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模 块 七 重点高频单词: 1. delay vt.&vi. (使)耽搁, (使)推迟 n. 延误,延迟 3. distribute vt.使分布,分散;分配,分发;分销 4. rid vt.摆脱;去除; 丢弃 5. load n.

负荷,负载;大量,许多 vt.装载,装上,装入 6. reject vt.拒绝,抵制;排斥;摒弃 n.被拒收者 7. oppose vt.反对;与??竞争 8. sacrifice vt.牺牲,献出 n. 牺牲,丢弃;祭品 9. undertake vt.&vi.承担,从事;承诺,答应 10. astonish vt.使十分惊讶,使吃惊 11. relate vt.&vi.联系,把??联系起来;讲述 12. subscribe vi.预订;订购,订阅 13. beneficial adj.有益的,有用的 14. command n.命令;控制;掌握 vt. 命令;指挥;控制

15. claim vt.宣称,断言;索取,认领 n. 声明,断言; 索赔 16. address n. 地址; 演说 vt.探讨; 处理, 解决; 向??说话; 称呼(某人) 17. correspond vi.通信;相一致,符合;相当于 18. abandon vt.遗弃,抛弃; 放弃 n.放任;放纵 19. acknowledge vt.承认,认可;感谢 20. withdraw vi.&vt.撤回;取(款);脱离(社会), 不与人交往 21. convey vt.运送,输送;表达,传递 22. postpone vt.延迟,延期 23. choke vi.&vt. (使)窒息;塞满,堵塞;(使)哽咽 24. arise vi.出现,产生 25. via prep.经由,经过(某一地方);通过,凭借 1 用括号里所给词的适当形式填空: 1. I suppose we should delay ________(decide) about this until next year. 2. There is a new problem ________(involve)in the popularity of private car that road conditions need to be improved. 【答案】 1. deciding 重点高频短语: 1. rid... of...使??免除??,使??摆脱?? 2. wind up 上发条;缠绕,卷绕;结束 2. involved

3. keep in touch with 与??保持联系 4. make up 编造,杜撰;组成;化妆;和好 5. let out 放出;泄露;(把衣服)放宽 6. wear out 磨损;耗尽;穿破;使筋疲力尽 7. turn to 转向;求助于;开始使用 8. split up 分组,分解;分离 9. link up 连接,联合 10. put through 给某人接通(电话);使经历 11. speed up (使)加速 12. try out 测试,试验;参加选拔 13. block... from 阻止?? 14. keep... in mind 记住,牢记 15. drop out 退学,辍学;退出,脱离 16. decide on/upon 决定,选定 17. turn up 出现,到来;把??开大点;(机会等)到来;改短 18. be cautious about 对??小心谨慎 19. in large quantities 大量地 20. be addicted to 对??上瘾,成瘾;沉迷于 2 单项填空: 1. With one leg broken in that car accident, he cannot even walk, ________ run.

A. let alone B. that's to say C. not to speak D. not to mention 2. Would you please ________ A. drop off B. drop in on C. drop out D. drop in at 【答案】 1. A 2. B 佳句读背: 1. But _it's_up_to_you_to_choose good programmes. 但是是由你来决定选择好的节目。 2. If you open up any medicine cupboard or go to any medicine counter in the world, _it_is_likely_that_ you will find aspirin and penicillin. 如果你打开任何一个药柜或是去世界上的任何一个药品柜台, 你很有可能会发现阿司匹林和青霉素。 3. What_do_you_think_it_was_like years ago? 你认为 100 年前坐地铁旅行会是什么样? 4. So, why_not_take_a_trip_ on the oldest underground system travelling on subway 100 us on Sunday for a chat?

today? 因此,今天为什么不乘坐世界上最古老的地铁观光一番呢?



1.Having been attacked by terrorists,________. A.doctors came to their rescue B.the tall building collapsed C.an emergency measure was taken D.warnings were given to tourists 2. She is ________ a hardworking student that we all cannot admire her perseverance ________. A.so;very much B.such;too much C.so;too much D.such;much too 3.It is reported that some wild animals were found ________ in a big cave in the mountain. A.to hide dead B.hidden dead C.hiding dead D.hidden death 4.This is the better use that we ________ the limited space in our kitchen. A.make of B.make up C.make into D.make from 5.He was dismissed,because he had been warned to be ________ but was late again. A.intelligent B.diligent C.punctual D.available 6. ________ is up to all of ________ road users to make sure that we avoid accidents by paying attention to road safety. A.It;our B.That;we C.It;us D.This;our 7.— Because of the rain,we’ll have to ________ the football match.

