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2013 级高二英语必修 4

导学案 NO.1 编制人:岳志华 陈署光 马国芬 备课签字:高二全体英语教师 包科领导签字:孟凡东时间:班级: 小组: 姓名:


必修四 Unit2
【Learning Aims】

Working the land 导学案


. earn much more money to help others B. spend more time on his hobbies C. lead a simple life D. lead a comfortable life 4. What can we know from the passage? A. Dr.Yuan is the first agricultural pioneer B. Dr.Yuan is not satisfied with his life C. In the 1950’s, many parts of the countryside were short of food D. His way only works in Asia 5. What may be the style of the text? A. a story C. a travel journal B. a fiction D. a biography

1. To understand the passage and know YuanLongping’s achievements andpersonality. 2. To grasp some detailed information in the text and the methods of solvingproblems by self-study and cooperation. 3. To be encouraged by Yuan Longping ’s spirits of scientific exploration.

Fast-reading: Finish the following exercises in 10 minutes. Task1 Choose the best answer to the questions. 1.The whole passage mainly talks about __________. A. how to solve the world’s hunger problem B. Yuan Longping’s achievements in farming C. how to increase rice harvests D. Yuan Longping’s daily life 2. If you met Yuan Longping face to face, you would think him to be a farmer because ______. A. he is one of the agricultural pioneers B. he has made great achievements in farming C. he works the land to do research and has a sunburnt face D. he wears simple clothes


Task 2 Read the text more carefully and complete the following notes about Yuan Longping. Name: ____________ Nationality: _______________________ ________________________

Age:_________________Occupation: 3. Although Yuan Longping is rich and famous, he wants to _____





2013 级高二英语必修 4

导学案 NO.1 编制人:岳志华 陈署光 马国芬 备课签字:高二全体英语教师 包科领导签字:孟凡东时间:班级: 小组: 姓名:


Hobbies: ____________________ Dreams:



【拓展阅读】 “杂交水稻之父”袁隆平简介 袁隆平院士 1930 年 9 月出生于北京,汉族,江西德安人。1953 年 毕业于西南农学院,分配到湖南安江农校任教。 1964年开始杂交水稻研究,1971年调入湖南省农业科学院,1978 年 晋升为研究员, 被评为全国劳动模范。1995年当选为中国工程院院士,现任国家杂交 水稻工程技术研究中心主任。袁隆平的籼型杂交水稻研究获我国迄今 唯一特等发明奖;湖南省委、省政府授予袁隆平“功勋科学家”称号 ;我国发现的国际编号为8117的小行星被命名为“袁隆平”星;他先 后荣获联合国教科文组织“科学奖”和联合国粮农组织“粮食安全保 障荣誉奖”等8项国际奖励。2001年获得首届国家最高科技奖。 六十年代以来,袁隆平的科研成果使中国在矮杆水稻、杂交水稻 育种和超级杂交水稻育种上三次领先世界水平。前两阶段的研究成果 在中国推广后,中国的水稻单产从四百公斤左右提高到六百公斤左右 ,近二十年内为全国增产粮食三千多亿公斤。 七十年代初,袁隆平发表了水稻有杂交优势的观点,打破了世界 性的自花授粉作物育种的禁区。国际上的同行们称袁隆平为“世界杂 交水稻之父”。

The first ___________________________________________________ The second________________________________________________

Personality : _______________



Task 3

【博观约取,厚积薄发】 Retell the text and challenge yourself!

Dr Yuan Longping, one of China’s most famous scientists, Has made great(1)_________ in agriculture both at home and abroad. Born in a poor farmer’s family, Dr Yuan graduated from Southwest Agricultural College in 1953, when many parts of the countryside were short of food. To solve the problem, Dr Yuan (2)__________ for a new way to improve harvests without (3)____________ the area of the fields. Through many years of hard work, Dr Yuan developed what is called “super hybrid rice” in 1974. He became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high (4)___________. He is now(5)__________his knowledge to some other countries. (6)_________ his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to (7)________ the world of hunger. Dr Yuan is (8)______________ with his life but he feels he has less (9)______to do his research.Famous as he is, Dr Yuan wants to lead a simplelife and has a dream to (10)___________ his rice so that it can be grown around the world.








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