此在 1921 年他获得了诺贝尔物理奖。 4. 他在希特勒(Hitler)掌权后到美国工作。1955 年去世。爱因斯坦作为一位伟大的科 学家永远被人们怀念。 Albert Einstein was probably the most brilliant scientist of the twentieth century.


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