— I’m free next Sunday if you would like to play then. A.advance B.postpone C.abandon D.advocate 8.She just didn’t know how to express the beautiful feeling of studying in such a university________with a good atmosphere of studying English. A.filling B.having filled C.filled D.to fill 9.[2011· 福建卷] I’d prefer to________my judgement until I find all the evidence. A. show B. express C. pass D. reserve 10.—Do you think it is ________to judge a man only by his looks? —I don’t think so. A.true B.real C.reliable D.relative 11. Many a student ________ failed in the biology exam, and Tom is the only one of them who ________ decided to give up the course. A.have;has B.have;have C.has;have D.has;has 12.He kept a little notebook,in which ________ the names and addresses of his friends. A.writing B.was written C.wrote D.were written 13.—Is the meeting held in Room 302 or 303? —It should be 302.But I hear that it ________ till tomorrow. A.was put off B.will put off C.has been put off D.is put off 14.—Put these glasses away before they ________. —OK.I’ll put them in the cupboard. A.have broken B.are breaking C.get broken D.will be broken 15.________yourself steady and you will not lose the balance. A.If you held B.Holding C.Once you hold D.Hold Ⅱ.完形填空 The rain was coming down in sheets and I was bound to be late for an important conference.Dressing up quickly,I called for a cab,__16__ that would be faster than the subway. It wasn't. After a long wait,I finally got one,but the traffic was __17__.I

looked constantly at my __18__.Just as the traffic started moving,the driver __19__ a man up ahead in a wheelchair.“Wouldn't he be cold sitting right there?” the driver cried and began to __20__. I could see another 20 minutes'__21__—the whole period of __22__ him into the cab,folding up his chair and fitting it into the cab's small __23__,then dropping him off who knows __24__. “What are you doing?” I exclaimed to the driver. As the __25__ came out,I wanted to take them back.The wrongness of my __26__ started to sink in and it __27__ me.I almost wasn't sure who that person was who had just spoken. The driver __28__ me and we continued the journey.Eventually I got out of the cab and __29__ to the office.As I ran,I understood that, __30__ it wasn't my duty to take the time to help others,I shouldn't have complained about the driver's stopping.I should have been able to see __31__ my impatience to attend to what was most inerrant ( 无误 的).Whenever I come to it,this is my __32__: I am not a __33__ selfcentered person,but I still feel __34__ of being the selfcenteredness that living a busy life in a big,fast paced city can __35__. 16.A.reminding B.expecting C.realizing D. attempting 17.A.light B.tense C.rough D. heavy 18.A.document B.file C.message D. watch 19.A.witnessed B.picked C.spotted D. observed 20.A.pull over B.take off C.pass by D. run away 21.A.complaining B.suffering C.waiting D. struggling 22.A. indicating B.recommending C.lifting D. urging 23.A. trunk B.box C.cushion D. carriage 24.A.what B.why C.how D. where 25.A.anxieties B.words C.results D. comments 26.A.reaction B.assumption

C.conscience D. privilege 27.A.defeated B.shocked C.embarrassed D. convinced 28.A.comforted B.prevented C.encouraged D. ignored 29.A.hesitated B.fled C.settled D. flooded 30.A.when B.whether C.though D. unless 31.A. behind B.without C.in D. beyond 32.A. feeling B.motto C.dream D. determination 33.A. skillfully B.strangely C.particularly D. hopefully 34.A. proud B.aware C.guilty D. confident 35.A. predict B.promote C.introduce D. preserve

Ⅲ.阅读理解 Throughout the world,bus travel is one of the cheapest ways to get around.Taking a bus from country to country or in between cities can be a budgetfriendly way to travel,but there’s a reason why bus travel isn’t more popular.Unlike flying,bus travel is quite slow,and unlike train travel or renting a car and driving,buses can be uncomfortable,which is a reason many people cite for not taking buses more often. Those who have traveled long distances by bus will know that while on a bus,passengers are largely at the mercy of the bus driver.Airplanes are equipped with drinks and clean,usable restrooms,but bus travelers often don’t have access to these luxuries.So,when nature calls,or if you

run out of water and food or need to stretch your legs ,you have to wait for the drivers to decide it’s time for a break. The infrequent nature of stops on long bus trips brings us to the most important thing to keep in mind when traveling by bus: think ahead and make preparations.Bring plenty of food and water on the bus with you , and restock your supplies each time the bus stops, even if you don’t think you need to. Watching where you sit is also necessary.If you’re traveling alone, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re elbow to elbow with a total stranger.Sometimes, it’s possible to take measures to ensure you end up next to someone you can tolerate.If you’re lucky enough to j oin the bus at a relatively uncrowded point on its route,you may be able to sit in an empty row.If you see that the bus is getting more populated ,consider switching seats to sit next to someone who seems friendly. Many people bring pillows and blankets along on bus journeys,and this is really a good idea.Inflatable(膨胀的) pillows are a great item, because they take up hardly any room in a carryon bag when deflated , but can make your bus ride much more luxurious once you blow them up.Consider packing a few travel towels to use as blankets,which are small and portable and work well as blankets when you aren’t using them to dry off. 36.It is known from the first paragraph that ________. A.it is the cheapest for people to travel by bus B.an increasing number of people hate taking buses C.all people don’t like to take buses D.taking buses is the least comfortable 37.The purpose of the second paragraph is to ________. A.advise people not to take buses B.list some problems with taking buses C.show the advantages of airplanes over buses D.explain the reason why people should take buses 38.According to the passage,when traveling by bus,you should ________. A.just carry some of your favorite food and enough water B.buy something necessary whenever the bus stops C.try to sit next to a tolerable person near the window D.always sit in an empty row with someone friendly 39.For a bus traveler,it is a good idea to ________. A.take some small and portable travel towels

B.take an inflatable pillow and a large towel C.keep a good relationship with the bus driver D.get along well with the other passengers 40 . Which of the following questions is the passage aimed at answering? A.What should you watch out for while traveling by bus? B.Why should you choose to travel by bus? C.What are the disadvantages of taking buses? D.What can be done to make bus travel more comfortable?

Ⅰ.1.B 本 题 考 查 非 谓 语 动 词 作 状 语 的 用 法 。 Having been attacked by terrorists 为分词短语,作全句的状语,其逻辑主语应与句 子主语一致。句意为:遭到了恐怖者的袭击后,那幢高楼倒塌了。故 选 B。 2. B 考查固定搭配和短语辨析。 空格处的中心词是名词 student, 前面的形容词 hardworking 是定语,所以用 such;“cannot?too?” 表示“再??也不过分;越??越好”。句意为:她是如此勤奋的— 个学生,我们都非常佩服她的毅力。 3 . B find + 宾 语 + doing/done , 其 被 动 形 式 为 be found + doing/done,现在分词表示“主动,动作正在进行”,过去分词表示 “被动,动作已经完成”。dead adj. 作状语通常表示主语所处的一 种状态。 4.A 考查 make better use of 短语意为:好好利用。 5.C 句意为:他被解雇了,因为他不听规劝要严守时间,又 迟到了。punctual 意为“守时的”。 6.C 考查句型 It is up to sb. to do sth.由某人决定做某事。 7.B 考查动词词义辨析。postpone the football match 推迟足球 赛。 advance 前进, 提升; abandon 抛弃, 放弃; advocate 主张, 提倡。 8.C 考查非谓语动词。此处为过去分词短语作后置定语。 9.D 本题考查动词辨析。根据句意“我在找到所有的证据之 前宁愿保留自己的判断。”可知选 D。 10.C 该题考查形容词的辨析。 根据句意:你认为单凭容貌 来判断一个人是可靠的吗?只有 C 项符合句意。 11.D 考查主谓一致。主语是 many a+单数名词时,谓语用单 数形式; 第二空定语从句修饰的先行词是 the only one, 谓语用单数。 12.D 该句为倒装句,正常语序为:the names and addresses of his friends were written (in his little notebook)。 13.C 句意为:——会议在 302 室还是在 303 室召开?——应 该在 302 室吧,但我听说它已被推迟到明天召开了。答案选 C,表示 过去的动作对现在的影响。 14.C 根据主语 they(指代 these glasses)与 break 是被动关系, 排除 A、B 两项;before 引导的时间状语从句中不用一般将来时表将 来,排除 D。 15.D 根据连词 and 并列两个语法作用相同的句子,排除 A、 B、C 三项。D 项为省略形式。 Ⅱ.16.B 由语境可知,作者叫出租车,是希望能比坐地铁快一 些(faster than the subway)。expect 期望。 17. D 由下文的描述(车等了很长时间才动, 其间我不断地看表)

可知,当时交通相当拥挤,也就是说,车辆很多。这四个词中只有 heavy 可以表示“很多的,大量的”。 18.D 由语境可知,作者一直希望快点到,所以在车被堵的漫 长的等待中最关心的是时间,所以应该是不停地看表。 19.C 句意为:当车正要启动时,司机发现前方有一位残疾人 正坐在轮椅上(在路边等车)。 20.A pull over 意思是“把??开到路边”。由语意可知,司 机很同情这位残疾人,所以也就有了把车开到路边让他上车的动作。 21.C 由前文可知,由于堵车,我已经在车里等了很长时间, 现在司机停下车让那位残疾人上车(包括弄轮椅等),所以我还得在车 里再等 20 分钟。 22.C 由常识可知,出租车要比轮椅高,所以司机把这位残疾 人从轮椅上抱起, 然后放进车里。 lift 意思是“抬起”; indicate 指示; recommend 推荐;urge 劝说。 23.A 由常识可知,旅客的行李应放在车尾的行李箱(trunk), 轮椅也是这样。 24.D 25. B 这里指的是上文“我”所说的“What are you doing?”, 所以用 words,指“简短的一句话”。句意为: 话一出口,我就想 收回来。 26. A 由于自己意识到了自己的错误(抱怨司机停车让那位残疾 人上车),所以这里说自己对司机所做事情的这一反应 (reaction)是错 误的。 assumption 假设; conscience 良心; privilege 特权。 其中 conscience 干扰最大,但不符合语境。 27.B 由下一句可知,这里应该是:使自己很震惊(shocked), 以至于都不相信是自己说出口的。 28.D 由下文的描述来看,司机只是在开车,而对我的言行没 有理会,所以应选 ignore。 29.B 下文的 ran 也有暗示。由于我对自己所说的话感到很后 悔,所以下车后我“逃”到了办公室。只有 B 最符合当时的情景。 30.C “花时间帮助别人不是我的职责”和下一句“我不应该 抱怨司机停车”是转折关系,故选 though(尽管,虽然)。 31.D beyond 超越,超过。作者对自己所说的特别后悔,认为 自己当时应该控制住自己的急躁(beyond my impatience),不去抱怨司 机。 32. A 下文描述的是自己对这件事情的感受, 所以用 feeling(感 觉, 感受), 而不是 motto(座右铭), dream(梦想), determination(决心)。 33. C particularly 表示程度, 意思是“特别地, 程度很大地”。

句意为:我不是特别以自我为中心的人,但是仍对自己(某种程度的 以自我为中心)感到很内疚。 34.C guilty 内疚的。 句意见上题。 35.B 生活在忙碌的、快节奏的都市里,这种以自我为中心的 意识会得到进一步的助长(promote)。 Ⅲ.乘坐公共汽车虽然省钱,但也有令人不舒适之处,那么如何 克服公共汽车之不足, 而使之更舒适呢?这就是本文旨在回答的问题。 36.C 细节理解题。从第一段“The uncomfortable aspect of bus travel is a reason that many people cite for not taking buses more often.” 可知许多人都不愿坐公共汽车,即并非所有的人都鼓励坐公共汽车, 故选 C。 37.B 段落主旨题。综合第二段可知,该段介绍了坐公共汽车 存在的几点不近人意的地方,故选 B。 38. B 细节理解题。 根据第三段“restock your supplies each time the bus stops,even if you don't think you need to”可判断选 B。 39. A 细节理解题。 根据最后一段“Consider packing a few travel towels to use as blankets”可判断选 A。 40.D 推理判断题。第一、二段简单介绍坐公共汽车的不舒适 之处后,文章后三段详细地介绍了如何克服公共汽车之不足,而使之 更舒适,由此可推断全文旨在解决的问题是 D 项。



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